Celibacy: Double standards at Catholic church


I just don’t understand why nuns and priests should practice celibacy because human beings are born with urges that have to be fulfilled; they have to eat, drink and procreate so as to guarantee that life on earth goes on.

Saturday Dialogue with Ropafadzo Mapimhidze

But why then suppress these urges in the name of God? These people should behave normally, get married, have children and manage their urges like everyone else.

This, I have written in response to a story about a nun, Sister Roxana Rodriguez, who gave birth to a baby boy and named him after the Pope, and said that she felt more like a mother than a nun.

The nun, who hails from El Salvador, gave birth to a baby boy in Italy last week who she described as “a gift of God” and pledged to take care of him as she faces expulsion from the convent.

Sister Rodriguez (33) a nun with the Order of the Little Disciples of Jesus, was rushed to San Camillo de Lellis hospital in Italy with acute stomach pains in the town of Rieti, 80km north of Rome, on Tuesday last week apparently unaware that she was pregnant. A few hours later a baby boy, weighing nearly over 4kg was born and named Francesco. The story has created so much buzz locally and abroad as questions are continually asked why these people should not be allowed to lead a normal man and woman life in holy matrimony.

This story has, however, reminded me of my college days when I was an art student at some journalism and art college in Zambia over three decades ago.

I arrived at this tertiary institution three days after school had started and I was allocated a room that I shared with some Tanzanian nun. There was, apparently another man of the cloth, a Catholic priest who had also come for journalism training.

One of the Zimbabwean male students at the college was to share with this priest, but little did we know that this man was actually more man of the flesh than spirit. We all felt betrayed.

The nun is the one who actually raised concerns about the nocturnal activities by the priest who apparently had a sexual relationship with some Catholic student, who was also housed at the same hostel with us. One day around midnight, as I was walking towards the ablution block, which was located at the far end of the building, I found the Zimbabwean male student sitting on the steps along the corridor, hands crossed over his chest. He was shivering with cold.

I asked him what he was doing at that time of the night, in the cold. The response was: “Chola (not her real name) is having mass with father.” I and other youthful students somehow believed the story because we were not Catholics . . . but the nun I shared my room with was livid about that development.

This went on for many months and it soon became an open secret as everyone at the institution talked about this relationship.

The Catholic student, who is now late, had suddenly stopped sharing the shower with us in the mornings. We always raced to the bathroom to get the first bath before the hot water ran out. She chose to come to shower long after we had left the bathrooms.

By the time we graduated, she was fully pregnant and now wearing maternity dresses. She delivered the baby shortly afterwards. We were to learn later that the priest had wanted to leave priesthood, but his diocese had turned down his application.

I was to learn many years later, that she died of depression stemming from this relationship. She was heartbroken, lonely and left with a daughter she was to raise alone. The El Savadorian nun I mentioned earlier is obviously now being treated like a pariah; reprimanded and forced to leave her convent. But a priest can sexually molest young children and the matter ignored or covered up. . . . see a double standard there?

Celibacy is a difficult way of life that is definitely not for everyone or even for most people. It is not the norm, although it is a spiritual path that has existed since time immemorial.

I would not be so quick to judge. Rodriguez did not engage in sex with minors. This shows the humanity in any religion or faith. She is assuming her shortcomings, and moving to her next stage in life with dignity — motherhood.

Apparently, Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests for raping and molesting children in his final two years before stepping down as the head of the Catholic Church in 2013 according to a report by The Associated Press.

The Catholic Church was publicly dressed down for its handling of sex-abuse scandals around the world, facing harsh questioning over its implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which the Holy See signed on to in 1990.

Back home in Zimbabwe, I know of a nun who fled a local convent after she constantly turned down sexual advances from some priests.

“Whenever we complained to our Mother Superior, she would react angrily saying that we are tarnishing image of the church,” said the former nun who is now working as a social worker at a local public hospital.



  1. so should the police be allowed to steal because it is human nature to be greedy?
    The Catholic church is founded on that basis of celibacy and nuns and priests are humans true that’s why they break that vow and engage in sexual acts but the church’s doctrine cannot be changed because of a few bad apples.
    Don’t comment on things you don’t understand,kana muchida church dze chibhubhubhu endai ku chitungwiza kwana Makandiwa

    • allowing police to steal is against human morals. Catholicism claims to be built upon the holy Bible. can ms nun tell us which precept in the bible says people should be unmarried nuns and priests. Aron the high priest himself was a family man, his son was Eliezer succeeded him as high priest. the chief disciple of Jesus Christ,Peter, whom the Catholics claim was the first Pope was a married man. his mother in law was healed of fever by Jesus Christ.which priesthood is this that the Catholics hoodwink people by.nuns nuns for what? the word is not even Biblical. Is this not the foretold Anti-Christ? ms Nun please reply .

