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The Gods You’ve Built comes to Reps Theatre


AFTER a successful tour in South Africa, Masvingo Drama Circle’s the gut-wrenching play, The Gods You’ve Built is will be staged at Reps Theatre next week.

Silence Charumbira Entertainment Reporter

Running from November 20 to 23 the play will be a collaboration between Charles Austin Theatre and Reps Theatre. Masvingo Drama Circle has just returned from Durban, where the play was performed at the Isigcawu Theatre Festival before making trips to the Pretoria State Theatre and the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

Written by Tawanda Kanengoni and directed by Leeroy Gono, The Gods You’ve Built is set over the period of one night in an abandoned toilet.

Three people — Brian, Rudo and Pamhidzai — converge in a tragic and tumultuous turn of events that leaves two of them dead and one changed forever.

The play opens with Brian, a university professor, pacing in an abandoned toilet mumbling a cryptic list of names.

He is then joined by Rudo, a Roman Catholic nun, who brings him a handgun as per his request.

Before Brian can execute his plan, Pamhidzai, dressed in police garb enters the toilet seemingly drunk and looking for a place to relieve himself.

He instantly takes issue with the fact that Rudo is in the men’s room, but only to the extent of thinking that she is there as Brian’s prostitute.

After helping himself Pamhidzai notices that Brian has very elaborate tattoos of the Hindu symbol AUM. As he tries to coax Brian into showing all his tattoos he discovers that Brian has a gun.

The cast includes Dereck Nziyakwi (Pamhidayi), Precious Mudzingwa (Rudo) and Gono (Brian). Nziyakwi comes in to replace Khetani Michael Banda could not be able to make the trip.

The play is also scheduled to be performed at this year’s Ibumba Arts Festival in Bulawayo after which it goes to the KwaZulu Natal Film Festival, which takes place in December.

After the KwaZulu Natal Festival, the play is also expected to tour the Netherlands early next year.

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