Congratulations Highlanders

HIGHLANDERS defied all the odds on Saturday to lift the Mbada Diamonds Cup for the first time after crushing How Mine 3-0 at Barbourfields Stadium and with that claimed the $130 000 cheque prize money.

NewsDay Editorial

Congratulations are in order to Kelvin Kaindu, the boys and the Peter Dube executive. After seven years of toiling and sweating, their only cup being the Independence Trophy from the 2011 triumph, Highlanders had been written off as they also lost the league title twice in a row on goal difference to champions Dynamos.

On Sunday Highlanders dominated, mesmerised and entertained the 22 000-strong crowd with a brilliant display of attacking football.

These were the results of the hard work and three people in particular — coach Kelvin Kaindu, Masimba Mambare and Njabulo Ncube — would be happy that their hard work has finally paid off. Mambare has been a target of frustrated boo boys, but he silenced them in stunning fashion with that third goal.

Ncube, probably a striker that many a defender would love to hate due to his passion for Highlanders, agility, forcefulness and ability to create chances for others and even score, was on target, together with Peter Moyo.

Once again, congratulations to Highlanders and let’s hope they will build on this financial success for the future. Ads

It was worth the wait! The outpouring of joy from the Highlanders faithfuls was evident the moment the first goal was scored and by the time they scored the third, it was already party time.

The millions of Highlanders fans, especially those that were watching on Supersport 9, from outside Zimbabwe were surely impressed by the massive display of power play on Saturday. Three goals in a final is no fluke and could simply be a product of hard work and self-belief.

How Mine did not bank on tactics against Highlanders, but rather on history. On their way to the final, they toppled defending champions Dynamos and Caps United and having beaten Highlanders twice this season, they thought they would have the trophy on a silver platter.

Nevertheless, the very fact that they reached the final is a historic achievement for them and will now represent Zimbabwe in the Caf Confederation Cup next year, having confirmed their participation on Saturday.

And now to Mbada Diamonds we say keep up the good work of supporting the country’s most popular sport and hopefully the 2014 edition will be much bigger and better, and seeing that we have new teams in Plumtree, Hippo Valley and Kariba, the games will even be spread far and wide.

Kudos to Mbada Diamonds on behalf of the football-loving fraternity, for staging yet another successful football tourney.

It is hoped that the Premier Soccer League in their review of the 2013 season, will recognise this hard work Mbada have put in for football lovers.


  1. Halala,ezikamagebhula, ezimnyama ngenkani, umatengwani owakhala kwazekwasa, from corner to corner iteamu yezwelonke, ababethi ayibulawe yabatshila umoya, Halala BOSSO Halala, sith Hayi,Hayi,Hayi!!!!!!

    Its been long, and feels so damn good. I hope the players will learn from our reactions to this victory what it means to put on that famous black and white stripe. Wear the badge with pride and you will touch so many a life in a positive way.

  2. ndiyo yega here yatanga kuhwina such a title, why not congradulate dynamos for breaking history. as for highlowers its a pity u shuld be banned from soccer.

    1. what is dynamos .I TEAM ENGELA NITSHO CENT …………………………………..

      1. Kubva Saturday here vakomana muchingotaura nezveHighlanders winning Mbada Cup, mashaya dzimwe nyaya here dzekureporter? Zvanyanyoshamisa stereki here? Dynamos broke a record that was never broken by any PSL Club in it’s History and is a non-event. Imagine one coach winning the PSL Cup three times consercatively with one Club and it’s their 20 league title just like Manchester United. And fyi Dynamos won that Mbada Cup twice since it was introduction two years ago.
        To @PORONGI iDynamos ichampionship club uyezwa. Imali lee? Highlanders inayo here mari yacho? suka mani.

    2. Kana iwe usina kumbo fara makore amayi hwina that cup rega isu tizvifarire shamwari ,” nhasi ndezvedu itai makorokoto korokoto kwatiri la la la la la la mazvinzwa ka ” { Singing very loudly”}

  3. Well said mr reporter but you forgot to say..on top of $130000 Bosso also got $50 000 for being 2nd whilst Dynamos got $70 for winning the league. kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. Mike Mabhurkwa Abrahams

      Surely Dynamos got something as well in the Mbada cup.