    • I strongly agree with you nun There are alot of churches with wrong doings but they are not even being touched.Kana vachida chechi dzechizvinozvino ngavaende kuChitungwiza kana Kunigeria nekuGhana vandopiwa muti wokuti vatangise svondo

  2. Washaya nyaya saka just because we can’t control ourselves varume tofanira kuita vakadzi vakawanda? Those decide to be nuns do it vachida pasinsa kumanikidza hazvirevi kuti kana munhu akatadza mutemo wochnjwa kufita chitadzo. Well said Nun

  3. tsvagai kuna mwari anonzwikwa(UFIC) catholic kuvaraidza nguva, kuteva nzou ne riva.chibhubhubhu chipi chaunoziva iwee.wajaira kunamata muchiita zvevii tibviree zvako.Believe the Prophet(Makandiwa) man of God. ….

    • My friend you are very stupid if not stupid and half so you think God has limitations “limited to UFIC only” You are so lost and lost in the negative direction you need to get a life don`t just go to UFIC because its the “in thing” go there to pray.

    • muchaberekeswa nyoka ne mari yeminana.a church filled with girls desperate to get married,those whom want to make money without working or learning,

  4. this article was written by someone who does not know the doctrine of Catholicism and celibacy. priests and nuns are not forced into the convenant but do so at their own will. kana usingakwanisi kuita sister pane zvita zvakawanda that u can join to serve God.

  5. Hauna nyaya,this counter attack to us catholics is unwelcome and mischvious.is everyone a prophet or mai pastor,elder at your church.no!so to be nun is your choice,we are not forced to be priest/nun,its a calling and personal choice.yo article is irrelevant huya tikupe nyaya chaidzo to make zim prosper.

  6. 1. Jesus commanded that none should call anyone on earth your father, for there is one Father who is in heaven, Matt 23:8. 2. Paul wrote to Timothy that in later times some will pay attention to doctrines of demons by means of forbing marriages… 1 Tim 4:1-3. Why is the Catholic church going against Christ who forbidened the practice of calling someone father in religion? Why is it that some are not allowed to marry so that they become sisters or nun and priests? Every Christian is a priest, 1Peter 2:9 and Jesus our high priest, Heb 7. This church doctrine is wrong and unscriptural. NDAPEDZA.

    • for an informed understanding of the church you can study its doctrine to equip yourself with relevant knowledge for you to argue against it.
      1. the catholic church revolves around the canon law and the second conciliar letters or simply put vatican 2..which form the legislative board and governs the churchs conduct in its mission of aiding the people of God.
      2. the second conciliar documents enunciate define all practical areas of the church in different documents.
      3.one of those document is lumen gentium or the dogmatic constitution of the church

  7. the Catholic Church yah my love… I can not sit by and watch people who do not knw you attack you recklesly. These people are the very same people who support evil in the form of same sex relationships, abortions, devorce, violence, greed for money….. Just coz of a few bad apple we will nt change our doctrine those who cannot be celibate should nt be priests or celibates inga Pauro wani was a celibate and advocated for it…. Uyu Ropafadzo uyu is an agent of an Awful Horror


  9. Just imagine if the whole world was pious, we would all be nuns and priests and life would come to an end , lol. This theory shows us that celibacy is nonsense and not designed by god. In Islam all priests can marry to fulfill gods inbuilt desires of intercourse and procreation. I believe that is the most correct way of worshipping god. We are tired of hearing of sex hungry priests molesting boys in their parish.

    • people like you should leave the church alone. chingoindai kwaana Makandiwa, na Angel na Gumbura makanyarara and let the catholic church continue to radiate the truth, both popula and unpopular as it has always done for 2014 years.

  10. Is there any biblical support of this story (nyaya yehu-nun). It can be a church doctrine without any authenticity from the Holy Scriptures. The bible is the only one which can lead us to God and not the Church doctrine. The church doctrine can be changed and not the word of God. Thanks Ropa for this topic.

    • And where did the Bible come from? The catholic church. You guys do have ignorance as your virtue! Why would the catholic church espouse a discipline that is opposed or absent from the scriptures when the scriptures came from the catholic church. And while at it celibacy is neither doctrine nor dogma of the church but a discipline of its persons religious.

