Magic 20 titles for Dynamos!

DYNAMOS celebrated title number 20 yesterday after beating and relegating Black Mambas from the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League, following a 2-0 win at Rufaro Stadium.


This is their third title in a row, a third for coach Kalisto Pasuwa and a third won on the trot on goal difference. In 2011, Dynamos won the league title tied on 58 points with FC Platinum while last season, they were tied on 69 points with Highlanders.

Dynamos, Harare City — who drew 2-2 against Caps United at the National Sports Stadium yesterday — and Highlanders — who thumped Shabanie Mine 3-1 at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo — all had 54 points, but the champions had the better goal difference of plus 21.

Highlanders were on plus 18, marking the end of another nerve-wrecking Premiership season where the leadership of the league changed hands almost on a weekly basis. Harare City went into the match needing just three points to clinch the league title, but they let Caps United, who had only fourth place to play for, dictate the pace of the game after finding the first equaliser.

And when the Green Machine led 2-1 until the breather, the pressure was always going to be on Harare City to fight to the bitter end to steal a win. They did that though, pulling one back to make it 2-2, but the third could not just arrive. In fact, to say they were in the game to win it, would be an understatement. They did not play like they wanted to be champions and simply wasted numerous chances that came their way in the second half. Leslie Gwindi, the Harare City chairperson, summed it up after the match: “The boys did not take the chances.” Tawanda Muparati, the Dynamos captain, paid tribute to Caps United for what he said doing the job on their behalf.

“I would like to thank the Caps players for winning it for us. To Dynamos fans, we love you, to Dynamos Bulawayo Chapter, we love you.”

Now Dynamos will head towards the Caf Champions League together with Mbada Diamonds Cup finalists How Mine (Confederation Cup), hoping to do better than last season and reach the mini-league phase of the competition.

After failing to win the BancABC Sup8r and defend the Mbada Diamonds Cup, Dynamos needed to end the season with a bang after they had almost been written off following the losses to Hwange and FC Platinum and the home draw to Shabanie Mine. But like true champions, they rose like a phoenix from the ashes and fought all the way to the $70 000 prize money. Highlanders will get $50 000 and are assured of at least $90 000 from Mbada Diamonds as they are in the final while City will be content with $30 000.

It was a season that the Dynamos leadership, under Keni Mubaiwa, would like to review quickly and put in place a strong team that will offer competition in Africa. The team’s executive will look back at the wise decision to keep Pasuwa as head coach, even when there was pressure from the fans to change the technical team.

League prizes

Winners – US$70 000
Runners-up – 50 000
3rd place – 30 000
4th place – 26 000
5th place – 24 000
6th place – 20 000
7th place – 18 000
8th place – 15 000
9th place – 14 000
10th place – 12 000
11th place – 10 000
12th place – 7 000
13th place – 5 000
14th place – 5 000
15th place – 5 000
16th place – 5000

Number of Titles:

20 Dynamos (Harare),7 Highlanders (Bulawayo), 4 Caps United (Harare), 2 Black Aces (Harare) (includes previously when they played as Chibuku Shumba)
Black Rhinos (Mutare), Bulawayo Rovers Bulawayo Sables, Harare Sables ,Zimbabwe Saints (Bulawayo), 1 AmaZulu (Bulawayo), Arcadia United (Harare), Gunners (Harare), Metal Box (do not exist anymore), Monomotapa (Harare)
Motor Action (Harare)State House Tornados (Harare, defunct) St Paul’s (Murehwa, defunct)


  1. Dembareinsideout

    Dembare inozora butter. Caps yakazora jamu. Bosso yakazora kotapeya City ndokuzorwa sewage.

  2. chakazunguza zvakare, vachapasuwa nPasuwa . Sando dznyu Raaz

  3. Makorokoto ku De Mbare pse wedzerai quality ku team itambewo bora rinonakidza to Harare City and Highlanders tough luck try again next season

  4. Apa Mr reporter manyepa. I think Caps have 3 league titles, 96′ 2004′ and 2005. I stand to be corrected.

    1. Im an avid Dynamos fc fan ,Caps Utd wont their 1st League Championship in 1979 ,spearheaded by the late Shacky “Bere” Tauro .Tribute to Caps Utd 4 Fair play against Harare City.Commiserations yet again to Highlanders & Harare City.

    2. No, the reporter is right. CAPS Utd’s first title was way back in 1979 and they had to wait long enough for the second one whcich later came in 1996. Most pple of our generation begin our our count at the 1996 coz ndiyo yatakaona. Good morning vazori veButter. Zooorrrraaaah

    3. reporter is right, Caps won first title 1978 or 79 there about, plus the three they won pst independence making them 4 titles. I still feel Caps Utd have a very big Stature to just have 4 titles when their city rivals boast of 20. Same goes for Highlanders, 7 titles are too few for their stature

    4. kwanza 3 in arrow iwe dofo

  5. makorokoto ..amthope dembare. tough lucky marivals. many thanks to the green machine.zorai butter kusvika next season.

  6. Usadherere madhara tisu madembare!

  7. Kepe Kepe, ndichakutengera pata pata reRed paChristmas!!!

  8. De-Mbare muriko here uko??? Dhile-e maDyna-dyna… good but not very good. Ndiko kupona ne raki ka uku!

  9. Caps’ first league title was in 1979

  10. Am a bosso supporter but i would like to say congrats to Dembare, to bosso suppoter hayi madoda singalahli imbeleko ngokufelwa

  11. Congratulations & well done to Dynamos FC 4 wrapping the record 20th League Championship ,3Consecutive in their 50th year anniversary.Makorokoto makuru ,amhlophe .Indeed DYNAMOS FC are Champions of Champions.

