#AMHVoices: Fourth Street accident pictures


According to our citizen journalists Langton Kambuzuma, Willmore Kungulusa and Anesu, several people were injured when two commuter omnibuses collided at the intersection of Fourth Street and Central Avenue in Harare on Friday morning.

See the pictures below.



















  1. Inga zvakaoma, Right in CBD. Tears coming down for those mothers with tomatos and Muriwo trying to make ends meet in our cursed zimbabwe.

    • Zimbabwe is not cursed we are blessed beyond measure if you want to be cursed pinda wega mucurse yacho isu we believe in God and things are turning around for my beloved Zimbabwe a land of milk and honey a nation chosen and loved by the Most High may the peace and joy of God be with you

  2. well from the pics i’m now wondering is that the proper procedure. the first aid i learnt says a person has to be put in a recovery position not this abakhangeliswe phezulu. may God heal our land. As Christians it’s high time we praid for our nation. the Bible says if my people who are called by my name where to humbly themselvelves and call on Me i will hear their prayes and heal their land

    • I think you are right. Lying facing upwards with both legs straight is not the recovery position. If, say someone is bleeding from the mouth or nose after an accident, the positions we see in the pictures will worsen the situation of the victims.

      Who was supervising this rescue operation?

    • thanks for that observation bhudi, guese i will have to pull out my notes on first aid. So many lifes have been lost due poor rescue operations, when they would have initially survived the accident.

  3. One of the women has been bringing us vegetables at our work place every Friday for the past eight years. Totenda Mwari nekuvarwira patsaona iyi. Kudzwai Ishe.

  4. Wena Chitoporo uyistoporo no wonder u hv a silly name,in yo sane senses u shouldn’t b making fun of other people’s misfortunes may God deliver you 4rm ur cursed brain, God loves Zimbabwe. We pray 4 the victims of the accident

  5. I think stiffer penalties ;even upto life terms should be given to reckless drivers because these commuter guys dont regard life at all chavo matargets.

    • Forget stiffer penalties. They will never stop this carnage. There is only one solution and one solution only. Get rid of kombis from our streets. I am a victim of a road traffic accident and stiffer penalties will not work. No matter how much u try telling the driver to slow down or drive carefully, they never listen. I honestly think we should move away from kombis. They are moving death traps.

  6. How many people must get disabled, die, disfigured and injured before the government that we voted for steps in and control these Kombis? Why not say reckless driving = at least 1 year in prison!!!!

  7. very sad situation, we pray for a quick recovery to the affected people. stricter measures must b put on kombi drivers

  8. how cld accident happen in cbd, where is the police. i think its time to grip this kombi crew for any slightest mistakes they make coz we losing our relatives due to these accidents. Police and judicial work hand in hand to counter this please

  9. These emergency taxis will continue to cause havoc on the roads. Before 1980 there was no such thing as emergency taxi which has been renamed “commuter omnibus” to try and dignify this garbage. These are nothing but coffins on wheels. The more trips the driver makes the more money he makes so the driver makes sure he drives at a breakneck speed all the time to meet targets – playing Russian roulette with peoples’ lives. These vehicles are not properly maintained. There’s a lot of corner-cutting in this cutthroat taxi business. These taxis should be abolished for the safety of commuters and proper buses be introduced like we had before 1980 – run by City Councils. It was working perfectly before 1980 why shouldn’t it work now?

  10. its sad, u see kombis loading even at the robbot controlled intersections and the traffic police does nothing………you find even a police officer loading his comb there too, then u start to wonder were this nation is going.

  11. I see nothing wrong in Chitoporo’s comment really.

    On the issue of order in the commuter business, we should come to terms with the fact that the police has failed to tame this breed of drivers, and they are increasing by the day. Then add the other form of unregistered taxis plying the 4th St-Copacabana route along Jason Moyo, and then Town house-Parirenyatwa-Avondale route along Takawira St. These guys dont have both knowledge of the Highway Code nor common sense. They are also a menace on our roads. The police has failed dismally. I believe the solution lies in reviewing the whole policy on urban transport management, if there is one.

  12. This country is cursed! Ngozi dzawandisa….the leaders only know one thing..murder! any discenting voice..heeeer tokuuraya, tokudzipa…instead of putting order on our roads, upgrading infrastructure and modernoising zvinhu zvakasiwa naSmith izvi. Totomutenda Smith because dai akanga asiko tine madust road mutown chaimo. This leadership is good for nothing.

  13. i think police, VID and City of Harare should are part of those we should blame. Reasons being
    1) mapurisa anodachioko muhomwe too much to the extent that they leave unroadworthy kombis achifamba.
    2) VID haisi kumbobata makombi muma rank why. mune mota hobho without fittness
    3) kanzuru iriku in to tswaka mari zvayo and can not devise proper ways to manage kombis as IN SOUTH AFRICA. instead of wearing uniforms and driving away motors at undesginated pickup points vanoita vhekuhwandandia . zvino konzeresa .
    it might not be a suprise kuti vanga vachitiza kanzuru

  14. its high time makombi abviswa pa road period they is no justification fo them kilin our relatives,zrp is also to blame especialy the one at mabvuku turn off along mutare road..daylight robbery kasi vano shanda makombi chete here……?

  15. bottom line…..the black man doesnt care about his fellow black…..his only worried about lining his pocket…yangu yangu…..say im a racist….coz you look at everything through black eyes

  16. The police are seriously compromised when it comes to their ability to reign in these combis. First is the corruption which they do with reckless abandon and then the fact that police officers own a sizable potion of the combis on our roads. And we expect them to police themselves?

    And just why cannot they renforce the sitting limit of 3 people per row instead of the 4-4? Again corruption and conflict of interest. Its one hell of a shame.

  17. after the horrific accident you have no where to go because nefarious Chombo has demolished your hard earned house

  18. Mr Samuel, that kombi looks like a spent force. And why don’t the Fire authorities place a perimeter barricade over such a scene?

  19. this is sad, the pbm is with the police they are demanding too much money frm the drivers, let the kombi operate free those with requisite documents, impound the rest and jail licenceless kombi drivers

  20. Have you looked at the roads and the potholes, before you blame the drivers maintain yo country instead of buying rolls Royce

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