Sikhala, family in horrific accident

MDC-99 president Job Sikhala was yesterday involved in a road accident near Nyika Growth Point in Masvingo on Friday.

Staff Reporter

Posting on his Facebook wall, Sikhala said his wife and eight children sustained serious injuries and were admitted at Silveira Mission Hospital in Bikita.

“The vehicle lost the braking system at the very sloppy area, two kilometres from Nyika and in trying to control the vehicle it overturned three times (sic).

“All my eight kids who were with me and my wife are seriously injured. They were rushed to Silveira Mission Hospital in Bikita. I just sustained minor injuries and I am is still in shock. I am praying for my kids and wife.”

He said he was on his way back to Harare after spending the Christmas holiday in his village in Masema, Gutu when his Mazda B1800 overturned.

Sikhala  told NewsDay in a telephone interview that his six-year-old daughter was in a critical condition and was being transferred to a hospital in Harare. Ads

At midday, Sikhala posted on twitter pleading with fellow Zimbabweans to pray for his family.

“I have been involved in a terrible accident in Nyika. Please pray for my wife at Silveira Hospital. They sustained serious injuries,” Sikhala wrote.

Efforts to get an update from him later in the day failed as he was no longer picking up his phone.


  1. Our prayers are with you Mr. Joe. We wish you and your family, particularly the young girl speedy recovery. Asi mukoma 8 children in one car …..

  2. 8 children in 1 car??? thats too risky!! usadaro Job.

    1. The man is asking for prayers.
      Why do you want to criticise and show your risk mitigation skills even when they are not necessary. Is it a crime to carry 8 children in one car ?

      If it was his house which had burnt down I bet it was gonna be the same ……8 children in one house!!!? Zvimwe nyarai wo. It’s not funny …….

      1. Taurai henyu soko ,vanongotaura mashoko paasingafanirwe kutaurwa ,munhu ari kukumbira minamato uyu

      2. First I wish everyone a speedy recovery

        I don’t suppose @jimmy meant to criticise. However as an aspiring president sikhala should lead by example. One of the reasons many perish on our roads is overloading. Surely 8children plus 2adults in a B1800 is a little too much. I know Its very common in our country but that doesn’t mean its right.
        All the same an accident has happened and we stand with you baba sikhala praying that your family be healed

        1. B1800 and 8 people is not overlaoding nemangwe haisi vitz but Mazda B1800.

    2. Get well soon mukoma, ignore those who critisice, we should remind them that having eight kids is a blessing. Plus you drive a your kids in a minibus, it’s not a four door sedan, I hope

      1. haisi minibus Tafi. It was B1800. Ma mazda ndizvo zvaanoita. I used to drive B2200DX yaidonha ma front brake pads. Regular service, genuine spares zvinobatsira but all in all design is faulty. Pad chero rapera harifaniri kudonha. At least pad ne disc ngazvidyanane wonzwa noise kuti sure rapera.

        1. dingdong yu are 100% correct, breaking system ye mazda is tricky

    3. I am surprised by the fact that he has 8 children. Are all of them by the same mother?

  3. I wish you n the family a swift recovery. May the good lord perform his healing miracles on the wife n kidz.

  4. MDC-99 president Job Sikhala was yesterday involved in a road accident near Nyika Growth Point in Masvingo on Friday

    Is this Holiday hangover Mr editor?

  5. Sounds like you were over speeding!

  6. its the work of CIOs

  7. three times sure and you were counting the rollings whilst you were still inside the car, urikunyeba.wish you and family a good recovery

  8. Wish you and yo Family a speedy recovey…our prayers are with you

  9. mwari vachangoita sezvavakaita pakutanga. Keep them alive or not ngatitarisirei zvaavhatiitira sezvo zvakanyorwa kare. Chishamiso kwatiri coz we know nothing. Leave it to jesus.

  10. Thank you Soko for a balanced and godly view point. May the God of heaven in Jesus Christ’s name help the Sikala family and others in similar circumstances. May God also help the Makumbe family and their young in-law and his family, Amen.

  11. Job and family, may the Lord God help you all with the healing POWER in the Mighty name ofJesus Christ!

  12. Chingoma you are right, holiday hangover from the editor. Secondly the editor was in a scurry to ensure that he was the first to publish the news and grab the few $ hanging loose on the market, remember there isn’t much newsworthy events this festive season.

    Job and family get well soon.

    Editor have a successful 2014.

    1. Chingoma na Tindo ndiri kurasika papi muimba ye round. Nhasi handiti mugovera. Accident haina kuitika zuro chishanu here.
      Sikhala, may the Lord be with u and your family. May your family members get well soon.

  13. may the lord put his power and defeat evil like always.may you and your family recover from the agony.pain and anguish experienced as a result of this unfortunate incident.

  14. Eight children at your age! Control your ‘waist’ first Jobho!

    1. Whilst we wish you and the family a speedy recovery, please forgive for us questioning why you had eight kids in a small car. Ko kuzoita vana eight in this 21st century ko chii nhai ?

      Why exaggerate in claiming the car rolled three times and no one died !

  15. Tinashe Rwambiwa

    I personally know the place where the accidental too place. The road is so precipitous at that point. Sorry homy. I pray that yo family gets well soon.

    1. Tinashe Rwambiwa

      Sorry that was supposed to read “accident”.

  16. Nhai Shutto

    Do you know what a Mazda B1800 looks like? Asi unofunga kuti chese chinonzi mota ndechevanhu 5 here? Google MAZDA B1800 and try to visualize how many people you can fit in there.

  17. hw can u treat yr children like dogs. 8 in a pick up truck chero ikaita canopy. u hv got nobody but yrself to blame.

  18. Wakadhakwa mupfanha who told you kutti motor ikaroller 3times panofanira kufa munhu?? And you must know kuti munhu anoita vana vaanoda kwete vamunoda imi,coz hapana paamboti ndipeiwo mari asi akumbira minamato yedu tese

  19. Get well soon to your family, but shaa 8 kids with one wife is too too much. Next time when driving use 2 cars and share lids between you and wife. Never put all your eggs in one basket

    1. Moda kuwanza chirungu chisina basa angokumbira prayer chete and prayer is free. Either pray for him or shut up. Did the wife complain. Sikhala has 2 wives and he has not asked a cent from us but prayers. A B1800 is a big truck which can carry those people easily.

  20. Sorry meant kids

  21. may the lord be with the sikhala at this critical moment. praying. for you

  22. May god be with you and your family

  23. My prayers are with you Wiwa during this trying period. Let us pray for God’s Grace. Post their recovery consider having two cars one being driven by your wife, encourage her to get a licence if she does not have it yet or ask an able licenced person to drive the second car. Yes accidents can happen any time, that is why they are called so. All we can do is trying to mitigate them.

  24. sorry 4 the horrific moment.Mwari ndivo vanotora kana kukuchengetedza kwete munhu wenyama.

  25. May God deliver healing to those injured

  26. Sorry Wiwa.

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