Zanu PF gags Jonathan Moyo

THE Zanu PF politburo has gagged Media,Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo and ordered him to stop taking internal party issues to the media following his verbal showdown with party national spokesperson Rugare Gumbo last week.


“He (Moyo) was ordered to stop taking political issues to the papers,” Gumbo told NewsDay yesterday, but refused to shed more details on how the issue was brought up for discussion at the special politburo meeting held on Saturday.

Efforts to get comment from Moyo were unsuccessful yesterday as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Another Zanu PF politburo member who requested anonymity corroborated Gumbo’s statement.

“It’s true Moyo was directed not to issue statements regarding developments in the party. However, it was also noted that he was not to blame as he simply relayed a message that had come from the Presidential spokesperson, (George Charamba). Throughout the deliberations over the matter, Moyo showed immense maturity as he remained calm and did not oppose the politburo’s decision,” said the source.

The public spat between Moyo and Gumbo almost got out of hand after they issued contradictory statements over the status of Zanu PF provincial election results for Mashonaland Central which Gumbo had earlier given to the media. Presidential spokesperson George Charamba then claimed he was under instruction from President Robert Mugabe to notify the media that the politburo was yet to endorse the results.

But Gumbo insisted that the results he had announced stood, adding that he was the only official party mouthpiece.

Moyo then sprang to Charamba’s defence saying: “There can be no executive authority in Zanu PF higher than the party’s president and first secretary (Mugabe). Any suggestion or claim to the contrary is mischievous to the extreme.”

Irked by the remarks, which apparently appeared to undermine senior party officials’ authority, Presidential Affairs minister and Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa jumped into the ring in Gumbo’s defence, and accused Charamba of “jumping the protocol”.

Mutasa said Charamba had no mandate to comment on party business as that was Gumbo’s brief.

A politburo member who declined to be named told NewsDay yesterday that the entire confusion was caused by one Gwatiringa from the President’s Office who took Charamba’s statement to Moyo instead of forwarding it to Gumbo as it was purely a party issue which had nothing to do with the Information ministry.

Mugabe and Charamba were out of the country last week when the drama was playing out in the public glare.

Moyo has a history of run-ins with senior Zanu PF officials since he came into the political limelight in 2000, notably when he was fingered in the infamous 2004 “Tsholotsho Declaration” which allegedly sought to re-arrange the Zanu PF presidium.

Mugabe then blocked his nomination into the party’s central committee and dropped him from the politburo and subsequently expelled him from both Cabinet and the party in February 2005. This was after Moyo had defied a party decision to reserve the Tsholotsho seat for a female candidate and stood for parliamentary elections as an independent candidate, winning the seat.

Moyo was re-admitted into Zanu PF in 2009 and re-appointed Cabinet minister this year.

Meanwhile, the Saturday special politburo meeting ended with Vice-President Joice Mujuru having the last laugh as results of the three provinces — Mashonaland Central, Midlands and Manicaland — where her suspected allies triumphed, were endorsed.

The results were contested by a faction believed to be loyal to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, which alleged massive rigging.

Although both Mujuru and Mnangagwa have publicly denied leading the alleged factions, party sources insist that they are both itching to place their allies in strategic positions ahead of next year’s elective congress where Mugabe’s likely successor could emerge.

However, Mugabe, who turns 90 in February next year, has indicated that he will see his full five-year term through following his election victory on July 31 this year.

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  1. Zanu PF shined when they held their MPs primaries, Y ve this electoral college that involves Provincial Chairmen, Let any cardholder choose who they want thro the ballot box and shiny on democracy .

  2. beware of JONA he is as cunning as a snake he is de one wth presidential ambitions he is tryn to cause havoc in the party beware ZANU PF moyo will stab u in de bck i know him an opportunist, power hungry bastad

    1. @Mucha.
      You really know Jonso. He is like a spoilt child. He does not suffer humiliation quietly but will always devise ways and means to get back at his perceived tormentors. His tormentors in this case are Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo and others. We shall be hearing from Jonso soon. He will be spewing venom. Jonathan is the loud fart all (ZANU PF fellows) pretend they never heard!

    2. the problem lies with the president or Charamba….if the president asked Charamba to convey the message to the party officials directly without going thru the structures then the president is wrong…but if he asked Charamba to relay the message thru Gumbo, the party spokesperson the Charamba was very wrong for jumping protocol… it would have been simpler for President to ask his secretary to get hold of Gumbo and then speak to Gumbo directly and avoid breaking party protocol. in the end Charamba or Jona can be aquitted for any wrong doing as the party president did not follow party protocol but chose to follow gvt protocol. it seems that non of the zpf politburo members was man enough to get clarity from the president as to why he did not speak to Gumbo directly to convey the message

  3. Moyo is a smart cookie and slippery as an eel..this could be one of his tactics to get rid of a few undesirables at the Ministry of information. The last debacle played neatly into his hands. Now that the politburo has pronounced on the matter ike he hoped those who have their hands on the last communique can expect all that is coming to them! Who said there are no permanent friends in politics but permanent interests had this in mind when they coined the a few fellows will,like our Chinese friends are wont to say, ‘ start living in interesting times’

  4. Moyo is like muzukuru(padare ravana sekuru) in zanu pf. In by invitation so when the sekurus talk serious business he has to keep quiet.besides he knew he ws very guilty.

