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Artistes form association to better industry in 2014


AS the year comes to an end, various local artistes have to come together to form the Zimbabwe Arts and Culture Industry Association (ZACIA) which will officially start beginning of 2014 in a bid to better the industry.

Tinashe Sibanda

ZACIA is an arts and culture association whose primary objective is to promote and protect artistes from all artistic genres through securing their future and welfare by taking definite measurable steps towards solidifying their careers.

The association has confidence that the implementation of a battery of its proposed strategies which is already underway, will yield positive results,” said ZACIA acting president Boniface Chimedza.

He said ZACIA had deliberately decided to take a national approach, which approach will see artistes from every province being given access to the opportunities that are currently only available to those artistes who have the privilege of dwelling in towns and cities.

Chimedza added that ZACIA had deliberately taken an inclusive approach to the representation of artistes because there were benefits in working together as opposed to segmenting themselves and working on many fronts.

ZACIA is currently the only association in Zimbabwe that represents all artistic genres and the purpose of doing that is born out of the realisation that most challenges that these artistes face are the same.

Because of the nature of responsibilities that the Association has deliberately bestowed upon itself for the betterment of the Zimbabwean arts and culture industry, Chimedza will be working with film and television artiste, Charity Dhlodhlo who is ZACIA acting vice-president and another film and television personality Vusa Ryan Dzimwasha as ZACIA acting secretary-general among other artistes in the administrative structure.

“It was necessary to widely consult regarding the nature of administration that would have the capacity to discharge the mandate of the association,” said Chimedza.

Positions agreed on to constitute the administrative structure of ZACIA will include Board of Trustees, president, vice-president, secretary-general, legal affairs director, finance director, pension benefits officer, marketing officer, salaries officer, medical benefits officer and provincial officers (for all the country’s 10 provinces).

He said there were painters, sculptors and  weavers, actors and actresses and musicians, poets and dancers amongst many others in growth points, remote areas and provinces dotted around the country who needed to be seen and heard, thus the need to have sound representation.

“ZACIA will give them the necessary support at every stage of their career development and guarantees them access to opportunities,” said Chimedza.

He added that the association’s vision was to have a globally competitive Zimbabwean arts and culture industry by the year 2020 and its mission was to manifest its vision by the empowerment of the Zimbabwean artistes through access to career opportunities, support, welfare security and career development.

ZACIA is an establishment that was created primarily for the betterment of the welfare of all Zimbabwean artistes and the improvement of the working conditions within the local arts and culture industry.

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