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Cash shortages a bad omen


That this year’s festive season is among the worst in Zimbabwe is a sad reality.

NewsDay Editorial

Cash shortages are biting as some people cannot access money from banks. Companies have been closing left right and centre. Other companies could not pay workers’ salaries because of the harsh economic environment that is gnawing at the roots of their existence.

As the curtain comes down on the year, the cash shortages and company closures seem to be a harbinger of economic doom and swift action is no longer an option.

What adds to the gloom is the apparent lack of seriousness by those in power to rectify the situation.

As if to underscore their lack of seriousness, Zanu PF politicians, who are the rulers of this country, concentrate on trivia such as replacing colonial names with new ones, probably their own.

The Budget presented by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa is not inspiring either as it does not shed light on how the economy is going to be pulled out of the quagmire.

The nation needs to be guided by sober-minded leaders who are prepared to confront the country’s problems in a practical manner.
The gloom pervading the country during this festive period should be a wake up call to our politicians that it is time to act for the country’s good and their own good too.

They should stop blaming others for their shortcomings. Our leaders need to understand that the world owes us nothing. We need to use our own creativity to get out of the mess that they are largely responsible for.

They should stop the pretence that the world is indebted to Zimbabwe.
These leaders should understand that the most constant thing in life is change and we  remain in the liberation war mindset at our peril.
This is 2013 coming to a close and not 1975!

We should not use history as an excuse for our current leaders’ shortcomings.

As the world changes, we should change our mindset so that we match events with economic challenges obtaining in the global village that we are part of.

We shudder to imagine what next year, just a few days away, will be like in the country.

If people couldn’t be happy during the Christams season, what more in January and the subsequent months? If those who hold the reins of power do not act seriously to change the face of the economy, we can rest assured that disaster is just around the corner.

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