Civil society blames Zimbabwe government for mega-salaries


CIVIL society and trade union groups have accused the Zanu PF government of being complicit in the looting of parastatals, local authorities and other quasi-government bodies where senior executives were taking home huge salaries in an ailing economy with the majority living on less than $2 a day.

By Paidamoyo Muzulu
Senior Reporter

This comes in the wake of a recent expose of “obscene executive salaries” at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Holdings, Air Zimbabwe, Premier Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) and Harare City Council. The executives are taking home between $36 000 and $230 000 per month.

The civil society organisations argued that it was practically impossible for the government to be oblivious of what was happening in State enterprises since permanent secretaries sit on the boards of these institutions and report to the minister.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions acting secretary-general Gideon Shoko said government officials knew of these things but did not speak out because they also benefitted or they feared shaking the boat especially on persons related to senior politicians.

“Certainly, they knew what was going on since permanent secretaries sit on the boards that approved these salaries,” Shoko said.

He hastened to add: “Political bootlicking and patronage also made sure that those in the boards remained quiet about the goings on in the parastatals.”

Transparency International Zimbabwe chairman Loughty Dube agreed, adding that government officials slept on duty and should shoulder the blame for the rot at public institutions.

“There was no political commitment to do an oversight duty on these parastatals by the line ministers, permanent secretaries and Parliament since the salaries and perks of executives were approved by the entire boards,” Dube said.

“These parastatals were used by those in government to feed from and loot without being seen by the public.”

The country has in the past witnessed the looting of State enterprises till they were shells like in the case of Ziscosteel.

Investigations by Parliament then proved that the company was systematically looted by executives with the connivance of senior government officials.

Dube challenged the authorities to make public the financial records of parastatals as enshrined in the Constitution if there was nothing to hide.

“The government has failed in enforcing clear business procedures based on good corporate governance such as publication of audited financial results. Why is it that the public is not told how much board members get per sitting?”

Shoko said in the case of PSMAS the firing of the board chairman was disingenuous on the part of government.

“Why did they single out the board chairman instead of firing the entire board that presided over sanctioned looting?” Shoko queried.

Civil society groups said until a comprehensive audit of the parastatals salary schedules was done and anyone implicated in improper conduct prosecuted, citizens would remain sceptical of the government’s commitment to fight corruption.


  1. Which government are they blaming? Over the past four years we had an inclusive government and Gorden Moyo was responsible for state enteprises. MDC-T ministers were in charge of various state entities that fell under their ministries. We are tired of the hypocricy of these MDC activists masquerading as civil society!

    • it is common knowledge that the mdc ministers had no power over these hardcore zanu executives. they would refuse any instruction from an mdc minister. when gordon moyo asked for pertinent information they simply said no and what could gordon moyo do in the face of such insurbodination form these hard core zanu executives. they told gordon moyo to his face that they do not report to him and were only answerable to pres mugabe and zanu pf only.

      • @tibvire- Why did Moyo not go to the press with the salary schedule which he had anyway? Or is he conviniently denying it now to score some cheap points? Both MDC and ZANU do not give a hoot about the people…They should just shut up and stop lying to us and themselves that they care about us.

  2. The civil society must also be placed on microscope, you will be surprised by what you will find. They run multimillion dollar budgets of which 90% goes to salaries and allowances. You think we are stupid??

  3. those executives who control parastatals have been there for years,having been appointed by previous zanu govts.infact most of them are zanu activists.

  4. mdc ws in th gnu only in name.they had no powers whatsover.a gud eg they were failling 2 fire their corrupt councillors 4 selling stands illegally chitungza.they were protected by chombo n now look wht is happening

  5. All those parastatals led by retired army personell should be investigated for the public to have confidence, otherwise it is only the small political fish being targetted. Go to NRZ, ZIMPOST, ZIMRA ….

    • @disapppointed- Wait for it..the train is rumbling on..those in those parastatals you mention are under investigation right now as we speak. I call on the cabinet secretary to release the schedule in his hands NOW. He must be seen to be fair..

  6. ko NSSA ngavambosvikawo ikoko…vadhara vedu varikuwana cents for pension yet those bosses are living large! svikaiwo ikoko

  7. Civil society must shut up. Zim govt chiii?

    The majority are just a bunch of greedy hoodlums posing as human rights defenders……. they spend most of their time writing proposals to donors with so much exaggeration and then kana mari dzawuya, they are busy defending their own bank accounts, sleeping around in hotels kumaconferences asina any real life changing agenda for Zimbos, flying around the world for the allowances and misusing donor property buying BIG cars that consume a lot of fuel and….. nhla Ndakamirira just one HRD who stands true to their cause.

    Newsday cheraiwo civil society yacho muwone mashura nezviratidzo. Many are in the ZIMRA books as tax payers, but are not paying full taxes asi masalary in the four digits havagute.

  8. These are MDC-T dominated councils…this is the poorest management from the opposition dominated councils….even though I blame the relevant minister Chombo..what kind of council audits/accounts were they doing since Year 2000 when MDC-T to over the reins in urban areas…I think also in Bulawayo City Council is the same style of cobbling of the resouces of our tax payer’s money…the time now has come to quell all the corrupt/sabotours who were letting down the current government….this was done purposely to let down the ZANU-PF government…so ZANU-PF wake-up…do all the auditions every 90 days…and employ loyal people who do their jobs according the the constitution..not these opposition opponents……….

    • You want to tell us that Happyson Muchechetere, Cuthbert Dube, Tendai Mahachi etc are MDC? Then Zanu really is looking after you very well. There’s another $5 million house in Hong Kong if you have not heard about it and you want us to believe it’s MDC again. …kkkkk

  9. Mdc hd fig heads in ministries bt the person who runs thngs are the pem sec and all zanu refused to removed thm meaning all pem sec wre zanu.look at airzim the pem sec of transprt knw wht ws happening nd didnt say a word nd even approved some of the looting coz he is related to the looting lady.

  10. To taurai bhunu civil societies are mainly accountable to thse who gve thm money bt the problem with this guys in gvt linked organisations is that thy are stealing people’s money,people of zimbabe not america.

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