Beatrice roadblock loot: police panel quizzes mother


INVESTIGATIONS into the incident in which a Beatrice girl allegedly picked up $2 000 a few metres from a police roadblock along the Harare-Masvingo highway continued on Tuesday.


Police summoned and questioned the girl’s mother, Tendai Nkonde at the National Traffic Police headquarters in Harare.

Although police are keeping a tight lid on the progress of the investigations Nkonde told NewsDay on Tuesday that she “was placed before a panel of four police officers, who were asking me to restate the circumstances surrounding the incident ” for several hours.

Nkonde said also present was one of the police officers who was at the roadblock on the day of the incident.

“There was quite a heated exchange when the roadblock cop continued to insist the money was not in the pit, but was just a few metres from the roadblock’ and had been dropped from the police vehicle by civilians who had been assigned by the police to wash the police car,” said Nkonde, “But I insisted that my daughter picked it from the rubbish pit.”

Nkonde also said the accused police officer, whose name could not be established, insisted the money in question was officially receipted money from road traffic fines.

Nodia and her father James Gozho are expected to testify today before the same panel.

The incident comes as National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has publicly stated that the police force is weeding out corrupt elements within the force.

This follows a public outcry over the levels of corruption and bribe-seeking among traffic cops.


  1. civilians washing police car, for what ? To get small share of the loot. If it was receipted why hiding it a few meters away . Nonsense

    • sure bro Nonsense …what a brainless and untrained police civilian…….ndihwo uPOVO regai vabatwe vakachaisa too bad

    • for sure, every traffic cop must display LEGIBLE force numbers and INTRODUCE THEMSELVES everytime they stop a vehicle for checks

      • Fixon, serious guys it makes some of these activities brought to a halt. Kare mapurisa achapfeka mashort aive neClear Force number wani zvakaendepi todzosa zvikabudura here vafana?

      • In all my incidents with traffic police, they have introduced themselves first, that part I have no problem and when I have asked for their force numbers they have given me. yes they are corrupt I have a ticket that I was given after arguing with them and the officer who wrote because she suspected that I might take it up with higher offices wrote on the receipt a comment to the effect that she had communicated with the Officer in Charge of a local police station, kurasirira kune mukuru,

        I have the numbers of the senior officers in my phone if m not happy i simply call them or the PGHQ traffic office 04 703631

  2. mbavha idzi nxa ngavasa shungurudze vanhu amana they shd be jus arrested for corruption mari yebasa yakazombogara kusango nxa

  3. Uhu hwaa utsinye chaihwo.Vanhu vakaisa loot yavo mubin.Ndekupi kwamakamboona munhu achichengeta mari yebasa(ndokunge iri yebasa zvechokwadi) a few metres away.Imi vanhu imi do you really know kuti nyika ine muridzi wayo here iyi.

  4. mazituzvi, mbavha, nyaya iri pachena mhani, stupid police. charamba ugere mu office uchiregerera matoto akadai achiitwa ne police force yako shuwa mose na chihuri. This is rubbish
    1. why ZRP vehicles washed by the civilians
    2. why receipted money kept in the bush.
    3. If that family got that money from the rubbish pit, so leave them coz vakanhonga why investigation.

  5. Police officers being so lax with money receipted from official fines? I dont believe it. Vakomana vanenge vaakuda kuchenjera. We love roadblocks, but senior police officers are not monitoring their subordinates, and mu road maipa. Unroadworthy vehicles are alllowed to continue with their journeys kana wabhadhara bribe.

    Noone has the will to stop this.

  6. This is the reason why people are scared to come forth and report corruption,,jus Imagine having to sit across th table with th very you will be trying to expose,,I hav a bad feeling abt this,hope smthg bad won’t happen to th poor family,,,this is intimidation at its best

  7. Just stop this STOP FINE thing, you have created a loophole for corruption. half of the kombis plying all roots are owned by mere constables. where do you think they got the money from. Mbavha dzega dzega.

  8. We need sanity on our roads these traffic cops are a menacing so whom to trust now sure kuisa mari mugomba, kuti mota igezwe, ko yamboinderei kubasa netsvina vaimhanyirei vasina kugeza mota, plz tibatsireiwo nokutarisa wealth yenacop iwayo muone….

