Breaking: Gumbura convicted


RMG End Time Message leader Robert Martin Gumbura was on Friday convicted on four counts of rape and one count of possession of pornographic material.

Defense is currently mitigating on his behalf and Gumbura is awaiting his sentence.

More details to follow.


  1. Indeed, it’s, “End time” for Gumbura. What most man of God don’t know is that when you are doing something God will give you time to judge yourself if you don’t, His judgement will come upon you and it will be irreversible.

    • absolutely true cde Hondo…when u hide behind the light of God doing evil works to his sheep, u will be cast asunder and burnt alive in the flames of his fury

  2. Good news to the ordinary Zimbabwean. I hope “PROPHET” Blessing Chiza will benefit from this judgement.

  3. People like Brother Marisa and the other former Pastors should now go and report ma abuses of funds at the church, and claim their salaries they were being deprived of during theiir time as pastors in the church. Murandu hokoyo, you have also started abusing vasikana vemuchurch and that married sister…… Mu Gweru mune mweya wakaipa……… Murandu hokoyo……..

  4. Love you Baba Gumbura, vakakurongai vanhu ava. Kana Gwendere anozviva ndosaka aisauya kuCourt. Hamuendi kujeri.

  5. Comrades, there is no room in our society for sexually perverted psychopaths such as this fake “man of God”. We’ve had enough of these false pastors and prophets. Thieves, liars, rapists, murderers and opportunists.

    If a person these days has a way with words and some knowledge of one book – the Bible – he or she can lie to and manipulate hundreds or thousands of people. Enough! Enough!

    This is happening the world over. In America, the “Televangelists” have been milking people of their hard earned money for decades, asking for money over the phone using a credit or bank card. Most of them were caught in criminal or civil cases doing something wrong, one way or the other, and these were serious crimes.

    Enough! Enough!

    A true pastor is not after wealth, fame or glory. He is after heaven, remaining humble, a helper of the people, never a rich man, never a pervert, and never a man with more than one wife.

    • “A true pastor is not after wealth, fame or glory. He is after heaven, remaining humble, a helper of the people, never a rich man, never a pervert, and never a man with more than one wife.”

      true that Cde.

    • i agree with most of what yu said except the description of a true pastor……who said pastors should never be rich?

      • A true pastor would follow thw example of Jesus and the Apostles, so he would give any extra wealth to the poor, orphans and widows. I mean having a home, a car and a comfortable life doesn’t mean a person is rich. A rolex diamond watch, a fleet of cars, multiple houses etc. That is greedy. That is rich, it’s hoarding wealth. How can true man of God hoard.

  6. Rubbish convicting a man for consensual sex as rape is a gross miscarriage of justice, given what these women were saying, this is a true miscarriage of justice and this magistrate knows it deep down that he has convicted the sex maniac on public account and not justice. Gumbura had the resources to pay and its all about jealousy. I don’t belong to his church though, but don’t let the sex perverts abuse the justice system. Something terrible will always happen to those
    who knowingly miscarry the justice system. Mark my words, just wait and see.

  7. Gumbura has been hated by most of the Spoken Word believers. He tried to stand by the Spoken Word in all his actions. People followed him and rebelled against him. He was considered an outcast in the Message. They have drawn their swords and God is not blind. He is a God of knowledge.

    1. Daniel was accused, tried, convicted under false allegations and thrown into the den of lions. Then Jesus Came right in the Den of lions when every man has reject a true man of God. History is repeating it self.

    2. Joseph, the Hebrew, was accused for rape, tried and convicted and sentenced and Then Jesus Came and took him to vice pharaoh of Egypt.

    3. Paul, the ‘hook-nosed’ Jew was accused, tried, convicted and thrown into prison and Jesus Came and He wrote most of the New Testament books.

    Many cases in the bible support Pastor Gumbura and vindicate him to be a true servant of God. God has a special purpose with him.

    Just keep watching, you will understand by and by!!

    • Iwe Bible rakambotaura kuti vakadzi vevanhu ndevaPastor kupi!! U r blind and miserable, ur conscience has been seared, ur heart turned to fables thats all. Noone can help you, God alone. He was a blind man leading you, the blind therefore you will all fall into a pit. You yourself are going to remember this message one day.

    • You are a complete idiot who specializes in misinterpreting the Word of God and applying it only where you see fit. May He have mercy on you and all those Gumbura-following nuisances.

    • Dont give examples of things that you dont know. Never compare those people in the Bible with this Gumbura charactor. Daniel, Paul and Joseph were never sexmaniacs.

    • Zvaunopenga nhaiwe asi gumbura ndisekuru vako.Iwe na Gumbura wako asi munezvipande.
      God has no place for sex predators this man akasvibisa zita re message. tsvaka nyahsa dzichawanikwa.

