CIO operative up for rape


A CENTRAL Intelligence Organisation operative identified as Israel Mushunje yesterday appeared before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei facing allegations of raping his former girlfriend after force-driving her to his house in Waterfalls, Harare, under the guise he wanted to fix their severed relationship.


The court granted Mushunje (31) $100 bail, ordered him to reside at the given address and report once a week to police until finalisation of the matter.

State counsel Tungamirai Chakurira told the court that on December 30 last year Mushunje, who works in the President’s Office, went to the woman’s workplace around 10pm where he waited for her in the car park. As the woman was coming out, he allegedly approached her and forcibly took her car keys and ordered her to sit on the passenger seat and he drove to his house.

Upon arrival, the court heard, the accused took the woman’s mobile phone and ordered her to sit on the bed.

The accused started accusing the complainant of causing him some undisclosed problems at work because of the report she had made to the police against him.

He allegedly slapped the woman all over, twisted her hands and choked her. After assaulting her, the court heard, he forced the complainant to lie on the bed before raping her.

It is further alleged that Mushunje only set the woman free the following morning.  Two days later, the woman allegedly called a local newspaper intending to narrate her ordeal and was advised to make a police report which led to Mushunje’s arrest.

The woman also accused the State security agent of stealing her $200.
The matter was remanded to January 28 this year.


    • plse shut the f**k up if u dont have anything to say. President’s office workers must know how to respect people not to do what ever they want coz of where they work idiots. Law must take its course.

  1. When you are threatening people and when you commit all sorts of crimes you use the president’s office to instill fear. When you have been caught by the police you want respect of your office why? If you want the office respected then people who works there must start to be good people.

  2. Izvovo ndoMabasa avo. ChiC10 chenyu isn’t a right to do what ever the F**k you want here, Mufesi uyu iMh*ta and I hope they rape him in jail!

  3. zvekumanikidza vamwe ndozvavo vakomana vacho…….. asi, this lady kuda blaz we kuOffice huru hazivi kuti haiperi.

  4. Wakamborambirei cde? Munhu wachimbwido anoramba cde?. Unoda kuti …”zvese zvese ndezvambuya Nehanda…” ishaye basa? Iwe unoreva hauzivi kuti inorevei?

  5. Bhinya ngarisungwe iri,maSupervisor awo ndoanowanyepera kuti maCI{O/D} haasungwe.murikurasika hama dzangu dzirimuZNA,ZRP&CIDO/O Zimbabwe nevanhu wayo haisi private property yenyu.

  6. kuginyabvura ndokwavo macio. tenga mota kana kutengeserwa naye anopindura zvivharo hunhu hwavo zvese ndezva Mbuya nehanda .tinyareiwo. CIO rapist must go kujeri ndovanozvibisa president

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