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Suspect escapes from police cells


One suspect escaped from police holding cells while another committed suicide at Harare Central Police Station on Sunday night.

By Feluna Nleya

Sources said the suspect who had been arrested over stolen mobile phones allegedly used blankets as a rope to lower himself to the ground.

Harare provincial spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda confirmed the incidents last night saying: “One suspect

arrested for unlawful entry and theft escaped from Harare Central Police holding cells on the night of 22-23. He went through the fire escape where he used blankets as a rope to lower himself to the ground.

“On the same night one murder suspect was found dead after he hung himself using a cloth on burglar bars.”

The development comes after two criminals also escaped from Mwenezi Prison recently. In October two prisoners attacked a guard and escaped from Chikurubi Prison.

The two escaped from Chikurubi Prison Farm where they were working after attacking a prison officer with a hoe and robbed him of his uniform.

By October, 34 prisoners had escaped from various holding centres across the country. Thirteen of the escapees having been recaptured.

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