Book addresses spirituality in the workplace


Title: Spirituality in the Workplace
Author: Rebecca Nhunhama
Publisher: Innov8 Publishers (2013)
ISBN: 0-9553010-0-9

MANY Christians often find it difficult to fight for their Christian faith and value systems in the workplace ridden with corruption. Sometimes they end up partaking of “other men’s sins” by engaging in corrupt activities to make ends meet.

Spiritual development in the workplace is a long, neglected field that, however, has a significant impact on the workplace itself and productivity. In her booklet, Spirituality in the Workplace, Rebecca Nhunhama explores that long neglected link between the two and how approaching the workplace from a spiritual perspective can help curb the scourge of corruption.

The booklet, according to the author, has been designed to deal with “these misconceptions (that spirituality is irrelevant in the workplace) and bring an awareness of spirituality in the workplace to the entrepreneurs, chief executives, the managers, leaders and employees in various industries”.

This particular booklet is just a teaser, setting the ground for the forthcoming comprehensive book under the title Spirituality in the Workplace: The Anti-Virus for Corruption, which will be published soon.

Nhunhama inspires confidence as she is an authority in this particular area that she has sought to address as she is a chartered secretary by profession and a holder of a Master of Business Administration degree with experience spanning 33 years in the public and private sectors, with a particular bias in records management, financial management and training.

These portfolios set her up as qualified to speak on ethics, but the uniqueness in her work lies in the fact that she goes beyond the usual to relate ethics in the work place with spirituality.

She notes in this booklet that some of the pressing issues that people have to contend with in the workplace – including grapevine, absenteeism, corruption, alcoholism, fraud, adultery and tribalism – require spiritual solutions, something that most businesses are not equipped to effectively deal with.