Mr Ugly organisers under fire

MR Ugly organisers have come under fire from different sections of the society that have labelled the pageant inhuman.

Silence Charumbira

This comes after the announcement by the organisers last week that they would parade William Masvinu and his wife in a refuse collection tractor before a mock wedding at City Sports Bar tomorrow.

The announcement sparked outrage from different sections of the public with some calling for the banning of the pageant.

NewsDay readers have been posting their comments on the newspapers website.

Here are some of the comments: Dignitas: “In the interest of the new Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights, there is need to ensure that Mr Ugly and his wife’s dignity is protected. The issue of being in a rubbish vehicle not for the purpose of work – but only because he is ugly, is not consistent with our human values for dignity.”

Mukorekore Mukuru: “God made us all with His image and therefore no one should be considered ugly. This is definitely not God’s plan.”

Innocent: “In a refuse collection truck,with his wife to a bar and cheap prizes. Sure to be poor is a crime. Better find him a job. Guys l think you are just going too far.”

But Apama (real name David Machowa), the organiser of the event this week said there was no reason for outrage as his pageant was premised on farce.
“People should not misconstrue the idea behind this pageant to address their own agendas,” said the comedian.

“This is a comedy event. Tell me, if we do not laugh at ourselves how will we take it when a neighbour laughs at us?

“This is only made serious because we are trying to go commercial with the pageant other than that it is all about a light laugh.

“Zimbabweans are too serious battling various situations among them bread and butter issues and Mr Ugly is just an idea to have people laughing after a hard day’s work.”

He added that like any comedy, the public should not take offence as it was purely to get people laughing.

“Other than everything else people should actually applaud the initiative as it stands to empower him in the long run,” he said.

“Masvinu has been wallowing in poverty but all of a sudden he gets an opportunity to get extra money, a year’s school fees for one of his children and groceries worth $200. I think he will have a brilliant Christmas if you ask me.”

Masvinu will get one-year school scholarship fees for one of his children, groceries worth $200, full safety wear gear which includes a helmet, complete worksuit and his size 16 boots courtesy of Edgar Mukunyadze director of Life Investments.

The company will also present Benny Chakanyuka, the first runner-up, with his groceries worth $100, one school term’s tuition for one of his children, while Funny Musekiwa will get groceries worth $50.

Benny Chakanyuka, the first runner-up, will be handed his groceries worth $100, one school term’s tuition for one of his children, while Funny Musekiwa will get groceries worth $50.

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  1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The name UGLY in this pageant has to be substituted and the organisers should cease to exploit ‘the have nots’ forthwith all in the eyes of comedy. That is inhuman and totally unacceptible.

    1. It is because of sanctions CHANGLONG. There is nothing we can do until sanctions are lifted
      Anything that goes wrong in Zimbabwe now we put blame sanctions

    2. by the same token why do we have beauty contests ,by declaring someone Miss Zimbabwe we are also saying she is better than other contestants. lets stop these double standards. if Mr ugly is inhuman so are those beauty contests. because in the eyes of God every is “beautiful”

      1. Sando dzako Bee, if someone is said to be the best, thez always the worst. dai kuchikoro vachiti hakuna number last becoz it’s degrading the student in the last position. Gara zviya kana muma movie mungadai musina ma roles evanotambura becoz of the so called Human Values or Dignity whatever they are calling them

  2. Tsvangirai should be part of this Mr Urgly thing,either as a contesitant or judge.
    When he will be coming to the event he will be in a mock Presidential MotorCade

    1. I dont see where Tsvangirai comes in and how…Inga baba vako vakashata wani…toti here vauye vari mungoro…don,t be shallow..tsve kutaura nezva Mr Ugly and his organisers

      1. UMP wandipedza. Asi wataura chokwadi. people seem to divert from the real story

  3. daylight robbery by city of harare, go and park yr vehicle along cameroon street yu find no one to pay for yr parking then justget in one of the shops and just spend a minute there, when yu come out yr car will be clamped , then make sure yu got fourty dollars for bribe or yu will be towed away (three guys there and a lady short one always smiling)

    1. Haa makabayiwa baba! Uturu hwenyu tahunzwa! kkkkkkk.

    2. The rot is now all over even with funeral parlours,there are some guys calling themselves Yamurai with an office in southerton be very careful when dealing with them.

