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Spiderman rocks airwaves


WHILE boys of his age are probably kicking plastic balls on the dusty streets of Glen Norah, 13-year-old Munashe Tanjani is busy squabbling with his uncle in the studio.

Silence Charumbira

The animated argument is over the arrangement of his new song that is one of the few that he has penned on his own.

Popularly referred to as Spiderman, the young man has caused ripples on the market with his hard-hitting lyrics.

One of his latest tracks City Council, which he performed recently at the Protest Arts International Festival outreach shows, left audiences simmering in amazement at how a mere boy could address human social imbalances with such ease.

The song is a conspicuous attack on local authorities for poor service delivery.

According to the young musician, he started off admiring his uncle Jiggaz (real name George Tanjani) rehearsing before he felt he had to try it out himself.
“I would admire him until I felt I had to try it out. He started off writing songs for me as he had the experience is probably the best singer locally who can sing in Patois until I could compose on my own,” said the Mt Pleasant High student.

One of the songs that he composed on his own titled Hamuchandibhadharire presents a scenario that many parents can relate to.

“I walk in and my father is looking sulky. On asking him what the problem he tells me he is struggling to raise my school feels upon which I tell him not to worry as I have just clinched a deal with Eversharp,” he said.
“That was in 2012 and I did an advert for Eversharp, which earned me a long-time endorsement with the company. I managed to pay my school fees with the money.”
Interestingly, the name Spiderman also tells the story of who he has rubbed his shoulders with.

When renowned singjay Mr Vegas came to Harare in 2011 he named him Mad Spider after watching his energetic performance.

“Previously, I had been using the name Babylon, but Mr Vegas named me Mad Spider referred to as Babylon, the young artiste was christened Mad Spider,” said the musician who has also rubbed shoulders.

Meanwhile, the musician performs today in Gutu for the last of this year’s Paif outreach shows under the theme Know Your Constitution Know Your Rights.
The line-up of the artistes also includes Jiggaz, Explosion Dance Group and Madiz.

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