Chinamasa brews storm over Makandiwa remarks


FINANCE Minister Patrick Chinamasa’s dig at United Families International Church founder Emmanuel Makandiwa has torched a storm with some people accusing the minister of seeking to divert the nation’s attention from his failure to turnaround the economy.


The storm follows Chinamasa’s remarks during the Mandel/Gordon Institute of Business Science 2014 Economic Outlook Symposium in Harare on Wednesday where he warned Zimbabweans against banking on miracles performed by Makandiwa for a shift in their economic fortunes.

The NewsDay website and other social media platforms were yesterday flooded with comments, with some readers accusing contemporary preachers of pushing the gospel of miracles at the expense of hard work through which people should accrue wealth.

Donald Muzondo observed that Chinamasa was right in that the Bible encouraged hard work, but

some church goers were being “brainwashed into believing there are short cuts to life which is absolutely not true”.
However, Elsara Banda accused Chinamasa of attempting to blame his government’s economic management failures on Makandiwa, whose church he said was not responsible for crafting the country’s National Budget.
Chinamasa, according to Habbakuk Muzezewa, was not best placed to lecture Zimbabweans about hard work.
“The people of Zimbabwe don’t need to be lectured on hard work. It’s in their DNA, but the same cannot be said about the country’s leaders,” he said.

Another reader Better Trinity Maridza said he would rather “follow a man of God than greedy, selfish and proud politicians”.

Prophets, according to Kevin Musekiwa, were raised to bring hope to the country and if the prophets were fraudulent, God would deal with them.

Love Chapfika accused modern–day church leaders of turning themselves into demigods from a different planet.

Enock Nkonde noted that Makandiwa’s church was looking after many orphans and widows, something the government had dismally failed to do.

A reader, who identified himself as Brandon, said Chinamasa should stop blaming pastors because they were not responsible for running the country. “Stop the blaming of pastors because they don’t run the country.

People prefer to go to church to learn about life principles unlike you who go to rallies and learn how to kill, hate and loot,” he fumed.

Alois Mathuthu said the government was to blame because its populist economic policies have led to the closure of companies and factories, leaving thousands of people jobless.


  1. I think Chinamasa is right because I don’t believe in the supernatural. To me this belief in this version of pastors is archaic: synonymous with backwardness and should be discouraged. It is unscientific and fills people with false hope. I don’t know what part these pastors play in our lives. They should be banned altogether. When this country had a vibrant economy some years back there were not many of these millionaire-type pastors around. We all know where our problems lie and pastors have not helped in any way, shape or form. Some people are very superstitious and are easy prey to these con artists.
    Let’s see if this pastor can turn Chinamasa to the biblical heap of salt for denigrating pastors, then I will start believing in the power of the modern pastors.

    • Idiotic Chinamasa.
      Makandiwa never said people should not go to hospitals just because God can perform miracle healings.
      Did he?
      So where is your beef here?

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    • Musona, If you do not believe in the supernatural, don’t attack those of us who do. We who believe in the supernatural do not attack others for their beliefs. And if you want we can tell you why we believe in the supernatural. I advise that before you criticize a preacher, first HEAR HIM PREACH then criticize with a sound basis. It’s a natural principle, you cannot criticize what you have little knowledge of.

    • Its really nothing new that politicians per se persecute Christians. Jesus went down the same road. We also at the hands of the so called politicians are persecuted everyday, no power, no water, we stink of poverty and joblessness, corruption and everything else that fits us to be called the sick men of Africa. Hear me out, Makandiwa wl not change the economic fortunes of this country and neither will you comrade minister. We dont turn to Makandiwa and worse still we dn even think of turning to u either. We turn to God and base on His promises for He alone can turn this nation’s fortunes. You mare human beings, mortal men what can u offer us? Let ppl do what they see is right in their sight. Israelites entered Cannan, dd they build it, Walls of Jericho collapsed by sounding horns, Elijah said this time 2moro, and he spake abundace, talk abt hardwork with my God. Its all miracle economic shifts. 34 years has brought us to nought bt the touch of God guarantees immidiate transformation. Kno ur bounds and limits politics and religion wl never mix. This is no scientiology. God nids no introduction and no explainations as to how things be cz yet still u cannot comprehend how all things came to be at creation. So dn worry how it will be so with our economy jus kno it is well and its not gng to be by you or him but by God.

    • Musona, if you dont believe in supernatuaral that does not mean supernatural is not there however pple must not lean on miracles which they no not where they will take them. better lean on what the bible teaches “Work” ndokudya cheziya kwacho, if a miracle happens bonus but be careful where that miracle is coming from.

    • The duty of pastors isnt running govts, they train us to walk over the rugged economic landscape brought about by gvt failure. Its funny hw can one expect God to be scientific….u cant empirically enquire the ways of God. The mushrooming of churches hs no part whatsoever in increasing the misfortunes in this country.

  2. chinamasa what we the youth need are factories and industries coz of its hard work u want it WORK that u 1st have to give to many qualified teachers and nurses are rotting @ home unemployed while the education and health sectors deteorate.we need JOBS.

  3. Chinamasa should not blame the church for plunging the country into the quagmire of poverty and degenerating it into a stone age society.However i agree that these so-called prophets are so arrogant,fake and out swindle gullible pipo’s hard earned money.If you listen to one hubert angel you will realise that he is a false self-styled prophet seeking cheap publicity and popularity n even makandiwa himself.they have been corrupted by money and have turned themselves to dieties and gods forgeting what happened to the 400 false prophets of baal at the mount carmel contest.Elijah vanquished them.Y preach abt miracle money yet th Bible teaches us that the love of it is the root of all evil.all those congregants will only be expecting money there n nothing else

    • I am one beneficiary of the Prophets’s anointing. Everything they do in public takes several hours in prayer and in the Word. It is only by God’s sovereign right that He sends whoever he sees befitting. It is only not wise to doubt something and not test- I gave it a test and I tell you, this God is Extra-ordinary!

