City director’s salary enough for 227 workers


THE salary of one Harare City Council director can pay wages for 227 low-earning workers in the municipality, NewsDay has learnt.


This follows disclosures that city directors earned about $37 000 per month.

Council workers yesterday said the exposé of their managers’ hefty salaries has vindicated their long-held suspicion that there was massive looting and corruption at Town House by top managers.

In a joint statement yesterday, the Harare Municipal Workers’ Union, Zimbabwe Urban Council Workers’ Union and Water Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe said: “The exposure indicates and validates our long-held claim that the city of Harare has a top-heavy and bloated management structure, this is a serious financial burden on the city finances considering the levels of management’s salaries.”

The workers added: “We note that the city now has 13 directors whilst previously it had five which is a cause for concern . . . The least paid employee in council gets a paltry basic salary of $163 while directors are getting in excess of a cool net salary of $36 999 per month which is socially and morally unjustifiable and must be corrected as a matter of urgency.

“The percentage difference is a whopping 99,6% which then translates to the basic salaries of 227 employees in grade 16 against one director’s salary.”

Workers demanded the management structure be trimmed immediately and demanded a full disclosure of the entire executive payroll including allowances to the social partners at the national employment council for negotiating purposes.

The workers said that Harare was getting enough money through its various activities such as the blitz on vehicles to pay its workers, hence, should pay the outstanding salaries without fail.


  1. shame on you corrupt man Chombo you’ behind ths n whole nation’ a shameles white headed old man.beta u step dwn as minister coz u’ greed,cruel n heartles

    • if this schedule was meant for the bank then it means these were net salaries and they could be earning close to 70 thousand each.

  2. Varume, you have not seen enouph.Just peep in ZESA and youll smile and shut down.A, If not chains of managers eg.GM,Finance manager, coms manager,Hr manager,network manager,engineering manager etc all at Gweru zetdc offices ,how about Harare,bulawayo,Mutare,Chinhoyi and worst at the head office.60% are managers taking home more than Muchechetere every month,but ……………. … ……… … …………………………… …………..etcetc

  3. Too many leaders act as if the sheep — their people — are there for the benefit of the shepherd,not that the shepherd has responsibility for the sheep- Ken Blanchard.Why are these so learned Zimbabweans happy to be filthy rich whilst fellow citizens are in abject poverty? Does it really make one happy to see another man suffering? Don’t we see the dirt, surrounding us? Poverty,malnourished children,so many unemployed people desperate to eek a living.We all want to be king of the throne among the ruins. Don’t we feel that there is something wrong in this country? City of Harare employees have gone for two months without getting their salaries, you want them to report for duty every working day, they have families to look after, they need to pay their accounts, they need money for transport and women need sanitary pads.How as educated leaders expect these people to survive? Are you not exposing them to corrupt tendencies? Ladies and gentlemen if you will not be punished today for what you are doing surely you will be punished tomorrow.Now i believe that if you want to test a man’s character give him power.

  4. Are you trying to tell us that all this has been happening without the knowledge of the Minister of Local Government.Who gave the directive to increase the number of the overpaid directors?And this is coming at a time when service delivery is at lowest since 1980.THe whites when they were in charge took care of their own(fellow whites).Shame on you! By now someone should have tendered his/her resignation.


  6. If we had transparency in this country we would call for all public institution managements’ salaries to be gazetted so that this issue of ridiculously bloated salaries can be dealt with once and for all…not this drib-drab approach where only a handful of these men are exposed.

  7. Power properly understood is nothing but the ability to achieve purpose.It is the strength required to bring about social, political and economic change- Martin Luther King.

  8. rambai makashinga here shingirirai gadzirirai zimbabwe ndeyedu !!!!!!!, zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

  9. This is outrageous. Am happy that the Minister of Finance promised that action will be taken. However I am not comfortable about what he said would determine those action should be taken against. To say action will be taken against all those who awarded themselves unreasonable salaries will let all these crooks off the hook because these salaries are reasonable to them. What I would have been comfortable with is that all those who awarded themselves salaries above that of their respective Ministers should face the music. This is because these Quasi Government bodies fall under various Ministries hence CEOs of these bodies are subordinate to their Ministers therefore they should not have earned salaries more that their bosses.

