18 Town House bosses gobble $500k monthly


HARARE Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi and his 18-member management team at Town House are gobbling close to $500 000 in monthly salaries, NewsDay has learnt.


According to a December 2013 Harare City Council salary schedule shown to NewsDay yesterday, Mahachi’s take home stands at $37 642 with seven other top managers including city director of water engineering Christopher Zvobgo earning $36 999 per month.

The schedule was signed by Town House top three officials Mahachi; Finance director Cosmas Zvikaramba and Human Capital director Cainos Chingombe before it was sent to a local bank (named).

The shocking revelations of salaries of Town House managers came at a time service delivery was at an all-time low and when government has threatened to deal with obscene salaries earned by bosses of different parastatals and local authorities.

The December 11 2013 salary schedule also stated that City Treasurer Misheck Mubvumbi, Human Capital director Cainos Chingombe, Cosmos Zvikaramba (Finance), Psychology Chiwanga (Urban Planning); Phillip Pfukwa (Engineering) and Justin Chivavaya (Housing and Community Services) earn a cool $36 999 each.

Another top council official Chibanda Dombo and Chamber Secretary Josephine Ncube are each earning $34 299 while Prosper Chonzi (Health) is getting $33 413.

In the salary schedule, Richard Chinengundu, who recently rejoined Town House as Public Safety director got $2 470 while Masasi Booker a senior officer in the Town Clerk’s office got $8 200.

Council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi is earning $15 204, while other middle managers earn between $12 567 and $17 251 each per month.

These include James Chiyangwa (Housing deputy director); Godfrey Kusangaya (Harare Water manager); Tendai Kwenda; Vumisani Sithole and Stewart Mungofa.

Informed sources said the salaries deposited at a local financial institution under batch number 000021 excluded hefty allowances the executives were getting.

The latest development came at a time councillors at Town House have been battling without success to access the executives’ salary structure.

It also came at a time workers from the Water Department have not been paid since November last year.

The name of the bank into which the salaries were deposited is given and so is the account number.

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo last week, told NewsDay that he would not approve the council’s 2014 proposed budget until he has had sight of the executive’s salary schedule.

“I am yet to get a report (on salaries), but I sent a team to work on that. By Monday (yesterday), I will have reports for Harare, Bulawayo and Chitungwiza. If we don’t get that then we will not approve the (councils’) budget because we want to link it to that,” Chombo said.

“We want them well paid, but we don’t want obscene salaries for them. They should also sign 12-month long contracts to perform certain functions. They will be performance-based and if they fail, there won’t be any reason to renew their contracts and keep them.

You can’t give them big contracts to sit on their laurels for long.”
Contacted for comment, sources at the bank said executive accounts were handled at a very senior level and, therefore, not accessible to members of staff.

Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni recently tried in vain to get the salaries schedule from Mahachi who reportedly continuously gave excuses.

The latest exposé is likely to brew a storm at Town House and with the general public as it coincided with the disclosure of other obscene salaries by executives at other public institutions such as the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS).

Deputy Information minister Supa Mandiwanzira recently told the Press that ZBC chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere, currently on suspension pending a forensic audit of the institution, was drawing a salary of $40 000 from the ailing parastatal.

Former ZBC board chairman and PSMAS boss Cuthbert Dube was last week said to be earning about $230 000 from the heavily-indebted medical aid society.

At the time of going to print last night, both Chombo and Manyenyeni could not be reached for comment.


    • When Thomas mapfumo penned the song “Disaster” years ago, most people never imagined we would be faced with this kind of rot. There is something wrong with us as a blacks if our leaders allow this to happen while the rest of the population is barely able to make ends meet. I have a friend who works at the city and they have not been paid for months. Now we know why there is no service delivery.

      Corruption can only be tackled by a strong leader backed by the political will to do so. Unfortunately Mugabe has promoted a policy of entitlement for his cronies and it means while they raid public coffers they obviously cannot hold anyone to account for the same in other sectors. This spells doom and gloom for the nation because Mugabe is way past his due date and the nation will suffer for a long time before we recover.

  1. I have been wondering why there are people driving posh cars in Zimbabwe. Now I understand the reason. A lot of people are stealing from the poor citizens. Chombo please desend on those thieves at to,wn house and ensure that their salaries are rationalised. The town clerk should not earn anything more than $15k per moth. And that has to edone with immediate effect.

    • @stan, how can you say Chombo must descend on these councils when he is the culprit-in-chief. saying that he would not approve the budget until he sees the salary schedule is hogwash. These salaries are not new and any increases are approved by him, we have been using US dollar currency since 2009 and he is very aware. We might waste time talking of sanctions and liquidity challenges but the truth is that nobody really cares where this country will go, including the HE because as the other reader put it ” they excrete golden shit” whilst we are emaciated by malnutrition. ZANU PF ministers have been overly protective of the ministries they had whilst some MDC ministers where too stupid to undertsand what was happening. Unfortunately with the companies closing down, everything will come to a standstill one day.

