National Arts Council of Zimbabwe urges local arts to create Zollywood


ZIMBABWE National Arts Council’s Harare provincial manager William Ndinde has challenged local artistes in different genres to take their work seriously and work towards having what he termed Zollywood status in the art sector.

Report by Winstone Antonio Own Correspondent

Ndinde was speaking on the sidelines of the rasta-kwasa musician, Dino Mudondo’s launch of his six-track album Ndakupihwa NaMwari at City Sports Bar on Wednesday night.

“Our arts sector was mainly informal and individualistic, but with the new ministry we are poised for growth. We are now saying we cannot be outdone by Democratic Republic of Congo which has successfully exported their Rhumba music,” he said.

“In Jamaica they are building their country through reggae while in Nigeria they are known for African movies and it is high time for the nation to have the Zollywood status just like the Hollywood, Nollywood (Nigeria) and Bollywood (India).”

As a way of supporting the musician, Zimbabwe Union of Musicians secretary Wellington Maruta was the highest bidder of the night purchasing the CD at $1 200 which he said will be given to the musician next week Friday.

The Wednesday launch, which was the second after the album was initially launched in Bulawayo, was graced by fellow musicians Tryson Chimbetu, Selmor Mtukudzi and husband Tendai Manatsa, Pitshou Lumiere of Diamond Musica and many promoters.

On the sidelines of the event the dreadlocked musician told NewsDay that he had discovered that music was his calling and has since dedicated his life to it.
“I tried everything, but have come to realise that I have no plan B in life so I have to dedicate all my time to music,” Mudondo said.

Songs that make up the album include, Wandava Naye, Dzandarota, Denga Rechinomwe, Ndafunga Iwe, Ngaasare and the title track Ndakupihwa NaMwari. The musician said he hoped that this latest offering will revive his once fading career which was once soiled by controversial affairs.

“It is very hard to make it to the top because of competition in our industry, but I am sure I am now equipped to face the competition. I have done well in the past and I know I can even do better,” he said.

The Jatrofa singer said he had dedicated the album to his new love with whom he will tie the knot next month.