    • Preach money anaBaba, I agree it says “the love of money” asika that the same bible which says money answereth all things. Saka kana imi muchiziva chiporofita che fake then please show us how its properly done then Zimbabwe will stand on its feet again?

      • From your comment a lay man like me would conclude that the Bible is full of confusion! Is that so?! Or is there something wrong with how we interpret certain verses when we do so out of their context?

        • No. You are confused and the person who commented didnt do so well. There is no confusion there if you read properly. Nowhere is it written that money is the root of all evil. It say “the love of money” which stems from a person. Money itself commits no sin. It is a medium of exchange, while being spiritual at the same time. The Proverb still stands, Money Answereth all things

  4. I cannot understand what Chinamasa was trying to say, by digging at Makandiwa,it real shows that he is against the people of the white cloth,not Makandiwa alone.1.when in Zimbabwe was churches given a share at the national bubget? 2when did churches obstruct the economic polices? fisrt it was them who brew storm at Biti saying he didnt want with the money then came the then national slorgan of santions now church leaders. A dad carpenter blerms his tools,a dad footballer looks at his boot when ever he shoots wide and poorthinking ministers divert the nation’s attention from their failure to public figures,do you still remember these are the same ministers who went to the bushes of Chinhoyi saying a n’anga has discovered pure deisel in the hills…n’angas good prophets bad….


    • Iwe Bla Shacks get away marii inobviswa nevanhu? Bahaviour ipi yaunoziva chidhakwa chakaita sewe?
      Iwe we have weekly service gatherings of 15 000 people per service but panobuda offering ye$3000 saka urikuti imwe mari irikubvepi.
      Wakaita Maths kupi iwe. Venue hire is $7000, Generator rinobhadharirwa diesel, logistical costs, all this is pumping out money isingakwani from one service offering.
      Hatidi vanhu vanotaurisa zvavasingazivi Nonsense. Iwe wakambopa Makandiwa cent rako zvaunoshama muromo. People are being healed of HIV AIDS, Hypertension, Cancer, Diabetes pasina kubhadhariswa saka what are you saying. Prophet Makandiwa is confounding Medical Science through the miracles God is allowing him to perform and you say such nonsense. Iwe wakambpokumbirwa mari here. nonsense

      • Do u even follow up on these people u claim to have been healed, do you. People die of lack of knowledge, tell me if u ve witnessed smeone with cancer and HIV getting healed, tibvirei apa, vanhu ngavainde for treatment. Prophets shud then provide spiritual counseling haikona kuuraisa vanhu.

        Dont spread false witnessed for things you have no proof for, follow up one these people you claim have been healed and you will be surprised.

        • I wonder if you yourself have made a followup (TRUTH) pangwarirei pamutotuka vanhu vakatumwa naMwari, you will only be mocking God himself and mubairo wacho hatingauzivi. Just a question does Chinamasa go to church himself? If he does, anobvisawo offering here kana kumboitwa counselling nema elders? Why does he have time to attack that which he believes in, l don’t understand

        • Iwewe ndiwe usina kuita follow up.. Vamwe tinoita… kana iwewe nemufundisi wako muchifunga kuti counselling inorapa AIDS chitotendeukai patsva, Jesus didn’t call us into vanity but into power.. Kana mazvitadza nyararai vanogona vaite…
          Kuswero jairirwa nezvirwere saka Jesu wamunonamata akafira chii..
          Chitiudza kuchurch kwenyu tiuyewo tione kuti muri kuitei.. Mhoti muchaidavirira nyaya yekuuti makaparidza Jesu muchiti anitadza kurapa HIV..

      • nothing like healing, it is all lies these illuminati are stealing from the poor confused zimbos who just are suffering from ignorance and povrty

  6. The minister is right that we need to work, but his government should first work hard to make jobs available. The Makandiwas crew are taking advantage to brainwash us because of the state of the country’s economy. Paul perfomed greater miracles than these guys, but he taught Christians to work with their own hands , 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 and not to give food to the one who do not want to work, 2 Thessalonians 3:10. Paul himself was an example of a worker, 2 Thessalonians 3:8; 1 Corinthians 4:11-12. It is quite health for Chinamasa to warn us against these deceivers, but at the same time he should accept that his gvt made us desperate seekers.

    • @djtn when did Prophet Makandiwa say dont work? How many of his followers are working? Doesnt he encourage people to work during his Financial Summits being broadcast on Christ tv?
      So why quote all those verses my dear?
      Dont just heat something from the newspaper and you start to attack someone basing on falsehood.

  7. we are in messy ,minister is right we might hate him …..but after all he never said any thing wrong ..believers at Makandiwa you have blinkers sorry to say this but I have too…look around accept advice….You can go kunaMwari thru Christ not a human being….after all u talk of prosperity in terms of money not the word of God you are lost.It seems u worship makandiwa not God..If pity repent guys

    • Vanhu haikona kuita semusiri kuona Christ tv mudzimba menyu, you have the evidence there of what is taught in that church but ruvengo rwenyu rwakakurisa…

  8. If u listern to Prophet’s sermons he teaches us to work with our own hands. For your own information the church that gives the best in Zimbabwe is Zaoga i believe you know when it started. People need to work n the works of their hands are blessed by God. Psalm 87v 1 teaches us that anything we do without the presence of God nothing will come. Lets work towards uplifting our economy comrades. Thank you

  9. I dnt support Zanu pf or follow Patric bt he talked sense.Miracle babies,miracle money n nw he want to rise the dead.Haa guys open yo eyes n mark my words.Ndiwo maProfita aya akataurwa muBible aya.

  10. Chinamasa ita basa rako unyerere. Murimi anotaurisa haana chaanoburitsa! Do what u are employed to do. In’anga ngani dziri kuita mapipi, maporofita mangani out there ari kuita minana, why start a war unnecessarily? Takamirira kunzwa kuti Govt iri kuita sei kuti vanhu vashande.