  12. kkkk dembare zvazvinhu,maleague titles avo kufanana neeMan untd haaa tarema yooo

  13. well done dynamos. happy 50th anniversary. hopeful you will keep it up until you turn 87/100 years which i think from now on will be a big challenge. staying there at the top with a lot teams waking up to your dominiance will be tough. by the way do you know that you subtracted one team from harare and left 2 which you have been dominating for a long time and will now for this time will real be playing to win against not highlanders. best wishes on that.

  14. Thank you Caps United Players you were professional. Thanks you all teams for the competition. Sorry Caps supporters you wanted your team to lose and some of you wanted to beat the coach for not losing the game. The first in the histpry of soccer that supporters turn on their coach to lose a game.

    1. Ndiko kudhakwazve musarwadziwe vakomana inga takambokuitiraiwo wani pamasvingo gore riya

  15. Leslie Gwindi akatuka Twine Phiri, Phiri akadzorera me stadium, kikikiki.


  17. Well odne Chazunguza!

  18. Makorokoto Dembare, Pasuwa, Executive nema supporters ese zvanga zvakaoma asi zvaitwa tava kuseri kwekumberi mberi.

  19. gilbert magwasha

    Now this is good for Dynamos. Congratulations. All the difficult games you faced were toughening you for the African safari (CAF Championship) since you know that every team in the league plays their best football when playing against Dynamos.
    To Mr. Willard Mubvumbi I say tough luck indeed just let it go on Dynamos like what the Caps team did, that’s true professionalism – a big plus for this league.
    To the Dynamos family if you want to win it again next season start by weakening these four teams (Highlanders, Harare City, FC Platinum and FC Platinum) by buying their best players for this season. Just a player each from these teams should be enough. It will unsettle them whilst strengthening you such that by the time they recover you will have gone half a season of complete wins. Once again congratulations Dynamos.

  20. gilbert magwasha

    Ooops Sorry. The four teams to weaken should read as Highlanders, Harare City, FC Platinum and Caps United .

  21. well done fought to the end.prepare for next season

  22. Stands for Sale Contact 0772392848- MaDimbare hoye!!!!

  23. congrats DYNAMOS from a BOSSO fan!!!hope my team will at least get the mbada cup coz Kaindu deserves something guys,,,,2 yrs runners up????u will get it KK.BOSSSOOOOO!!!

  24. Inga makaudzwa wani mabosso kuti Chazunguza vakati ngozi yaTaribo ngaitange yaripwa. Huyai kuno Harare nemombe inotsika

  25. “…to say they were in the game to win it, would be an understatement. They did not play like they wanted to be champions and simply wasted numerous chances…..” What atrocious contradiction! Editor, where are you?

  26. Makorokoto Dembare , You have shown a true champions spirit. Ndimi munotipa manyemwe , Endevourance always pays .
    Cngrats to Bosso & Harare City as well . Next time it could be you , so don’t lose hope. Makorokoto , Congratulations , Amhlope Dembareee , Dhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,, Nyuchi dzinoruma,,,Waiziva ka nyaya yacho.


    Dembare zvekare!Its congrats to the Zora Butter family for a job well done.It looked like it had slipped away from our grasp but,as is always the case,we had the last laugh.Let’s prepare thoroughly for next season.This has not been a smooth ride,if the truth be told.Tough luck to Harare City and Bosso,you both gave us a scare.Hail Mr Pasuwa,the history maker,the first coach to win three titles in a row.

  28. Makoroko madembare ! Asi makapona nekusura.

  29. thanx to jujumos fo condemning yet anothr hre team to D1,less travel to harare next season fo Bosso,Chicken Inn,How mine,Byo Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mbada ndeyedu!

  30. Congratulations to Dynamos for clinching it. The team is good,but the question is will they last in CAF champions league. Don’t be like Bosso who won it 3 times consecutively but did nothing at that stage. Please this time get it right. We support you guyz.

  31. Congrats DeMbare and its followers! Well done Hre City and Bosso, yu gave the champions a good run for their money. Honestly speaking i am a DeMbare at heart but there was a time when i felt like the sunshine boys deserve the coverted trophy more than anyone else. It was a pulsating season indeed for Hre City especially with their 4-0 demolition of Bosso. Bosso provided good competition and I say to the team, do not lose hope. we want that kind of competition again next season. To our ‘noisy neighbours,’ Caps united, yu showed true professionalism . Lastly, I want to remind the Glamour boys that 2013 league championship is now behind us lets start building for the african safari.

  32. Willard Mubvumbi kutaurisa kwese hwaaaa.ndakunyarira….Dhiledhile inyuchi dzinoruma.kudadisa ndokuziva Chazunguzaaaaaaaaaaaaah.VaMuparati chipiwayi sando dzenyu pacalendar ipapo

  33. Pasuwa handiti wahwina, ko uchadeizve? Chibva pa coaching. You mersed up our beloved Dynamos. You don’t have the pedigree to coach our big Dynamos. Iat is nice for your CV winning three times but nothing much for the Dynamos brand. Our Dynamos executive should move swiftly in selecting a competent coach and a competent which will have the raesilience to make its way in the CAF champions league. That whole team of Buzzars’ excluding Patson Jaure and the goalkeeprers should be thrown away and quality players be sought. At last Pasuwa is now resting. Hopefully gore rinouya tichava nezviri nane chaizvo pane madzanambwanana awa egore rino.

  34. Well done DYNAMOS F.C for clinching the 20th PSL Trophy zora butter zora Chazunguza Haina Ngozi Dhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 3rd in row

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