Breaking : Harare Town Clerk Mahachi suspended


HARARE CITY COUNCIL has suspended town clerk Tendai Mahachi for failure to discharge his duties and refusing to furnish councillors with the salary schedule, defying a council resolution.


The three- month suspension comes after reports that Mahachi and 18 managers at Town House were gobbling close to $500 000 monthly while workers were in poverty.

Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told journalists that he personally handled Mahachi the letter of suspension and notified Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo currently in Zambia of the development.

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More details to follow.


  1. its about time, we are sick and tired of these chombo appointed aznu pf functionaries messing up our otherwise good mdc elected-by-the-people councillors GOOD RIDDANCE

    • dad is not the only one….y do act as if he is the only one….look csc is strugling but or chinoz r enjoying….

  2. pamberi neoperation murambatsvina, anticorruption must take on these guys, sanity must prevail in our country. corrupt leaders must leave offices

  3. these heartless chefs must go, surely how can they award themselves a salary enough to pay 227 workers not even mentioning allowances. moreso, these workers are going for 6 months without being paid

  4. Things are happening in zim. And happening fast. I cant catch up with the developments. Could 2014 be the year when we are lifted from this curse? Ana Mudede moto mhanya kwa papa Angie and Makandiwa, tsunami is sweeping across

  5. The problem is that he is still enjoying council salary and benefits while resting at home. And why is it that City of Harare themselves do not know how much they are paying him?

    • the reason is these senior managers and council directors are all chombo appointees. they are hard core zanu pf supporters and are untouchable. they refused elected councillors to see the salary schedules for 5years hidding behind chombo.

  6. Well done, Manyenyeni. We know Chombo will turn down the suspension to spite you, but at least you have done your part!

  7. For sure its high tym for the truth to come out.sure u want these low paid workers to cme to work iye asiya kumba kusina chekudya and goin for month without food. Let them walk away without any benefits coz they benefited already nxaa

  8. Employers should not be carried away with the emotive perception over these overpaid guys in an non-performing institutions. These guys have valid contract and are entitled to their remunerations as stipulated. These cases should be handled with utmost care or very soon you would find both Rufaro and Gwanzura stadia plus Stodart Hall [Et. al] being auctioned to settle the terminal benefits of these heavy earners. Pfumvu padhorobha. Yakaoma inoda chateau paside. Chovha George.

  9. vakajaidzwa navachombo zvino voenderera vavakusvibisa zita reZANU inongochemachema nenhema dzekuti masangisheni,hapachisina tituta chichateerera nhema idzodzo

  10. Jus been watchin ztv news Jonathan Moyo arikupenga. He is reading a riot act and has accused Cuthbert Dube of approving 100% salary increases across the board. He did this alone without involving other board members. He has vowed to cut the salaries back to 2010 levels.

  11. Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told journalists that he personally handled Mahachi the letter of suspension and …

    Editor it should be..

    Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told journalists that he personally HANDED Mahachi the letter of suspension and…

    & to think we tell our children to read newspapers to improve their language skills… nx!

    • Seriously you must be joking, when everyone else is dealing with the REAL ISSUE, you find it worth to correct spellings. Typical example of English Brainwashing.

  12. I hope all the other ministers will be able to follow Jonathis example and deal with their subordinates in relavant parastatals. To Jonathan i say that ‘disguised theft’ as u correctly put it is what is killing this country not sanctions. Job well done minister

  13. Someone must have been sleeping all along, who do these people account to, do they answer unto themselves,do they have the honour and respect of the rate payers who they disconnect water for non-payments.If they pay the money would have come from a salary of $230 and some take chimbadzo to pay.
    Can someone interview these people and establish their state of mind.