  11. we in ufic dont have a problem with tithing and offering in our church for we know wat the scriptures say. the problem is that you pple want to audit God’s money. who are you to do so? if Makandiwa abuses God’s money, then God will deal with him nt soceity. it doesnt affect me, rather God will bless me for tithing and offering to him. the money belongs to God anyway.
    if u commentators attend just one service and hear makandiwa teaching the word u will change your comments. dedicate just one sunday cme to church and u will realize u need God in yo life and nt makandiwa cz he is just a servant of God.

  12. nhubu dzose mumoto usingadzimike….. Vanotsikirira vanhu vari pazvigaro zvekutonga nevanobira vanhu mari in the name of churches…nhubu dzose mumoto usingadzimike…itai zvenyu, bhaibheri rinoti kunaZvakazarurwa anotadza ngaarambe achitadza, anonatsa ngarambe achinatsa….

  13. taura hako chinamasa zvanyanya zvevakomana ava makandiwa anokudza nhengo yemurume achitadza zvirema vanorwara mapenzi atinoona everyday hapana hapana ifake

    • why do pple give Makandiwa their money- (a) becoz its tithes -unfornunately the bible does not say anyone who forms church shld receive tithes – if Makandiwa receive one me shld also receive; for you pple to be blessed as you claim. Paul and all early christian did not receive tithes and Jesus.
      b) Makandiwa had never perfomed any miracle. If healing is a miracle then doctors are better they heal more….Chiweshe the so called spiritual father of Makandiwa was taken to hospital not to church.
      C)God hear everyone anywhere there is no need to follow Makandiwa to cast demons.
      d) Getting money; job etc is not a miracle it happens to eveyone everyday mostly non believers. In other countries pple are given money by gvt.
      – Jesus perfomed miracles 1) he raised Lazurus who was dead for 4 days in grave ! He also said we could do greater ! But no prophet could go KuMbudzi and pray for dead to raise becoz they are fake -they do magic unfortunately satanic power had limit.
      2) when Jesus wanted money he did not say give me and be blessed or selling anything @ church. He sent Peter to fish and take money from fish -thats a miracle-he did not ask for presents.
      3) Jesus although anoited he did not threaten his mockers instead he blessed them.
      Well guys you cant bribe God to receive blessings God is not after sacrifise from you(tithes etc). But yr heart not motivated by riches. You must love God not to receive money. Satan is the only god who say worship me and receive riches he even say that to Jesus- meaning Makandiwa is richer than Jesus who didnt have a hse.God created physical universe to be physical not miracle one – use yr brain and raw material not miracles always-thats why Makandiwa wants physical money; cars etc

      • you seem to be knowledgeable on biblical issues but your argument unfortunately seem to be coming from a reprobate mind! i hope hausi dofo because you will be difficult tpo deal with in society!
        a) tithes are paid in a church setup and where they go its another issue! akati kwaparidzwa naPAul they never paid tithes ndiani???
        b)Prophet Makandiwa has performed many many miracles. your ignorance about them does not invalidate them! Evangelist Chiwese was not Prophet Makandiwa`s spiritual father! Doctors have a divine calling and they are not the ones who heal they administer drugs that contain the healing virtue that God deposited in the trees etc where they came from! What did Jesus do when he cleaned the leapers, when Elisha asked Naman to wash in the Jordan????
        c) I wonder how you missed PAul teaching on gathering. your comments leaves me wiondering kuti if you can hear God how surely can you have such line of thinking!

        the rest you said is silly!

  14. “but, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.
    For the Prosperity Gospel pastors, the order is reversed and the emphasis misplaced
    The politician, Chinamasa, is right to make a comment on this just like the pastor is also right to comment on the politicians’ economic, administrative and other mess-ups. It is actually wrong for either to keep quiet and leave the nation to be misused and abused by either party.

    • How many time do you seek and find the kingdom of God? only once then after u have found it you go to another level. u cant just continue to seek the kingdom of God the rest of your life without finding it. the key word there is “first”.


    i think mixing politics and christianity is lame, the 2 makandiwa and chinamasa are different, makandiwa was elected by God and chinamasa by humans therefore they operate in different environments. The wise between the 2 should seek advice from the wisest and our country will be okay.

  16. makandiwa is a bullshit liar wether yu like it or not. He said early last year pple wl pick gold from the ground wt’out drilling and everyone wl be rich. Nw ppl are even poor. Hia frend Hubert angel has just said liverpool wl win the english lig. Falls prophets.

    • Blowhole you are full of nonsense, Who are you saying is a bullshit liar. Some of us were picked from the streets by the this Man and his wife and we were delivered from prostitution and drug abuse. Nonsense wako. What impact have you made to anyone’s life iwe benzi. Uri chigure chemunhu nonsense. You head is full of water which is a sign that you are brain dead.

      Kutotiwo Makandiwa kutoreva kuti he is an Opinion Leader with an impact and a voice over this Nation. Heya munototeerea zvaanotaura. Wakapusa Mhani iwe

      • hasha unadzo mumwe wangu, contrary to christian character….Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry

        • Eh eh eh chero Mwari pachigaro chavo vanoita hasha even Jesus aiva nehasha. Prophet Makandiwa delivered me from drug & alcohol addiction that my family tried for years to have me rehabilitated from in SA. They wasted lots of money on me yet it took just a word from Prophet Makandiwa kuti be delivered and I was delivered.

          Unoti kudini ko iwe

          I was sick with all sorts of diseases and this Man and Woman that you are talking about delivered me a total stranger to them. What are you talking about. You expect me to be silent pakadai aaaaaaaaaaaah totoita hasha zve. Christian character unoiziva. I am standing up for what I believe in. Are you telling me that a Christian Soldier can not kill an enemy. That is nonsense. Handinyarari. Prophet Makandiwa and his Wife are Servants of the Most High God.

  17. makandiwa is a bullshit liar wether yu like it or not. He said early last year pple wl pick gold from the ground wt’out drilling and everyone wl be rich. Nw ppl are even poor. His friend Hubert angel has just said liverpool wl win the english lig. Falls prophets.

