Well said, Amai Jukwa!

“Yes, sanctions are in place, but they are not responsible for many of our failures. The greater blame lies on incompetent and corrupt managers.”

Echoes Conway Tutani

Guess who said that? None other than Amai Jukwa, one of the columnists in the State-run media who writes under a pseudonym, did so this week.

This frank, direct and perspicacious observation makes nonsense of the call by Zanu PF MP Joseph Chinotimba that main opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai must be jailed for life for calling upon the West to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. This reduces to an expensive and gigantic stunt 2011’s anti-sanctions petition drive when over 2,5 million signatures were collected, many forcibly as people were herded to rallies to sign. The biggest enemy has been from within.

Some of the chief executive officers (CEOs), particularly — but not only — at State-run firms don’t add any value to the company whatsoever. All they do is weigh firms down through asset-stripping. Not to mention that some of them, being beneficiaries of political patronage, are clearly out of their depth as CEOs.

This disdain for reality — and expertise — has pervaded the government’s economic approach, and made it impossible for it to react appropriately and rationally to real-world socio-economic problems like grand corruption. That is why some company premises are now looking more like scrapyards.

It’s really exasperating when you read in newspapers that some CEO — whether in the public or private sector — has won some farming award as the Grower of the Year when you know that their farming operations are largely — if not wholly — funded by the firms they head. There is something out of sync, decadent and degenerate about CEOs getting all the plaudits when workers haven’t been paid for months.

“Can we really blame sanctions for the pathetic operations of the Passport Office where our people are forced to suffer an assortment of indignities in pursuit of a document they are constitutionally entitled to?” queried Amai Jukwa.

Indeed, what have Zimbabweans done to deserve this in their own country? The racketeering that goes on outside the entrance to the Harare Passport Office — Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede cannot miss the “action” as he drives in each morning.

There was the spectacle of a CEO clad in party regalia — cap and all — on company premises at an official function in the aftermath of the July harmonised elections like he was at a political rally. This sort of thing is to be avoided.

But then these characters are after ingratiating themselves to the system. Too much is at stake, CEOs have to make sure that their lucrative contracts are constantly renewed, so they have to be seen to be more Catholic than the Pope himself. Some of them behave in a more meretricious manner than prostitutes. The pretense, deception, insincerity and vulgarity seen in prostitutes pervades these CEOs. It’s unbelievable, but they have to do it because they are unemployable elsewhere at the same level with their undistinguished, non-illustrious track records.

As a result, some CEOs at State-controlled firms have become very skilful at ingratiating themselves to the relevant minister at the expense of the workers.

All the minister’s private vehicles are filled up with free fuel every week and other lucrative off-book “perks” are provided through creative accounting. Such fraud occurs outside the financial system and, thus, has no direct audit trail. Once a minister is bribed, he will see no further than the CEO. Their relationship is cemented forever and the workers won’t be the slightest factor in their scheme of things. A pretty toxic mix. This could explain why employees at some parastatals have gone for months without pay with the minister’s full knowledge, but no action at all. Public outrage must be translated into strong action.

So, when ministers go on TV singing the sanctions mantra against the West and the opposition, there will be few, if any, takers. It doesn’t ring true and it doesn’t make sense.

The irony, hypocrisy and cruelty of it all will not be lost on the workers at parastatals under those ministers.

The ministers cannot distance themselves from company collapse; they are very much in the thick of it. That is why State-run firms which have no competition to talk about have been run to the ground despite their unlimited market reach.

Amai Jukwa rightly gave the National Railways of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation as examples of failures which, all things being equal, should be successes.

Wrote Amai Jukwa: “After (Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister) Prof (Jonathan) Moyo dissolved the ZBC board, did he not receive favourable coverage in the very same so-called opposition papers? It is not so much that these papers enjoy being critical for the sake of being critical.”

Hear, hear! The private media is neither genetically nor pathologically against Zanu PF. With the same facts, arriving at the same conclusion is inevitable, not planned.

Indeed, if we are really honest to ourselves, most of the time we should see the same things alike — like doctors who diagnose diabetes as diabetes, not as malaria. Or a football referee who adjudges a corner kick as a corner kick, not a penalty, in concurrence with his assistants and the spectators.

The truth is universal; not circumstantial or situational. It remains the same — whether in the public media or private media.

This is the time for economic realism, not economic nationalism.

The less we hear of sanctions, the better.

Well said, Amai Jukwa!



  1. Ataurawo apa George Charamba

  2. The economy has become Mugabe and Zanu-PF’s greatest nightmare than Tsvangirai. It is apparent by the day that Zanu-PF’s greatest enemy is within (the incompetent and corrupt party functionaries) that plundered the country beyond what the likes of Mobutu Seseko did to Zaire before he was chased out of power and country.
    It is turning out that the July 31st election was a blessing in disguise for MDC because now Zanu-PF is totally exposed of thier incompetence and very soon they will run out of excuses. They don’t have MDC to blame anymore as MDC can just stand aside and watch quietly and say “tongai tione”. For the love of country I will offer free advice here, Mugabe pluck a leaf from Chairman Mao’s book when he failed, he was not ashamed to bring out Deng Xiaoping from prison to turn around things preserving Mao’s legacy. By the same token Mugabe should immediately reshuffle cabinet and appoint competent ministers from GNU regardless of party affiliation, failure to which his legacy is irredeemable and the fate of the country is precarious.

    1. @New Revolutionary- Many thanks for this..Some home truths..Mao was maybe smart after all as the Deng fellow turned China into a jewel in a short 20 years. No one else in this world as known has achieved this!

