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Comment: Life is getting harder after July 31 polls


President Robert Mugabe’s desperate cry for the fulfilment of his party’s promises to the electorate are sincere and well meant, but unfortunately, the ability by his party or himself to action these promises are next to nil.

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The reasons for Zanu PF’s failure to make good its promises include unavailability of resources, corruption, misappropriation and outright theft of the little available resources, general mismanagement of an economy which itself is getting sicker by the day.

Given the state of the country’s economy, there is no way Zimbabwe can create 2,2 million jobs in the next five years. If anything, more jobs will be lost.

Already hundreds of people have been rendered jobless after elections as several companies downsize or close down because of debilitating economic difficulties.

Mugabe is dreaming if he thinks that – given the prevailing economic situation – factories are going to start running or that the National Railways of Zimbabwe (which is currently seeking to retrench hundreds of workers) will start operating, or that Air Zimbabwe will be back in full flight, or that the country’s roads will be rid of potholes. Mugabe and Zanu PF should think realistically and not make people expect miracles to happen.

The mere fact that under the leadership of Zanu PF and Mugabe, Zimbabwe has failed to point at a single physical investment put in place from direct proceeds of the country’s biggest source of wealth — diamonds — explains a lot of things.

We do not have even a single hospital, or school or road or shopping complex or any meaningful investment that has been built from diamond proceeds. We have nothing to show for our platinum or our gold.

What is not in doubt is that many individuals especially, in Zanu PF, have grown filthy rich through stealing these resources and nothing has been done about it.

The excuse for doing nothing has been that there is no evidence – even though it is known that the individuals are stealing.

What more evidence is required to arrest and prove non-tolerance to national plunder could there be than a situation where, in Mugabe’s words, an official demanded a bribe and the issue was exposed in the presence of the country’s chief of police and relevant ministers. Up to date, no arrests have been made and the suspicion is that too many sensitive people, including those with the powers to arrest and prosecute, are involved.

And, the Zanu PF government has, since retaining power in July, done nothing to attract meaningful foreign direct investment, the rock upon which any economy can build its foundation. Clearly, things have gone economically worse that they were before elections and Zimbabweans have begun to feel the heat.

There is no doubt the people are going to, if they have not already begun to do so, ask where the good life that Zanu PF promised them is? Zanu PF is destroying people’s lives further by making them homeless and jobless.

The demolitions are going to leave self-empowered people destitute after their tuck-shops, hair salons or general dealer shops are brought down.

Those that had stopped paying rent to landlords must go back to look for rentals after their new homes are destroyed by the party that won elections promising to “indigenise, employ, empower and develop”.

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    • Doing business in Zimbabwe is expensive because of our outdated infrastructure. Simple tasks of delivering school books or taking one’s harvest to market is a nightmare because of poor road network in rural Zimbabwe.

      Our railway, which is suppose to be the cheapest mode of transport, mean’t to lower production costs is in the ICU. I won’t talk about electricity supply, because it upsets me to even think about that.

      Without infrastructure, Zimbabwe is not going to compete with anyone, thanks to ZANU PF’s 33 years in power, we have no infrastructure to talk of. MUGABE have to hand over to someone within his party and retire today. Zambia went through turbulent times during Chiluba’s tenure but transition his administration provided launched the democracy and stability enjoyed by that country today. Mudhara ngaazorore nhasi.

      • Mudhara haambozorori because the crooks around him are forcing him to remain in office whilst they are busy looting. Zimbabweans please do not expect anything from zanu-pf except destruction of the economy. The 2007/8 situation is fast approaching, those with abundant foreign currency, please chererayi pasi pedzimba for the benefit of your families. Zimbabwe yazara nembavha, including the law enforcement agents. Taps talked about Zambia’s stability. Its about ethics and democracy, in Zimbabwe, we are still miles behind.

        Hapana chisingaperi Zimbabweans, Germans underwent horrific times during Hitler’s era. Mwari anesu.

    • We need to be more seriously in the way ,we are looking at the economy.Right now there is no money circulating in the economy.
      You invoice a client they fail to pay you and themselves are not paid and it goes on.
      What is the responsible Ministry doing to address this problem,all newspapers go to him for an explanation.

