Buhera South MP ‘Chinos’ causes storm at post-budget seminar


BUHERA South MP Joseph Chinotimba yesterday caused a storm during the post-budget seminar by the Parliament of Zimbabwe at a Harare hotel when he demanded that one of the presenters should acknowledge that Zimbabwe was under sanctions.


Chinotimba also shocked MPs after he was given the nod to say the opening prayer when he raised issues of wife-bashing, saying this was a bad practice that would cause dogs to laugh at human beings.

During the Question and Answer Session after the director of the Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe Godfrey Kanyenze had finished his presentation on unpacking the 2014 national budget, Chinotimba wanted him to say sanctions were real and to force MDC-T MPs whom he alleged did not acknowledge their existence to offer solutions on how sanctions could be revoked.

“I hope these presenters are not politicians and on sanctions, Kanyenze should openly tell all MPs that they are killing this country and if he is not a politician — he should offer an explanation on sanctions and how we can defeat them,” Chinotimba charged.

To the dismay of Chinotimba, Kanyenze maintained people should not be in the habit of making excuses for all economic failures on sanctions.

“When you look at negative things it is a matter of attitude and 99% of failures are because people are in the habit of making excuses. If you suffer from this disease, you will blame all your circumstances on sanctions.

“Success stories are of people who overcome odds and we should look at ways to revive the economy rather than wait until our adversaries release us,” Kanyenze said.

An agitated Chinotimba asked the question for the second time after tea-break in a more aggressive manner resulting in MPs interjecting until Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma intervened.

“I think we need to refocus on the purpose of this meeting which is to help MPs to correctly interpret the technical perspectives of how the budget can be made to grow,” Zvoma said.

“Let us not dwell on sanctions because we do not need experts to tell us whether or not there are sanctions. Let us deal with economic issues and not raise emotions from presenters because their job is to explain technical issues only.”

Chinotimba then stormed out of the meeting and did not return for the afternoon session.


  1. That it what people of Buhera wanted. Put an illiterate fool whose only claim to fame is jambanja on the farms to represent them. He does not have a clue what the seminar was about. Cry the beloved country!

    • @ Veritas. Sounds like you are the type that used to praise and cheer-on Thabita Khumalo (MDC) when she fought for prostitution to be legalized. Of course to your types, anything said by a ZANU.PF MP shows how “clueless” ZANU. PF people are on any issue affecting the country.

    • Rwizi, you are from the wrong end. Chinotimba simply wanted Kanyenze to acknowledge that if our adversaries (his indirect way of saying Sanctions/the west) take away the sanctions, Zimbabwe will have noone else to blame but itself. simple heh? right now we have the luxury of failing and still confidently point to the West and their sanctions. No matter how technical Kanyenze wanted to unpack the budget, the truth must be said and as it is. Its his right enshrined in the constitution brought about by Eric Matinenga of MDC-T and the GPA neg


    • what do u expect from an uneducated idiot who was chosen to be in pariiament by equaly fools. This uneducated fool is going to create more confusion in the house coz of ignoranceç bt it is ok coz this is the face of zanu pf.

    • you should meet the current Chitungwiza mayor veritas unonyarara tomboti buhera kumusha ko the 3rd most populated city in Zim choosing a clueless drug dealer cry zim for sure

  2. ‘He who is good with excuses is seldom good for anything else’- Thomas Jefferson, US statesman. The reason why we have a governent is that they navigate through these choppy waters not moan an wail about them, we can do a better job on our own. We have heard this nonsense for ever..tell us what you are doing about it..or eh..mm..SHUT THE ‘F’ UP!

  3. it is a reflection on the leadership of the party. in fact its shows us that even our president is like that. shame shame shame. if he was not like chinothimba, he would stop him and people likejabulani sibanda from continuing with this type of rubbish. him and his people are the same period. it all starts at the top.

    • enda kwausinga nyare, its his constitutional right to ask for whatever clarification he seeks. that was a very sound question, Kanyenze as a technocrat should have given the mps the direction to take in overcoming the sanctions, so simple.

      • the technocrat did a good job. he told the mp to stop being a cry baby and do what he was voted for. who does not have enemies? what country has lovers all over? sanction! sanction! kudini, taneta neOld hymn iyi. you were voted into office to overcome sanctions. zvino ukangoti pote aaSanction what are you doing there. ibva wamwe vano gona basa wapinde. Kanyenze did a good job.

      • No, kanyeze dd exactly what he wz supposed to do.stik to e agenda if e gathering.there s plenty platforms for chinotttimba to addrress e sanctions issue and this wz def not e one.trting to force it on jus displays kushoterwa nekufunga kwake and a shit attitude, one most of them are guilty of

      • opa Prosper the serminar was abt bugget not sanctions plse go back to school and do me a favour take ur brother chinotimba and register for grade one positions, may be u wl be taught abt sanctions and why they ar there. Plse regai kuti nyadzisao zve.

