Book Café hosts Australia Day cultural exchange


THE Book Café will on Sunday host an Australian fun day.


Also aimed at cultural exchange, the event will see entertainment being provided by renowned DJ Otis Fraser while among live instruments will be marimba band WeIngwe.

Another highlight on the day will be Zimbabwean cuisine that is enjoyed by Australians.

According to a statement from Book Café, this was motivated by the high number of Australian teachers dispatched into the country in the 80s.

“Hundreds, if not thousands, of adventurous Australian teachers were dispatched to teach in rural schools all over Zimbabwe where they fell in love with Zimbabwe, our people, our simple courtesies and culture,” read the statement.

The event will be held in collaboration with the Australian Embassy.

Australia Day is the national day of Australia celebrated on January 26.

In contemporary Australia, celebrations reflect a diverse and cosmopolitan society, marked by community and family events, reflections and debates on Australian history, its place in the world and increasing identity with Asia and the Pacific, with community awards, and citizenship ceremonies welcoming immigrants into the Australian community.

“The Book Café aims at increasing cultural links with diverse cultures as a way of building cultural understanding and friendship; and equally to promote our famed Zimbabwean cultural friendship globally,” read the statement.