  9. pliz Cihuri and Charity Charamba siyanai nemhuri iyi and deal wth your cops under the code of conduct and ethics of the zrp Charter. This money must be given to the little girl abhadhare fees @ a better school. Sveee hamunyare ? Zimbavha Rinoba Pachena – ZRP

  10. CORRUPTION… Breeds corruption. A ZRP Cop asked his son why he got low marks in his Exams. Son replied with a $5 note in his hand “Batai makadai mudhara, ipere nyaya iyoyo” kkkk

  11. Imi vanhu imi don’t comment rubbish when you don’t know what is happening. The corrupt Police Officer is being tried under the Police Act and the family who witnessed the crime are testifying for the Police who need to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. The accused has every right to defend himself and ask the witnesses relevant question so that at the end of the day, justice prevails and the decision of the panel is not overturned by a higher court upon appeal. Thus’ the Police as an organisation has not done anything wrong here.

    • People have a right to say what they think as much as you have the right to explain where they don’t understand. But, I don’t see what you are referring to as rubbish here, If you are a Police Officer I think it is ideal that you desist from being corrupt yourself first, then help your colleagues do the same. But if you are mare sympathiser, try to be calm with issues of this nature because people are not happy with this corruption thing going on and on. How can you say; “Imi vanhu imi don’t comment rubbish when you don’t know what is happening.” remember this forum is for all ages and people from all walks of life can be found here.

  12. mari ndakaisa mu pit coz ndaitya kubirwa weduwe.Imi hamuzive here kuti paroad block apa taitotya kubirwa ini ndikafunga plan ndokuisa mune marara kurasisa mbava dzino targeta mapurisa.Uyu mwana hamheno kuti akabva nepiwo haaa ini zvangu.Ikozvino tava neplan yokutora yese yatinenge takolekta toindesa kuTrust bank veri fast

  13. Analyst u are ryt.this paltform isnt for ana pombi yadonha jus to comment wat u dnt knoe.we nid constructive comments here that will help us to sharp our country not jus to dis each other wth insults.

    • So what z your constructive comment there Pastor? Ndimi vacho vatisiri kuda paforum vasina chekunyora. Chingoverengai chete zvanyorwa nevanmwe and don’t waste our time. Whether, the cash was a few metres away in the bush or in the rubbish pit, its neither here nor there. The long and short of it is there was an unreceipted loot period. In addition the officers should be charged with gross negligence plus abuse of civilians. Batai vanhu siyanai nefamily iyi mhani.

  14. Ipai m wana akanhonga mari yake uyo. Imhosva here kunhonga mari. Kana mati mari yaive
    pedyo nemi neiko musina kuona mwana achiitora. Macomrades bvumai nyaya yenyu zvipere.

  15. its very unfortunate mhuri iyi irikushungurudzwa mapurisa achiziva chokwadi.if this money was receipted zvinoreva here kuti yavakazoenda nayo vapedza basa was short by $2000? civilians angasukiswa motikari ye basa inemari here.3what are the names of those civilians and can they come and testify?The issue will backfire on you Charamba if you fail to deal with it professionally .No need for investigations,just take the details who were manning the road block to court and dismiss them from our proud force

  16. police thieves. Stupid reason, how can a civilian wash a zrp car with 2000 bucks in it. What sort of rubbish is this telling a whole nation. Why is the police having sych amount of money wirth of tickets is it a tourgate

  17. Ko $2000 iripi izvezvi? Iwe chihuri nacharamba musatitambisira nguva mhani. Iyi nyaya ngaitongwe ka1 kwete kupedza gore, chete zvinonetsa kuti mbavha dzisunge dzimwe mbavha. Tangai mapa mwana mari yake yaakazvinongera handidi kunzwa futi kuti manetsa mhuri iyi. Tichaburana manje manje. Mazituzvi evanhu

  18. Why hidden few meters away frm da book thats a blue lie.Police officers loot money to buy fancy cars while u find smeone who has bn in sevice for 20 years doesnt own a car.Stop corruption

  19. Pastor siyai vana vataure . Zvirikurwadza zvirikuitika pamaroadblock . Mbavha i mbavha chete . Waunoti pommbi yadonha ndiani iwe uchitadza kuti shape woti sharp the country

  20. Policeman are dull. How can people wash a police car and place $2000 at a distance outside the car. What is the problem with placing the money in the dash board or in boot. Do these police expect us to believe their story. Do they think everyone in Zim is as unintelligent as they are?

