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Obscene salaries jolt Mugabe


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has tasked his office to tighten governance oversight structures of salaries of local authorities, public enterprises and grant-aided institution bosses.

Report by Mernat Mafirakurewa
News Editor

Mugabe’s move comes at a time there is public outcry over huge salaries and perks received by chefs at the expense of service delivery.

Presenting the 2014 National Budget last week, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said the government was concerned by the extent to which employment costs crowd out the conduct of the core business of public enterprises, including local authorities and grant-aided institutions.

He said the unsustainable employment costs were due to huge salaries, allowances, and perks being paid to top management – contrary to the Corporate Governance Framework for State Enterprises and Parastatals over principles of affordability, and sustainability.

“In this regard, the Office of the President and Cabinet is spearheading the development of the guiding remuneration framework for all entities that make or are likely to make a charge on the Consolidated Revenue Fund with effect from early 2014,” said Chinamasa.

“This framework will tighten governance oversight structures over remuneration, giving consideration to ability to pay, taking account of service delivery targets as well as rewarding corporate performance that is above targets.”

State-owned enterprises across the country have been underperforming, exerting pressure on the Treasury due to persistent demands for bailout.

Chinamasa said not only were these wild remunerations for executives funded by the struggling institutions, but were financed from commercial borrowings.

Workers at ZBC have gone for six months without salaries while the chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere pampered himself with $40 000 a month in salaries and allowances.

Muchechetere enjoyed other perks which included home entertainment of $3 000, housing allowance, $3 000, $2 500 for his security, unlimited local air travel, entertainment allowance, unlimited fuel allowance and wages for his domestic servants.

Premier Service Medical Aid Society chief executive officer, Cuthbert Dube’s monthly salary of $250 000 and his managing director, Farai Muchena’s $190 000 have also raised storm.

Zinwa employees have also gone for four months without salaries while alleging that management was awarding itself loans amounting to $300 000 to build houses and buy luxury cars.

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo has also called for the slashing of salaries for council managers saying the wage bill was consuming over 75% of the council collections, a development that he said was affecting service delivery by local authorities.

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    • Zvinoshamisa that Zimbabwe has by far the most highly paid parastatal bosses in the WORLD. Even if the figures quoted were halved, they would still be the highest in the world. I work for a ‘first world’ local authority with an annual budget exceeding 1 billion but our chief executive does not earn anything near these obscene salaries (per YEAR). My employer has more than 4000 vehicles that we use when at work, but NO ONE has a company car. Anyone who wants a personal car must buy on the open market, like all other car owners. We ALL travel to/from work on trains/buses/bikes/personal cars. Very few people use cars because parking is VERY expensive and not readily available

      As Zimbabweans, we have imposed sanctions on ourselves and (for decades) cost us dearly, by allowing clueless governments to fleece us. Stories are particularly hurtful to Zimbabweans in the diaspora because we worry about our kith and kin, back home, on a daily basis. How, just how on earth does it happen that someone in public or quasi-public service in Zim is paid $20 000 – 250 000 per month when other employees in the same organisations are going without their ‘pittance’ for months? Where is our collective morality? Cuthbert Dube earns enough to pay $500 a month each to 500 other employees. REALLY? Ah, good lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We need NEW BROOMS THAT WILL SWEEP CLEAN. Mugabe and his people MUST tell us what they are going to do about these astonishing revelations. These developments are the frankensteins they have been creating for our country. Apa vanotsvetera mazwi nekungoti ‘masanctions’

    • What on earth will you be doing to attain such a salary of quoter of a million monthly. Where is the money coming from to pay for these obscene salaries? And yet some hard working employees are going home empty handed.

  1. Mugabes empire like all kingdoms shall soon or later crumble..
    History has taught us that.
    But he leaves no legacy except that of overclinging to power due to fears of persecution and justice..
    Millions more have escaped into exile whilst the millions remaining dont have the right to vote except those he stached in his illigal settlements-cooperatives.
    It shall soon end. I hate this man.

  2. Every finance minister is saying they dnt c diamond $. I have seen it goin to Highlanders for Mbada cup. does it ends ther. ?? this is a national crisis & needs more special attention than looking at one org. we brag Zim has minerals but they dont benefit frm it. ban Mbada till we c the $ going to national developmnt. Mbad cup is a social respinsibility.