  18. marwadziwa neiko minister? Prophet M. doesn’t steal from us. Imi ndimi muri kuba all the national resources with your Chinese friends muchidya mega kusvika Zim yabhuroka. Mapedza mobira kana chembere inotengesa madomasi mutown through zrp. siyanai nesu. isu tinopa willingly kuchechi so siyanai nesu.

  19. Chinamasa is a hypocrit, if indeed he says believing in the supernatural is akin to laziness then why did they go to Chinhoyi where they were bamboozled to think that diesel was coming out from a rock? If indeed they believe in hardwork then why all the corruption? Hard work without the blessing will subject you to a fruitless toiling-read your bible! How did Isaac plant and harvest a 100fold in a land that full of famine?

  20. Have you ever wondered why ana Makandiwa cant predict world shaking events like Mandelas death bt claim to enlarge a man s penis. Honestly which god would show u Stephen Gerrard lifting the FA Premier Trophy ivo vanhu vachitambura kudai. Now Makandiwa wants to raise the dead hezvo zvipoko nema zombie rem the 3 day child

  21. I am surprised some so called christians are against a men of God. When God blesses a man, whoever blesses him, He bless and who ever curses him, He curse. Be careful who you curse! In the bible, when a nation fails, they consult a prophet and the nation is healed, our nation has failed, we attack prophets. Where is this attack on prophets coming from if not from the devil. Think and resd the Bible before you attack prophets.

  22. Its true Makandiwa arikudya mari, arikudya yaanenge apiwa, achidya nechirikadzi nenherera, go to most children’s homes and you will be surprised what he is doing there, an example is Tanyaradzwa. Surprisingly these politicians varikudya vega mari dzisiri dzavo. They are attacking Makandiwa and you fools are supporting them. wake up, cant you see our country is coming to a stand still, zvirikukonzerwa naMakandiwa here izvi. Hindava kukotsiraso

  23. Nero the prophet is stealing from you big time and in return he gives you fake hope and fake miracles just 2 keep u coming. Imbavha idzi period

    • Mtape it’s not about false hope at all, it’s about solving an individual’s personal problem! look at that guy with his thing enlarged! i have solved my own personally problems through the Prophets, everything of God is by faith, and faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. so prophet’s simply raise your faith!

    • Ini handipinde church isingadye mari yangu nekuti inenge yakafa church iyoyo. I will always give generously to the man of God.

  24. I hate Zanu PF and esp. Chinamasa but I have the sense to acknowledge when he is right! All of you Makandiwa worshipers, all that was said was that you must be aware of the physical realities, work hard, use your brains, hands and feet to put food on your tables and develop the nation. Don’t be lazy and fold your hands thinking that some miracle from Makandiwa will save you from the physical world. Miracle babies, miracle money, miracle weight loss, miracle jobs, miracle cars… goodness gracious get real people!!!

    • Have you ever listened to one of Prophet Makandiwa’s teachings Greyhora ndibvunzewo? If not and you are saying all that it shows that you are a stupid foolish idiot. Hamusi imi munoti tirikubirwa mari. Tobirwa mari yatisina kushandira. We are all professionals with better jobs than yours nonsense. We are wise and intelligent poeple led by a Wise, intelligent and highly annointed Man of God. Usatityira zvityire iwewe. Tiri vana veminana MIRACLES SIGNS and WONDERS

      • “We are all professionals with better jobs than yours nonsense”
        So why do you need miracles? What for you bloody brainwashed idiot!
        Wisdom and intelligence emanates from what you say and do, and so does stupidity. You rs is unfortunately, the latter.

    • Which Makandiwa said that people should not work because the one prophet l know says the opposite. He has taught us to work hard and we are and l am not poor in any sense of the word.

  25. Kikikikikkkkkk arikudya ne nherera ne cchirikadzi achitenga ma latest merc aka Hubert kachitengawo ma Bently nekoko hapana apa kudya dzemarema denga munotopinda ne nyahsa otherwise murikudyiwa makatarisa sema temba

  26. Politicians will remain politicians, they speak hogwash over things that they do not understand yet even when they are given a constituency to run they do not have any impact over it. Ava Prophet Makandiwa vamava kubata is an influence over the Nations not over Zimbabwe only.
    Go to UK, USA, CANADA, SA, Nigeria, GHana, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, they all know that this is a true Man of God and their issue are being solved by this Man that you refer to as a false prophet.
    Presidents of other nations are coming into Zim to see these ‘false Prophets’ as you call them over serious political, social and economic matters.
    Zimbabweans are intelligent but they are not WISE in most matters. Why can’t you allow God to work his part while you work your part. What people in this nation sought for years was hope and this is a Man (Emmanuel Makandiwa) who stood to restore hope to people even when they were going through diverse challenges. Let us wake up. JESUS is SUPERNATURAL and he is the only SOLUTION that ZIMBABWE Needs.

  27. Tiri vana veminana tinotenda muminana.
    tinodya minana, tinoita zvinhu pachimunanana. Economy yedu inoshandurwa ne minana

  28. In the bible, when a nation fails, they consult prophets, and their nation is healed. Our nation fails, we attack prophets, where is this attack of prophets coming from if it is not from the devil. When God blesses a man, bless him and God will bless you. Curse him and God will curse you. Be carefull who you curse.

  29. I wonder why people attack the man of God every time.To start with i think Prophet Makandiwa`s word is meant for his followers not all of you who want to criticize it that why you see whatever back luck you wish him God keeps prospering him.The fact that you keep following his prophecies means you are his followers because surely we haven`t heard you criticize the Pope,on this one you yourself are agreeing because you don`t follow the Pope yet you have something to say about prophet Makandiwa because you are followers.As for the divine solutions guys that`s what we need,you and me know that.the Prophet even said before a problem there is an equal solution(Divine).I don`t want to get into politics but let me just say guys we Zimbabweans we are so hardworking and educated.Tinoshanda but were is all the effort going my Minister you tell us because,whenever i read about illegal diamonds being confiscated at the airport the value of the diamond is 3-5Million but when we get a report from treasury for the past 6 months the revenue realized from diamonds is a parly 60Million,are you telling me that the mining firms are mining less as compared to these thieves,my fellow countryman lets wake up we are hard working but some are feeding on our sweat,hence the need for a DIVINE SOLUTION TO THIS COUNTRY.With all these diamonds our lives have not changed a bit economically so I think Divine solutions are needed in this country.Lets not attack the Prophet,Long live prophet Makandiwa.

