Chigumba accuses evictees of fraud

Chenai Mhlanga holding her daughter Natalie sits besides their belongings which were thrown out by Chitungwiza South MP Christopher Chigumba. All pictures: Aaron Ufumeli

THE controversy surrounding the recent eviction of scores of Chitungwiza South residents by Zanu PF legislator Christopher Chigumba took a new twist over the weekend with the latter saying he had documents to prove that he genuinely owned the properties in question.


The evicted families were part of the 300 members of the Zanoremba Housing Co-operative whose houses are being claimed by Chigumba as his.

Chigumba told the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation on Saturday that the 300 houses at the centre of controversy were acquired fraudulently by the Zanoremba Housing Co-operative after having been built under his own housing scheme.

He said the families were evicted for failing to pay $8 000 and not the $5 000 subscription for development paid in $30 installments — to the scheme.

Chigumba claimed that he was the founder of the housing scheme to which he invited people to join, adding that the affected families were allegedly duped by a co-operative member named Kalisto Masango to establish a parallel co-operative.

“The certificates are fraudulent and the court papers give Chigumba Holdings as the property developer. I was advised that I cannot operate as a co-operative as I was funding the project and invited members of the community and various co-operatives to come and join. It’s the allocated homeowners who are evicting them,” Chigumba.

Zanoremba Housing Co-operative was formed in 2004 and the residents claim they invited Chigumba, who was their legislator, to become their patron.

The Chitungwiza land audit established that the affected home seekers were paying $5 to the bogus co-operative which was said to have been registered in 2010 and re-registered in 2012, but had its certificate rendered invalid because it had used the same registration number.

The latest development follows reports by Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo that the party had tasked Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo to provide it with a comprehensive report on the matter.

Chombo last year appointed a team to investigate illegal land deals in and around Chitungwiza and Seke areas after it was discovered that thousands of home-seekers were being sold undesignated land and open spaces not suitable for houses.

The probe team discovered that over 14 000 householders had built their structures on unserviced land, while 8 200 houses built on illegal land were set to be demolished.

Both Chigumba and Masango could not be reached for comment yesterday.


  1. If you look at it closely you will find that the problem is with zanu pf. They create all the mess when approaching elections. Only murders thieves and fraudsters support this party. This is the reason why I insist that our president is not a great leader. He has failed on this front. Ngaape a better person nyika ifambe.

  2. where were yu cde chigumba all these years only to resurface with eviction after elections. Please respect other people like yu coz yu are all equal before God. Mwari weNYASHA pindirai.

  3. Where did Chigumba get the land for “his housing scheme”? How much did he pay, and to whom? Corruption yemuZANU yanyanya please. Haumnyari seiko? Kana ivo mavictims acho zvipenziwo! zvivanhu zvezanu makangofanana. kuda zvekuba chete chete. you have never heard of something called working hard. you just ventire and gran from others and life goes on….zezuru mentality

  4. Dear Honorable Minister and the City of Chitungwiza Authorities
    Please be grateful with the people of Chitungwiza who have used their own resources to develop the area.I would also want to know what is more important to the other, a church,playground,township and a basic ordinary house?
    It is not by choice for those people to live on those wet lands where sewage is flowing on their doorstep.This is actually poverty.As our authorities please do not demolish,instead develop these already existing structures or additional houses well serviced and accomodate these poor citizens.My heart bleeds when hear of these proposed demolishing of houses.
    We look forward to your caring response.

  5. you’re said to be clever if you can learn from other people’s mistakes, but you’re even wiserif you learn from your own mistaks. Elections are coming in 2018 watch my space some are falling into the same pit.

  6. This Chris Chigumba guy knows his ropes in the early 80s he turned state witness to avoid jail for dealing in mandrax leading to the conviction of a cameroonian boxing promoter, he was acquitted of mutilating a mbare woman for muti purposes and in the 90s was again acquitted of several counts of stock theft. So trust him at your own peril.

    • @Stingray- You are dead right, I attended that case and this Chigumba guy is a big Mafia don..he sent people to prison for Mandrax that clearly belonged to him..He has been at it for quite some time..he was also quite famous for dealing in emeralds in the late 70s and early eighties..this is the money that he laundered to build those many supermarkets and procure those many wives. He needs to be stopped in his tracks before he does worse damage!

  7. Christopher akaita mari nekutengesa matombo kuSandawana, pedzezvo kaona kuti kakuda kusungwa, ndokubva kadonater thousands of dollars kuzanu. zanu yakaora kani nekuti zvese izvi inozviziva but they do not care. KO muromo uri paside chii chakaitika?

  8. The same applies to nyasha chikwinya, the Hatclife stands, SHE WAS SELLING STATE LAND, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION.

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