Civil servants reject paltry increment

Negotiations for salary increment between the government and civil servants’ unions yesterday ended in a deadlock after the employer offered a “paltry increment”.
Feluna Nleya

Civil servants’ unions representatives asked the government to go back to the drawing board and review the offer.

Another meeting has been set for tomorrow.

Apex Council secretary Manuel Nyawo said the unions were disappointed that the government had “close to nothing” to offer them.

“We are coming from the meeting and I must say we were very disappointed. We had high expectations since they took long to give us an increment, and we thought they had something, but all they had was an offer close to nothing,” Nyawo said.

“We immediately rejected their offer of a paltry increment which is close to nothing considering that we have gone close to two years without a sound increment.
“Therefore, we put the government to task to revisit the offer and come back on Friday with a better and acceptable offer than what they had today.”

Nyawo said the government had pegged the poverty datum line (PDL) at $500, while they demanded it be pegged at $540.

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) chief executive officer Sifiso Ndlovu said: “We did not agree on anything today because right from the beginning, we were in disagreement when they said their PDL was $500.

“The issue is that we failed to agree on the fundamental of the salary, as they want to anchor the PDL on a low scale of $500 against ours at $540. So, we decided that they revisit the offer and we continue our meeting on Friday.”

The ruling Zanu PF government is under pressure to review the salaries of civil servants after President Robert Mugabe promised to increase them before and after the July 31 polls.

Meanwhile, there were conflicting reports on the amounts involved with Apex Council chairperson Richard Gundani saying government had offered an increment of $79 for the least paid civil servant.

This would have seen the lowest paid civil servant getting a basic salary of $375 which falls far below the PDL. The government, however, did not disclose the figures it had tabled.

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  2. Basic salary $375 is a false statement. The money includes allowances. Nyorai chokwadi musada kuita seHerald.

  3. tendai chaminuka

    Our manifesto has excited everyone………because of its lies.People voted ZANU(P.F) into power believing that it had solutions to the country’s problems but alas,its fails hope.The same false hope the Germans had under Hitler that they possessed a mysterious weapon that would defeat the enemies

    1. And that German mysterious weapon turned out to be nothing but …to put it in Goebells and Adolf Hitler’s words: “Providence”.! The very same weapon that hung Hitler to the roof of his underground bunker…cowering away from the Red Army!
      Such a shame!

  4. it is very bad to keep on changing goal post,you were saying Biti is refusing with the money,now that and that…..its now the exact time for bhora mugedhe so dont change the gaol posts

  5. The government is broke because of poor leadership, its indigenousation style.
    ZRP they had seen the trick already by mounting road brokes even along mortuary and ways to public toilets to collect civilian little money. Nurses, soldiers and teachers find ur way out. Survival of fitness.

    why this?….poor leadership. People who talks talks no action. I told you civil servents to behave, Votes were engineered makatarisa.

    But worry not time will reveal permanent solution.

  6. anything that keeps this illegitimate zanu govt under pressure makes me happy. eh eh madinga akavhotera zanu pihwaika mari.

    1. Kaka pressure!!

  7. are we the civil servants led by stupid leaders. zanu is buying time. their lie of telling us that biti was responsible for our little pay is catching up with them. all they are hoping for is that the war vets dont join the fight for more pay. the police will not becoz the government does sanction their corrupt tendences so that they dont go against it. in fact their pay slips dont reflect what extra they get through corruption. there is no way the government will increase the pay meaningfully. remember the budget increased by 300m dollars from biti’s budget and that has to be shared by everyone. i have always been asking, why wait for negotiation to give us an increase when it was there last year but biti refused with it. even our president said it was there. so give it to us now even when we are negotiating. shame on these liers. why dont they repent.

  8. Endesa ku court, inga ye posvo ichiri kuma courts kubva 2009 wani. Pliz VaShamu nema courts, supreme court ne high court tiganzirisireiwo ye zimpost. makango reserver judgment kusvika rinhi. hapasisina manegotiations kubva 2009 vachingoti nyaya iri kudare ivo mamanager achingo panana ma loans nema increments nekuti havana iri kumatare. Ndapota hangu. this is the worst sitution kubva ndakapinda ichiri PTC. hatichakwanisa kuendesa vana kuzvikoro

  9. Manifesto

  10. Mati madii? Bhora mugedhi rakagohwaka! Ongoal muchasura

  11. An increase in minimum wage from $296 to $375 represents a 27% salary increase. Given a rate of inflation of 3%, only a fool would refuse that!!