      • No The bible came from God. and he used 40 men to write it. The catholics were just influantial in translating it.

        • No Sir. The bible was compiled at the council of Nicea in 325 AD by a panel of Catholic bishops. This is a basic fact of history that is unchallenged and unchallenged. Through prayer, dogmatic and doctrinal theology and philosophy as well church tradition the Bible Canon was issued. It is this group of catholic bishops that vetted what scroll was canonical and what scroll was apocrypha.
          I don’t know what you mean when you say the catholic church just translated it. New testament scrolls (original copies of the books of John, Luke Mathew, Peter Paul and James) are housed in the Vatican today because James the Bishop of Jerusalem’s successor turned them over when the center of gravity of the church moved first to Constantinople and then to Rome. It is OK for you have your own opinion about religion and churches but you can not make your own facts.

  11. In the book ‘THE DA VINCI CODE’ Jesus is supposed to have married Mary Magdeliene and claims that on the last supper potrait Mary is standing near her husband. The book also claims that Jesus never died on cross but left for France where raised his family and left a daughter. Really? The Catholic also insists on monogamy, ie one man one woman unions but the old testament is full of details of polygamous men and the modern men will marry under chapter 38 and then maintain a small house because its unnatural for a man to be satisfied by one woman for the rest of his life. In the new testament Jesus chose his apostles who left their families and led the life of calibacy and poverty but we all know its unnatural as argued by the writer Judas failed to meet this requirement and greed got the better of him and betrayed his master. According to the writer’s line of thought Judas was right and Jesus was wrong coz its unnatural for man to celibate.

  12. What the hell – what a stupidly shallow contribution. its advisable to understand an issue before you take a position let alone posit on it in cyberspace. The issue of celibacy to serve Christ is promoted by St. Paul in several places in the bible – 1 Cor 7, 28, Also Tim 5,5. John the Baptiste encourages the celibate life as he himself was in order to devote one’s life and heart to working for the lord. The Christ himself recommends celibacy for those that are meant for it in Mathew 19, 10. Clearly celibacy is not for everyone. It is grossly illogical however to take the few anomalies who break this vow probably because they were never really meant to be priests or nuns in the first place as a reason to invalidate this discipline. Here in Africa quite a number become priests and nuns to get an education or escape poverty at home. In Europe and elsewhere, closet homosexuals in the past used to seek the priesthood to exercise their tendencies. All in all these “celibate” persons are a tiny minority compared to the total number of men and women religious. This paper really needs a competent editor especially in matters of faith. A day or 2 ago this paper was pushing the wapusa wapusa “church” of TB Joshua!!!

    • Wataura @ galante1. Celibacy is a vow taken not by force but by choice; some will break the vow at some point for whatever reason, which is to be expected, since none among us are perfect. I took a marriage vow many many many many years ago which I pray I will not break yet I know of some who have broken theirs. Historically, there are more who have kept their vows of marriage or celibacy than those who have not, is this not a good reason to respect the sanctity of these vows?

  13. paul akati zvakanaka chose kuti munhu arege kuroorwa kana kuroora asi nekuda kweupombwe munhu ngaroore mukadzi mumwe chete agare naye. Nokuti zvirinane kuroora pane kutsva moyo. Jesu akati hsndina kuuya kuzochinja murairo asi kuzozadzisa nokuti kwakanyorwa kuchinzi usaita upombwe asi ini ndinoti ukachiva kutsva nemoyo ndinoti eaita upombwe. Varume nevakadzi tongai imi mumene muone ropa iz spot on

    • Paul did say you can have a fulfilled vocation as a married person, but he chose to stay single to totally give his lifework to the Lord and he encouraged that others do the same because our life is not just of this world. Check the second letter to the Corinthians and letters to Timothy. Your translation of what Paul said is inaccurate. You are trying to twist to suit what you want it say.

  14. the story lacks substance and e writer has a sour intention on catholics. Iwe ropafadzo wadii kubvunza kuvakuru vecatholic as a journalist so tht u write a story w both sides not ur polluted perception yawatinyorera iyi. Wese anoverenga bible knos kut celibacy is a biblical principl. Ndominana yechokwadicz its by grace nt kurariswa muchech nekukukudza organ yemrume muchech. its not weth comparin e catholic church w ur gatherings that u want to promote bt a lot of evil hs happened kwenyu uko bt hamuna kumboita advocacy. In short it takes e grace n spirit of God to b celibacy hameno imi munongoita zvenyama zvepanyika, e ryzin y muchiswero udzwa abt wealth mari etc zvamuchasiya pasi zvodyiwa nengura moshaya kingdom yekudenga mafa.