  4. Apama is right nothin wrong wit their plans at all takin a ride in a refuse truck is not inhuman,if so,wat abt those u work in them everyday?remember Masvinu wil be at work also

    1. Opama is wrong. This is no comedy. If you want it to be a circus comedians wear masks. masvinu will not be wearing one saka kushandisa kushata kwake. The whole show therefore is kuuya kuzoseka kushata kwa Masvinu. All this shame for the prize of a month’s groceries and an overall

  5. sir alex. tuchende twakaora,Tsvangirai apinda papi.

    1. Haa Tsvangirai wakashata shamwari.

  6. The things people do for money!

    1. The Bible says “do unto others as you want them to do unto you”. Mr Apama, we are coming to your place tomorrow. Just be ready. We will parade you and your wife ‘in a refuse collection tractor before a mock wedding at City Sports Bar’. Just for people to see what a handsome couple you are.

      After that we will pay school fees for one of your kids at a local primary school for one year (approx. $300) and will give you groceries worth $200. So in total, we can pay you $500 over the whole course of next year. Howz dat Mr Apama? Expect us…

      1. @gunguwo- when you are done with Mr. Opama, you can come to my house. I can do with 500 dollars and all the publicity.

        1. U can say that again, after all Mr. Ugly guy was not dragged to contest, akatoenda ega. To him it is a bessing. @Gunguwo, have u ever head that there are families living on a budget of under US$1 a day?

    2. so boxing nd wresting shd be banned as well caz its inhuman sport?

  7. if eddie murphy does the same he is tamed a star and if masvinu does it its inhuman wats wrong with people they are eating large at their homes if mr ugly comes at yo door step and say give me food you will callo the police on him why not appraise a talent for one another and wish him the best in entertaining business if you dont watch the insane at dstv then you will think that way no wonder why blacks we fall second to whites we value something that makes others rich GROW UP AND LEAVE MR UGLY ALONE KANA MATI ZVAKAIPA MUPEI KAMARI IMI

    1. you are very right 100%

    2. 100% correct to the point.

    3. Nowhere in the article do we see the opinion of Mr. Ugly what are all these idiots opposing the pageant saying? What business is it of theirs anyhow? Last time I checked Mr. Ugly was not forced to attend the contest..this smacks of jealousy couched as any case concern for what, really? Critics of the pageant should get a life!

  8. Commercializing what??? Who is going to benefit from the commercialization. Please don’t take advantage of Masvinhu’s poverty. The organizer must be ashamed of himself, what brilliant Christmas with the silly prizes.

  9. Mukorekore Mukuru

    God have mercy. Somebody in the corridors of power must just stop this inhuman treatment; all for the love of $200 worth of grocery and a school fees for one year when school fees in Zimbabwe is next to free. Hazviiteba izvi. Think of the stigma that this will create on his children at school. Hey, please Mr Apama Sir, I beg you to stop this degrading activity

  10. and how much does the years school fees add up to i doubt the child attends a private school and paying $1000 plus this is exploitation of the poor ugly man.

  11. i got no scrupples wt the idea of comedy but i think the prizes mek the whole arrangement unfair. For some1 to tek so mich humiliation one has to be paid well. In movies n other forms of theathre we c such mockery but the guys are well paid. on the Masvinu issue i c a man bng dragged into all ths coz of poverty. i doubt if the fees were ever negotiated. the promoter jist realised tht Masvinu needs some money n wl accept watever figure comes his way and ths meks all ths unfair

  12. Even the reporter on this article is biased, not everyone was against the idea of the refuse tractor, this is all about funny in a unique manner, that is innovation. who says a tractor is cheap.
    A dull person might not notice the funny, let Masvinhu enjoy his status in a peculiar way, idiots
    mashaya nyaya.

  13. True its inhuman. yhat joke is in bad taste. How can you parade the couple for $200? Is it really worth it? Dai uriwe waizvifarira?

  14. Reason, how on earth can you support that???!!! This is totally unacceptable, inhuman degrading treatment! Can the authorities stop this rot please.

  15. The difference is that Eddie Murphy and crew will be acting….they are called Actor. What they do does not represent who they are in any way physically or character wise. There is nothing comic about Masvinu. How can you find humour in someone being ugly and use that as a change to boost your company images by sponsoring the contest

  16. sir alex iz afoll,he cant even spell contestant

  17. Am sure if chikore the hippo was still alive. He would have taken all the prices

  18. mr apama your idea is wrong!you cant not capitalise on one ‘s appearance and abuse them! Thats not comic thats degrading.find him a job and try to help him .think of the children at school and play grounds! I know you are human and you will call off that silly and seifish thing. If its so funny get into that tractor ,i dont think you are so handsome

  19. Innovation…my foot!!!!

    1. my worry is on the money that he walked away with for winning the Mr Ugly pageant.Please organizers,just be serious 200usd is too little.Try something better.