  21. Hapana nyaya apa, the mother cannot testify that the money was in the pit or not, and defence yekuti maCivilian akadonedza mari achisuka mota inonetsa kuramba

  22. Kusaziva zvakafanana nekufa chokwadi. Zvino kana mhuri iyi ikasiiwa umboo huchabvepi? Handiti mapurisa ari kutongwa mucrt yechipurisa aya, saka mawitnesses kana asipo ndiani ano pokana nezvinenge zvataurwa nevasungwa. Munhu haangoenda kujeri mhosva isina kutongwa. Iwe unga bvuma here kuenda kujeri usina kupiwa mukana wekuzvimiririra pamhosva yaunenge uchi pomerwa.

      • Tee ome verenga nyaya uve objective kwete kungotaura zvisina basa. Fred naPastor are saying the truth. Ndokuti justice kwacho kuti mbavha inopiwa mukana wekuzvimiririra kuti kana opiwa mutongo wake every one will know it was a fair trial. Zvino vamwe munongowawata musingazivi kuti chinonzi kutonga mhosva chii. Kuisa munhu mujeri handiko kutonga mhosva, ndiwo mutongo unogona kupiwa muhnu achinge abatwa nemhosva.

  23. batai vanhu, how can a reasonable man on reasonable ground hide state cash? After all they gave $10 as a tocken of appriciation from where and for what reason iyo iri mari yehurumende. Mota yeZrp kugezwa neCivilian for wat reason. Saka $10 yakabvepi ivo vasingabvumirwe personal cash pa Block???

  24. The issue is being dragged and the parents of the small child tortured so that when they are fade up and tired of the torture and when justice is about to prevail, they are secretly given a bribe which is higher than the 2000 dollars to change the facts; thereby making the police thieves free of any crime. Saka hamunyari chokwadi kuda kutsikatsika nyaya iri pamhene zvkadaro. Nyarai mapurisa. What do the thieves need to prove beyond any doubt ipapo? Mari yaiiswa mudondo, ndoo zamavakuita kuchengetera mari mudondo? The civilians had cleaned a police car- this is real lies. Why they cleaning it? Ko ma genral hands eku police basa rawo nderei? The civilians who will be bribed to come upfront to testify about the cleaning should be arrested also.

  25. Chokwadi chiri pachena, umbavha hunombonetsa here. Izvozvi vari paroad vachingotora mari. Pebus VID inotora $20.00 per bus pano apa pamanyame just after tollgate kana pasavemore apa. Vachararamba dhiraivai izvozvi chikombi muone masvetukiro avanoita vachikusechai mari. munebasa hombe, uori hwatekeshera hazvichashamisaka izvi. There is now intense competition among the police on the number of combies one must own. Relax and do your hommework, things are really out of hand. But the most worrying thing is “who is robbing who’ whilst the government thrust is on emporwement.


  27. What a waste of time, pple tell u from time to time abt ur corrupt officers ! These 24hr roadblocks are recipe for corruption ! Plse don’t waste time investigating nothing. Let these peasants live in peace and not to bother them with such stupid nonsense !!!

  28. if it we ndakupata from other parts of our country they will be long gone or may be in byo for DB something like dat ,dat family should be given dat money from the pit plse.

  29. So who was going to pay the civilians washing the traffic vehicle,do they have such an allowance????what a lame excuse

  30. Mai Charamba where is your intergrity……How dare you pit poor woman and girl against your corrupt officers. Civilian against sons of law ah ah agh mhani why? Who is being interrogated ipapa. Avamawitness ava kuto shungurudzwa. Legal Centre please prOtect mai ne mwana wavo. Akanonga mari musango haana kuba. Mapurisa enyu haana zvikwama zvekuisa mari yebasa here????
    Can we have a reshuffle ye top cops ku Traffic muri kutadza basa. Too much corruption pamigwagwa.