    1. The basic salary for the lowest payed civil servant is $150 excluding allowances.Get your figures correct.

  12. hahaha these zanu pf are true riggers…trying to Niluv even the PDL from $540 to $500 ??? these guys are just crazy about rigging kkkkk

  13. hahaha these zanu pf thugs are true riggers…trying to Nikuv even the PDL from $540 to $500 ??? these guys are just crazy about rigging kkkkk

    1. Chaporomoka Chamukwenjere

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. PDL Nikuved. Hhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  14. Gore rino iro rino iri!!!!

  15. the civil servants should appreciate good things done by the Zanu pf govt.Biti never gave them such huge icreaments when he was in office.Makaitasei musingatendi imi?

  16. Olo masalaries ayungizigwe tazigwasyi kuti zintu tezyaselusigwa muulo. Kulibaabo balangana akuselusigwa kwamuulo mumabhisimusi ababone kuti myulo ilakati akati kwitila abo bajana mifolo ilaansi bakonzye kubbasopa mpuli zyabo, twalumba.

  17. Get your figures right you are talking of take home including allowances

  18. Trust politicians to be politicians nothing more nothing less and never take them for their word or else your will be disappointed.

  19. zanu pf mhondoro

    79 dhorazi imari yakawanda unogona kutenga 158 zvibhodhoro zve zed

  20. If prosperous countries are awarding increments of not more than 15% , I wonder then what sort of increments the civil servants in our country should get considering all the facts at hand. Let us come with a workable solution for the betterment of our country.

  21. Whether 79 or200 inouya chete

  22. I am very much surprised with our incumbent government on how they take us as a people for granted .I recall the president saying that Biti was responsible for not giving the civil servants increment citing that he was withholding funds, he also cited that the inclusive government was unworkable due to indifference when it came to decision pertaining civil servant. Now we heard of the Muchecheteraz earning $40 000 whilst our fellow country man are earning nuts .Let this be known to you our leaders ,and let it be said the state of Zimbabwe makes Mr President an arbiter whether we remain a poverished nation or in your bondage you should have a conscience and a sound heart to the concerns of those who voted your to power .

  23. biti uneutsinye bhururu, waakuramba nemari futi? vachinamasa havangambodai, ndibiti chete.

  24. But $500 is better than nothing .Sebefunani?

  25. look @ it guys ……why we look upon civil servants only don’t u know the are industries 2 b funded 2 its alloctxn of resources

  26. ur facts are wrong brown allowances only are $210, lowest salary is around $130 , so dont mock em jus understand its not about e money bt e politickin zanu played during elections and their talk of biti being e one refusing w money

  27. if u believe being acivil servant will make u someone then forget it. Find other means only ZRP. ZIMRA etc will enjoy their time. Why waste money and time on manpower development when the gvt give $1 for promoted civil servants. No canaan across the dessert

  28. The Transporter

    T.Biti forgot to surrender makeys epaSafe.

  29. Ko Majongwe ngaachihukura tione ndiye aikuza Bhobho after elections,ko Zanu zvayaiti Biti haadi nemari zvino aripi saka Chinamasa arikuramba nemari here?????

  30. Ibva apa iwe pwedisedi Biti akapinda tichipiwa nothing akasiya tave kutambira kuti tirararame wth out having to waste our money wth needless negotiations. Now luk at wat Zanupf z doing. Negotiation after negotiation. For yo own infor in 2009 we civil servants were receiving no salary except a $100 coupon introduced by Chinamasa. Biti came n scrapped tht rubbish. By the tym he went we are earning around $450 most of us. kana Zanu musingade kutiwedzera mari regai we never asked for tht.

  31. we will wrk for our country wthout fear nor favour. Zimbabwe wil live forever! mbavha nemhondi dzichafa chete. Vane huori muchadya zvakaora. Evil will never defeat goodness. Never! Zimbabwe hoyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  32. Kikiki matomama vanu veZanu.

  33. The Transporter

    ppp, u talk about civil servants in developed countries getting not more than 15% increment. Have u considered their PDL?,or the amount they are getting in the first place. 15% of something is far much better than 26% or even 96% of nothing. Gather your facts first b4 posting

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