  15. @galante1 you need to read the book ‘da vinci code’ before dismissing it as it also tries to detail how we got the new testament in its format and why some scriptures were included and others excluded eg gospel according to Judas, Mary Magdeliene etc. In the Catholic faith there are several sacrements and one of them is the monogamous marriage which is equated with the vows of celibacy. Ropa will be economic with the truth if she tells us that all the married men and women who were the same college with her were faithful to their partners and only this priest strayed. We know that when Martin Gumbura married his first wife he promised to be faith to her but we hear that he was/is now teaching the doctrine of polygamy and would want to have more than 100 children from several women. This can be supported by verses in the old testament. Billions of men and women the world over have entered into these monogamous unions as taught by the Catholic and we know that many have failed to live to their vows. Do we then argue that the monogamous union is unnatural and man and woman should live like fellow animals where instict is the order?

    • I read it and also saw the movie. We should careful when we give religious statements that they are indeed accurate. If they are not so it becomes heretical. That in turn could drive other more gullible and less knowledgeable who prowl the web from knowing the full truth about the word of God. It might drive them away from God. And that according to St. James is one of the sins that can not be forgiven as it is waging a war against the body of Christ

  16. Nyaya yekunamata Mwari has started more wars than anything else in human history. Look at how we are attacking each other because of prejudices we carry. We are fulfilling the word of Christ which says I have come to cause a rift between mother/child, father/son etc. @ Galante, my brother/sister, the bible did not come from the Catholic Church it is the word of God no single church can claim ownership of it. @ Gandanga, while the notions in the Da Vinci code make for fascinating reading it remains a work of fiction and to use it as a basis to question the celibacy of God is taking things to an unheard of dimension. Chikuru chaitwa nemunyori is to cause people to have a discussion which makes us think of our standing with God the creator. Those tirivanyangadzi pampering paMwari, handei tinostvaka ruponeso tirege kutambisa nguva tichitukirana chinamato chedu. Mwari vakuitirei Mose nyasha.



  18. Hey Zim people learn to respect other church doctrines. Whats the noise about Catholic Church. If you do not want their way of worshiping leave them alone and join which ever church that has the doctrine you are comfortable with .Kunamata hakudi kushora nekuvenga zvevamwe.


  20. Anyway for the benefit of genuine christians ppl lyk ropafadzo plant confusion not discussions amongst bretheren. Hanz… we need to eat, drink…. wat wat so y suppress?? Y do we fast if we nid to eat, y do sme 10 and even 30days of fasting?? Hee?? ‘Kuzvinyima’ is a spiritual concept tht edifies n purifies humanity. carnal minded ppl cnt fast frm sex cz ey r perverts or mayb nt spiritually strong enuf. So we have to marvel at ppl who cn do for a lifetime wt we cnt do for e week ie no sex. I repaet, ndominana chaiyo iyo iyoyo. Kwete writing alarmist headlines like ropafadzo. Anyway hw do single mothers n unmarried pple survive kune all other churches??? So ey have private sex cz e body nids that, hee?? Ufi, zaoga, afm if u ddnt kno er r lots of ppl living a celibate life muchech menyu bt bcz munegodo ey dnt celebrate eir spiritual blessing.

  21. Makandiwa is a fraudster and con man…Bvunzai isu tine vadiwa vatinoziva vakanzi varapwa HIV vakafa ne meningitis ye HIV….They day he is exposed i wonder how many people will come out openly to say takajutwa

  22. Galante1 usangonyokora zvinyora using them out of context. Paul is saying, ” concerning virgins I have no command from the Lord, but I give an opinion….” 1 Cor 7:25. This teaches us that to remain unmarried should be a personal decision and choice, not an institution’s decision and command. The Bible does not use the term celibacy to describe unmarried men and women in the church. The Catholic church is basing its doctrine on an opinion which is wrong.

    • Mathew 19 v 12 is more explicit. Jesus did not use the term celibate, he used the term (eunuch which means the same thing) of which there will be some who born with this inclination already. He also says for those who are not – “let those who able to receive this (vow) receive it”. It is and never was for everyone.



