22 000 witnesses for Mutodi trial

A RECORD 22 000 witnesses are yet to have their statements recorded in the $6 million fraud case involving businessman-cum musician Energy Mutodi, who last Friday filed an application for refusal of further remand arguing that the State had failed to bring him to trial within a reasonable time.


In his application, Mutodi, who is being charged for swindling thousands of homeseekers through his National Housing Development Trust, said police detectives investigating his matter had assured him that the trial was supposed to start in October last year.

“In August last year, the police indicated the trial would be ready by October last year, however, as the record will show, on my last appearance (before the court) the State sought further postponement on the basis that investigations were yet to be completed since the investigating officer wanted to record statements from 22 000 witnesses,” Mutodi’s lawyers said in the affidavit attached to the application.

“It is respectfully submitted that applicant’s continued remand is a gross travesty of justice. Not only is the State case against applicant wishy-washy and sloppy to an extent that the allegations do not establish reasonable suspicion that applicant committed the crime of fraud, but clearly the State’s house is in sixes and sevens. Accordingly, even if it were to be held that there is reasonable suspicion that applicant committed an offence his continued remand would not meet the ends of justice.”

Mutodi further submitted that he had paid an amount to the tune of $5 million to the sellers of the lands.

He also argued that even if the court was to decide that he is justifiably on remand, his right to a fair trial he said, had been violated in terms of the Constitution and urged the court to refuse further remand.

The matter was set down for hearing on February 4.

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  1. Kkkkkk. Munodireiko kutityora mbabvu nekuseka nhai? Apa ministry of justice is crying of underfunding. Zvino pachapera vanhu 22k handiti gore rose rinenge ratopera here? Motonga nyaya imwecheteka gore rose, Zimba iwe! Mwari tibatsirei isu!

  2. The trial will have to be done @ Rufaro Stadium. Prosecutor General is advised to book well ahead of the trial date to avoid disappointment!! BATAI MUNHU!!

  3. zvakaoma

    1. bruce mzaya wakiller

      other making of this sort is brewing up in Norton Galloway KuZAHA mirai muone zvenyu munhu acharira

  4. mazimbo haadzidze

  5. Ini yangu nyaya yekubhinya vakadzi 13 ichaperawo rinhiko nhai veduwe?

  6. chiiko chnombonz remand nai imi?/is he evn in remand mnhu akngomberereka harare yese..mayb ndini ndsingaziwi..feel m in guys kdzidza hakperi


  8. Innocent bystander

    22 000 people cant all be wrong!

  9. Remand harisi jere chete. remand inokwanisa kuitika out of custody as in this case.

    1. @ Zivi thanx….

  10. handishamiswi if they let him off the hook. what happened to the guys ve Capital Base ?

  11. why is local govt demolishing so called illegal structures when the State is yet to interview 22 000 witnesses,also is it legally possible for 22 000 people to commit a crime before getting arrested in a country full of police,CID,CIO,youth brigades,journalists,where were all these institutions when home-seekers were committing the so called crime of developing land sold to them by so called land barons none of whom have been convicted of a crime on illegal land development,its suspicious

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