  30. The Bible warns us to watch out for false prophets in the last days. Watch out for false prophets who come in sheep clothing yt inwardly they are wolves.

  31. Chinamasa is correct.People must learn to use brain.There is no manna from heaven.Some were told to eat grass-full of derangement.

  32. Zanu pf is the greatest believer of no sense ”makambozvinzwepi vkomana ,kuti mutamba wabereka chingwa.leave the man of God alone solve the crisis without pointing fingers at the church.Pfuurirai henyu muporofita kuita zvamakatumwa.A prophet is without honour in his own land.PAMBERI NECHECHI PASI NE ZANU

  33. many people who are commenting on makandiwa have never been in his church. even minister chinamasa has never been. the problem here is that the minister is failing to accept his failures only to get people excited about things he does not even know, the night club and kombi talks. rumours about makandiwa etc which even you media make money through. let the minister say how he can correct the mess he and his friends made. if he has nothing to talk about he should shut up and that wont hate. most christian churches have been doing well and even doing better than the government, so leave their work to them and do your own work minister. as someone has already said zimbabweans are hard workers, that why many countries will be happy to have them. the unfortunate is that no matter how hard our people work and start having a living chinamasa and his friend come faster and demandwhat these people have worked hard for through funny laws. just now mpofu wants to introduce urban toll gate from peopl;e who have worked hard to aquire those cars. we are in trouble from this excuse making government.

    • well said. Chinamasa do not preach on spiritual things that you do not have an idea about. You should attend a school called Runyararo. Kunofundiswa kunyarara.

  34. Its really nothing new that politicians per se persecute Christians. Jesus went down the same road. We also at the hands of the so called politicians are persecuted everyday, no power, no water, we stink of poverty and joblessness, corruption and everything else that fits us to be called the sick men of Africa. Hear me out, Makandiwa wl not change the economic fortunes of this country and neither will you comrade minister. We dont turn to Makandiwa and worse still we dn even think of turning to u either. We turn to God and base on His promises for He alone can turn this nation’s fortunes. You mare human beings, mortal men what can u offer us? Let ppl do what they see is right in their sight. Israelites entered Cannan, dd they build it, Walls of Jericho collapsed by sounding horns, Elijah said this time 2moro, and he spake abundace, talk abt hardwork with my God. Its all miracle economic shifts. 34 years has brought us to nought bt the touch of God guarantees immidiate transformation. Kno ur bounds and limits politics and religion wl never mix. This is no scientiology. God nids no introduction and no explainations as to how things be cz yet still u cannot comprehend how all things came to be at creation. So dn worry how it will be so with our economy jus kno it is well and its not gng to be by you or him but by God.

  35. We worked hard already, a long time ago and Zanupf destroyed all our efforts & reduced everything to zero overnight. What does Chinamasa want us to do now, repeat the same mistake again? As long as Zanupf is in power, it is not worth anyone’s effort to work hard at anything

  36. Minister you need Jesus in your life so that your eyes may open, I was a thief, Prophet Makandiwa delivered me and the society is now free from my activities. Are you telling me that nekukwirira kwakaita chigaro chenyu hamusikuona what good is happening thru Prophet Makandiwa, instead your eyes are allowing you to see only bad things, haaa shame on you minister. some pple you only realise their stupidity when start talking

  37. Asi vri anhu makapusa Prophet Makandiwa vamunoswera kutaura vari ziiiiiiiiiiiiii. Pamwe vatori muprayer room izvozvi imi muchingoti nyo nyo nyo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah shame. Pakati penyu hapana kana anozikanwa naSabhuku wekumusha kwake kana na VIDCO chairman asi mose moziva Makandiwa moda kutaura nezvake. Kiikikikikikikikikiki
    Ndimi murikutoita kuti nyika iwedzere kuvaziva, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih kupusa. Rambai muchitaura marema!

  38. Mr Chinamasa touch not the anointed of God, Munotora kutukwa baba musadaro imi chero mukakanisa hatikutsiurei pachena coz muribaba. Ini am not a UFIC member but because this man of God has sons and doughetrs in the Lord u are rebuking the father like a child. U are one of the elderly someone in our Nation todzidza chiiwo ipapa?

  39. Leave preachers alone! Its not Prophet Makandiwa’s fault on the bad economy, no one is ever said to be educated to understand a miracle be it a Proffessor, Scienst or Government minister! Only God and the miracle receiver understand what it means to experience a MIRACLE. If you dont believe in miracle money then stay that way and leave those who believe it live in it. Even if we were among the 5000 people fed by Miracle food (2loaves and 5 fish) that Jesus fed, some of you maguta munotaurisa you wouldnt appreciate Him, thats the same with this scenario. Chete for Zimbabweans commenting on what we dont know is easier than to See, say and believe. Apa minister mmmmmmm with all due respect Sir there is no point in diverting the agenda of the meeting to focus on Makandiwa. Prophet Makandiwa is a blessed man, and no battle/curse can be won against God’s Blessing. They say time time is money, the more time you take on diverting issues the more Zimbabweans see the level of education and failures being done. As ministry of Finance our time must focus on the Economy not on ONE individual.

  40. Asi vanhu makapusa Prophet Makandiwa vamunoswera kutaura vari ziiiiiiiiiiiiii. Pamwe vatori muprayer room izvozvi imi muchingoti nyo nyo nyo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah shame. Pakati penyu hapana kana anozikanwa naSabhuku wekumusha kwake kana na VIDCO chairman asi mose moziva Makandiwa moda kutaura nezvake. Kiikikikikikikikikiki
    Ndimi murikutoita kuti nyika iwedzere kuvaziva, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih kupusa. Rambai muchitaura marema!