  24. THIS IS TRUTH: Uyu ndiye mhun ataura


  25. Y do u alwayz use the Roman catholic church as a benchmark fo discussion sake apa without full knowledge of the catholic doctrine pliz let’s do our homework bfo tavekuunza nyaya dzedu pazerevanhu

  26. you can not serve two masters.either you follow the catholic doctrine where there is celibacy or join other churches that allow you to have sex but to be catholic and having sex secretly is cheating God openly.

  27. Poor reporting, if you have your misgivings about the Catholic church just shut up. After all you said you don’t understand it. You are just confused and unknowledgeable, washaya someone to bootlick and praise this time. handiti ndiwe unosinyora only about your friends dzaunenge uchida kupa cheap publicity, excuse us, please, Mrs or Ms whatever your title is.

    • yes and no. Yes because it anchors the theological philosophy of the church in person. No because a person can equally worship and dedicate themselves to loving and working for the Lord provided they are correctly guided by their Pastor, priest, church, rabbi etc

  28. catholicism is the root of all evils. Abortion ndoo kumusha kwayo, Murder, fraudsters, abuse of human rights homosexuality to name but,…. some organization are better but this one is worse.

    • These are the black myths you are propagating. The catholic is the world’s biggest and loudest anti abortion lobby. This is where it pays to know catholic doctrine before castigating it. If people have abortions and they are Catholic they know they would have acted against church teaching.

  29. Tangayi madzidza zvemasangano mozoti monyora. You know about Reformation. Leave The Catholic Church alone . Form your own church and please your lust of earthly things. No one even priests is forced to be Catholic . Therefore don’t force your beliefs on the Catholic Church . Christ formed this church and celibacy is one of the founding principals and the church believes in it full stop.

    • Another additional verse that justifies the church’s teaching is Mathew 19 vs 12 where it clearly says there some who will be celibate voluntarily to work for the kingdom of God. Some will be celibate because they were born like that. Like what Paul does, this verse also encourage as much as possible those who are not celibate to discipline themselves into it if they think they can manage.

  30. I was born in a catholic family, grew up in it and was educated at catholic primary and high schools. I understand the catholic doctrine very well. I left catholisism after by God’s grace I separated church doctrine from Bible doctrine since they are two different things. If priests and nuns fail to live by their church doctrine (which may have NOTHING to do with God) they are subject to scrutiny and I believe why Ropafadzo wrote. Again this does not call for comparison of church doctrines but how far churches have strayed from godly or biblical doctrine. Ropafadzo thank you for generating debate on this subject.

    • I hope you find full truth in whatever church you went to. For someone who went to catholic schools you should have known that the church’s doctrines are all based on the bible. All you have to do is read the catechism, it shows you where in the Bible the doctrine or dogma came from. There are precious few (if any) new movement churches that have any doctrine at all. Peace be with you.

  31. As someone training to be a Catholic Priest, i have realised that this article is based on wrong information. And from the comments above, many peopl purpot to know a lot about the CatholicChurch, yet they are far from the truth. Celibacy is a Church law based on biblical priciples. In the Eastern rite, priests marry. But in the westen rite, priests do not marry. Celibacy is there to help one do his work, dedicate his life to God. I myt be wrong, but in terms of organisation and order, the Catholic Church is far much better than any other institution in the world. It is becoz priests are doing their work unhindered. I do not want to justify the evil that some priests and nuns have done orare doing, but in this article, there are many fallacies. So shuold people not marry simply becoz some husbands are having small houses? Priests used to marry, but then celebacy was introduced to curb abuse of funds and church property. I think as christians we all need to study christian history and know some of these stuff. My advise to Ropa and some other people is that research is necessary and we should not pontificate on things we are ignorant of.

  32. A misinformed article clearly designed to smear and slander the Holy Catholic Church. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There is more to life than sex and children. Celibacy is Biblical, voluntary and sanctified.

  33. thank you Vince. In my humble opinion yours is the best comment so far. Why give ourselves more mitemo yatisingagoni kutevedza as if we have mastered the ten? tiri kuda kufadza ani? haasiye here akaona zvisina kunaka kuti murume agare oga iye ari kuedza kufadzwa uyu?