  10. All organisations that rely on subscriptions like,PSMAS,NSSA, PTUZ,ZIMTA, GWPUZ,NEC,Rural District Councils, Urban Councils and all workers’ unions are paying filthy salaries to their workers. This is the only viable “industry” at this time.Why can’t the govt peg salaries for all non productive sectors?The Harare Municipal Workers Union and Urban Workers Union should shut up and account for worker contributions.They are committing the same sin of abusing our contributions.

  11. ladies n gentlemen no1 has looked at the real picture of this world we are in… all of you are shouting and screaming corruption.if i read well apo pakanzi grade 16 worker ko director igrade ani….this should not be a wonder i hardly see a reason fpr ypu people to complain… look at the worlds greatest holdings and companies and tell us there is corruption there…its no wonder they earn a lot..they are the big wigs. all you can ask for is for the geade 16 worker s salary to go up..tgeir huge salaries are justified…mukuda vafanane here?? inga even the fingers on your hand are not equal!!

    • “..tgeir huge salaries are justified…” explain what you mean that the director of waste management earns USD36999 when refuse is not being collected in the first place. how much is it to repair just 3 refuse trucks to service 5 suburbs? And you sound as if zvanzi ngavafanane negrade 16, if you are literate enogh to be reasonable what we say is that the difference should be reasonable given that the ratepayer is not receiving the service for the money they pay.
      RE the “… look at the worlds greatest holdings and companies…” they get that because they deliver to their people. My friend, in a just environment, office holders are not paid for the ‘title’ but for delivering. It is not the name that brings you the money, you work then earn money. I have never missed a water bill and I’m sure 98% of the residents in my area haven’t missed a bill but we get water twice a fortnight then we hear of the director of water earning USD37000 and people like you argue about the world’s greatest holding companies without looking at what makes them great (it’s the hard work if you didn’t know)

    • no no….the context of the discussion is centred on outrageous and not equalisation of salaries across the board. Don’t divert attention.

  12. In Zimbabwe no one resigns. It’s taboo and unheard of. In Zimbabwe one dies in service period.In Zimbabwe we do not have morals.One writer still thinks that Gushungo can do anything about the rot. And to the writer i can only say these problems we created by Gushungo himself as he is a man who enjoys being flattered by men calling him cremora, some saying he is Jesus and others calling him the messiah.The ones telling him the truth are labelled traitors or sellouts.Remember the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.It’s too late now.

  13. Now if one were to emply the multiplier principle..where in most cases one dollar of investment can create three in some cases in four down stream..How many jobs would this have created in these enterprises? It is jobs that we cry about day in day out..Can we try and get back waste back into the horse? Let these fellows pay back..Tracing and accounting for these funds will create jobs for young accountants who are languishing at home. Why not have a forensic audit of all paras and get our Reverse Robin Hoods to make good what we lost and invest it productively creating jobs for our young who are turning into zombies before our eyes. If we can take 5 000 out of the streets from this exercise, should we not congratulate ourselves?

  14. Ko ma war vets aripi. Chinos taura tinzwe. Nhasi mhunhu ndiye mbavha huru iri kuita kuti nyika isabudirire not sanctions.

    • It is all because of the CEO of the country. Some ministers were in gvt since 1980, delivered nothing, looted all they could, were reappointed and reappointed again and againoo! So blame it on the Comm in Chief, who himself boasts multiple degrees that have nothing to show for except retrogression from tech age to pre stone age. He has no clue how to extricate the country that once was wonderful except parceling it to his friends. NGAACHIENDA KANI!

  15. I’m becoming a little prophet in my own respect regarding these issues, so I will go ahead and predict the next circus about City Council. The very man who appointed them is a little apprehensive now that the cat is out of the bag. Anyway, he will go ahead and issue a statement to the effect that he has instituted investigations, as if he doesn’t know who approved the perks. Then he will fire someone in a desperate pretence of taking action. And the rot goes on and on and on. What a sad joke. Chombo and the rest of the crew. Banditry and dissident behaviour against your own fellow Zimbabweans? Robbing ratepayers till they are blind.

  16. Let each and every individual be responsible for his or her actions. I think it is very unfair for us to blame the minister coz if my memory serves me well he has bn alwz fighting with the councils over corruption. As for those heartless so called directors God will judge u accordingly. If one director’s monthly salary can pay say 100workers yet there are say 10directors then their salaries can pay 1000 low level workers. By this wht it means is tht 1000 families hv bn suffering coz of only 10 people’s corrupt tendencies, imagine.l used 100 workers wht abt 227?

  17. I think the way forward is for the public to write names of suspected hefty perks earners and state why they think those people are earning much.