    • magistrate used public emotion and not justice.
      there was consentual sex between adults who beleived, rightly or wrongly, they were fulfilling the will of God. Buts its consensual sex all the same.
      Rubbish justice system. The defence should appeal immediately

  8. Quoting the world loves its own “Gumbura has been hated by most of the Spoken Word believers. He tried to stand by the Spoken Word in all his actions”. going around sleeping with married woman & call him a man of God woke up, u ar blinded also by this cyclone gumbura, these women are not raped as i c but the fact that he committed adultery with them he deserves to be in chikurubhi not behind the pulpit, these are so called pastors who ar tanishing the image of the word christianity to the extent that people will no longer want to go to the chuches of today how can u compare this pervertor with daniel and joseph u need an awakening my bro whilst it is still today

  9. The justice delivery system of our Republic is once again exposed. I think the law makers need to re define rape and distinguish it from situation whereby sex crazy women agree to have sex with a man today and later change their mind and shamelessly go ahead to report that they have been raped.
    l do not condone what gumbura did and I think he has a case to answer both on earth and in heaven, but on a legal basis he does not deserve to be bundled up with rapists. For the benefit of the general public it is worth noting that. what happened in the anglican saga is what is currently happening in the circles of those who believe the end time message. The rivals of gumbura are now using his mischief to punish him for refusing to submit to those who purport to be the founders of this church in zim

    In any case those who are plotting against him have their bad linen hidden under the cover of political connection. Yes gumbura did wrong but his plotters should also answer for their deeds. Surely God will not leave this, he is going to expose the real womanizers not this pretender called gumbura

  10. If people dont understand the bible they should be quiet rather than trying to use the bible wrongly by justifying gumburas adultery. Let him be cursed.

  11. True Tsvulhe. The likes of gumbura tarnish the images of our good churches. They must be weeded out. Honestly how on earth and heaven do you justify this mans actions towards woman??? Tell me how??? Letter alone compare him to the men of God in the Bible. Varume munomboverenga bhaibheri ripi uye sei????

  12. This is a Judgement of pleasing ZIMBOs and gender activists, not a fairness judgement. Deserves contempt. Gumbura must appeal.

  13. Ini hangu ndinoti vakadzi ava kana vaitaura chokwadi,Mwari vakudzwe asi kana vainyepa bva ndava kuisawo kamunamato kangu

  14. Isaiah 8.20, to the law and to the testimony, if they teach not according to this word then there is no light in them, Titus 2.1 teach that which becomes sound doctrine , what i fail to understand is why the church leaders mislead people and lie ?? And why do people follow blindly to awkward doctrine ?? The fact that he preachedd polygamy alone allows us to condemn him a not a true servant of God, since in principle , god created one Eve, he could have created Stella ,paida , jessica etc for Adam ,but Eve was enaf . These people teach lies and unbiblical doctrine which manmade and not of Christ, people should study the Book and if any might teach a revelation contrary to the word of God, then that is a deceitfull teaching , not every spirit is of God, follow wisely , lest u be misled

  15. maphosa you have just lost another client. You failed to represent our pastor effectively. Now look what you have done. We have lost everything. There will be total chaos at marlbra

  16. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23

  17. Varume. Chokwadi hachiputsi ukama zvachese and it is the only way to achieving a prosperous society. LEGALLY, GUMBURA HAS NO CASE TO DESERVE ANY COURT SENTENCE. THAT IS VERY CLEAR AND SHAME TO OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM. RELIGIOUSLY, GUMBURA HAS A CASE TO ANSWER BEFORE HIS CHURCH EXECUTIVE. I don’t at all know this church but am just following the events unfolding. The ladies were not forced to sleep with Gumbura. Rather, they gave into Gumbura’s requests on their own because of the resources which Gumbura possessed. He brought the name of the church into disrepute BUT LEGALLY HE DID NOTHING TO DESERVE ANY PUNISHMENT. Ko imiwo vemhuri yaGumbura: If Gumbura used his resources to charm different women, why don’t you take the same resources to let this innocent men out of the hook he is now? Public interest is not always correct. If only the public would be made to vote on the theft crimes, you would be shocked. This judgment only pleases the fake and so-called women activists who are enjoying the funds of feminist donor organisations at the detriment of our society. May God be gracious to this man.

  18. Haana mhosva at law Gumbura kutaura chokwadi. Kungoti mutemo wacho urikufadza povho uchisungirira the innocent. Murume wese anonyenga achipromisa mukadzi heaven on earth, which is why more than 11 vasikana vakabvuma kuti vave vakadzi vemunhu dhara rakadaro. Gumbura ndiye munhu arikufira yaanoziva kwete rape irikutaurwa iyi? Mutongi sei akaconvita munhu pa4 chete ma counts out of more than triple. Sakamamwe acho haana mhosva? Pane nyaya apa. The issue is no different from Gono vs Kereke match.

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