Cuthbert Dube off the hook


Former ZBC chairman Cuthbert Dube will not be prosecuted for administrative bungling at the State broadcaster where he approved outrageous salaries and allowances for top management.

Paidamoyo Muzulu

This was said on Wednesday by Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo who added that booting him out of the board was enough punishment.

Dube stands accused of negotiating and approving pay hikes of senior managers without the approval of the entire board.

Moyo said Dube, who unilaterally increased the salary and allowances of ZBC chief executive Happison Muchechetere to $40 000 a month, had done nothing illegal.

“Making a wrong decision or taking a wrong decision is not illegal — it gets you fired. We have already taken an administrative action by relieving him of his duties,” Moyo said.

The ministry has also sent Muchechetere on forced leave with full benefits.

Moyo also revealed that his ministry had taken remedial action by slashing top management’s salaries at ZBC to 2010 levels.

“In view of these anomalies, particularly the fact that the current salaries at ZBC were not approved by the board, it is necessary for ZBC to now revert with immediate effect to the salaries that were approved by the board in 2010.”

He said the quantum of the 2010 salaries was enough to meet the current cost of living.

Meanwhile, the minister said the forensic audit at the public broadcaster will not be completed within the next six months.

The ministry approached the Auditor and Comptroller-
General’s office to engage an independent forensic auditing firm by tender to scrutinise ZBC.

Moyo said the tendering process was nearly complete and a firm would be appointed soon to start work.

“After appointing an audit company we do not expect any preliminary findings within the next six months as the exercise should be very comprehensive,” he said.

The ministry’s next course of action will be guided by the auditors’ recommendations, Moyo said.

He said the forensic audit would determine what the national broadcaster had been prejudiced of as there was enough evidence already to show that some senior managers abused ZBC funds and assets in a manner that displayed gross negligence and criminal conduct.

Barely three months after he was relieved of his duties as ZBC board chairman, Dube was unceremoniously “retired” from PSMAS where he was chief executive officer after it was revealed that he awarded himself an exorbitant basic salary amounting to $230 000 at the health insurance provider. The salary made him arguably one of the highest paid executives in the country.


  1. Zimbabweans are generally very educated and hardworking. I concluded a long time ago that we you see Zimbabweans making what looks like unreasonable decisions, it’s all because they are deliberately creating conditions to carry out corrupt activities. Dube made unreasonable decisions at ZBC to allow him to carry out corrupt activities there. Minister Moyo should not rush to make conclusions on Dube least he starts to appear to be making an unreasonable decision. Let the audit report unearth the truth.

    • Zimbos are a funny lot. Including journalists, politicians and commentators. The other day someone was calling on Chombo to end the rot at Harare City, another was saying Mugabe only now does he know about the huge salaries and that he must act. All of you have forgotten the hundreds of properties owned by Chombo, the fabulous wealth flaunted by Zanu PF ministers and top officials, never mind the rarefied salaries of parastatal bosses. This whole system is rotten, and will never cleanse itself. They will only use their positions to appear clean, but they will never earnestly root out corruption. Under Zanu PF Zimbabwe is going to die, if it’s not dead already. Ask yourselves; how did these corrupt activities come about anyway? This is just the tip of an inverted ice berg. More theft and corruption must be hunted going up rather than down!

  2. thiefing has now been christianed,steal as much as you can and no prosecution just let us sacrifice a few to cool tempers and appoint you elsewhere .zve zanu ndezveumbavha kubva pakuramba cdf audit nhasi salary scandal.mbavha idzi.

  3. Fired?? What rubbish talk Jonso. PSMAS said he was retired because of age. Munoziyana pamabasa ehuori muZanu Pf. He corruptly increased these salaries at ZBC and you are not involving the commission that deals with corruption why?

  4. i do agree with you Farai on this matter , let the audit report define the next course of action. Sincerely how could one person repeatedly do the same mistake across various boards, it surely proves that these are acts of corruption, which neither qualifies for mistake or negligence .

    Given these situations really a thorough investigation should be made to expose every act of corruption, and every punishable act should be dealt with accordingly.

    • I think Jonono is now also making a wrong decision….the salary increments were clearly not legal therefore these madhara indirectly stole money from ZBC disguised as salaries…….Pasi nehuori and pamberi nekusunga vari corrupt!

  5. how many of these thieves and their designers will go free after causing so much suffering to the people. what jonathan is saying here is when one you people discover what i have done the same also just relive me of my duties and let me enjoy what i stole. the good news people is that our GOD in heaven will demand that people own up and restore. watch my words. its worrinying that a man like dube who God helped so much is not coming out in the open to clear himself for the sake of people.