  20. David Machowa is a total disgrace,you are a failure you have the weakest sense of humour. You have no morals?. Your pageant makes people wonder if your mother ever taught you some moral values. No one in their right mind finds this funny. Zvanzi…” the idea is to have people laugh after a day’s work”…. man you are crazy, how do you expect people to laugh at such idiocy,its degrading,inhuman and very abusive. Zimbabweans are civilised people, how do you expect us to idolize such abuse. Instead the whole idea is very stressful and I can tell you 99% of the readers are in favour of having that pageant itself being thrown into the refuse truck and done away with. You have a skewed mind. Oooh!, I guess you are a product ye mu Shebeen kana mu beer hall chete.!!

  21. mr opama. that prize money is not even a months worth salary and it is far below the Poverty Datum line. next u parade your winner in a dump truck. thats sh*t.

  22. how beautiful or handsome are the organizers of this event?

  23. This Apama guy is crazy, if he want to venture into comedy he should come up with a very hilarious script and shoot one like Sabhuku VZ. For your own information Apama, there is nothing funny about parading other humans in a refuse collection tractor. This is just the same as when the Khoisan were paraded by the Boers. Why are we being inhuman to one another. Funny we make too much noise when the whites do the same to us. Just because it’s black on black it doesn’t look so bad. This whole ‘Mock Wedding’ circus must just not be allowed to go ahead. Regai Widzo aswere achi loada ma buses at Mbare than this not so funny comedy.

  24. i believe there are beauty pargents where people will be competing and is it not inhuman for judges to come up with a winner when we are all made in the image of God?.why dont we be critical of it.

  25. I have advice for Mr Ugly. Transfer your kid to St Johns Jnr! Kkkkkk so that the pegent organisor pay good money. Bring me the. Contract and i will nail it for you!

  26. And abantwana baka Mr. Ugly labo abazabhadalelwa i fees bazakhangelwa njani ngabanye bebhadalelwa ngemali yobubi?


  28. Does it mean to say ugly people stay in dirty places and live in ugly houses. It was going to be good if they were to be dressed in nice clothes but at the same time display their ugliness. The organisers need to think over their decision.

  29. Whiteman to a blackman it’s racism and blackman to blackman it’s commercialization, l wonder our destination. What a celebrity in poverty! Never compare him with Eddie Murphy because Murphy is rich and that would been fun with him in a refuse tractor.Pure common reasoning can’t support this.Guys you have few hours to come to normal human sense.

  30. Dambudziko renyu ndereyi vana veZimbabwe. Ko handiti ndini muridzi wenyaya here. Ndini ndinenge ndiri mutractor chakunetsayi chii?. Kana muine tsitsi ndipeika chibhanzi chinopfuura chandirikupihwa ichi zviite mutsindo. Tibvireipo?

  31. I wonder why people think back wards.This form of intertainment is decent, much more decent that the beauty pegeant where women are paraded semi naked. THAT IS INHUMAN.Women must come up to condem the beauty pegeant and hail Mr ugly show because no one move naked. Shame on yu women who are paraded for beauty comparison.

  32. Iwe Mr Ugly hausiriwe mr ugly kwana

  33. Thumps up to the organisers of Mr Ugly, at least somebody is benefiting from being opposite of beauty. No nakedness and fake smiles. This is just the equivalent of Miss Big Matofotofo that caters for ladies who had been left out due to their volumes and heights. Good job guys.

  34. siyayi zvakadaro kuti tizive totoda zita iroro MR UGLY

  35. GOD made man i his own image and our different looks has a purpose in HIS plan.If the promoters and all people including this so called ‘Mr Ugly’ knew GOD they will never try to mock HIM or make such comedies with GOD.When GOD was creating other things he commented by saying ‘it was Good’,and after creating man he said ‘this was VERY GOOD’.Someone is saying ugly what GOD said very good.

  36. I understand why a lot of people are against the whole thing, its because its too close to home. Ama Short Sleeves vele abhekitshe inkonkoni, even oSistren bakhona ngobhejane baba. Kunga chain dzakaunganidzwa okwatsho uTuku.

  37. I c nuting wrong wit long as e event wl bring food on e table of mr ugly,why worry urselves

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