Book Café livens Tuesday nights


PAMBERI Trust has turned Tuesday nights into exciting affairs at Book Café in Harare.

Entertainment Reporter

Starting with a massive line-up of comedians in December which saw the grooming of female comedians and identification of hidden talent through open mic sessions, this month Book Café has son of the legendary Zex Manatsa, Tendai and upcoming musician Pah Chihera on offer.

The two have successfully sizzled music lovers each time they go on stage. Last week saw Tendai Manatsa interweaving melodies, syncopated African rhythms and hypnotised the audience sending them into a dancing trance.

His unique, deep metallic voice and the hot guitar notes wove a beautiful musical fabric that spun back a forgotten Zimbabwean sound with a new fashion cut.

Having worked with the cream of the Zimbabwean music industry such as Tanga Wekwa Sando, Comrade Fatso, 340ml, Africa Revenge, his wife Selmor Mtukudzi, superstar Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi and his father, the legendary musician Zex Manatsa, his music influences are harvested from varied musical fields.

Born in Mbare, Manatsa has always been attached to his family’s musical roots and now he is currently re-introducing himself as a solo artiste and detaching himself from his celebrated artiste wife.

He has now rebranded and is introducing himself to the people not only as a great guitarist, but also as a vocalist with a deep and distinct voice, similar to his father’s.

The lyrical master has rich and yet witty lyrics.

Songs like Chibage equal Tii Hobvu from his father.

This gives a sweet mosaic of the comic and serious poetry combined with authentic Zimbabwean musical genius.

The lyrics talk about the everyday experience of everyday people; they reach out to the people by providing a voice for them.

“Manatsa’s lyrics are derived from simple things that people go through life. He is a voice of the people, and he is simply part of many Zimbabweans’ lives.

“His music is also very home-grown and yet very diverse, for example his guitar skills are drawn from many influences and yet grafted to a very Zimbabwean music layout.

“His deep charismatic voice becomes the cherry on top. To complete the package is his energy and big comic and silly smile,” said ethnomusicologist and Pamberi Trust Music development officer, Hector Rufaro Mugani.

“The Book Café Tuesday Night has never been packed since the days of Chiwoniso Maraire.”

This January Tendai Manatsa will play every Tuesday at the Book Café back to back with the rising star Pah Chihera.

He promised fireworks for the newly born year as he is coming up with new tunes to grace our ears.

“I am glad I have started the New Year this way, the Tuesday Nights have been very nice and well attended and I love the audience’s response to my art,” Manatsa said.