  18. $37000 chete…I am a Zesa employee and as we speak the bosses are trying to cover up their tracks and they also need to be investigated

  19. Someone tell me what the role of government is. We have a president, vice president(s) cabinet ministers and perm secs and directors, attorney general, police commissoners, govenors, now provincial ministers etc. All these are payed from our taxes and natural resources. The question is what are they doing. Do we need on earth can all this happen pleeeeease

  20. chombo is aware of all ths bt its a program meant 2 reward thmselves at th expense of poor who constitute 99.9 percent of th total population.he did ths in chtungwza.stands were sold under hs nose but cud nt raise hs whte head b/c he wanted hs cdes 2 become millonaires.nw thy r millionaires thy r living in upstairs houses n driving nice cars, he talking like someone frm mars.meanwhile hs cdes will never enyoy th millions n 4gt hm

  21. Murikuchema tuma $37000 twe kanzuru. Huyayi muone zviri kuno ku ZESA. Munooma mate mukanwa kana kuita stroke. Apa ndipo pavakuda vanoziva investigative journalism kwete vanotevera dzavhiiwa nevamwe.

  22. zvava pachena kuti vakuru vemaKanzuru nemaKambani eHurumende varikutambira mari isingatauriki apo vamwe vashandi vachidya nhoko dzezvironda. tamirira kunzwa matanho anotorwa nehurumende kuti nhubu idzi dzisungwe uye mari yekubiridzira iyi idzorwe kuzosevenzeswa kuti basa rekutakurwa kwemabhini nekugadziriswa kwepombi dzinofambisa mvura nekucheneswa kwayo pamwe nekugadzirwa kwepombi dzinofambisa tsvina. ZVAKADARO KO MUMAKAMBANI AKAZVIMIRIRAWO UMU MAKAMBOMIRAWO SEI/ KUTI HAKUNA ARIKUHORA $ 1 000 000 000.00 pamwedzi here? ONGORORAIWO IKOKO. Munyika mune mari asi iri kudyiwa nanatsuro magen’a. Chokwadi hatimbodi IMF kana WORLD BANK.

  23. Ah shame. Musvetasimba ndiyani murungu kana mbavha idzi dzinobira vana vamai vadzo? Murungu waibira munhu mutema. Akange asingabiri mwana wami vake kureva mumwe murungu saye.

  24. Kufunda kwavo ndekwe kunyepa Dai vari truly educated ma organisations avari ku leada achinyatso fire manje as you can see the quality of their corporations mirrors that of the men andwomen in leadership starting from Bob wacho iyeye

  25. Get ready for the true revolution people.Live free or die macomrades handeyi tione power to the people Bhunu rakange riri better saka kill the zanu kill the zanu kill them all power to rhe people

  26. Someone look into EMA as well. Their fines and charges when measured against their effectiveness on the ground become outrageous.

  27. Kutamba Nezanu PF. Inoziva ndatenda zvangu, All our attention is now focused on this issue yemasalaries.Zvichapera izvi vachatsvagazve zvimwe Uku nguva ichifamba kusvika 2018 kumaelections votsvagazve zvimwe. Where was the government when all this rot was happening.I think this government has failed and must resign.

    • Are you suggesting that the discussion on Management salaries is futile?? Of course the responsible Ministries should also be asked questioned, especially Chombo.

  28. If, as Zimbabweans, we are serious about the future of our country and children,then an audit must be done by an impartial professional body appointed by and reporting to Parliament of all councils. municipalities, and parastatals.No politician should be allowed to interfere with this body and it must be empowered to fire and recommend criminal proceedings against culprits.Fellow Zimbabweans we going nowhere if we do not self-introspect and be honest with ourselves. Sanctions have nothing to do with some people earning mega salaries at the expense of fellow Zimbabweans.

  29. How can thieves invite impartial auditors to audit them. This suggestion yema external auditors who are impartial ndiyo yakadzingirwa Brian James coz chaidhuuka. they accused him of being racist and corrupt in suggesting a South Africa company, saying he’d been bribed. So who arrests who? wose anoita huwori palevel yakadai anenge ari well connected. vamwe vacho vanotosponsa musangano

  30. Whatever happens to this saga ultimately the public should put its foot more commissions of inquiry please. Like the writer above lets appoint a team of independent auditors to look into the rot and report to parliament..After all these are the people’s representatives. No more commissions of inquiry please whose brief will be to BURY evidence..taneta nawo ma commission asina kwaanoenda..PURIZI

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