      1. They got US$5000 only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So their total (Dynamos) is US$75000 and BOSSO’s total is US$180000

  4. @ porongi as yu said. DYNAMOS is the team without even single cent. Bt. i think what DYNAMOS achieved Thahithilanders wl need more than 100 yrs 4them 2b closer. So yu might say what ever yu want Bt depp down yo heart yu ur realy proud of DYNAMOS. DYNAMOS INOREMA KUDARIKA CHITUNHA MUZIMBABWE WANZWA HERE?

  5. Highlanders defied all odds? Pu-lease! Highlanders were clear favourites to lift the cup, what odds are you talking about Mr Editor? How can you write off someone who for two seasons running had the same number of points as the League winners? They were even favourites to win the League. Just needed to write something, didn’t you?

  6. Good people lets love one another as zimbabweans regardless of which tribe we belong.I support highlanders but when dynamos do well like they usually do, i commend them.thats sport.why bring in insults.Dynamos and highlanders are the country’s two biggest teams and we should support them in their efforts to represent our country

  7. Thanx very much Mr Editor (Wellington Toni) for a good report. Your fellow reporter “Henry Mhara” who is a staunch Dynamos supporter doesn’t like this.

  8. whether like it or not, Dynamos got 70 000 for league and 30 000 from Mbada. total 100 000 stop stop. IBosso ibosso, 50 000 league plus 130 000 Mbada. total 180 000. Ndizvo Zviripo.

    1. Painful facts. DeMbare should aim for Mbada and league next season. But then, we all should shed a tear or two for the so-called small teams!

    2. Zwana wena isigilamuluba:IDembare yawina iBob card and got $100000 and they still got their $50000 from Netone
      Haitilanders haina mari and had propert attached by Fathi the Egyptian coach.Hamba uyolala


    Congratulations Highlanders. You are the best team in Zimbabwe. Bravo Kaindu, keep it up. Next season do not allow sellouts to don black and white jerseys. IN DEO SPERAMUS.

    1. I respect your opinions Willard but take exception to remarks that have the effect of alienating certain players from their fans. Remember such arguments in the recent past took an ugly tribal turn because of soccer morons. If someone is off-form, is it a crime? Why call them sellouts? I felt pity for mambare and diya, among others, whom I thought were committed to the cause of bosso, just that it was not working out. We do not need to be emotive when commenting about soccer. I rest my case Widzo. In case you do not get my point, just google ‘bosso live’ and choose the facebook link, particularly from October 2013 to the time they lost the honours to dembare.

  10. @Mutabarz

    ehe zvashamisira stereki , its been a while since a brand like Highlanders got any silverware hence all this hallubaloo abt it. Its very apparent that what you consider news is any story that relates to your preferred team Dynamos , in that respect can I refer you to The Herald where one Robson Sharuko does real justice to such issues , he doesn’t run out I tell you. And perhaps to put things into perspective , its been two weeks since Dembare won the championship and surely u dont expect that to be hot news still its now stale infact.However its been three days since Bosso won the Mbada cup and in my book that is fresh news ! In the coming weeks even us Bosso fans will enjoy reading abt Dembare preparations for the African Safari , that my friend will be hot news THEN but until then ” itai makorokoto korokoto kwatiri la la la la la la mazvinzwa ka ” {singing happily}

  11. Whether you like it or not, boss lost the league bacause of sellouts. The sellouts did not sell in Mbada because Dynalos was not involved.

  12. munofarira kuwinner kwenyu chete madembare

  13. The writer was simply congratulating Bosso, okunye lokhu hayi.


    @ Mpumelelo, a very good comment.

  15. All you Dynamos fans, endayi munozvisungirira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kana masvotwa morutsa

  16. MaDembare zvarwadza ka,.siyayi vamwe vafare madiro, zvinemhosva here?,….inonzi “Tshilamoya” ,..munoita BP nazvo kwaaaaaaaaaakkk nguX ongasolveki

  17. its been 7 years. let highlanders celebrate. its like a woman who finally has a baby after a longtime of trying especially when her rivals have been laughing at her. well done highlanders. in fact in such cases the women suddenlly has more children than her rivals and the children become more succeesful especially if she remains humble.

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