  31. No Chidaz, not just traffic cops but ALL POLICE OFFICERS MUST WEAR AND PUBLICLY DISPLAY THEIR FORCE NUMBERS! Why does this seem to be a problem Madam Charamba?

  32. I wonder why this family is being called in as witnesses; the little girl picked up bag re mari; pa dump site; there is no crime in that. Where it came from is not an issue. kunhonga hakuzi kuba. If it was receipted cash! why hide it at the dump site. It was supposed to be on the person who was receipting. Simple and straight forward.

  33. even a two months old kid can tell u the answer.mapurisa etraffic imbahva.those they don’t have money they a same like chidhumo.the law of this country is one side.mari mubin ah kuba kuvanhu.traffic cops the waste idot pple in zim.

  34. 1. How can a police vehicle be washed by civilians at a roadblock while actively on duty?
    2.Why would civilians come to wash a police car at a roadblock and not at a police station?
    3. What kind of civilian would follow police to a roadblock, just out of the goodness of their heart offer to wash their car AT A ROADBLOCK? For what?
    Pliz spare us the trash!

  35. all this is due to the spot fines, I think these spot fines should come to a halt. If a vehicle has a problem they should just write the ticket and the payment be done at a police station. Where do they keep the monies they receive from motorist?, in their pockets or in the nearby dustbins or bushes coz I havent seen a trunk box on these road blocks. Some traffic cops will even tell you to call someone to send you money through ecocash. They are just wasting time intimidating this poor family. The cops are corrupted. IF THE LAW CAN NOT PROTECT THE INNOCENT, THEN THE ONLY LAW LEFT IS AN OUTLAW.

  36. The best way to stop to stop spot fines so that people pay their fines at police stations. The amount of money you pay on fines at police stations will be more than double because you pay half the cost of your fine at road blocks.

  37. This is very sad that this girl continues to be tormented for simply picking up some money.If the truth was to be told mari iyi yanga iri yemusana period.Ko mapurisa akatanga rinhi kuchengeta mari pane marara ?Zvirikutaurwa nemupurisa kuti imari yebasa hazvishande kunyepa chete chete.Waanoda kubata kumeso ndiiani ?Its my hope justice will take its course and those found wanting should be punished and be expelled from the force.Rewarding culprits with a transfer to another location as what happened at Avondale police station is baffling to say the least.i believe the police spokesperson has being talking tough but its high time they take concrete action against these bad apples tarnishing the image of our force.

  38. under section 113(a)(b) of the criminal law codification and reform act the minor did stole the money.they should have surrendered the money to any nearest police station and have it booked in a police found property book.police were to investigate to ascertain the owner.3 months after the money z unclaimed it wil hav to b forefeited to the

  39. Nhai imi vakuru imi makakwana here. Zvino murikuti kudii ipapa murikuti mapurisa are gladly giving out their force numbers whenever the public requests?

  40. Guys, l truly believe that police officers curriculum has changed and part of the chapters is on how they should benefit on corruption. We might talk and talk about all these up to no avail, let go back to their curriculum and for sure there is a subject called “Corruption and how to survive as a police office from Robber and Mugger’s government. So we shall take over the government when time comes and we are definitely going to change the syllabus ok…Ndini uyo

  41. Ngqwa lokiti madoda eHalale khonale kabatshontshi nje ………..yeeeee civilians yeeee rubish pit …… on the ground liqatshana ngobu hlobo kakhulu okunye kuvele kulisela sekuthiwa kube lipholisa

  42. Don’t abuse the Police on this forum your comments will be on record if we choose to prosecute you. Be mindful what you say be warned. Police Spokes Person.

  43. Paroadblock paive ne tap yemvura here yekusuka mota ye zrp kana kuti mastreet kid anofamba musango nezvigubhu zvemvura yekusukisa mota paroadblock ? Tongai Tione ? Kkkkkkkkk !

  44. They say the money was officially receipted? Does the receipt book tally with the amount? Surely the receipt book has some addresses of the offenders contact them for verification, why? Coz we know the Traffic cops have their Own personal receipt books……………………………………

  45. I find it making sense that the gvt is falling short of revenue nw.with their spoilt n corrupt police ,rampant leak of revenues thru these “o” level educated brats.instead of charging tax on civillians for worshipping God,deal with ZRP

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