  2. Stuff this!! “idhora mubhegi” chairo!! chandakawestera nguva yangu ndichiteverana nemabhuku asingabhadhare!!! takarasimba ne teaching, madegree nema degree tichiti pada tikaita madhumaster zvichabhadhara but honaiwee Mwari wee, Gwindi anotora $15k kupera kwawo? kune wacho anopinza basa ku kanzuru, vakomana ini ndinokwanisa kuita basa raGrindi zvakapetwa kana mondipa zvangu take home ye $5k chete! Kana mukadzi nevana ndinoendesa zvangu kumusha ndogarirako kubasa. I will be available 24/7 zvisinei kuti iMonday here kana Sunday. Kana maKisimusi ndinouyako kubasa. Kana mukati ndiitire tea vanotsvaira munzira no problem. Ndinoita. Ndatenda, ndini wenyu Guvnor Chaibva.

  3. Dhora muhomwe?…This rot manifested itself during GPA and why MDC was silent on all this rot if they really stand by us people.

  4. haa izvi zvinotyisa izvi. Cuthbert dube, uda kufa nemari here iwewe, woti ku zifa ndiwe boss, uri kungodya mari plaz uchirwadziwa ne success yema warriors coz recently, wakaendesa report yekuti hamuna mari yekti ma warriors arambe ari ku tournament, pedzezvo ndiwe boss we ku psmas, ndiwe zvakare boss weku dead (z)bc, several ailing civil servants are everyday flocking to psmas for mari dzavo yet unadzo muhomwe, haa uri stupid yemunhu iwewe, ma prvte hosp, anoramba psmas card, coz vanoti havabhadhare yet u r gobbling the money wega, y dnt u have a heart, our dear president’s salary z pegged at $3000 iwe ma mirrion, haa pfutseke wako mhani, kana one shop iri mu twn can’t mke profit levelling to yo salary. nxa this z shear madness, but isu ma ordinary zimbos, hapana zvatingaite kungoona to popota asi chabuda hapana vamwe vari kumama magoo emhando yepamsoro, isu tichiita manyoka e kwashioka, kungorwadziwa to comenta bt stil stil ndikudzokera kumba ne zero cents, nxa, God forgive me for I am a sinner, chasara panyika pano kunamata, ndoenda kudenga , kusina ma meagre salaries, thank u Lord for my life, I am content nezvandinazvo izvozvo. shuwa zvakaoma kti ana mariyawanda ava vaone denga.

  5. Pane nguva yatakatadzirwa na-minister Jonathan Moyo, but this is doing his job. All thieves in public offices should be exposed. Keep it minister……

    Only that Mohadi and Chihuri are letting us down, this belong to Chikurubi.

  6. Why MDC was silent during GPA vakomana??? Worse they were in charge of most urban councils saka vaiitei ma councillor acho??? Or is it because vaidyawo mari?

  7. This is obsene and remember these are net salaries after NSSA, PAYE, etc deductions. For those earning a net salary of $36,000, the gross salary will be around $55-60,000!!!!

  8. I am divorcing my country, Zvinobvumirwa here where do I file my papers? This is not the Zimbabwe I died for anymore?
    Masanctions ariku tambudza povo yeZimbabwe my foot. If we add mazi salary which have been mentioned so far how many jobs could have been created even if we just gave the CEOs vacho 15000 average.
    Sorry maningi…..NXXAAAA.

  9. chickens coming home to roost…bt m waiting to see wat Chombo wil do. To the journalists,pliz keep digging. This is wat yo readers want to know,how their money is being looted.

  10. Shame my beloved country!!! Now the city of Harare have 2 directors of health Chonzi and Mungofa. Mungofa was once fired and he fight his way back knowing that they are getting obcene salaries

  11. VaMugabe tine hurombo nekukutukai. Taifunga kuti ndimi mauraya nyika. Manyepo. Vanhu vari kuuraya nyika tave kuvaziva. Imi gunshungo necabinet yenyu, madii kumboitawo serious nenyaya idzi kuti nyika idzokere panzvimbo. (1) Let these people be exposed; (2) Let they pay back what they did not deserve, (3) Let some ba jailed to make an example. I have no problems with people getting such huge/hefty salaries but I am pained by the context.
    i) Happy Son Muchechetere takes home obscene salaries when ordinary workers are not being paid for months
    ii) CashBet Dube takes home 260k from PSMAS when the company is going broke
    iii) This late Commodore who headed NRZ, we are yet to know what he was taking home
    iv) What more is happening in other sectors? The police force, the army, etc?
    v) KuAirZim they siphoned almost $10m using an Insurance Company, NaviStar yet the national carrier is struggling.
    vi) ZESA, GMB, ARDA, etc, hatichatauri zvedu.
    Sei zvichiitika mumaparastatals nemunicipal councils kunyanya? Haasi mapolitical appointments enyu here aya Baba Mugabe, my dear President? You can clean this rot Gushungo. Thank you in advance!