  34. It is all very well to disagree with this columnist and rubbish her opinions without taking a step back, reflect long and hard on her piece. I for one was raised a Catholic, I do have a male relative who is a Catholic priest at the largest Cathedral in Zimbabwe. I went through all the drills of baptism, catechism, first communion and confirmation. Given the practical every day evidence that we see concerning the sex scandals in the church, I think this columnist has hit the nail on the head, right spot on. I personally do not see why the Catholic clergy shouldn’t be married. Any human being as created by God has physiological needs that require fulfillment. Suppressing these needs is only asking for trouble. Whilst it is all very easy to quickly proclaim that the clergy chose out of their own volition to be celibate, I beg to differ. We need to understand a few facts. In the context of Africa, religion was an imported concept and in some way was foisted upon us, not so much violently or forcefully, however for the most part it, priesthood was simply a way out of poverty. I wouldn’t want to think this choice we talk about was well informed or solely based on vocation or calling. Even in some European countries such as Ireland, Poland, Romania, Germany, France and so on, priesthood and nun-hood offered a escape route from poverty. Most of the clergy come from peasant backgrounds. Given the sex scandals that has always dogged the Church, I am inclined to want to believe that possibly only a tiny minority(less than 1%) probably follows true and absolute celibacy. The rest have hidden skeletons in the closet. Maybe others survive by musturbation, which itself is prohibited in the church. I do not believe prayer nor faith can dismiss the sexual urge. Most of the views of the Church are not practical. Most commentators who disparaged this article are practicing contraception, however that is against Church doctrine. How on earth can we challenge poverty if we can not control the size of our families on a personal/micro level, let alone face the global challenges on environment, food, water and energy shortages if we cannot control population. As a former practicing Catholic up to my 20s, I have found it hard to understand how a priest or nun without practical experience of living through marriage problems can really council or advise me on marriage problems. Do we expect a police officer to advise us on financial matters? I wonder. I have also read with disbelief various people rubbishing other church organisations, bibles and so on – Nigeria this, Ghana that, Makandiwa, Chitungwiza and so on. That is all talk and no reflection. In my eyes they are all the same and they are as irrelevant to me as the price of tea in China. Let me say my simple piece of advice, if ever there was a hand of man in anything, be it bible, church, religion, social club, football club,…., the hand of man will mess it up somehow, mostly for selfish interests. So before we claim, God this , God that, let is remember that the council that canonised the bible(whatever that means), consisted of people of flesh just like you and me. In my humble opinion, religions are a good way to feel a part of something, just like a football club, a boys scout club, a budding entrepreneurs club, etc. A church is not the be all and end all. True faith and religion is a very personal and practical journey based on a very challenging struggle to do good in our everyday lives. Subtle things such as offering a facial wipe to someone sweating in the Harare heat, or taking someone with heavy luggage a few hundred metres to allow them to rest their hands before we continue our way are the real Church, religion and faith. Just my thoughts…..

    • It is written, that only a few will find the way to heaven through the narrow and difficult path while many shall be on the wide and easy road to hell? It is not meant to be that heaven is for everyone zvichirewa kuti wazhinji warikunakigwa newarikurashika wachawanikwa wachigedageda meno wachirobwa nechikomana chiya chinohi dhiyabhorosi mugomba romoto, unless they repent.

    • what sometimes happens is people get a poor catechesis and just go through the sacraments as a fire drill. In terms nuns and priests counseling married people I don’t see your point because when you go to see secular counselor you do not know if they are married or not right? Those counseling clergy would have taken counseling studies at University and they put a religious twist to the remedies. In terms of closets in the cupboard by some church members, that is a fact. The church is full of sinners. If we were all perfect there would be no need for the church. When we finally go meet our maker, he will judge us on what we did not on what other congregants did. He may ask us what we did to help the situation whether it was adultery or whatever sin. I also don’t think it is correct to say all these churches are the same. There are 38000+ Christian denominations and still growing. They all teach different things. But you know that truth is not subjective, so who is teaching the truth? Surely God does not have 38000 faces. I hope you found in your denomination a church with fullness of truth

  35. During creation God said, “it is not good for a man to be alone, therefore I will make him a help meet”. There is nothing like celibacy in the bible. Becareful when reading Paul’s letters, Paul gave his own view and even said Dai zvaiva sokuda kwangu, but now the institution of marriage was instituted by God Himself. Everybody has his own partner. It is not good for a man to be alone. If it is not good, to be alone, then its……………..?

  36. Hey..Whats your story about? Its not your case to judge they made a vow with God not with you. Next time when you write a story please research up to the roots. Anywhere whats your qualification because it seems as it was done by a Anti-Catholic college student!

