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Top UK-based promoter King Alfred to be honoured


GUNNERS Night Club in Highfield will light up this Sunday when BodySlam Entertainment pays tribute to prolific United Kingdom-based disc jockey and music promoter King Alfred with a rare top-of-the-table dancehall bash.

Report by Tapiwa Zivira

The event, which takes place on Unity day, will see King Alfred, who is in the country for the festive season, team up with Stone Lowe, DJ Trouble and DJ Busta to spin the wheels under the tag line “union with a one drop flavour”.

“As an outfit, we saw it fit to pay tribute to King Alfred’s work in promoting local urban groove and dancehall artistes in the UK, so we are hosting this bash for him,” said Bodyslam representative Bruce Chair.

Chair said most artistes hailed from the ghetto and Highfield would be the most suitable place for such an event.

In an interview with NewsDay, King Alfred promised fireworks saying that since the event would take place during national holiday to celebrate unity, they would use that opportunity to also bring unity amongst various dancehall artistes and the community.

“We also realised King Alfred usually plays in upmarket places, so as BodySlam, we are committed to the ghetto people and it is our hope his presence there will inspire a lot of musicians and youths there,” said Chair.

King Alfred said he would be using his time in the country to urge ghetto youths to do something useful and not just engage in “drugs and bad behaviour”.
He said he would also perform in Kambuzuma on Christmas Eve and in Glen View on December 31.

Born and bred in the high density suburb of Glen View, Alfred moved to the United Kingdom in 1996 where he made waves, sharing the stage with some of the world’s top DJs like Chris Goldfinger from Jamaica.

He also ventured into music promotion and has been instrumental in putting most Zimbabwean artistes in the limelight when they perform in the UK.

This year he won the coveted UK-Zimbabwe Achievers Merit award for his role in promoting local talent internationally.

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