China-Zimbabwe co-operation strengthens


A 13-member delegation team from China is in the country to carry out a feasibility study in the agriculture sector for co-operation purposes.

By Staff Reporter

The delegation, headed by Yang Yi, who is the director general of Foreign Economic Co-operation Centre in the Ministry of Agriculture in China is comprised of experts from various sectors.

Speaking through an interpreter Yi said: “China wants more co-operation that is why we were tasked to come to Zimbabwe for this conference.

“We reached a lot of consensus in the agriculture sector in the past years and we will do a further co-operation between the two countries. We are confident that we will reach more remarkable results.”

Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation minister, Joseph Made said the team would spend 15 days in the country.

“This is a technical delegation doing a detailed feasibility study in the totality of the agricultural sector in investment, cropping and technological that is machinery and equipment that relates to irrigation and mechanisation,” said Made.

He said the delegation was a follow up to a team that visited two years ago.

“Then they were generally dealing with the sub region, but this is now specific between Zimbabwe and China to put detail in the strategic issues. It is an important study detailed on Zimbabwe,” he said.


  1. Where have these guys been all aolng|? Are we mortgaging the country to our all-weather friends for the East?

  2. what the hell do we need these chinese in the country for to teach us about agriculture? We were the best in the region before the government cocked it up… we can learn nothing off these rice eating cockroaches

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