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Mr Ugly organisers under fire


MR Ugly organisers have come under fire from different sections of the society that have labelled the pageant inhuman.

Silence Charumbira

This comes after the announcement by the organisers last week that they would parade William Masvinu and his wife in a refuse collection tractor before a mock wedding at City Sports Bar tomorrow.

The announcement sparked outrage from different sections of the public with some calling for the banning of the pageant.

NewsDay readers have been posting their comments on the newspapers website.

Here are some of the comments: Dignitas: “In the interest of the new Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights, there is need to ensure that Mr Ugly and his wife’s dignity is protected. The issue of being in a rubbish vehicle not for the purpose of work – but only because he is ugly, is not consistent with our human values for dignity.”

Mukorekore Mukuru: “God made us all with His image and therefore no one should be considered ugly. This is definitely not God’s plan.”

Innocent: “In a refuse collection truck,with his wife to a bar and cheap prizes. Sure to be poor is a crime. Better find him a job. Guys l think you are just going too far.”

But Apama (real name David Machowa), the organiser of the event this week said there was no reason for outrage as his pageant was premised on farce.
“People should not misconstrue the idea behind this pageant to address their own agendas,” said the comedian.

“This is a comedy event. Tell me, if we do not laugh at ourselves how will we take it when a neighbour laughs at us?

“This is only made serious because we are trying to go commercial with the pageant other than that it is all about a light laugh.

“Zimbabweans are too serious battling various situations among them bread and butter issues and Mr Ugly is just an idea to have people laughing after a hard day’s work.”

He added that like any comedy, the public should not take offence as it was purely to get people laughing.

“Other than everything else people should actually applaud the initiative as it stands to empower him in the long run,” he said.

“Masvinu has been wallowing in poverty but all of a sudden he gets an opportunity to get extra money, a year’s school fees for one of his children and groceries worth $200. I think he will have a brilliant Christmas if you ask me.”

Masvinu will get one-year school scholarship fees for one of his children, groceries worth $200, full safety wear gear which includes a helmet, complete worksuit and his size 16 boots courtesy of Edgar Mukunyadze director of Life Investments.

The company will also present Benny Chakanyuka, the first runner-up, with his groceries worth $100, one school term’s tuition for one of his children, while Funny Musekiwa will get groceries worth $50.

Benny Chakanyuka, the first runner-up, will be handed his groceries worth $100, one school term’s tuition for one of his children, while Funny Musekiwa will get groceries worth $50.

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