    • Don’t be too quick to say Zanu PF leaders are not doing it. This thing is just starting. Let’s see where it will go. From rumours going around there is no one clean. Imbomira uone!

  12. honai ivhu rodya vava varo. this is wat we died for comrades. all this rot z goin unchecked, ma sanctions atikuvadza. so this is just a mere shift ye colonialism from the wyte man to the blak man. uncollected refuse thats the order of the day,yet the gwindis and the mungofas fatten their pokets ne ratepayrs money.

  13. Vakomana this is sheer madness.how cab some one earn 37999 of rate payer money. surely this has to stop with immidiate effect. how can we let people steal right under our noses. clamping cars chasing kombis just to raise money for these idiots .Enough is enough governt has to take immidate action and arrest all these greedy vultures. I bet if we go to NSSA yu will see the shocks of your lives

  14. An elite group is looking after each other in zim. They claim to have special skills to justify huge salaries with nothing delivered. There is no service delivery at harare city, zesa, airzim,nrz,psmas etc but somehow the bosses manage to convince govt that they should be retained at all costs. Let them go to the diaaspora for high paying jobs if they are so skilled. There are many young people in zim who can deliver the liitle they are delivering. Govt should just cap saalries on a take it or leave it basis. After all the general person is making do by tightening belts. The myth that any manager in zim is indispensable should be dispelled bcoz it is simply that, a myth propagated by senior executives.

  15. pane achiri kufunga nezve ma SANCTIONS here with all this rot. PSMAS ma sanctions

    ZBC ma sanctions AIRZIM ma sanctions KANZURU ma sancstions KO MARI IDZO

  16. I want to take all these latest developments with a pinch of salt. I wish someone could shed more light that all these absurd monies were INDEED going into the pockets of the said culprits. People, let’s be VERY careful and not just swallow these stories hook and sinker. What if that is the Official salary and the individual PRACTICALLY gets 5% of it while the rest go somewhere un-mentionalble? Just a WHAT IF….. since all these reports are so shocking and no one has heard of the investigations going beyond the recipients to the ones who approve the absurd payments.

  17. This is how Mobutu Seseko killed Zaire, he would command aides to go and take 1million at central bank and the aides would in turn get to central bank and say boss wants 5million and the central bank staffers would fraudently withdraw 10million and say boss requested it ,so the chain of thievery started from the top but when it went down it became a deadly cancer this is what we are seeing in Zim. Leadership started this and the kith and kin have taken over with devastating effect. Zanu is a curse upon people of Zim ,another year like this and it would be hard to fix the economy.

  18. give me 50% of these looters’ salaries every month and i will get reed of all pot holes in Harare

  19. Thank you my ZANU PF for a job well done. If this to be done to the banks who are charging exorbitant interest rates and fuel garages then our economy will boost to greater heights.

  20. Well done ZANU PF jus continue expose the thiefs. we should not cry of sanctions whilst we are having the western puppets in our our parastatals like C.Dube and others. Tendai Biti failed to discover this during his tenure, so what was he doing? Go further to reduce PSMAS’s monthly charges over civil servants and get a closer look on our bank charges.

  21. it is alooter continua for sure. just this month zbc psmas airzim hre city council. eagerly waiting for zesa nssa zinara nrz zupco zinwa ddf and netone. the looting is systematic and therefore cannot be addressed by firing chief executives and boards. unfortunately the overseers are entangled in the looting eg allegations on transport secretary & airzim navistar scandal. zanu pf is stuck in group think & is stil stuck in sanctions mantra till another scapegoat cliche comes up. mdc has no clue whats going on or how best to intervene. other supposedly credible citizens are just scared or not interested in zim politics. ma1 chaiwo. country is doomed.

  22. as long as the current gvt is in place nothing will change. Lack of prosecution on these cases shows that the gvt has no power or its an acomplice which will help these inflation like salary earners to get more thru a retirement package instead of returning what they looted. These guys are always winners the poor civil servants who contribute for their health thru psmas are the loosers. Psmas is failling to settle a 230dollars hospital bill for a patient who invested for his health but paying Dube$230 000 for what so this is free zimbabwe, free to steal. Psmas members must revolt against this society.