  4. Chinos, chinos, chinos, if you were to go back to school surely no teacher or lecturer would want to mentor a fool like you. those bearheads of yours make you look one of the hyenas haunting buhera are sure you are not one of them. the reason you stormed out of the parliament is because you didn’t have any clue regarding key issues to be presented later on understand anything. shame on you.

  5. Chinos wanted to shift people’s attention because he could not understand the technicalities of a national budget. Dzimwe kana usingazive zvirinani kunyarara wozobvunza vamwe panguva yesvutudadzike mutairi anga achimboti kudiiko.

  6. Correct, don’t blame economic failures on sanctions. Most big companies like Hwange Colliery have been destroyed by very greedy managers and their handlers. Nothing to do with sanctions, just poor management skills. Get rich quick managers are the killers of the Zimbabwean economy. Chinos its time you got serious with national issues, or else resign and focus your energy on war veterans issues.

    • my brother what is happening is that zanu pf employes uneducated managers becoz they are easy to manupulate, look at shabanie mine during white management everything was perfect then came chinamasa, gwarazimba, shamhu and obert dube kkkkk the company was closed idiots.

  7. Chinoz ari right.these so called professionals should have just acknowledged that sanctions do exist but also give him a case study of how Cuba managed to prosper under sanctions because of a corrupt and selfless leadership.Voudza cde kuti chanyanyoshata muno muZim icorruption iri kubva kumusoro.

  8. Someone please confiscate Chino’s vehicle & suspend his MP allowance. Zim cannot afford to have clowns in high places while we are in the middle of such a crisis

  9. Cde Chinotimba is clearly out of depth,,NRZ,Zesa,Ziscosteel,GMB,MMCZ are all dying a painful death because of corruption,,we can’t blame all our economic woes on sanctions,,and again I would want him to explain in detail how the so called sanctions affect him personally,mayb pamatravel ban chete

    • I think Chinoz should just Shut Up and do what he promised the so called people who voted him into parliament. he should forget all about these sanction issues, they have been out played by Gushungo. They have become irrelevant to the ordinary working Zimbabwean. What sanctions??

  10. “Please Mr Speaker Sir” why dont you send Chinoz to go and skin the goat.Surely he will be more useful there and will roast the meat for those who are capable of and I quote “interpreting the technical perspectives of how the budget will grow.”

  11. @Veritas
    Chinos’ only claim to fame is the shooting of that innocent Glen Norah woman.We will never forgive or forget.I always wonder what Bob sees in these people,Chinos,Chidarikire,late Kangai,Joseph Macheka and many many evil people he loves to promote in zanupf.

  12. Chinotimba needs to be reminded that the zanu,power failure manifesto didn”t have anything on sanctions preventing them from providing what they promised zimbabweans.You can rig elections but you can”t rig the economy.Chinos you have diamonds what do you want from the west.The chickens are now coming home to roost.ttthhha

  13. @Eagle…kikikiiiiii didnt you know that the Zim Parliament yave circus chaiyo. So Chinos is in the right place. Exit…… Chinos taking a bow because of sanctions he doesnt have to listen to budgetary technical jokes.

  14. Chinotimba is just one clue-less fool,js lyk his superiors he did not have anything to say,blaming anything on sanctions when in actual fact they are the culprits who have caused this mayhem.itayika maiti muzvigona.xxxshame on yu

  15. Vanhu haikona kungo sekerera benzi richi geza sipo yakudhura. How can you force a speaker, an expect for that matter, to say your thoughts when he is the one who has come to help you grasp the issue under discussion. Musoro wacho wakatooma zveku hapana chino pinda

  16. This is exactly what happens when capable men sit back and do nothing, the chaff seizes the limelight and makes a mockery of serious proceedings. What on earth is such a shallow person like Joseph Chinotimba doing in parliament in the first place. Ah ah man now the people who voted him in are going to pay the price for trivializing election processes and voting such imbeciles into parliament at the expense of real men

  17. Godfrey Kanyenze is an idiot. One must live in the environment they are in and if there are sanctions, you can’t prescribe an interpretation that is neutral to sanctions. I bet this Kanyenze thinks children and Highfield High 1 are getting the same quality of education as children at Peterhouse!

  18. @bill… Th expert z great he z focused and sticks to reality, if he faultered then its only when he didnt thump that idiot chnos to his right size

  19. You want a technocrat’s presentation. Here is one.
    1 Sanctions will make a country ‘s products uncompetitive on the international and even local market. For example wheat grown with World Bank support in Brazil, Argentuna, South Africa will land in Zimbabwe cheaper than our wheat grown without WB support.
    2 The purpose of sanctions is to KILL a country’s economy. You may come up with what ever strategies to improve your economy, your adversaries will counter those strategies and make it difficult and expensive for you to grow your economy.
    3 Specifically the objectives of sanctions is to:
    a) create unemployment
    b) cause balance of payment and liquidity shortages
    c) cause food shortages
    d) cause security risks and eventual political chaos
    e) etc
    Chinotimba is a genius to tell this so called expert that he cannot discuss how a budget can be implemented without addressing the issue of sanctions since the very fabric and essence of the budget is what those sanctions are there to destroy.