    • And when the Mbada Money was going to Dynamos for the past 2 yrs , you saw no problem, Iwewe unorwrarwa shamwari even kuma mental institutions there is no help help for you. Why do hate BOSSO so much. Ikafa BOSSO yacho Bhora racho ringatinakidza here? These platforms are not for child minded people. INOMBORI MBORI MARI YACHO YMBANDA. This country needs billions to recover!

  3. I hope sanity will visit the issue of salaries in these government parastatals in 2014..Where is the shame, one is tempted to ask? Asking the president to do the work of line ministries who have watched this rot for this long is UNFAIR..What is it these ministers do from nine to five if not put to put small issues like these to bed? Would they fault those who say the ministers are getting a backhander from these bosses? There was a minister for parastatal reform for four years and these salaries are known, who has been blocking reform? We should be grateful to the media for putting these horrific salary figures in the public domain..so can we expect action from the line ministers YESTERDAY? Are they waiting for the president to do the work for them?

    • You still hv to blame the President, as he is responsible for appointing and re-appointing those non-performing ministers, some for even 33years. Im still to see a minister get fired for not performing. Unfortunately the fish rots from the head

  4. Kana zvese izvi zvaiitika imi Gushungo ne ma relevant Minister musingazvizive it also means u were also not doing your job.u aided to this situation nekusa supervisor.u were busy stealing diamond money and nikuving elections nhasi mave kuda kusimudza misoro.account fo diamond money first.

  5. Curthbeth Dube is either not financially literature or is very greed. $250 000 per month? Who owns psms and are subscribers getting a fair deal after paying such salaries? No wonder he could afford to bail out zifa !

  6. Happison Muchechetere started looting ZBC since 2009 and this was only discovered after 4 years. Iyi ndiyo inonzi closing the stable doors long after the horses have bolted. This is incompetence of immeasurable proportions by the government, what a real shame

  7. @Shock, they always knew – he was useful to them when they kept him there. He knew that one day he would live his usefulness and be dumped like a used condom. He was smart to dip his spoon in there before they kick him out. He did his job very well by making sure ZBC churns out hostile drivel day in day out. They just turned the other way to his other ills as long as he delivered.

  8. How can Cuthbert Dube take $250 000 yet a lot of medical practitioners ar nw turning down pmas for failing to settle credits? Pasi nazvo izvi zvachose. Instead he should take $10 000 including allowances home.

  9. @skuzapo. Zimbos never cease to amaze me. U want everyone to be perfect in the queens language. Instead of contributing to the debate with facts you go for grammar. Go to Nigeria, zambia, egypt, SA pple dont laugh when when screws up the queens language. What matters is to communicate and understand whats being meant and the point being driven home.
    Nowonder why you all crying about the socio-eco-political situation, cos u busy dealing with gramma while the country is going to the dogs.
    Anyway its good someone is doing something about the ridiculous salaries and perks. 250 000 pleeeeeeeeeeeaase

  10. If this is not. A typo error then we need to prepare a cell at Chikurubi for these thugs & thieves to rot the re for the rest of their lives! Shameful & disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. musachema ne maC.E.O ari kuzvipa mari yakawanda vakadzidza pamuri kuti kuba kunoraramisa. u will rot in hell cells u pigs

  12. our government wants to divert our attention from diamond money which they have looted since when. so after years of looting you will set another commission to look into diamond money. its your responsibility to explain to this impoverished nation which we claim to be rich where our money is going. inga wani vakuru vakati nyadzi dzinokunda rufu.

  13. Imagining that some civil servant are getting +/-US$20 000-00 as pension after 20 or more years yet someone is earning US$250 000-00 a month is shoking…Cde President pliz do something about this.

  14. Zanu PF with its elaborate and complex Inelligence structures knew long back what cuthbert and happison were doing , including any other individual not mentioned here.Those mentioned are only the tip of the Elephant’s trunk. How convinient it is that these revealetions come up after elections. Who is going to clean the slate when the broom is already dirty and dusty?