    • “”Making a wrong decision or taking a wrong decision is not illegal — it gets you fired. We have already taken an administrative action by relieving him of his duties,” Moyo said.” This sounds like one of the dumbest lines I have ever read. Are not all illegal activities based on a person making or taking a wrong decision? Is it not true that defrauding a company is based first on a wrong decision which courts will then later judge as illegal? I know it may be difficult to prove in court but Jonathan should not take us for fools. Is it just me but do I see a trend in the media of journalists sucking up to Jonathan Moyo? What is now coming out in the open has been known since it started but the “authorities” never seem to care. If people voice it out, they are labelled as traitors, MDC sell-outs and all such names.
      I am keen on knowing who will be appointed to audit these things because organizations like PSMAS and ZBC have been getting away with a lot because of complicit auditors typical of the unclean relationship between Enron and Arthur Andersen. I would not be surprised if the same company that was auditing ZBC is also the same for PSMAS. Dube et al chose auditors who allowed them to get away with these things. Close scrutiny will reveal that it’s not just unsustainable and unreasonable salaries but probably some corrupt activities as well all happening with the knowledge of our esteemed auditors.

  6. surely guys lets call spade a spade .

    Zimbabwes’ budget for 2014 is $4 Billion dollars and we give one corrupt person $20 million package , that’s outrageous . $20 million is 0.5% of the countries budget guys that doesn’t make sense.

    Minister Chinamasa is crying foul because the country has no money while one person is eating 0.5% of the countries budget alone and we sit back and say its a wrong decision. if its surely a wrong decision, i think it should be made right. We as taxpayers we have rights also, we need our money back.

    The Z.I.F.A board executive salaries must also be exposed . A taxpayers monies being abused like this doesn’t make sense, something must be done about this.

  7. There you have it, all those who too quick to praise Moyo for his initial actions. Lets not forget this man’s history as someone who hunts with the hounds & runs with the hares. I suspect the one above has had a word with Jonathan.

  8. yeah, I have never entirely agreed with the Prof on many other scores, but give this to him, he is damn good at whatever mandate you thrust upon him. the man is decisive, and that what top notch leaders need to possess.

  9. Thumbs up Jonah this time around. Can IPEC or the ministry dealing with pensions investigate the goings on at local authorities pension fund-LAPF. Something is not right there

  10. I was to quik to praise Jonathan. So u are pre empting that PSMAS saga was also a result of wrong decisions. No heads will roll. Vakomana ndiko kuita sei uku veduwe. God please intervene

  11. No no no Johno you are bringing in a new angle cause haukwanise kuvabata bata vakuru ava. You know that. A wrong decision that resulted in obscene payment to the few whilst the greater number of staff went withou pay. Isnt that criminal He awarded salary increment achiti inbvepi. And didnt he fail to come up ne strategy pamwe na CEO wacho. Ndiyo administration yemuZimbabwe iyi Shame shame shame.

    Wasnt he aware of the going on about the finances and whu didnt he do something. So mavekugadzirirrana pa Exit Package this way. Surely, God is watching us.

  12. Is that so Cde. Professor, Im so sure SO MANY people are now going to be FIRED for making a WRONG decision to UNDERPAY workers?


  13. A man gets 5years in cattle rustling 4 cows worth less than $2400. Dube gets an “administrative dismissal” for orchestrating the looting of Millions of public funds in not one but two national public companies. Where is the justice? Even the ones exercising their right to freedom of expression are dragged to courts by Zanoid zealots for allegedly insulting the President and pay fines. Moyo what measures are being taken to recover the ill gotten public funds expropriated illegally by CASHBERT and Co???? Are these individuals going to be specificied for corruption? Banned from holding directorships of state enterprise ever again? And private companies for at least 5. Why is there not a parliamentary oversight in parastatals???parliament must have a nominations committee to approve Presidential appointments and reject criminals and those deemed not qualified. There should be Parliament remuneration committee to approve state enterprises from ZMDC, NRZ, Hospital managers, Zisco, ZBC etc to approve salaries and salaries and protect the public from looters. Parliament should have a audit committees to go through all the quarterly accounts and request any financial information from parastatal to protect the public from bad corporate governance. The Zanoid from of government of hear no evil see no evil when schools children are being denied an education and thousands are dying from poor health delivery when people are stealing moneys that should be generated and used to fund public services has gone on long enough. ZANU cowards and your MDC (ZANU upgrade 2.0) enough is enough taneta????

  14. The heading is misleading as the contents are no where near the heading. We need good would have been better yo say.”dube to go unpunished”

  15. Dube kikikikiki,anoba zvekutambirisa president for 9months.kikiki dube,dube manyanya tembo.Where are the so called responsible authorities when people like Dube and many others are legally stealing from public coffers?Now Jonathan is acting like a lawyer defending a madder er.Anti-corruption officials are busy laughing at these stories,whats going on?Vanhu ngavasungwe ava.

