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2014 Zimbabwe national budget highlights


Chinamasa presents $4,1 billion national budget

Economy to grow by 6,1 % in 2014

Multiple currency regime to stay

Insurance and Pension Housing Fund introduced

Retrenchment package tax free threshold increased from $5 000 to $10 000

Flat tax of 50% on incomes above $20 000 per month

Introduction of road levy of 2c/litre and 1c/litre on petrol and diesel

Exports seen reaching $5 billion in 2014, from $4,43 billion this year

Imports ballooning to $8,3 billion in 2014 from $7,6 billion this year

Government to assume $1,35 billion Reserve Bank debt, to recapitalise central bank by $200 million

Demonetisation of the Zimbabwe Dollar by March 2014

Indigenisation laws to stay

Royalties on gross diamond earnings up to 15%

Interbank market back, Afreximbank to provide guarantee

Zim gets $1,6 billion Diaspora remittances annually

Ban on gold exports

Decriminalise small-scale mining

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