  41. “Kune subject yekudzidza kunyarara kana usingazive zvauri kutaura.Iyoyi ndoisina maZimbabweans akadzidza..inotori estart..ndoproblem yatinayo tine vanhu vanoda kucommenter over zvinhu zvavasingazive.Hazvina mhosva ane madegree hazvina mhosva ane madiploma asi kana asingagoni kuvhara muromo wake ane chikoro chaasina kuenda.Ukanzwa zvakunzi dzidza kunotori nemanotes,kune syllabus yekuti unonyarara sei.Kana usingazive zviri kuitika NYARARA…” there you have it Mr Minister,don’t comment over zvinhu zvamusingazive, stop attacking the generals of God because by so doing you are attacking God himself.Remember kuti imi makafoira politics kare and kuti Zimbabwe ive pairi ryt now its not because of your hard work but its because of God’s grace.Your hard work has yielded corruption,potholes and extreme poverty so tinyararirei.What we need ryt now as a nation is divine help and that help will come through the men that God has chosen in our time.God has sent us a Moses to deliver us from the oppressive Egypt that you have created in this nation.You should learn to appreciate and respect the men of God in our time because they represent the presence of God.Fighting against them is just like fighting against God.

  42. This was extracted from Prophet Makandiwa’s LiveFeed Service Update Page

    “Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is encouraging everyone to become enterprising and find a service, a need, product or something to supply a address and need in people. This is the way to prosperity using biblical principles as taught by the Man of God. God needs a point for the blessing to manifest in your life. What are you doing? Find something to do.”

    This is a clip from UFIC’s Financial Summit held in November 2013 by Prophet Makandiwa, watch it yourself on YOUTUBE motiudza kuti kwakanzii.

  43. Mr. Chinamasa is correct jesus did not come here to perfom miracle moneys respect the people who are on Authority. Mr chinamasa was apointed from the president’s Office.Pastors are now having more powers here ,90% of the pastors are after stealing people”s moneys


    • Baba vebenzi havana zororo. Enda uno verenga Ephesians 4:11 He gave some apostles[E.GUTI],and some prophets[E.Makandiwa],and some evangelists and some shepherds and teachers[C Oyakhilome]. zimuto who are you.,sory there are no sangomas here. no eehere huhuhuhuhu, you are a goat meeeeee!!!!

  45. chinamasa is trying to bring pple to reality with the truth. If these miracle pastors can make their followers rich why do they own businesses. Why Jesus didnt perform these miracles inga vaveko varombo wani. A church is like anation it must be led by a president, or an elected leader not these so called founders. So what is the difference with dictators or politcal parties. Even Paul was a tent maker. For people to bring money these pastors make spiritual promises so that people come believing its Gods word. To sell towels vanhu vakaita kunge vacharowha vanzi pukuta mota yaunoda, ukatenga chidhinha watenga imba, thats business language not spiritual. Saka chikuru verenga bible wega kwete kuudzwa pekuverenga. Tariisai vanaGumbura, Nzira, Muponda, Kunonga kwese uku kaiva kutsvaga mari nezita ramwari.

    • Munodawafa you are right by picking certain names and making reference to them. If you read the book of Acts 5 vs 34 to 39, it advises us that anything that we can’t ascertain or prove we should leave it to God Himself. NOT to fight or oppose the prophets.’ vs 39- But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God !’.

  46. in cultism, the leaders brain wash their followers. for example, gumbura is a cult leader, you find others.

  47. VaChinamasa ko zvamave kuti Makandiwa ndiye arikukonzeresa. Zvamaimboti Ma sanctions all along ndiwo arikukonzeresa?
    Kana ponetsa paFinance, ipai vamwe mukana imi mumbosuduruka kwete kuda kutinzwa.

  48. listen mr patric , this economic quagmire is the most fabric of these new prophets,robbers,zvikwambo and anything u might try to rubbish as laziness…they are as a result of finance gullibers and economic failures the blame is weighing on yo shoulders

  49. one thing is clear here! whoever you were attacking or insulting. either Chinamasa is a news maker or the Prophet is. i think the latter! now after the minister says a negative comment about the prophet a long discussion starts with no Chinamasa in the middle but the Prophet!

    hahahah Prophet Emmanuel Shingi Makandiwa ndizvo!

    i love you prophet!

    this man has changed my life something that these politicians have not done for the past 27 years or so!

    Pamberi nevhangeri remari, rekumuka kwevakafa, rerudo, rerupture, rehumambo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muporofita ndizvo manje!

    i am surprised at the level of knowledge that some people have about a person that they hate… kutoda kudarika isu tinoda munhu iyeye! ko kana usinei nemunhu siyana nayeka wotevera vaunoda vacho!

    ndatenda zvangu ini mwana weMUPOROFITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Munodawafa you are right by picking certain names and making reference to them. If you read the book of Acts 5 vs 34 to 39, it advises us that anything that we can’t ascertain or prove we should leave it to God Himself. NOT to fight or oppose the prophets.’ vs 39- But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God !’.

  51. Chinamsa now teaching about the Bible, while he failed to deliver on the National Budget, The gospel of cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to those who are served it’s power.

  52. Chinamsa now teaching about the Bible, while he failed to deliver on the National Budget, The gospel of cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to those who are saved it’s power.

  53. Don’t be deceived e love of money is e root of all evil ( 1 tim 6:10) .He who tries to attains to it too quickly or dishonestly pierces himself with many evils no doubt about it .
    1 tim 6:10b Some people EAGER for money, have WANDERED from the FAITH and pierced themselves with many griefs
    Jesus refused the crowds miracles / signs when they sought after miracles He told them an evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign but No sign shall be provided except the sign of Jonah…Paridzirwai Jesu kwete minana.If you have Jesus miracle will follow u.Don’t seek after e miracle ndosaka muchinyeperwa .preachers are simply telling you what u want to hear (2 tim 4:3,4). Apostle Peter said ,”In their GREED this teachers will EXPLOIT with FABRICATED stories (1 pet 2:1-3).Read Acts 17:11 the noble Bereans ramba kunyeperwa if apostle Paul could be tested by what the scriptures says ,then no doubt any man of God under the planet will and has be tested without fear nor favor. Dont be threatened the Holy Bible says test the prophecies.