    • Sanctions are there to stay whether you like it or not & they are justified thru Zanu pf actions(grab & take for free).Do think the white man can sit back & relax when his kith & kin was made to lose his lifetime investment ?? Never ever.Kanyenze is right,Zimbabwe must find ways to get out of this mess.Regime change will do the trick!!

      • We’ll definitely change you as a whole, not the regime. Look were Tsvangison is; he is mutating, yet the regime is get stronger by the day.

    • The effects you have just jotted down are for real sanctions not the travel restrictions given to the people of zimbabwe . Go to Cuba with real sanctions and see what they are doing to overcome them. Did you know Ian Smith was under sanctions but he managed to do more to his people.Guys we want bread and butter on the table not kungoti che chese masanctions ,izvozvi mvura iri kunaya iyoyo ikanyanyisa muchatizve masanctions.Tinyareiwo guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Candid, I think you have been smoking something! hemp?? Is it? We have all the stones and metals to make everyone in Zim rich, but there is a but!!! the big boys want it all to themselves..fool!!

  20. Its better to teach some of your MPs about what you will be presenting before they show the public that they have idea even of simple matters they were voted to represent in paliament.

  21. This shows are shallow some MPs can be nxa. I thought you need to have an Ordinary Level certificate to be an MPs vamwe baba futi…he just picked the wrong platform and i think we have had enough discussion on that already since 1999 wen MDC was formed.

  22. Corruption and poor governance definately play a bigger role in the dire economic situation becoz if we had good honest. That said if sanctions are so ineffective or have such minimal effects then why are they not removed????? Zimbabweans tinoita se a married couple and who want a child asi vanovata vakafuratirana ndisu ma zimbo we Zanu uku we MDC uku chabuda hapana.

  23. lts better to have more friends than enemies.Corruption and poor vision by our leaders klld zim.Those few resources must be allocated efficiently and effectively bt at e end only a few individuals wll benefit


  25. In s.a Zuma alone spend more than R250million on private home ! Every gvt on earth is corrupt. Do you think in the time past Zim gvt was a saint in the early 80s when there was growth ? usa; uk etc are also corrupt. Sunction wont affect much Cuba; Iran etc are achieving growth despite sanction even China is under sanction aswell ! Honestly who would want to invest after witnessing chaotic yr 2000 blood land grab(killings; rape etc) the bad part of it the white farmers controlled and are related owners of means of production for global economy – it is their brothers we are saying come and invest; heee by our minerals etc – sure these guys wont need sanction to punish us ! Its natural they had to punish. Investments is self intrest it sunction plays little part. Anyway we did much bad to receive punishment. Thats why no African state is attempting land grab. Even without sanction noone will invest; buy yr prod; visit as tourist etc and you will crumble

  26. Candid if we had three brainwashed fools like you we’d be in trouble as a nation. You must be cde chinos. Go and die we dont need you around

  27. That’s one confused and useless individual. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He espoues his party’s lines and philosophy: it’s someone else’s fault when things go wrong. The ability examine oneself critically has since been eroded by greed and stupidity. How then can this land prosper when we have half wits in places of responsibilty? That man cannot represent anyone when he doesn’t even know what his office’s all about. We are in a world of s*** i say!

  28. you should meet the current Chitungwiza mayor veritas unonyarara tomboti buhera kumusha ko the 3rd most populated city in Zim choosing a clueless drug dealer cry zim for sure

  29. @lalla. am on candid’s Syd.I tink its u who attented bush xul cz I tink candid hs bn trying 2 elaborate & expagorate something which is more complex but due to your myopic minded you could not grasp anything and now u are not grasping again.and you pipol stop blaming our president cz u Dnt see but he knows cz he is trying to make us stand on our own not to remain white’s slaves.u pipol think a country CNT sustain on its own without white pipol! our president is always ryt only that there are some pieces of shits within the government who cause corruption but wonder why u put e whole blame on our president.

    • Beacuse he is the head of the country. He spoke about the corruption requests to that Ghanaian Businessman yet nothing happened. Van Obert Mpofu vava nemabank. Madiamonds (3bn a year) and yet trausry recieves 600millin chete, Mapurisa corruption yega yega yet Chihuri is still there. ZBC, Hwange, Zisco, NRZ (vana Farai Masango, Paweni etc), Willowgate, multiple cellphone farm owners who are producing nothing, I could go on and on and possibly fill the whole page. The bottom line is hongu sanmctions have an effect but the President needs to address some of these issues first tiitewo vanhu vane musoro.

  30. The corruption being uncovered in govt departments is a result of sanctions. Even Reason Wafawarova now acknowledges the sanctions mantra is a lot of hot air. I urge those who used to shun his column in the Herald to read it now. Apart from taking the occasional short at the mdcs his guns are now firmly aimed at zanu pf. This though only started after the thumping of the ngwena faction in the provincial elections. Succession politics i guess but it makes good reading.

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