Cops own 50% of Harare kombis


The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers reportedly own 50% of commuter omnibuses servicing Harare routes, Parliament heard yesterday.


This was revealed by the Greater Harare Association of Commuter Omnibus Operators (GHACO) which appeared before the Parliamentary portfolio committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development chaired by Epworth MP Amos Midzi (Zanu PF).

GHACO chairman Cosmas Mbonjani said inasmuch as his association of 400 members had encountered problems where their drivers engaged in corrupt activities, there was too much graft by the police and Vehicle Inspection Department officials.

“There are many police officers who are now commuter omnibus operators and I can tell you that half of the commuter buses are owned by the police officers,” Mbonjani said.

“The problem we then experience is that some of them (traffic police) can be deployed to supervise routes where their own commuter buses operate and in such circumstances they give hell to our drivers and cause unnecessary delays to ensure their own vehicles benefit more from the business.”

The organisation’s secretary-general Ngoni Katsvairo said Parliament should assist by crafting laws to end corrupt practices and to come up with laws that ensured all commuter drivers possessed defensive driving licences, underwent medical fitness tests and were aged 25 and above.

According to GHACO, too many unregistered operators including foreigners from Pakistan and India were plying routes and evading taxes while their members were contributing to the fiscus.

They said it was such operators whose kombis were driven mostly by unlicensed young drivers who often fought running battles with police resulting in the smashing of windscreens.

Other problems they experienced were said to be limits of a radius of 150km and low fares.

“Due to the corruption at VID a lot of people who pass re-tests are inexperienced drivers who have paid bribes,” GHACO said.

Mbonjani said there was also duplication of roles by the Local Government ministry and Transport ministry whereby both charged them $100 (Local Government) and $75 (Transport) respectively to acquire a permit.

Highfield East MP Eric Murai said commuter omnibus operators must have proper books of accounts to make it easy to prove that the police had been taking bribes.

“Otherwise you might think it is the police who are taking your money when actually your drivers are taking it and lying that they had to pay bribes,” Murai said.

Chegutu West MP Dextor Nduna (Zanu PF) said the operators should also be accountable for the bad behaviour of their members whose nefarious activities included sexual abuse and crime in the commuter buses.


  1. dambudziko renyu hamurizive munoti combi ngaifambe nemunhu ane 25yrs and above nekufungira kuti vana vadiki ndivo varikuita tsaona munzira. Gadzirai nzira dzenyu dzinake. MuSA munhu ane 22yrs anodriver gonyeti pasina tsaona, why muchifunga nhema imi. Munhu ane 16yrs ano driver combi pasina tsaona kana achifamba munzira yakanaka (free way) gadzirai nzira

  2. MP Murai, yo point is invalid, dai mahwindi aitora mari ingadai naivo vazadza avo makombi pa road plaz ma owners aikwanisa kuzvinoticer ende bznes ro broker, but iwe MP unenge une ako makombi, dai ndiri hwindi wako ndaitokubirawo chete. ma zrp kombis are rampant ende worse anenge akatonyorwa pa door the residential place, unoona akanzi, ZRP Hatfield camp, or ZRP Marimba camp, mese muri kugara mu camp imba yebasa pedzezvo u r corrupt, dai Chihuri akubudisai mu camp musatisvibisire ma zrp edu, nxa

  3. Am reliably informed that ZRP and Harare City Council officials especially those in the traffic section own more than half of the kombis. Apparently I got this information when I was making my own investigation after a kombi belonging to a senior police officer bumped into my car. The issue was handled in a corrupt manner. The officer does not want to fix my car because he is taking advantage of his post. I was told that there is nothing I can do since the kombi belong to an officer. But my advise is to let these people know that one day gava richadambura musungo

  4. All commuter omnibuses with a police camp address should should be impounded, The owners come forth and explain where and how they got a lump income to finance the business.

    If no satisfactory explanation comes forth, then proceeds of ill-gotten wealth, forfeited to government, sold off at an auction.

    My personal opinion is we dissolve the Police traffic section. Because we have lost that department to corruption. The rot is beyond repair.

    With such a high unemployment rate, the unemployed should be able to put pressure on those who are employed to perform or loose their jobs. I know a lot of young people with good grades but unable to get into the police force.

  5. But who doesn’t know that 50% of the commuter transport are owned by police officers? Its even shocking to hear chief of the police advising his officers against owning commuter transport.

  6. Mapurisa havasi vanhu here.You fail to present your case because you venture into popularist issues which do not help you in any way.Is there a law which says mapurisa are not allowed to own public transport vehicles.Dwell on the illegality of spot fines

    • @tendai chaminuka – there is conflict of interest here if cops own kombis – they will incapacitate competitors by arresting competitors on spurious charges.

  7. Public transport which ferries commuters in the urban areas should not be run by private individuals but by the City Councils in respective towns to stop the chaos which we now see. The corrupt cops own 50% of these kombis. Before 1980 there was no chaos because the authorities at the time realised the chaos private ownership of urban transport brings. The people who ran the system before 1980 has centuries of experience on public transport in their densely populate towns abroad and they had a reason to adopt zero tolerance to tshovhas. There’s a lot of corner-cutting in this cutthroat taxi business. If the cops are going to be involved then they will obviously make sure competitors are incapacitated by arresting them on spurious charges – it’s called conflict of interest.

  8. The police act expressly forbids a serving member from venturing it any business without the authority of the commissioner . It therefore means that onwers are committing an offence

  9. thumbs up the representatives, at least it shows kuti murikowo. mapurisa atinetsa chokwadi ndivo vane mota dzisina mapepa votanga kusunga dzine zvese zvakakwana. does it make sense kusungira excess asi imwe ichitakura isina even fitness ichipfuura pa roadblock. i hope mataurazve nezve mari ino collectwa from ma ranks nemota dzisina kukwana ichinopiwa mapurisa kuti dzipfuure pa road block dzisingasungwe

  10. One sentence in my earlier comment should read, “The people who ran the system before 1980 had centuries of experience on public transport in their densely populated towns abroad and they had a reason to adopt zero tolerance to tshovhas”.

  11. THRZ NO way we can end corruption In Zim now coz evryone is corrupt. So let weeds and grains grow together we will see when harvesting. Even if we want to be strict in watever way we cnt end it. Esp commuters using chiremba road vari pa ma 1

  12. akati mupurisa anofanirwa kutambura kusvika afa ndiyani, mazimra anemaclearing companies wani, does that not compromise their work, gone are the days, indegenisation yakauya navamugabe and as police we cant be left out.i do not support corruption but kana munhu anemusoro ngazvikudzwe, i saved four thousand with my wife also a cop from 2009 to 2011,shes alo a cop, tikatora ma loan a 2 grand each from there it was kombi after kombi chakaipa chii

  13. Mbonjani u ar right. Corruption at VID has become toomuch. I remember sometime last year when 1 of your kombies was impounded at VID Eastlea the junior inspector who inspected the kombi had taken 50 bucks from your driver . What was that money for. Makamiramira but dai makamuisa mukati. Nemiwo futi?

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