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Filmmaker Gondo resurfaces with new film Too Late


AFTER a long break filmmaker Tafara Gondo has resurfaced with a new film titled Too Late, set to premiere next month in the capital.

Report by Tinashe Sibanda

Gondo, who has produced 21 films since 2006 said he has been enhancing his career, buying highdefinition (HD)cameras for his production house Tafgon Productions.

“I have done this film using newly acquired full HD cameras and I know my well-crafted storyline will leave viewers calling for more with its high definition video quality that meets international standards,” he said.

Too Late is about Patrick, who suspects his wife Fiona of seeing his best friend.

He then dumps his wife at the friend’s place leaving them locked in the same house.

A year later his own video camera tells him the true story when it is already too late to undo the damage caused by his suspicions.

Patrick leaves no stone unturned in trying to turn back the hands of time.

“In this romantic thriller, so much care was taken in selecting the cast which includes talented actors like Ashley Wintertone Mafunga, Shingirai, Tamirira Gondo and rapper, Tatenda Nziramasanga aka Tatea da MC,” said Gondo.

Gondo penetrated the local film industry in 2006 when he produced his first film Restoration, which disappeared in the hands of the editors compelling him to buy his own equipment to set up Tafgon Productions based in the capital.

The following year Gondo made headlines with his first short film titled Bags which was nominated for the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (Ziff) 2007 and received a positive response.

Before end of the same year he produced two feature films, My Brother’s Son and Fatal Joke.

Since then, Gondo started producing both short and feature films of which most were screened at the Ziff.

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