  37. I think Ropafadzo you are being insincere when you claim ignorance as to why priests choose celibacy unless your reading of the New Testament is so limited. You seem to claim that celibacy has no biblical basis. It has. Don’t condemn it because some priests don’t keep their vows. You would appreciate that even the married pastor have been caught in sex scandals. Besides, vowing to do evangelical work and raising a family has its temptations such as the desire to accumulate wealth by milking the church for one’s family. Many pastors have fallen into this trap and have come up with clever but unChristlike justifications. You would also appreciate that some are becoming priests, nuns and pastors not because of genuine desire to work in God’s field but to earn an earthly living. However, give in to temptation just like any other human being does. So, don’t condemn celibacy because some have kept their vows and you don’t give them their credit. Actually, it’s sad how the pentecostal pastors are mum about corruption but it is easy to tell why. I think you should look into that if you are bold enough. I don’t know what your pastor will say.

  38. You will never understand church doctrines so better be quite my friend. Each church has its own doctrine which other people from other churches don’t understand. So this issue of this and that lets leave it and fight for our holiness.

  39. @ Ropafadzo Mapimhidze
    common sense minus nonsense should tell you that not all people are like you you like having sex and they don`t.
    1) These people chose not to get married they were not forced
    2)They devoted their time and went to school for being Nuns or Priests for 7 yrs

    In your article you said “These people should behave normally, get married, have children and manage their urges like everyone else.”
    Behave normally by whose definition of normally
    What we want in life is different that is why you are a stupid Journalist while others are doctors
    why am I even wasting my time

  40. It pains me that some people leave the Catholic Church because they think the understand the bible. I’m yet to come across a group that understands and applies the bible better than the Holy Catholic Church

    • bulls eye. the bible came out of the catholic church and has to be used in this catholic context. Otherwise you as many interpretations as there are people that read it.

  41. Nhai iwe Role kana Roma ichikufinha wadi I kuenda kwaMakandiwa name Angel kwamunoudzwa about the the gospel of miracle money,the gospel of diamonds and gold and the gospei of losing weight

  42. Ini handioni pakurwadzai kana Catholic church musingainzwisise endai ikwo kwacho kwamunonzwisisa. hakuna munhu anomanikidzwa kupinda church ipi zvayo. imi dzenyu church kana dziri idzo dzechokwadi kubva makakomborerwa. chivaregai maroma kana vakarashika vanozopedzerana naiye musiki wavo..

  43. The main cause of all the contentious issues about the Catholic stems from the Papal dogma/doctrine, vis-a-vis, the infallibility of the Pope and his powers to create doctrines that are supposedly divine and run parallel to the Bible. If you truly believe and accept this Papal concept then you cannot question anything regarding the Catholic doctrine. Similarly you may nor question the Bible as it is the word of God and divine. As for me I dont subscribe to the Papal doctrine and therefore will not engage in a debate on Catholic teachings as this will be futile and a waste of time

  44. Theological and scriptural foundations
    Theologically, the Church teaches that priesthood is a ministry conformed to the life and work of Jesus Christ . Priests as sacramental ministers act in persona Christi, that is in the person of Christ. Thus the life of the priest conforms, the Church believes, to the chastity of Christ himself. The sacrifice of married life is for the “sake of the Kingdom” ( Luke 18:28–30 , Matthew 19:27–30 ), and to follow the example of Jesus Christ in being “married” to the Church, viewed by Catholicism and many Christian traditions as the “Bride of Christ” (following Ephesians 5:25-33 and Revelation 21:9 , together with the spousal imagery at Mark 2:19-20 , cf. Matthew 9:14-15 ). [18] Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI ) in Salt of the Earth saw this practice as based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:12 : “Some are eunuchs because they were born that way; others were made that way by men; and others have renounced marriage because of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.” He linked this celibacy “because of the kingdom of heaven” with God’s choice to confer the Old Testament priesthood on a specific tribe, that of Levi, which unlike the other tribes received no land from God, but which had “God himself as its inheritance” ( Numbers 1:48–53 ). Paul, within a context of having “no command from the Lord” (1 Cor 7:25), recommends celibacy, but acknowledges that it is not God’s gift to all within the church: “For I wish that all men were even as I myself. But each one has his own gift from God, one in this manner and another in that. But I say to the unmarried and to the widows: It is good for them if they remain even as I am … I want you to be without care. He who is unmarried cares for the things of the Lord – how he may please the Lord. But he who is married cares about the things of the world — how he may please his wife. There is a difference between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman cares about the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit. But she who is married cares about the things of the world — how she may please her husband. And this I say for your own profit, not that I may put a leash on you, but for what is proper, and that you may serve the Lord without distraction.” 1 Corinthians 7:7–8 , 7:32–35

  45. The truth hurts but it is a fact that a significant number of so-called fathers are gay and their only home is the Church