      The budget is not a priority at the moment as there is no money to budget about, this is promising to be the worst xmas in history.

    • l disagree with u Mr Reporter life is much better than when it was GPA Banks r now giving loans 14 times your net salary from 4 or 5 times of which it a big improvement to the nation viva RG Mugabe

  1. Mugabe does not have the blessings of the people. He dictate what they ought to think yet in real sense people do not want overstayed leaders.
    We have leant this from Libya, Egypt, tunisia.ivory coast etc

    • The issue is we are a system. A system cannot survive in isolation. We have to depend on our surroundings(environment).

      Our neighbors have really enjoyed Mugabe as a clown and in the backdoors they laugh at him. They benefit from our misery.

      He is not their hero at all.

      The environment here are countries surrounding us(neighbours, and even those afar but we depend on them. Mugabe ‘s surroundings are the Ministers themselves.

      If they cannot tell him that the people do not like him anymore, then they can call Morgan to tell him that.

      He has degrees but since he came to power I have nothing to be proud of him right now.

      The land issue is what we fought for in the liberation struggle and it was long overdue. Its not Mugabe alone who fought in the liberation struggle.

      As for his degrees, the only degree that I think has worked for him is the english one. He can speak fluent english but we all know of salads these days kuti they speak good english but without any sense.

      If Mugabe says today am going, then things will start happening

      • Wataura zvako onslo. wapedza iwe. Asi one correction, Ministers can not tell Mugabe what you have suggested because those are the beneficiaries of our failed systems.Ndombavha dzacho idzodzo.

      • @Onslo,,,Who do u mean when you say ‘we’? Certainly not me and the 61%+ that voted Mugabe and ZPF…GO TO HELL AND EAT YOUR VOMIT….

  2. The comment is warped by cheap politicking without any meaningful contributions to what should be done and what should be not. For instance do you want the illegal structures to sprout all over country and make life difficult for the local authorities at the same time creating health hazards and havens for criminals. No country in the world accepts that kind of warped thinking in the name of humanity.

      • If you are so unlearned to think this is a well written piece dont think everyone is,,,,sham on u and your ancestors,,,,

    • Why starting to adress issues at local level yet they don’t have any bail out plan to the economy.Firstly they are starting by destroying peoples livelihoods and they are going to leave you very much vulnerable jobless ,no shelter and next starved.

    • As always reason does not even think contrary to his name.Why did the local autorities leave people constructing when they knew well that the structures were illegal??If my memory saves me right go and ask those affected to produce all the papers i mean the stamped site maps,stamped house plans,those who allocated them the stands and any information that you may need including the stands numbers from the local government’s highest office.Why don’t they prosecute those who sold the residential stands??People are constructing these houses in broad daylight and you are quiet and now you want to fix them for no apparent reason he-e-e??Reason these structures are not just sprouting but some people in the local government ministry are selling those approved stands to them and you are saying they are now illegal coz madya mari dzevanhu magutaka?Itai henyu handiti vanhu vese nenyika ndezvenyu kubva putsai henyu?Since you have many inspectors i thought you should have told them before they even constructed a structure warning them of this impending danger isn’t it?

    • Reason, so, where was this government when the illegal structures were built bearing in mind we have had the same head o 20 state and government and commanding in chief of the defense forces for 33 yrs?

      When is this government that doesn’t like illegal structures going to provide legal structures? That is what other governments do. It looks like this particular one only knows how to destroy but never builds.

  3. Chakaipa chakaipa. People must build legal homes and structures. Musajairira zvisina basa. Every city has a plan.

    • Izvozvo tazvinzwa.

      Chiitaika kuti vanhu vacj\ho va wane mabasa!!!!!!!!!!

      I used to wonder when I grew up and was asking myself “Why do people go to war ?”