  23. Phillip Pfukwa the engineer Mukuwasha waChombo akaroora sisi vaChombo. You will see hapana action inombotorwa naChombo about those salaries. We know that guy from Zisco he knows nothing. The worst engineer in Zim. He was a Chief Engineer at Zisco coz of Chombo at the same time he is the one who appointment him at Hre City Council when Chombo appointed the commission to run the City Council.

  24. i think the salaries were annual salaries and someone miscontrued them as monthly to his advantage due to lack of diligence of board members. Again if we have Board members authorising such obscene figures. Why not prosecute them . F0r the beneficaries lets apply the claw back close and sell everything including the road runner he has at home to recover those monies.

  25. Do these thieves really understand the value of the US dollar?. 37k per month=444k per year. Even the Mayor of New York or Toronto with more than 4 billion buggets dont make this kind of money, actually one of the two only makes 200k per year. On top of this they have allowances which are tax free, what kind of economics is this?. They should be sentenced first then have them fight to prove innocent.

  26. Please take note that the amounts revealed are the NET salaries.

    Anyway, personally I think those who approved such salaries are the one who should be guests at Chikurubi.

    I am surprised that Chombo says he sent a team. He is obsessed with these teams.
    Why doesn’t he summon them to his office and demand answers.
    He should ask his colleague Prof Jonso on how it is done. Remember Prof did not send a team to ZBC. He summoned the ZBC Board and when they failed to deliver he fired the lot.

    Chombo has solace in having Special Purpose Councilors, etc, what nonsense.

    On PSMAS its not Cuthbert & Co who should be prosecuted. Instead the Chairperson and her entire team must be accommodated at Chikurubi where they can be served with free accommodation and meals.

    But CD & Co must be charged with gross incompetence. How can they fail to produce audited accounts for more than 4 years??

  27. These reports on ridiculous salaries have exposed something seriously wrong with the power structures of urban councils.Ordinarily the Urban Councils Act should have a proviso which states that all council employees ( including management) are employed by Council, with the ultimate power resting with Councilors in general meeting.In seems in Harare’s case,management have overall power for they have openly refused to furnish Council with their pay structures and Chombo pretends he is also powerless. This is also the same with PSMAS and ZBC, where it seems management had more power than their Boards of Directors yet it should be the other way round.

    The problems lie squarely on the respective Ministries and Ministers.If Council suspends Mahachi and company for insurbordination, Chombo moves in to suspend it and reinstate the suspended management.If ZBC and PSMAS directors ‘deal with respective management’, respective Ministers would move in to rescue them by ‘restructuring the boards’ ,so everyone keeps quiet whilst these rots continue . The little action being taken is a result of a changed mindset in the public media directly as a result of the shringing cake.Whereas previously, the public media saw criticism and allegations of corruption as ‘British politics’,the new realisation is that the cake is now too small to allow for continued graft.Little wonder, the public media has re-joined private media on this positive course.

  28. The sad thng abt all this is not even a single organisation paying these crazy salaries is for profit.money met for services is the one being used and at the end no service is given.watch the space ZESA.

  29. This is the rot that Masunda presided over as mayor- pathetic. And he was not even ashamed to tell the citizens of Harare how badly they were being robbed hiding under some clownish legales tripe like ‘salaries are confidential’..Were these salaries or just merely blood money..who on earht earns this kind of money for doing nothing ? And Masunda wanted to continue as Mayor??? Now Gwindi who does absolutely nothing tangible at Town hall goes on to insult the public by saying the salary schedule is a fake..When did you not produce the schedule when the Minister asked for it?

  30. most of these people if not all of them managing state entities were appointed on political lines.Infact all have a link to zanu pf,so i dont see much happening here.zanu cannot injure itself,no.

  31. Justin Mutasa of the Herald was chairman at ZBC when Happison was appointed. If he approved the package, what is his like?

  32. In the 70s the UK high income tax rate was 83% of income in excess of 20 000 per year. We could adopt something similar and tax say 80% of income in excess of 120 000 per year. That way the government would collect an extra 256 000 per month (over 3 million per year) from the 18 comrades at the City of Harare. An extra 4 million from the top two comradep at PSMAS etc. Imagine racking in an extra 7 million for the fiscus from just 20 public servants. How much more from the rest? Food for thought for ZIMRA and MINISTRY OF FINANCE

  33. The city councils are only following what our parent ministry is doing. The rot is from the top. Recently we were told to change and standardise on our computer systems. The company was just picked without tender for system worth millions of dollars. Minister Chombo is pushing for it. Can this be investigated and publicly shown to the country.

  34. They seam to have problems with unemployment and wage issues.
    I never here of local government employees complaining about the same things as the public sector.

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