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‘Civil servants salary negotiations will not yield results’


SALARY negotiations between government and civil servants unions will not yield any results due to the reluctance by the employer to increase salaries to the Poverty Datum Line levels of $540, government workers said yesterday.


The Government workers said most of them were already psyched up for yet another disappointment.

In separate interviews with NewsDay, some civil servants said they wanted government to credit them with the $79 it had proposed while negotiations proceeded.

This comes as the two parties are today set to meet for a third meeting after failing to agree on the package to offer civil servants due to the divergent views.

A teacher at Prince Edward High School said he had learnt from the past that negotiations with government hardly yielded positive results.

“It’s just a formality that our representatives meet government in the name of negotiating, but to expect anything more than the $79 tabled by government is just a fallacy,” he said.

Another government employee also said: “I don’t think tomorrow’s (today) meeting will yield anything better than what they have already offered.

“We have just psyched our minds that we will be getting $79 there is nothing we can do. Although it is just too little for us to call it an increment that is what we are now expecting. We are only surviving by God’s grace. The good thing is that I do not pay any rentals because I stay at my parents’ home, but as for the other bills such as council and Zesa I ignore because I cannot afford to pay them and be able to feed my family and take children to school.”

Another civil servant said “What the $79 increase will do is it will just increase tax. We will get more money yes, but you will get into another tax bracket and more money is taken up by taxes and leave you with less.

“These negotiations will not bring out anything promising. It’s been long overdue and taking long to give us an increment so we will just move on with our lives.”

Government and the Apex council, the umbrella body of civil servants unions, met twice last week, but ended in a deadlock over the salary increment level.

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    • Your President was thanking you for voting for Zanu PF and keeping him in power till his death. Next elections he will do the same lying, lying and more lies and you are going to vote him into office again. Thats the Zimbabwean way of surviving. Dont worry Bro Mister President is going to award you those salaries, keep on voting for him come 2018. Its a tough lesson since 1980, promises and lies still you vote for him poor people.

    • I think you are very right Beny,the president had never talked of salary negotiations to take place in terms of giving civil servants money.The president actually highlighted that he wanted civil servants salaries to be paid in line with the poverty datum line so where is this negotiating team coming from?Have you ever heard of a country which has negotiating mechanisms to come up with what its workers can get? If there is such an arrangement,how come workers commitees are not allowed in a civil service set up?Mind you we must not take the industry system of running and try to blink people’s eyes ay saying we are negotiating for salary increase.Have you ever heard of the government budging to what its employees request ever since. I have been in service for 30 years and have never heard of this animal called salary negotiation with government ministers which succeeded.
      To all my counterparts,please lets take that little and supplement with selling maputi and secondhand clothes from mozambique.

  1. considering the state the economy is in civil servants should consider themselves lucky that they got any increament at all.Most of us in the private sector never got any bonuses let alone talk of a pay rise.

  2. Apex should allow the $79 increment as negotiations progress. Tichasvika muna August muri kuma talks tisina chabuda.

    • Yes Edwin ,chinobuda hapana.Its a pointless process.Since 1980 the government has always awarded its employees what it wants and not what they bargain for.That is not about to change in the foreseeable future..As Tiktak alluded to above that the economy is in intensive care unit it is even a surprise the government has been able to offer even that $79.00.What civil servants should do is to press for more non monetary benefits like housing stands and preferential treatment in taxation as well as free schooling for their children in government schools.The other alternative would be to look for alternative employment elsewhere in this ocean of unemployment, company closures,job loses and under-performing companies.Civil servants should also rally behind those calling for this government to put in place proactive,investor- friendly policies and not these radical, premature policies that want to reap where it has not sown like the ill- advised 51% “indeginization.” that is scaring away crucial foreign investment.

  3. Mamai maEvil servants. Takakuudzai kuti hakuna mari mukaramba, saka munochemei? Gadzirisai zvikaranga first mugare bhoo then motsvaka mari.

  4. Musanetsa imwi civil servants. Ndiyo mviro mviro yeIndeginisation iyoyi. Ose makambani amuri kuita indeginise achavhara coz this Government has already shown signs of closing due to unproductive polices of this rotten state.

  5. Rambai makashinga nyika ndeeropa iyi,,,,,,,,,,,,,pane ropa hapadi dzidzo shamwari ndezveganyabvu chete,,,,,,,,,

  6. Th problem is that th gvt has infiltrated th apex council by putting CIOs there.these guyz r neutralizing efforts by giving false hope to th workers when in fact th strategy of th gvt is to buy time.mari hapana and th gvt knows it.

  7. Varume hama nehanzvadzi, idya zvamapiwa mupukute miromo makanyarara. Zvekufunga kuti muchapiwa mari yamunoda imi, murikurota makaguta kana kuti muchidya zvinonaka imi musina kana five rand yekutenga rokobunz

  8. the budget increase by 300 million. so where do you think the money will come from. did biti steal the one which the president said he was given, my words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. where did that money go to. i think i am led by stupid leaders the apex. wasting more of my money, i contribute every month for them to go to those nice hotels. the truth is these politicians know their game well.

  9. inga wani vamwe vakarega basa racho,wth so many trs being out of colleges and universities and wth some opting to do temporary rather than go to remote parts whilst trained,i bet my last cent civil servants wont get wat they deserve,bt wat the govt offers….half a loaf is beter than nothing.ndosaka ndakachisiya chibasa chacho..

  10. @ least Biti was honest, and the stupid civil servants chose to listen those promising them heaven on earth. First Goche told you that they will be a token increment before year end, latshaya impululu, then the party promised PDL salaries, still you went to town with it. When are you going to learn? The govt does not negotiate it gives what they would decided long before the budget is announced. You should be focusing on pushing for2015 negotiations to start in July-August so that agreements are factored into the budget. Budget allocations have already been made, no amount ranting and raving will change anything.

    What makes it worse is that you wasted so much time and energy on power games. The govt loved every moment of it. youplayed into their hands

  11. So what was the reason for negotiations when the government does not want to move from its desired increment. Tirikupedzerwei nguva varume.

  12. The problem with my people is despite their education they are primitive and shallow minded hence they forget too quickly.One can lie to them over and over without batting an eye and they can still clap thier hands like lunatics.

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