      Now I see its really necessary because some people do not reason at ALL

  4. @Reason,this article is very rich in facts my brother like it or not.That is why you have failed to defend the corruption case mentioned here,the fact that we have nothing to show for our diamonds and platinum,the fact that we zpf cant create 2,2 million jobs in the next 5 years in actual case companies are closing..lastly are failing to lure in any meaningful investment

  5. Reason do u reason well. Those pple paid fo thos stands only to be told now that chibvai. Kana Tongogara akafira kuti benzi rakaita sewe uwane ivhu rako saka where do u want us to go. Inyika yedu iyi not yema China. Period

    • Makamboonepi stand inoita$10 uye inoganhurwa nenharu? MaZimbabweans please I know that we really desperate for accommodation. Izvi zvanyaynya vanhu vamwari.

  6. Please excuse us from the sanctions scapgoat rubbish.
    For information, the US has over 50 countries on ‘targeted sanctions’. These include in africa- zimbabwe, kenya morroco,,,drc, angola, namibia among others
    and has only 6 countries on total sanctions. These include North Korea, Syria,Venezuela, Myanmar, Cuba, ivory Coast.
    Why are we the loudest…?
    Surely our world has ceased to exist whilst in 50 other countries there is economic development

    • Iwe usa nyepa……..some of the countries dzawa lista apa like Namibia are not on the sanction list. Please stop writing falsehoods baba Sancry Rubbish

  7. True sancry.
    There are over 60 countries on targeted US sanctions and 3 are in Sadc.
    Mugabe is gaining a lot of political mileage through his targeted sanctions cry and is using it as an excuse to loot hence now Marange alluvial diamonds are near exhaustion without nothing to show on the ground.
    Targeted sanctions target individuals and companies.

  8. The comment has become a cliche verse, republishable with additional anecdotes to make it appear academic,Truth is 31 July is FIVE months ago.Whoever turned around an economy in five months? Attracting FDI ? check with ZIA for facts. Percolation of diamond money?…Where do yu think National Income is coming from? It is apparently fact that standards of living have improved, everyone now drives, the roads are overwhelmed, why do we enjoy criticism for the sake of it? Yes a lot can still be done but sour grapes shud not cloud our perception of ouselves

    • My friend, lets not lie to ourselves. Delta beverages volumes are down, ARPU for telecoms companies are down. Ask any business and they will tell you 2010 and 2011 where the best years of the last 5, it is getting worse because there is no liquidity. This is the same reason that car sales are going broke and car prices have plummeted. There is simply not enough money circulating in the economy. Do not lie to yourself. Simply engage business owners and ask them if they are better off. Simply look at the ongoing retrenchments. Go to Old Mutual and NSSA and find out how many people are being retrenched. This government should not delude itself but needs to take decisive action before it is too late. There is a golden opportunity given the mandate that they were given by the people to finally make a change to sustainable policies, there is an opportunity to decisively deal with corruption. They are in FULL control of government and the blame for failure will lie squarely at their feet, “sanctions” or not and the electorate will not forget that..

    • Ah hee @Wezhira dai waperera pafive months apo, zvawazotaura ndezvekuhumana chaiko! Are you saying an improvement in living standards or a thriving economy is signified by the number of cars on the roads? Ah ndakunyarira fani…
      Yes tichiri pa 5 months but my friend it is a fact that Zimbabwe is in dire straits, even the ‘new’ government has alluded to it- reference- Chinamasa’s recent visit to the USA; NRZ proposed retrenchments; no budget release.. uda ndienderere here? Macompany apera kuvhara and downsizing at alarming rates. Urikugarepi nhayi?
      Wozotaura nezveeconomic improvement when we see diamond money improving the overall livelihood of ALL Zimbabweans kwete zvemaexjap azara paroad. Improvement in living standards is marked by access to quality healthcare, education, water, housing food and employment- kwete exjap car. nxa mhani!

  9. ko nhai Reason, where were th so called authorities all along vanhu vachivaka, they cld not disturb coz elections were loominh nhaika, nw tht its over………..THIS IS THE CORRUPTION WE TALK ABOUT COZ PPLE PAID TO GET & BUILD ON THZSTANDS. Ibasa raEditor here kupa masolutions or to jst open issues so attention can be rendered by th pwrs tht be….????

      • Biti killed the economy during the GPA?? Unonyepera ani akazvarwa zuro? The economy was at its worst in 2008.. courtesy of ZANU-PF who were in government after a landslide victory in 2005!!! If anything, we only witnessed some improvement during the tenure of the GPA. Svoda.

