Apple to improve iPhone camera with high-speed shooting


Australian software developer John Papandriopoulos, who runs SnappyLabs, has had his year made by one of the biggest names in tech. It’s been confirmed that the one-man programming team behind iPhone app SnappyCam will be joining the ranks of the Cupertino computer maker – and it’s pretty obvious why.


Papandriopoulos’ SnappyCam was (as it’s no longer available for purchase) an iPhone app that let users take full-size photos at up to 30 frames per second. That’s not only faster than the 10fps burst mode in the flagship iPhone 5s, it’s also significantly faster than most proper digital cameras. According to the TechCrunch, over the weekend the SnappyCam app was withdrawn from the iTunes App Store, and the SnappyLabs website was taken offline.

Since then, Apple’s confirmed that it has acquired SnappyLabs – and since this is a one-man operation, it’ll be easier to have Papandriopoulos join the iPhone camera team to continue his excellent work. It also fits in perfectly with Apple’s current vision for its smartphone. While many Android manufacturers are set on larger displays and better internal specifications, Apple’s recognised that users get more value from actual, usable features. The iPhone camera is hugely popular – it’s the number one camera on photo-sharing service Flickr – and improving it will give users real benefits.

Given that SnappyCam was just a bit of smart software, it’s not too much of a fantasy to imagine that its features could be implemented in a future iOS release. That said, Apple’s always kept major feature upgrades like that for new hardware.