  5. Moyo will bring down zanupf to the floors. There isn’t any politician in zanupf who can match his abilities to score personal deliverables and objectives. As I said last week he got ability to say one thing that speaks three or four different things, and all of them venomous!

  6. This kind of reporting is very silly and hallucinatory, just like what Tsvancry, Biti, Welshman Ncube did after the Maputo SADC summit only to find out later that Mugabe had the last laugh. The Newsday and the Daily news also published screaming idiotic headlines, twisting the facts about the summit, – suggesting that Mugabe had been cornered by SADC in relation to the jul 31 elections. To all those who followed the events closely, what Moyo said is exactly what happened, – that the mash central election will be deliberated by the politburo, which will finally endorse them. That is what Gumbo finally confirmed on ZTV, so one wonders where is the gagging of Moyo here. Moyo never insulted anyone and it appears he was the better informed of the ZPF politburo members. The Newsday reporter on this story is either demi-literate or self serving because it appears he is referring to a dream than to what we actually read in the better edited herald story.

  7. @ Reason. Becauase you are reasonless, you cannot see what every site visitor sees or concludes about Jona. And you cannot even read from his string of venomous activities, from bombing printing presses, penning the most senseless and oppressive laws and causing division and inciting hatred among peace loving citizens; I can go on and on but let me save my employer time. The registry clerk in Mudede’s office needs to correct your name – it is actually REASONLESS.

    1. cornholio, just because 6 or so idiots commented in support of a non factual story, it does’t follow that it then becomes reasonable and correct. You are busy commenting about my name instead of the facts, that exactly points to my analysis here, you are just one of the idiots.

  8. reason you are sport on

  9. For u Reason.n Corn…..i think the issue of reasoning out of party lines and not facts has been the major tussle to our development as a nation..Zanu pf is not perfect and when they mess up they jus wanna blame everyone..they should accept their shortcomings…the M.D.C too does the same things..we need to get out of our political lines and reason maturely…in this case..Jonono is a pain in the case..very conniving and slippery..n thats a fact

  10. They say never urgue with a fool for ppe may not able to tell the deliverance. Jonso is also looking for fights and he seems to thrive in such environment

  11. Who was gagged??? Moyo has proven he is ungaggable. Read his press statement- Provincial elections not about succession: Moyo

  12. basically, you moyons keep making the same mistake in failing to read the nutty record of a professor with a link to production of ‘sellouts beware’ campaign regalia. moronic of his rank if you ask me properly. keep ilk like that gagged from doing damage !!

  13. Progressive Zimbabwean

    I hold no brief from anyone in Zanu PF but I think Cde. Mutasa is right to say Cde. Moyo over stepped when he went on to abuse the press to denigrate fellow comrades. I am on record as saying Cde Moyo has to leave the corridors at Herald House and Pockets Hill. I have no problem with him seeking to genuinely clean up ZBC but when he becomes vindictive against other Comrades and wages a war in the pretext of a clean up then that becomes a problem. It was very clear for all to see that Cde Gumbo was and remains the national party spokesperson just as it was clear that Jonathan had shown mischievous disrespect for party elders and was trying to play one against the other never mind his subsequent utterances to the effect that comrades should work to improve the livelihoods of the suffering majority. It came too little too late.

  14. Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonah, the man has a serious problem, you remember that time I chucked him out of my war cabinet. Now I thought let me give him a life line, and there he is, pitting me against my fellow comrades since our days in Mozambique. His problem is that he thinks he is too smart brain-wise and can wood-wink people at will and whenever he feels like. Anofunga kuti ndiye mambo wepolitics nokuti ndiProfessor wepolitics. Muregerei akadaro, achapepuka kutsi kweguva, hameno zvake, ko tinongomuchengeta, handiti pachikomo hapazari zvapo!

  15. I think most of you people are saying almost the same thing in different ways. George Charamba is the President’s Spokeperson and so is officially mandated to speak on his behalf. In this case, we are told both were away. Jonathan is the Information minister acting on behalf of govt which is a Zanu PF govt run by the same President. Though Gumbo is party spokeperson, he has no right to publicly attack Jonathan when he was simply clarifying a position neither Charamba.

    I am not a big fan of the professor but believe you me the guy is good at his game. His wit is way above most of these old guards and are certainly afraid of him. He is fearless, knowledgeable and a grandmaster planner and tactician. Take him for granted at your own peril. They do not call him the professor for nothing!

  16. he is one indispensable member of the ruled Party and there to stay.

  17. there used to be a professor vying for presidential office too over a long time in kenya politics. as a prof he was highly regarded right up to the time he started talking politics after which ocaasion he was last and well beaten by the kibakis of this world.

  18. don’t make noise which is rather unnecessary about this. These are just in house hick ups which will be amicably resolved.

  19. Jonathan is a textbook example of political scum known more for his venomous tongue and generating controversy than for any real political aptitude.

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