  10. Iran recently realised that relating with the rest of the world was as easy as having Ahamajad go.
    Leadership change even within the same party brings fresh ideas and country fortunes

  11. Blame the people, not ZANU PF.

    As a normal thinking person, how on earth can you expect a party and a leader who have been in power for 33 years and done nothing but destroy a once thriving economy to suddenly turn up a new leaf and be the new Messiah who would revive the very same economy they destroyed?

    Zimbabweans are plain stupid fools – I guess they deserve the leadership they have.

    • I agree entirely. “every society deserves its leaders”. Zimbabweans must stop blaming everything on the president and start accepting liability. What do you expect from a racist, sexist, homophobic country littered with educated fools who mistake cramming written theories for intelligence. what a shame

      • Yes Gudo wataura segudo wena……as Zimbabweans even in diaspora, we have become a laughing stock even nemunhu asinga gone kutaura English chaiyo……Zvavo nyika dzine democracy not Zimbabwe. Its us to blame as Zimbabwean by the end of the day because we pretend to be educated while takapusa hama. Zimbabweans, we are just useless. Takamuti Baba hezvo ka …..he is our father until chickens come home to roost as in Morgan Tsvangirai’s quote.

  12. i personaly took al time i had to make sure my current stand is NOT bogues after my first stand was demolished 2005. lets not build iligal structures, its not worth it.

  13. Mugabe does not have Zimbabwe at heart hence his continued destruction of the once beautiful country. He doesn’t trust Zimbabweans with with his health and a lot of other things-prefers to be treated in Malaysia when sick. Wake up, this Malawian man does not care about you Zimbabweans.

  14. well said mr editor,i have always asked my self this question: why is it that in 1980 when majority rule came our country (even after years of civil war and a UN economic embargo) was well off by African standards, but our leaders then were poor.Fast forward to 33 years later our country is so poor that it cannot afford to give its workers decent salaries, but then the leaders themselves are filthy rich what could have happened in between.food for thought.

  15. The article is 100% good and to the point but I still continue to advocate for “Great Uhuru” for Zimbabwe. Great Uhuru for Zimbabwe doesn’t come through Mugabe; it comes through me, you and Mugabe. If we have to call a spade a spade we have to do so. Talking and no action doesn’t help anyone. Great Uhuru for Zimbabwe will only come through a great revolution and this revolution calls for me, you and Mugabe to participate 100%. Let me also be quick to say this Great Uhuru shall be possible if the opposition also takes part. One doesn’t need to be the president of this country to help it pull through. It all begins with me; it all begins with you; it all begins with Mugabe; it all begins with Tsvangirai. If we feel its no longer necessary to have a government then let it be. If we feel Mugabe will lead the Great Uhuru then lets support him. People its time for MORE ACTION AND MORE ACTION AND LESS TALK. I hate these talk shows that are being held in Zimbabwe be they political, social or economic. Instead of the talk shows lets ACT. This is no longer time to listen to what a minister is saying because the ministers are now just useless; all they need are the perks that come with the position. This is not the time to listen to the PMs because events of the past few sittings show otherwise. Its time to ACT and I am ready to ACT.

  16. thus quite simple guys my party knows very well that mdc has a big voice and votes in cities so frustate the pipo there in the face of their mdc councillors and mps. kuti vaone sekunge mdc is the bad admin, waiketa destroy houses that my party used for vote buyin. but nw yu use the municipal powers thus shifing the blame frm politicians.
    zimbos takaneta
    too naive kkk
    takati pusei mbijana
    come 2018 muchavaka futi party yangu yava kutsvaka mavotes…

  17. ichokwadi, things are getting tough, G5 have pulled out of construction sites of the Plumtree – BYO- HRE Mutare high way due to none payments


  18. mugabe was helped by morgan to see his mistakes and wishes to correct them now, but i can bet my last dollar that he will have challenges to do so because of his party. it is full of thieves. he gets rid of them then he can be successful. however it will be impossible to do so because that will mean he will be getting rid of himself and his wife grace. it a mafia ladies and gentlemen. i just wish it can rain this year just to prove that this party in truth is useless. i see them using lack of rain as an excuse as they have always done.in the early 80s it was zapu, then, south africa, them mdc and sanctions, now its really sanctions. in fact they have started blaming the civil representives for not giving them a pay rise as they promised in their campaign. biti is out of picture for lets find another excuse as they always do. thieves.