  54. I dnt think castigating prophets,was i wise idea from Chinamasa,had it not been prophets,who give hope to people,surely Zimbabwe could have bn turned into a den of robbers and looters,having popular prophets in our country is a sign that God remembered us and loved us,check even in the old testament,whenever there was trouble with Israel,God would not send a man of war or a minister with wisdom,but a prophet.If you see a lot of miracles that Makandiwa and Angels are perfoming,many of them are for the outsiders,foreigners,you Zimbabweans you have blocked God’s work through your unbelief,and yet you heed the desperate statements of ministers who for a long time have failed to deliver or just give one widow the bag of maize.Where does he want ppl to work at,All those he is producing at Universities they come and sit at home,just like any other fool that never went to School.Am not a Makandiwa or Angel congregant but this is reality

  55. My understanding tells me that for somebody to ‘TEST’ anybody or anything in any area, they surely have to be qualified or they should be using the correct parameters! Either it is grade seven exam, O’level or University or driving test, the testers are qualified, how do you test an exam you are not qualified to? Many of the Christians survive on church doctrines that are hinged on a certain level of revelation from the Word of God, therefore don’t oppose a Catholic because they hv a certain revelation, or an Adventist or a Celebration church member or UFIC, or vana vaMajor. It is just a revelation they carry! Apostle Peter walked on water, and his Shadow healed the sick! Were they not 12 Disciples? Why didn’t they ALL walk on water? It was revelation, so today check your OWN level of revelation and STOP accusing someone’s revelation!

  56. Chinamasa is clueless.Leave our God given Prophet alone.We love The Prophet and not only is He for UFIC ndewedu tese.Do your job and revive industries and create jobs.The Prophet never said people should not work He infact encourages businesses and hardwork. You are just clueless and you even want to collect revenue from church.You are not ashamed of yourselves you Zanu Pf morons. Leave God to judge Makandiwa asi ini mari yangu achatoidya kusvika zvanaka at least he feeds the orphans and widows.He also built a huge church rather than you morons who dont even have one thing to point at that you built using our God given diamonds.All you know is looting and looting Pssss you Zanu Pf guys realy suck!

  57. There is no need to blame the prophet for your failure. This is not the first time for zimbabwe to fail. Even in Egypt money failed and pharaoh had to humble himself and turn to joseph the prophet of God for a solution. same applies to zimbabwe. only God can solve the problems we are in. he does it through his servants like prophet Makandiwa. why should we seek after foreign gods when we have a God who raised pr makandiwa here in Zimbabwe? Why look east or west instead of looking up to God. God does not work in isolation. He works through his servants. Mr minister, this time diversion tactics do not work. Is there no balm in Zimbabwe? very soon you will know who anointed this man whom u think u can attack anyhow. He is different from those politicians whom u play dirty games on and drag their names in mud. Pr Makandiwa is a servant of God. His God will fight for him and let your god fight also. May the true God win.

  58. If the Makandiwas of this world really had a “supernatural solution” to our country’s problems, then we would already be somewhere now, wouldn’t we be?

    • The same way you are the one that seeks help when you need something is the same way they should seek help from him. Even Bartimeus had to call out to Jesus to ask for healing. Mary and her children had to go to Jesus to ask for more wine at the wedding at Canna. The lame man at Bethesda had to seek healing before Peter declared it. Should I carry on? Stop with this double standard. Vana veUFI vakabvuma kuti they need help vakaenda and those who are living right havas kuchema neeconomy iri kurwadza vamwe because of this anointing. They admitted they had a problem. It’s not pride, it’s a principle. Besides, maleaders enyu ari kubata mushonga, stealing and womanizing. When has God ever elevated such people? Ndo zvakaita kuti Solomom abviswe kingship. Think about it. Besides, the Prophet hears the voice of God and takes instruction from God. If God hasn’t given him the go ahead to help, who is he to disobey? He is not greater than God zvekuti he can do as he pleases. Hama yavo chaiyo had a problem but vakatoti “God is giving me a different instruction so I can’t go against that.” Zvinu zvinorwadza kudaro do you think he intentionally lets them slide? Zvinongodawo kuverenga Bible rako and to seek revelation so you can apply the word. At the end of the day nyangwe vaine chido, Prophet Makandiwa cannot help unless the people turn in everything they have, their works and seek help. And he cannot help unless he is mandated by God. I hope this has helped.

  59. I have always been viewing Chinamasa as a comedian in the likes of Kapfupi and Marabha, and wondering why he has always been so luck to be in cabinet since the times he used to announce his budget in quadrillions, Oh my perception was very right, he has just shown the nation the actual fiber he is made of. Though against the teachings of Makandiwa he should have acted in a fatherly manner by just urging people to work hard– which I think everybody is doing and as a minister who spends much time in meetings and in his office, and not with the people is failing to see.

  60. kkkk ayaaas zimboz we are blessed nekuti hatina mamoslem akawanda. with the way some people are easy to indoctrinate, vanhu vaipedzana muno. Language yemuchristian & non christian z the same. #hapanahapana

  61. zim Cdes if u dont understand wht God is doing then dont midunderstand what God is doing.. mr @chinamasa has nothing tounchable that i can liisten to him, let them publicise a gathering, one for prophet Makandiwa & e otha fo mr Chinamasa and lets see who has 4llowers. Even rally yavaChinamasa haiite vanhu 10. Prophet Mak fills e national sports 2 capacity. Viva prophet Makandiwa

  62. @blessing. Tithes were given to the levites only. In christian era pple were going to the temple to pay tithes even Jesus himself. In christian meetings there was no tithes read all new testament. But it was general offering read acts. e.g Ananias sold land and give. It was given not to apostle but church to share. That why Peter and John said money we dont have to the begger if it was Makandiwa would say i had money. Offerings are shared not taken home by the owner. So how do you finance minstry Paul worked part time as a tent maker. There is one mark about God’s servant from Moses to Jesus -they never acquire riches from members. No where in bible both old and new testament u find non levites receiving tithes as for church nowhere or any verse that say they paid or receive tithes.

