Mujuru faction gains more ground

THE Zanu PF faction believed to be led by Vice-President (VP) Joice Mujuru appears to be gaining more ground in Zanu PF’s intricate succession battle.


The VP appeared to be tightening her grip on power following yesterday’s victory by Luke Mushore, believed to belong to her faction, in the Mashonaland Central elections for the provincial chairmanship.

Mushore polled 12 905 votes beating former chairman Dick Mafios who garnered 12 424 votes to land the party’s top post in the province where Mujuru hails from.

Announcing the results at a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Zanu PF national spokesperson Rugare Gumbo called on all party contestants to accept the outcome, amid reports that other losing candidates in the Midlands and Manicaland province where other alleged Mujuru allies Jason Machaya and John Mvundura romped to victory last week were challenging the results.

“The party and President (Robert Mugabe) made it clear that elections in Midlands and Manicaland are behind us. People must learn to accept defeat . . . They (losers) want power and to have it at any cost which is not possible,” Gumbo said.
In the Midlands race, Machaya defeated Larry Mavhima, widely believed to be a close ally of Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, leader of the other Zanu PF faction.

In Manicaland, Mvundura won the Manicaland provincial chair last week, after Monica Mutsvangwa, believed to be from the Mnangagwa camp withdrew from the race, citing numerous electoral irregularities.

Gumbo said elections for Harare, Bulawayo, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, Masvingo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South would be held on the weekend of November 23 and 24.

Already, Mnangagwa appears to have been dealt a heavy blow in Masvingo where his suspected ally and incumbent chairperson Lovemore Matuke was recently suspended for giving former Reserve Bank adviser Munyaradzi Kereke the greenlight to contest in the parliamentary elections on a Zanu PF ticket ahead of the party’s preferred candidate, Elias Musakwa.

Gumbo confirmed Matuke was unlikely to contest as he remained suspended.

He nevertheless refuted allegations of deep-rooted factionalism in Zanu PF, insisting the party was united.

“There are no divisions within the party. We have a hierarchy comprising President Mugabe as leader, Vice-President Mujuru, national chairman Simon Khaya-Moyo and secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa and we all follow their directions,” he said.

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  1. Mnangagwa oversees elections in Manicaland,and one Mvundura who is said to be a Mujuru ally wins though some cited irregularities and Ngwena goes on to declare Mvundura the winner.Nyaya dzenyu idzi dzine chikwadi here kana kuti maroto.Zvekutonga izvi ndezvamwari.Ndiyani aiziva kuti teacher akatadza kuita headmaster nguva yeurairidzi achazo tonga nyika.

  2. As long as they cant confront Mugabe head on, on the need to change leadership, they are wasting their time. The guckrawundie is going nowhere and will keep running circles around them until 2025!!

    1. @straight shooter wakapenga zvako ndatenda uyindonda sibili

  3. May the best candidate with people at heart emerge as the successor.

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  5. mnangagwa haaiti,’ MUJURU’ ndizvo%

  6. its time to realise that one is better than the other


  8. Looks like bob really want mai Mujuru to take over. Gloves are off and this is better for the country.

  9. if Tsvangirai fails to be my president i would rather have Joyce than all these other despots!!!

  10. We need a more conciliatory leader…….a leader who will recognise that MDC members are Zimbabweans as well. We need to stop this nonsense between Zanu & MDC & build a country that’s united in purpose, united in vision, & rich in diversity! We need the old Zimbabwe back……..I don’t care if Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Mnangagwa wins……… We need to grow up as a country.

    1. Straight shooter

      Mkhaliphi, which “Old Zimbabwe” do you want back?

      Our problems started the moment we had “Zimbabwe” for your informtion. We were much better off, much more united in diversity in Rhodesia.Zimbabwe has been a curse.

      Blacks were united under Rhodesia – there were no insults, no labelling in politics in Zim.

      Differences were more at a social level and more of banter than serious.

      Serious labelling; insults and hatred started when Mugabe took over the leadership of ZANU PF Mozambique 1976. This is when all hell broke loose. We started hearing about “mbwazungata”; “zidumbu”; “mtengesi”; “puppets”; etc

      Robert Mugabe is the cause of all our problems!!

      1. Va straight shooter munoratidza kuti muri murungu chaiye akatorerwa munda nemablacks uku muchikanganwa or kunyepera kukanganwa kuti madziteteguru enyu nekungwarisa zvese neutsinye hwavo vakatorera munda madziteteguru emablacks. Chokwadi chokwadi mablacks tange tiri nani murhodesia kana kuti varungu ndivo vanga vari nani , taurai chokwadi kunyangwe paine zvimwe zvisiri kufamba zvakanaka. kwete kungonakirwa nekutaura.

    1. Waramba @Changundega asi 61+% yakada musi wa31 July saka hauna dhiri. Uchaita heart-attack 2018 pachada 91+% saka gara wakagadzirira maFuneral expenses ako hama dzisazonetseka.

  11. munangagwa haatonge nyika ino ngaadzikame zvake,ane utsinye futi saka ini handimude zvangu.Let him be a minister as simple as that.

  12. @rwizi benzi iwe.
    61% yakabva kupi ne harawa yo.
    Ma number chete akagadziriswa otherwise 75% of voting Zimbabweans want regime change.
    Learn from the Arab Spring.
    No leader is wanted forever

  13. MNANGAGWA NDIZVO maCDEs or MUDZURI mugabe,mujuru and tsvangirayi vapera basa

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