  19. Guys Zimbabwe was superb now it’s rotten.So ALL these leaders must go & take a rest,we need people with better ideas.If not we will suffer until amen.

  20. The reason why these structures sprout up is because some political parties were promosing people the unattainable. Yes these structures must be removed,but lets find an alternative of were the affected people will stay before we cruelly mis treat our fellow country men,women and children.

  21. Those illegal structures must be destroyed. Those people go to farms and plough!! You cannot hae an economy of people selling juice cards and zappy. if one cannot afford rent inda undorima kumapraz!! No economy can boom pasina chikafu!!! We need to be food secure first. You achieve food security anhu achirima kwete kutengesa mujuice cards!!!!!

  22. The leader is just a good-for-nothing loudmouth. I don’t know what you mean by “…desperate cry for the fulfilment of his party’s promises to the electorate are sincere and well meant…”? How can you expect a person whose party has just stolen elections to be sincere? Talk of cleansing the Augean stables! How can the leader be expected to stop corruption when he himself is very corrupt? The man has 39 farms – if that is not corrupt what is? This is now a broken society. The system will only get worse with this lot in charge.

  23. Zimbabweans..the truth is its ok to have such a Project – Murambatsvina..nekuti we al want a beautiful country…but my question is…where will they go vanhu ivavo..?..

    vapei dzimba ka…all they find is corruption…vapei mabasa acho so they afford to rent..!! all they find still is corruption..
    i love my country very much and God is the owner of this country..

    no one is allowed to do zvaanoda kunge nyika ndeyako wega!!!……

    Zimbabweans, Mwari vanokuda!!..B prayerfull…zvinoita!!

  24. Cemeteries are for dead people. Hospitals are for sick cancer patients. Old people’s homes are for old people and State House is for energetic presidents and not the other way round. there lies Zimbabwe’s problem do not look any further. Time for Mugabe to take his right place.

  25. Tsvaga chikonzero. Musoro watema akomana.
    1. Zanu (pf) will certainly not deliver anything other than continued looting of the little resources left. Bhora bheri chete and its mugedhe when its time for elections.
    2. Political heavy weights benefitted from those ‘illegal’ structures. Believe you me people were promised they will never be pulled down once this and that happens. Proper town planning procedures are all of a sudden a necessary thing to follow but werent when land was allocated as a vote buying strategy. President Tsangirai vakati musangomera pese pese sehohwa muchinyeperwa. Ende Zanu haizezi kurwadzisa, yakazviita pamurambatsvina 1 hokoyo nemurambatsvina 2 manje. Remember Mugabe himself did not promise Harare and Bulawayo resedents anything good after we did not vote for him. Moyo wake uri kurwadza and is seeking revenge.

    Eduacation or being educated is not relevant. Each of these come with its own advantages and disadvantages. VanaBob vafunda maningi vaakutonga zvemabhuku epower consolidation and not running the ecenomy. The educated elite is developing into a Meritrocracy takatarisa. I would settle for an averagely educated who has more chances of realising i am there and need food on the table. Iye Obama ane madegree mangini gara zviye?????

  26. These people are not street kids, they came from somewhere, so they have to go back where they came from. Its just the love of quick and lazy life without working for it. you just want to come and use a tape and sewage pipe which you never pay for and construct your filth house in the middle of the road so that you will be close to kombis. then you start killing and robbing the hard-working citizens who will be occupying well paid for stands? and an idiotic comment sums it up by saying all this is due to Mugabe, with some fools even saying Rhodesia was better. Yes Rhodesia was better because all those illegal structures were not allowed to last one day. the lazy citizens were forced to work in the farms. Saka pamberI NE Murambatsvina. munhu gnaarime kuruzevha kwakw otengess zvirimwa zvke then buy a stand in town, period.