  16. Kikiki Jonso was told kuti zvawatamba nazvo izvo hazviitwe mupfanha. Ndofunga Mugabe phoned Jonso kuti unoziva here kuti mari idzo 50% yaiuya kwandiri then 25% kuZanu the remainder ndiyo yaisara nevapfanha ava. Saka ndofunga Dube dzkafonera Mugabe kuti saka shamwari wafunga kundiite sacrifice ini ndaipihwa mari yekupa iwe here. I told you Jonso is very young in all this watch this space. These guys are the untouchables of Zimbabwe who is Jonso to touch them? Watamba nemoto Jonso don’t forget what they did to our lovely hero Edward Chindorichininga. Very soon they will be on your life. Wabata zimbe chikomanaaaaaaaa uya unzwe iweeee mwana wemukaranga.

  17. The sad part is that after stealing so much for so long, these guys have got no clue as how to use the money productively – or is it God does not bless such ill gotten gains. This guy could be having industries manufacturing goods for the nation. His salary for two years is the capital required by a serious manufacturer elsewhere. VaMoyo, ndipeiwo mukana ndimboshandawo kuPSMAS then I can also make a bad decision and be paid that much just for one month then you fire me, But I guess ndiko also kutadza nebwoni and God will not bless such an act. But my oh my! Such monies just going to waste, with that kind of money, he could even buy his own TB Joshua, there would not have been any need for him to go to Nigeria. In fact he could create his own “miracle money” prophets – or is it that the miracle money itself.

  18. Jonso in the past few weeks you had become my hero, but the never fell far away from the tree heh? How much is all you effort worth? Or is it along tribal lines? HOW MUCH DID YOU GET FROM CUTHBERT DUBE IN ORDER TO SILENCE YOU. You have jsut turned in a toothless bulldog. Shame what a worst of effort………..

  19. This is ZANU pf’s death knell. The end is nigh.
    Let it be known that we who have stuck by ZANU out of patriotic allegiance, will abandon it for the same reasons.

    If this is the best you can come up with, then we won’t fault you for trying but, as per Jonso’s own words “Making a wrong decision or taking a wrong decision is not illegal — it gets you fired”.

    We shall fire the lot of you come 2018!

    Like the thief who thinks everyone steals, our dear leaders must think we’re all psychologically impaired, simply because they are.

  20. You just have to give it to Zimbabweans..For people who have been this abused and kicked in the teeth for years there is something to be said for their resilience. The name of the country says it all of rock! Zimbabweans have lost everything but have tenacioulsy refused to give up the last arrow in their quiver..they have held on to their sense of humor..and it seems that is all they have left and they are not going to give this up anytime soon. Cuthbert Dube suddenly has become Cash-bag, Cash-bet and other new coined names on social media. I think these thieves will wish they could prosecute themselves and sentence themselves to Chikurubu far away from the glare of the public…This is just beginning for them and they can bet Zimbabweans with their coarse humor will hound them to the grave!

  21. the real story is that Moyo has nw woken up to the truth. dube was donating part of his mega salary to the party. If ever Dube is persecuted it wil b like washing dirty linen in public. Someone told Moyo kuti amedze firiji…..kkkkkk. In any event why call fo an audit if he has already said nothing wrong was done by Dube?? U started well Moyo bt nw you are acting corruptly.

  22. In each of Zimbabwe’s parastatals there is a retired army officer, a so-called war veteran, on the Board which in Zimbabwean scheme of things makes the Chairpersons and Boards untouchable. If you dig deeper you will find that this Cuthbert Dube fella is a relative of a top ZanuPF official or he is a branch chairman of ZanuPF somewhere. It’s inconceivable that he couldn’t have been Chairman of ZBC, ZanuPF’s main propaganda machine, without any ZanuPF close close connection for sure. I don’t know this guy. How did he rise to such a position?
    And Happison Muchechetere is a so-called war veteran – which makes he above the law.

  23. One sentence should read, “It’s inconceivable that he could have been Chairman of ZBC, ZanuPF’s main propaganda machine, without any ZanuPF close close connection for sure”.

  24. Management approval of salaries not approved by board anywhere is theft Jonathan , therefore there is a prima facie case of theft and fraud and let the audit uncover all the facts and as professior likes to say let the chips fall where they may.

  25. Moyo sounds so authoritative in saying a board chairman who acts out of his mandate has done nothing illegal but this sounds ridiculous. The illegal payments should be reversed bcoz clearly psmas and zbc are not bound by decisions and contacts signed by a chairman clearly acting out of his mandate by not involving the rest of the board. if any employee is overpayed at any time the company will recover the money in the next payrole.

  26. tongai takavhota vakomana. Admin idzi ndadzitya ini hw can u say a wrong decision is not something illegal? Saka mari yese yakabiwa mu wrong decision yakatonyura hapana anobatwa kuiswa mujeri? Aba mombe ye 500 US onzi 9 yrs aba 230k its jus a wrong decision. Zveshuwa takavhota kwazvo kwazvo

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