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Morline Kuwana releases song for the season


GOSPEL sensation Morline Tsinakwadie Kuwana, aka “The Miriam of our Time”, has released two singles Mira/Be Still and Isimuke Zimbabwe as a festive season gift for her fans.

By Tinashe Sibanda

The fast-rising songbird said she had decided to release the two songs for the season as she awaited the release of her third album in February next year.
“The two songs are emotional tracks which encourage people to have hope and believe in the Lord despite any challenges they may face,” she said.
Be Still encourages people to believe in the Lord despite any hardships or setbacks that come along with life.

It is an emotion-filled track that assures people that unlike man, God does not change or turn back on His promises.

Isimuke Zimbabwe is a prayer in which the musician asks God’s hand to be upon the nation so that it can be lifted to greater heights and be one of the most successful countries in Africa and the world.

“As Zimbabweans, we need to learn to pray for our nation and also speak positive about the country as change of any crisis begins with speaking and believing. With God, all things are possible,” Kuwana said.

Earlier this year, the energetic gospel songbird rocked the local airwaves with her album Nyaya Yacho from which she released a highly-publicised 3D video for the track Zimbabwe, which highly praises the country.

Kuwana is one musician who seems to have the country at heart, thus she has played a major role in uplifting the nation through song.

“I have a passion for the country and I believe in its total restoration that’s why earlier I chose to make a 3D video for the nation as I felt my country was of high importance to me as a citizen,” she said.

Kuwana added that her music always sought to entertain, as well as encourage and make people realise that even if they tried fixing any situations all efforts would be in vain without God’s hand.

The Heritage Junior School teacher, who performed at the official opening of the new Margolis Resort along Chitungwiza Road and at a Ministry of Environment function last year, said the two events had played a major role in making her realise the importance of nation building and appreciating the country’s natural resources.

Kuwana, who is certain that Zimbabwe is set for greater heights, said positive changes in the country’s economy could begin with changes in the attitudes of people.

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