Chipinge man attacks wife, kills two daughters


A 23-year-old Chipinge man last week killed his two daughters and left his wife battling for life.


Karukayi Matsvase of Rugare Village in Chipinge, who is on the run, is said to have woken up in the middle of the night and attacked his wife and children using a machete.

Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said the reason for the attack is not yet known, adding that investigations were underway.

“It is alleged that Matsvase, while he was sleeping at night with his wife and children, woke up during the night and armed himself with a machete, struck his three year old daughter on the head who sustained a deep cut. She died on the spot,” Charamba said.

Charamba said that Matsvase, using the same machete, struck his four-month-old daughter three times, splitting her head into two.

“He then went for his wife, using the same machete and attacked her three times and she sustained serious deep cuts on the left arm, head and back. She is currently in hospital battling for her life,” Charamba said.

During the attack, Charamba said, the wife screamed for help and neighbours came to the rescue, but Matsvase escaped.

Charamba urged people to desist from violent means, adding that they should seek professional help if they were facing problems.

“Violence is not a solution, if people are facing any problems they should seek professional help to avoid such incidents,” she said.


  1. Professional help is not always available.If it were Charles Hungwe could have easily paid for one and avoided using his reproductive organ to kill that woman.If professional help is useful Comrade Charamba could have long been advised to join another grouping and leave the police profession.

  2. cool head ndiwe unoda professional help, hungwe aita sei apa, hungwe acted zvinemusoro whn he discovered kuti galfrnd yarwara, its tht iwe paunokwirwa kana kukwira gauge Chete, it an incident inoitika

  3. innocent souls probablly perished because of a minor misunderstanding: i m sure the wife must have said something silly like ‘these kids are not yours’, the unspoken word in any marriage.

    • Did it ever occur to you that the wife might not have actually said something to anger her husband but that this man is just an evil lunatic?

  4. The killing of children angers God very much. When their souls reach heaven they will ask why they were killed and God will not have an answer and will only direct his wrath upon earth. Lets all pray for his mercy.

  5. zvinonzwisa tsitsi zvinouraya neshungu,MWARI pindirai,tikutyeyi,tikuzivei,tigoita zvakafanira nguva dzose.

  6. two kids at 23 seems a bit too many too early for me. Mumba munonaka kumhanyira but most of these kids are not mature enough to handle the pressure tht comes with the role of a father.

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