Soldiers, cops refuse to pay for sex

A SELF-CONFESSED prostitute from Epworth in Harare has claimed that civil servants, particularly soldiers and police officers, constituted the majority of the industry’s clients, but were notorious for using verbal threats to evade paying for “services rendered”.


The lady of the night, who preferred to be called Mukotopeya, told a United Nations Population Fund-organised media workshop in Bulawayo on Wednesday that most soldiers used verbal threats to avoid payment, while police officers always dangled their handcuffs to get “free sex”.

“Civil servants are our regular clients, but they don’t want to pay. Soldiers hire our services for the whole night, but when it comes to paying, they threaten us saying: ‘I work at KG6. What products did you supply me that you want me to pay for?’

“Police officers arrest us as a way of soliciting for free sex. We end up sleeping with them because we cannot afford to be arrested when our children have no food,” Mukotopeya said.

She said on a busy night, she could service between 10 and 15 men.

Mukotopeya, who is a mother of four, is expecting her fifth child.

She said she found herself on the streets about 15 years ago after her husband brought another woman.

Her husband forced her to watch them being intimate on their matrimonial bed.

She said that was one of the many reasons that traumatised her so much that she decided to leave her husband and ply the streets as a sex worker because she could not go back to her parents’ home for fear of reprisals.

The woman claimed there were so many women who were educated and married, but had joined the world’s oldest profession because of unemployment.

Mukotopeya revealed that men living with HIV and circumcised men usually wanted unprotected sex.

Circumcised men, she said, claimed that they would not contract HIV that causes Aids or sexually transmitted diseases.

“You journalists, you are our mouth piece. We expect you to carry out messages to His Excellency (President Robert Mugabe). We are doing this because we don’t have jobs and we want to look after our children,” she said.

Another sex worker from Bulawayo, who preferred to be identified as Khetiwe, said besides being harassed by the police on a daily basis, she loved her job because it earned her a “decent living”.

She said their biggest challenge was that they were being subjected to inhuman treatment at public hospitals each time they sought treatment for sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

National sex work programme co-ordinator Sibongile Mtetwa said she was in the process of facilitating access to HIV testing and treatment to over 12 000 prostitutes on their registers.

UNPF programme analyst for key affected population Samson Chidiya challenged people to look at prostitution with new lenses and find ways of integrating them into society so that they take a leading role in the fight against HIV and Aids.

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  1. shame to news reporters who are there to mess up other pple’s reputation.prostitution haisiri nyaya yekuti hakuna mabasa nekuti kune vamwe vanhu vaunoona husiku vari mumastreets asi tichizovaona vava mumabasa kana i’m saying kuhura ishavi rinenge riringori mumunhu uye kusagutsikananemurume wako.shuwa shuwa munhu anototi rega atize murume nokuti arora mumwe mukadzi ndokuenda mustreet kunohura.kana newo mutori wenhau wotonzi refer nyaya kuna president uchiti hanzi hakuna mabasa kkkkkkk

    1. Ska iwewe urikuti aifanira kugara pamba ipapo aunzirwa mumwe mukadzi? Unogara iwe? Uchigarira chii? Plus mupe ka basa racho if things are ok. I’m not supporting it but I can see why to her it became necessary.

  2. Mabasa ariko Chinhoyi, asi haasi kubhahdaraka nhai. So these people go into the streets to suplement their income. I dont support these people but I sympathise with them. Nyika yaparadzwa iyi vakomana, ndiro shavi rabata vanhu iroro. Demon reZANU rakonzera poverty mudzimba. Umbavha nekuhura are now the most paying proffessions. Look at the number and ages of women who ply the nights, this is no demon guys. These women are fighting battles to survive, they are better guerillas than those zn pf shits. People have suffered and most are left with no option at all. For women the only way out is to open legs, men start stealing and other crimes

  3. May JEHOVAH God bring everlasting freedom to these chained souls.Evil is evil nomatter whatever justifications.

  4. Zvanzi naKhetiwe, ‘l earn a decent living by prostitutiön.’ musanyeperwa hamawe. Bvunzai ini ndinombokecha, vazhinji vacho vanorara pasi, havana mibhedha. Pekugara vanotsvaka maBoy sky akachipa. Apa unokwira munhu mwana wake aripo. Nxaaa!

  5. pay yavo ishoma full stop

  6. Kwabuya abathi bona baya zitonga kuzere This is a new Zimbabwe kanti amapholisa lamasotsha lidakwa zimbanje, liyadakwa sibili alishadanga lifunani kubo mangumba

  7. imwe mweya yesvina vanhu vamwari inotoda minamato’zvinorevei kuti mukadzi mukuru anozvida nokujadamiswa muma street uchitaridza murume wesewese muvir wako.hatitendeukei vanhu vamwari.nemiwo masoja nemapurisa kwanai.

  8. Kana kuri kuvenga Zanu pf, kana kuri kusvotwa nekuti bhora rakagohwa apa mazonyanya. Screaming headline yakadaro meant to tarnish our forces who guard our sacred land. Surely how can you write such a story based on hearsay. You didn’t set a trap to catch uniformed forces as clients.

    I think Hondo yenyu nemauto yanyanya and you should be put in the frontline so you appreciate them, Endeswai kuRENAMO uko

    1. Get away. Come back when you understand journalism and when you understand the struggle of the people. Mauto ekuita sei asina kurwa hondo ndiani? Bhora rekuita sei 33 yrs muchitadza basa hee pwora pwora unodya bhora iwewe? Nonsense.

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