#AMHVOICES: Water woes, guns and neglected roads


HWANGE- A reader tells us the town has not had water supply since last month. Nguminja townshop is the hardest hit where people are having to queue to access water.

According to the reader: ” A councillor for the ward has been providing a water bowser, but on Wednesday people queued from 6 a.m until the end of the day. We were told the councillor was instructed by some high office not to supply the water”


Still on water woes, a reader sent us the picture below of water gushing from a burst pipe in Warren Park 2. The reader says: “This has been happening for two weeks”

water loss

GOKWE: A neglected road


Hi there!
I am George Basset, I was at a recent Tuku Show in Kirstenbosch Gardens, Newlands, Cape Town.

A reader from Tshabalala asks if it is right for police officers to walk around residential areas brandishing AK47 guns.



    • This is all despicable! Just look at that road PaGokwe!! Hey ma1 zvesure! The world is becoming a global village, while Zimbabwe is becoming the toilet of that Village all because of incompetence on the part of the government! Hey suka mhani madara imi!

  1. Eish,..Inga Matibili haaana tsitsi nevanhu,…..kana usingatozive road,..unochaira wakananga muvalley iyo,…iiiiih,…Mwari isu vana venyu tayaura,…tinonamata dai matora murume anonzi Gabhu,…Amen,…

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