  63. @shumba you need a degree in theology to test prophecies you need your bible .We all believers ,received the same Holy Spirit and same Lord and same bible whether u are in the five fold ministries or not.So any believer can test.for those who think the bible contradicts itself , A BIG NO.What u need is revelation ,it is spiritually discerned, not literally or metaphorically.Its true that u need money in buying and selling ,its a means of trading between goods and services but there is nothing contradictory when it says the love of money is the root of all evil ,for u supposed to love God and not love money ,for those who money cant stop at anything to have it ie …lying, swindling, robbing, cheating cettra ,but those who love God will also go to great lengths for their God that includes and is not limited to acquiring money righteously and using it to please God according to what e scriptures teach

  64. I have a special message to you Cde Chinamasa and dont say I didnt tell u. Pride comes before a fall. You have to be grateful to these prophets for preaching peace and hope to a nation that could have revolted against the gvt of which u are a cabinet minister. This generation is not foolish but God fearing otherwise heads would have rolled. Tinotodzorwawo nevaprofita ivava. Heya diesel rawanikwa pachinhoyi rinofambirwa necabinet yese asi zvishamiso zvinoshandura hupenyu hwevamunotoziva munozvidza vaiti vazvo. Chenjerai kuwisirwa pasi nevanokukuzai kurwa naMwari

  65. pple do perish because of lack of knowledge. our future as a nation lays in the hands of the lord GOD. we are priveledged ZIMBABWE to have a prophet. THE solutions of this nation are DEVINE. be wise and be spiritualy alert. history tells us that these politicians a foolish, stupid & selfish. like herod mistaken JESUS CHRIST as some1 who came for his throne. guys you must thank GOD FOR PROPHET MAKANDIWA as many lives have been transfomed thru him including mine. KANA USINGAZVIONI URI KANA KUTI UNEDEMON !!!

    • MMMhhhh ndanga ndakanganisa kuverenga comment ya Sekuru Chakuchichi what what….mmmhhh….vaMakandiwa ndo vane yese. He has helped us kusvika pakunamata tichiziya Mwari watinonamata. Zvekuti even when you sing a worship song, you understand what you are singing. Before I met that man, I just used to recite prayers that I dodnt understand but now I get to pray on my own ndichitaura zvandinoziva. All that is possible because he taught me. Because of him, I now look to God and God alone not kutsvaga zvimwe zvisina basa. Senge ndirina hangu ndaibata nidza church nezvimwe but since his teachings, hakuna zvakadaro. I won’t lie kuti ndingadai ndakasvika ikoko ndenga because if that were possible, that should have happened before I met him. Just like people appreciate those who help them with mpney and other material stuff, I appreciate him for introducing me to the real God, who has no limits and does not confine Himself to the small mind of a Christian but rather reveals Himself to true followers….disciples! Pamuporofita pakandiziisa Jesu!

  66. mava kuvashaya ka vekupa blame? Yah itai tione. Apa makati u’ll do with or without sanctions mumanifesto yenyu. Chiitai ka tione . Chatisingadi ma blames chete. Siyanai nema pastor

  67. 1. Have we become judges? Are we qualified enough to take the role judge? I think the bible commands us not to judge!!!
    2. Why are we so obsessed with fighting Christians? Why are Christians fighting and judging? Why are churches not focused on winning souls for Christ?
    3. Why waste time on unnecessary debates and comparisons?
    4. The majority of us I think we were groomed in a particular doctrine and we will always think those who started it were the best. Some amongst us wer just introduced to a certain church by a brother or sister straight from the beer hall, now that I m saved, I believe I m in the best church!!!
    5. God promised that during the end times will rise false and true prophets leading many astray… However what it means is there are true prophets too and they even exist in every generation!!!
    6. Christianity restores hope, that’s why the bible teaches…we don’t walk by sight but by faith…
    May God help us, we have become so judgemental, full of I-know, liars, hypocrites, haters, …yet we all call ourselves Christians!!! Personal reflection time…judgement is coming…each man for himself!!!!

  68. That right there is a demon talking. What does Prophet Makandiwa have to do with his job? Instead of minding his business and trying to get an education on a portfolio that he can’t handle, he’s busy attacking a man who has never said one word to him. Chinamasa you’re too old for this nonsense. We are not stupid. We know you have failed Zimbabwe justice-wise and economy-wise. Stop commenting on things you don’t know and get to know the requirements of your job first. Don’t just sit around with your smart mouth while wasting state funds.
    Prophet Makandiwa is doing his job and people are getting born again.
    You were made finance minister, whose life have you improved outside of your cronies?

  69. People are clearly under the sad impression that these miracles prevent people from working. The prophet has been encouraging people to get working, just start anything as long as they are doing something positive and productive. The miracle comes as you work as God will prosper the people as He promised in Jeremiah. Let’s listen to the man before we rush to comment based on what we hear from other people or even other pastors that dislike prophet Makandiwa. People in UFIC are working.

  70. yu say Makandiwa arikudya mari dzevanhu, pakati penyu akashaiwa mari yake ndiyani. Sm of u comment w fake names why. Yu hv not accepted to worship God yet yu want so much to tell us how to serve God and appriciate His servant. When l was seek Prophet Makandiwa prayed for me and l was healed and l was broked and he blessed me nw ndakudyawo nekupfeka zvandinoda. Saka ndakadyira mari papi. Mr Minister e sam man yu critise in one of his sermons he taught me to respect and honour those in positions of authority and yu say Makandiwa is not of God. Vangani varwere vakapereswa nesuwo tangatisisina tariro takapihwa tariro zvekare zvakatadzwa neEconomy. L
    ets wait n see JESUS is coming

  71. Chinamasa is a dummy. Where has he been practising hard working? How many of these politicians earn earnestly. All are both icing but thieves that steal from the same people that voted Them in for hope. fullish

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