  14. Haaa ya pane basa. Ndosaka nyika dzakatikomberedza nedzimwewo dzinobatsiravanonetseka dzirikupera kuenda kune vanonyatsotsvaka rubatsiro. We heard of the recent withdrawal by sponsors of BEAM leaving thousands and thousands of students without funding for their education. Shuwa munoti nyika haina mari ivo vanhu vaviri vatatu vachitambira such huge salaries tisati tatomboisa ma perks!!!! Surely better late than never, its never too late, the time to bring this “Who wants to be a Billionaire Show” to an end is now!!

    • NSSA,Minister CHOMBO,MPOFU,KASUKUWERE,MADE JOSEPH,POLICE ON ROADBLOCKS,CHIGUMBA,MASIMIREMBWA.. Don’t forget haisati yapera,Chiyangwa on residential stands,Chitungwiza council on residential stands again,Please investigate the people and see how they acquired their wealthy.Gore rino hapana chinosara imi.It reminds me of the prophecy made by TB JOSHUA….Munotii nazvo izvi?

  15. Legally can these people be charged or not. Is not it that they had employment contracts approved by their superiors. This in turn may mean that they did nothing wrong buy getting paid.

    ko ma COMISSION ari kuwongororwawo futi here?

  16. Tingangopemberera pasina apo kana adzoka Chombo anovhara zvese izvo , Mahachi will be reinstated with immediate effect . Chombo akarongegwa matender mazhinji nanaMahachi so kuti avarase hazviite tozviziva anozofumugwa . Pas naChombo mbavha huru yeMuzanu pf

  17. ZINWA, ZIMPOST, TELONE, ARDA, ZMDC, FIDELITY, RBZ, NRZ, ALL GVT MINISTRIES seems to be netted with these Muchecheteres, Curthberts, Mahachis, Masisirembwas, Mliswas, etc. The rat is now smelling vividly. This is the year GOD has made to retrieve Zimbabwe from the hands of evil agents and their master. You blocked ZACC to search you, Jesus Christ Himself is now doing what you can not bar. Icho! It may come to you ‘Indegenisation former Minister’. “YEAR OF DESTINY – 2014”. God bless Zimbabwe. Thank You LORD!

  18. Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs this started 30years ago but then the looting and corruption was localised in Companies like Air Zimbabwe where bogus contracts where used for looting until the company was insolvent in the mid 80s. Now it’s everywhere, every ministry every office every parastatal from the police, councils, ministers, secretaries corruption and looting is every where and in everything.

  19. I hate Jonathan Moyo and his ZPF but at this rate lets him be our next president!!!! He is a man of action

  20. The mayor of New York city is entitled to a
    salary of US$20 000 per month …right ladies
    and gentlemen we are talking about a
    megapolis here that has got an estimated
    annual budget of US$50 billion……now come
    to Harare the town clerk is entitled to US$ 37

    • @Gabriel.Then we start wondering why this city is deteriorating to pre- 1970 standards.A mega-city like New York pays its CEO $20 000 yet a backwater capital city of a mickey mouse banana republic pays its town clerk $37 000?All this in an economy operating on borrowed currencies.The same country rated one of the world’s least developed and most indebted.

  21. To hell with the egocentric individuals doin gobbling down our economy. Pointof concern is: ko Mr Pres vanozvizivawo here?

  22. Marondera Municipality has truly gone to the dogs!corruption is happening every minute!currently a lot of low profile office bearers were given ‘fake’ suspension employee called Tahwa is currently in soup over his underhand dealings with a certain S.A.V supermarket involving us$19000.the supermarket was paying the council rates to Tahwa & used to collect any quantity of grocery to cover up for the rates,corruption

  23. it all boils down to bad corporate governance the qsn is who approved thec salary in the firstv place, if the salaries were approved by the previous council… then the mayor may find himself in a catch 22 situation ….who is supposed to set the salary of the town clerk.. the councillors derive a living from council allowances which affects their independence coz the town clerk also approves certain payments to councillors like trips and exchange visits.the gvt mus
    t set the salary threshold so that we can see the criminal aspect.butv if its negotiated, then the mayor is also to blame.

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