  46. Are we all noticing something, with the number of church groupings that have mushroomed in Zimbabwe, lots of holiness should be making this nation the best to be in in terms of discipline, moral uprightness, selflessness, unconditional loving of one another, matrimonial honesty, security from murder and robbery etc, but the opposite is painfully true. I tell you your true religion should be the relationship that exists between you and God- no third party, be it pastor or whoever. Any priest or nun misbehaving and sinning should not be the catholic church`s fault. Are we going to blame God for creating us when we fail to do the right thing on earth. Let us be careful in our comments that we do not insult, anger and offend God. I shudder to think what might befall us- so far we are one one of the most loved nations by the Almighty, let us respect and thank Him for that. Amen!!!!!!!

  47. yu snoozed,.i normally do not participate or respond to controversial press issues ,but the unnecessary attack on Mapimhidze’s article has forced me make a contribution. she is under attack fo a simple reason that dose not need a psychologist or a rocket scientist ,telling the truth .all those who are emotionally attacking Mapie are dummy liars using the Bible. first I would like to aplaude her for being so brave enough by hitting the nail right on top of the pretenders head . all those who are attacking here a cowards who a afraid of being told the truth in those churches they a purporting to be defending all sorts biblical quotes. they were caught snoozing with their pants down . there is no xtianity in all those defensive arguments . they are green lies. the truth is that yu cannot change natural laws like for example that one should marry and have sex. a normal being cannot ignore this stage part of life. the priest and nun in question were right in what they were doing bcause they were fulfilling a nature ‘s call . its simple unavoidable . so please pray for Hapanyengwe who is writing obscene language other than attacking jonalists. the bible is all about Ubuntu not violence yu a portraying .

  48. Well, l cn see that a lot of pple have cnfusion abt the catholic church. Priesthoot was instituted by christ himself even though it cn be traced to the old testament. Hwever as we all knw that catholic priest and nuns are to be celibates in order to serve God. In the bible we hear of eunachs, pple who did nt get married so that they could serve God. Some are born eunachs to save bt some chose to be that way. We are all triving 4 perfection and those in celibacy they wil try 2 live 2 that. Hweva they are always temptation and some fail some overcome as it is with many examples in the bible. So it will nt be proper to gudge catholics. Its just an era in our long journey of faith and many strange things happing in many churches. Can we then say let us nt pray bcz of this and that.

  49. Being a nun or a priest doesn’t make you perfect , however its the ultimate sacrifice in serving God as I see it . Its commitment to God. Was Jesus married himself , do you think it was natural for a Man of 33 yrs to remain unmarried ? Mapimidze are you a believer , if so can you claim to be perfect in the eyes of God ? If a Nun breaks her convenant with God , would it make you and I a better person coz you and I sin differently ? Sin is Sin , you know the Ten commandments can you claim to observe them all without fail .

  50. @Amen you are right. It is not good for a man to be alone. Ava ana Paul gave their own opinions. The Bible was not written by the Catholics. but they just want to claim that one since they were the first church to emerge. One priest had the nerve to say the Bible came from the Catholic doctrine what bull is that! Read your own Bible. I personally don’t go to Roma or kwana makandiwa but you are the same- hee papa this papa that. Zvimwe zvinhu Zviri pachena . catechism my foot! why is it that the 10 commandments of the catechism are different from the very same Bible the Catholics purport to use. food for thought

    • Unfortunately you are wrong. The catholic church did not write the Bible but they canonized it in AD 325 at the council of Nicea convoked and led by Roman Catholic Bishops. In the information age of today it should be quick and painless to fact check this.

  51. i think we should all be celibate,but didn’t our Heavenly Father create man and woman for the sake of continuity?if He wanted celibacy He would have stopped at Adam and Eve would never have seen the light of day.

  52. abt chid molesting the gvts have the duty to prosecute n charge offender i dnt see why u say vatican defended tht,the priest r i various countries n the law of the country takes precedence over vatican authority,lets nt just say thy do tht we nid to have those cases reported and dealt with acordingly n stop attackin the catholic community,even the vatican UN representative said the same on the issue

  53. @ galante the scripture says by their fruits you shall know them. not by doctrine or history. Can u tell us who killed peter, paul, st francis of asis and who brutally killed Christians before the nicean counsil or even tell us the position of rome upto the time of nero.
    What about the holocaust how many millions were killed under the blessing of the roman catholic.
    Lets not be victims of doctrine it pays to use common sense.

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