  3. The so called Mai Jukwa’s speech lacks coherence and is very jittery . She must be very dull.

  4. Nyamasvisva Mutsunga

    Changlong 11 you ar the one who is very dull or you ar one of the CEOs who go to company premises in full party regalia which at any level is not competence.A parastatal should thrive for national interest not party interest.The majority is invincible,wel said mai jukwa

  5. i am at lose of words that the president reads such articles and still does nothing to rid the suffering people from the thieving friends of his. he however decides to get rid of the hard working people who were with him during the gnu in the name of zanu. president please do something about this and dont tell us you want evidence. we respect you and we dont want at all to paint you with the same brush with those we use on these thiefs, but it think it is coming fast.

  6. Thank you so much. The problem is not the West, its the leadership. As long as Mugabe is in power, there are some people whom he cannot fire like Chihuri. The most corrupt organisation is ZRP. Look at how they fleece the kombis. It has now reached alarming levels where the kombis now contribute $5 each and submit to ZRP together with the reg numbers no avoid being stopped. If police cannot deal with the wrong within itself, how can they deal with national problems. Mapurisa ekutraffic anotamba round re$100 daily, Mwari arikuona zvake.

  7. I wonder y ppl w rgm as if he is a saint. RGM is e most corrupt and is afraid dealing w his corrupt ministers will back fire as they will also hit back and expose him. Maministers ake are fully aware nothing will ever happen to them otherwise how can he reappoint Chombo and Mpofu of all e ppl

  8. The only practical solution is to go back and identify those strategic industries,recapitalise them buy new machinery and moniter them.Otherwise we can talk and talk for the next 5yrs.

    1. Capitalise thjem from where. Zim has no money and at this stage we simply have to leverage on FDI which we are chasing away by our barbaric indiginisation policy.The foreign appetite for investment is there but then as long as the gvt pursues a retribution (and unnecessary wars with EU and US) we will continue to sing the tired mantra of being the wealthiest and yet one of the poorest nation in Africa. What good are minerals underground that 5 generations may not be able to exploit? We are lagging behind flattering ourselves with such statements as a nation with the highest literacy ratio in Africa. We can sing as many praises but as long as my grandmother in Matuzviadonha has no food on the table its all nonsense

  9. Wil the police find a solution for kombis ,because those people need to feed their families and its one of the biggest employer in this country ,let them work without fear

  10. Psychopathy is defined as either an aspect of personality or as a personality disorder, characterized by enduring dissocial or antisocial behavior, a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse, and poor behavioral controls or fearless dominance.
    The essential feature of antisocial personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood.

    During the war (1976-1979) most of these guys were very young man and probably developed this narcissist behavior then. The belief of invincibility and righteousness development then and it is evident in the pervasive way the whole political system functions and the “justification of it”. Now we have young men (being recruited into the C-ten system) who actually believe the psychopaths (cults) and are perpetuating the highly flawed meaning of our leadership systems.

    Maybe we need to forgive these guys for they know not what they do or why they do it.

    1. @musvukupete – your description is spot on. Most of these guys did not know anything about Zanu 9zanu and Zapu had ben banned and were not covered in the press) – Muzorewa’s UANC was the popular political party at the time. These guys were brainwashed in Mozambique. The type that crossed the border in the late 1970s – a motley bunch of primary school dropouts, juvenile delinquents, fugitives from justice for non-political crimes such as theft, murder, fraud, rape, robbery, housebreaking: drifters and the unemployed. Once a criminal will always be a criminal.

  11. wattsopeter@rocketmail.com

    kuba,rape ndozvavo wese aba anoda kuita mp wezanupf kuitira political patronage,masimirembwa akaba,kereke aka bhinya aitomanikdzira kuita wezanupf ivo vasingamudi,mutodi imbavha aitoda kumanikdzira kuita mp we zanupf,as well as mliswa you can name them so this party is full thieves for sure

  12. Indeed the nation has been run down by these thugs masquerading as leaders. Their insesant siphoning of national resourses has brought this nation to the ground. We are knee deep in debt, workers not getting paid,whole industries closing down and we still say its Blairs fault? Thats bulls***. Its high time we saw a change for the better. These praise singers and loyalist thugs have to go. Lets try something new. Corruption has to stop. Where is Zupco, GMB ,Zisco steel, TelOne and more recently ZBC gone to or going? What did Blair or Bush do to these institutions that our own leaders havent?

  13. What about the high levels of corruption at V. I. D. Without paying you will not get a drivers license. All of them drive ex japs but we are all civil servants like them. They should be audited their life styles.

  14. If you attend an interview and manage to get a job with forged certificates (stealing elections) you cannot afford to approach your new employer (us, the people) to tell the new employer that although you got the job you are unable to come in daily at 8:00 am because you are divorced and have to take the kids to the nursery school first thing in the morning and collect them at 4:00 pm without fail (sanctions). And that you cannot work weekends because you will be looking after these kids! What will your employers think? They will fire you forthwith.

    What ZanuPF did is unforgivable – they rig elections and soon after give an excuse of sanctions. ZanuPF should not have rigged elections to be in government when they knew sanctions would be an impediment for them. They knew they had no answer to sanctions but continued to rig elections. We are living life at half pace. We have our short lives to live. They should have allowed some other party without the sanctions burden to govern. They have made matters worse for us and themselves because sanctions will subsist. They cannot rig elections and expect the world to believe they won by “landslide”. Very patronising.

  15. kikiri kikiri muAfrica!!

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