  15. Look at the following figures. Source. Investorpedia.com

    Ana muchechetere nanaDhube vanokwana, it makes me angry…
    Top 10 Political Leader’s Salary by Country (2010):
    1. Lee Hsien Loong (Singapore): $2,183,516
    2. Donald Tsang (Hong Kong): $513,245
    3. Raila Odinga (Kenya): $427,886
    4. Barack Obama (United States): $400,000
    5. Nicolas Sarkozy (France): $302,435
    6. Stephen Harper (Canada): $296,400
    7. Mary McAleese (Ireland): $287,900
    8. Julia Gillard (Australia): $286,752
    9. Angela Merkel (Germany): $283,608
    10. Yoshihiko Noda (Japan): $273,676

  16. Did government not know about these salary scales? Why are they called public enterprises if there is no oversight? It shows there was no oversight by parent ministries for these parastatals to go on like this. There is need for transparency right across the board from president, cabinet to all rank and file. We need to know the cost of flying on national duty for president, cabinent and all government functionaries. There ought to be a property inventory of all top civil servants and quasi-public institutions and an explanation of how such wealth wasearned. If we really wish to fight corruption, some investigation has to be done by persons of integrity. Cry the beloved country!

  17. And as i write kana ukapiwa prescription uri kunzvimbo isina phamarcy ye PSMS you have to travel to, in my case, Hre because all other chemists have blacklisted this medical aid for nonpayment!!!!. unoshaya kuti saka mari yatinobisa mwedzi wega wega iri kuendepi? Mutemo haugoni kubata mbavha idzi here? A graduate teacher earns $275/month and someone earns a salary equivalent to more than 900 graduate teachers!!!!

  18. Is this Cuthbert Dube the same who sometimes fund warriors’ trips? If so then he abuses medical aid subscribers monies for other purposes yet PSMAS fails to pay hospitals and doctors! PSMAS has been banned at certain institutions and card holders pay cash!

  19. Even ministers’ pecks r ridiculous. Did yu see on budget day, deputy ministers driven in Range rover sport. Hey mari yacho yakabva kupi

  20. This is unbeleivable staff. I agree with someone who said this is a typing error. If it is true ,then we can as well kiss goodbye to ever making any economic progress until and unless we have a complete new team of players to do the job not for themselves but for the nation as it were. Nyika yedu yaora zvakadaro zvekuti kana nhunzi dzavakutonhuirwa nayo.

  21. Kuda kutivhara kumeso kunyeberakubatikana. Handiti ndivo vakavaisa? Vanhu ava vamwechete havambofi vakasungana. Birds of same furthers flock together. Ko vanaIsau Mupfumi, Porusingazi, Chiyangwa, Masimirembwa….list endless vaiita mascandals vakasungwa here? It’s a matter of loyalty to Zanu. As long as you are down to earth to Zanu you won’t get arrested when you commit whatever any form of crime. Vanoita sevanokudai ivo vasingakudei muchimanikidzwa kuvakudza nekuvarumbidza. Shuwa 40 000-0=40 000, 250 000-500=249 500 vanhu ava havatidi.

  22. this counrty needs ma auditors cos tiri kupedza ropa nevanwe vedu n mbavha idzodzi hadzisungwe, zvino todii nevanhu vakaita sana Masimirebwa, Dube list is endless…

  23. Chitown 10 months no pay ,manangers getting between 18000 us$ to 32000us$ no service delivery at all.managers took 600litres of petrol each for personnal use during the xmas holiday while allocating 10litres to service vehicles,managers got thier full salaries whilst grades 1to6 got half salaries ranging between 150 to 300us$ grades 7 to 12 got nothing for xmas. Do we have a government?

  24. May I ask if George Bush, Tony Blair or their allies appointed Cde Muchechetere to be CEO of ZBC? It is also pertinent to ask if the same two evil guys and their allies appointed Cde Cuthbert Dube to become CEO of PSMAS. Is it not common knowledge that PSMAS medical aid membership cards are not acceptable by many service providers, in the same way our government’s application for funding is not being entertained by business minded International Financial Organisations. There is nothing new here. These two guys must have failed to remit royalties to one or two benefactors. Talk of the West as having formed the opposition. No! It was formed by the ruling party itself and no one else. Nothing will happen to the two comrades. Absolutely nothing. Forward with the sanctions mantra.

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