    • Ndokunge une ruzevha nemari yekurima. Ava varikutora mapurazi evamwe unoti havana kumusha here iwe Reason???
      Uku kudakungorwadzisana of a SICK mind. There are better ways of doing this and there are other operations that should be prioritised. After the murambatsvina, how much money will go to treasury, nhai Reason??? Our priority now is offshore funds to kick start the economy, which some people campaigned that we did not need since our resources would be equity.
      I was born here but for your own information I was an alien until time to vote, when I suddenly became a full citizen but without a ruzevha. Now you, Reason, want me to go and plough. Where? Tichatemana tega muno.

  27. I knew it…i knew people were going to suffer after election…just after BHORA MUGEDHE.Ndisu takamwisa.I even told my friends not to built anything on those stands for i knew vanhu vachazhamba….so here we are.But the question is…Vanhu vanosvika pakuvaka vopedza Gvt inenge iripi?Because Gvt should caution people when ever they see kuti illegal activities are taking place somewhere.So it will reduce the suffering of people if they are pro-active rather than reactive for political expediency….It’s unfortunate but people should know better.

  28. and you say your name is Reason !!!!. Man stop politiking and live life like everyone else in zimbabwe ! Mugabe has produced a failed state ! Period and that doesn’t need reason , its common sense

  29. and you say your name is Reason !!!!. Man stop politiking and live life like everyone else in zimbabwe ! Mugabe has produced a failed state ! Period and that doesn’t need reason , its common sense ?

  30. No amount of words can change the situation on the ground.All of us were given a chance to exercise our democratic right to chose our leaders on 31st July.The opposition shud have boycotted the election as there was no level playing ground as puported.Now we have to endure 5 solid years of uninterrupted one party rule.Am saying,stop blowing your gaskets and face the situation as it is for the next 5years.Vamwe madzinza akatozotanga kutenga mota mazuva ivavo ekuoma kwezvinhu.We can talk and talk till our throats wither,we cant undo the election results.Unless you go the Matsangaise way,that you definetely know the results are deadly and unsupported worldwide.We cant be all politicians.

  31. This country really is cursed. It needs deliverance. Is it the punishment from the almighty? If we sinned against you Lord, we are asking for forgiveness. Industries are shutting down, school leavers have no jobs, infrastructure is deteriorating and people are homeless. The minority are enjoying the national cake. For how long shall we keep on crying crimson tears?

  32. You can rig elections but you can never rig the economy Morgan said these words after Mugabe stole elections in zim on 31 july 2013 clever words neh. Now within few months the economy has already plunged deeper into poverty.who is fooling who here ? Zanu is fooling the rural people of our country every election time . Now people zanu is like a dead donky any thought of it revaving our economy is like thinking that a dead donky can work up from the dead and you use it to plough yo fields again impossible.But we have fools and those benefiting from this stuation they sing and dance for the dead donky hoping it will rise from the dead demetiiy!!!! idiots.

  33. zvose zvichemo nezvishuvo zvenyu ndinozvinzwa vana. mazvirokwazvo ndinoti kwamuri inzwayi ini !
    nyika hayitongwi inozvitonga !
    nyikavanhu inotungamirirwa !
    ma foreigners (colonialists) ndivo vakapedzisira kutonga muno umu.
    saka ivaiwo nehunhu mutevere tsika dzekugarisana kwemuno umu muchirayirana mazano anovaka sevana vanyamunhu.
    kugara kunzwana.
    zano marairanwa.
    zano ndega akasiya jira mumasese.
    those words were not bequethed to our way of life in vain.
    think again and think zimbabwe musamonyorere nyika mutsipa inofa ikazokupfukirayi.
    manzwa ?

  34. Hey hey hey musarara pamusoro penyaya, first US haina kuisa ma sanctions ku RUWAN Chitungwiza or any place muzim but makuti masanctoins ekukupunzirai mastand avakakupai ivo vana chombo vachiti ndoivhu renyu cz vaida yoX aftr tht vakuti hazvisi pamutemo is tht sanctoins. Insted of Develop they demolish and to saay sanctions. 33 yrs in power bt the only DeVelop is THE WORD SANCTION

  35. why do ppl act as if they don’t know where the diamonds money is going.
    most of it China then very little to dumb zanupf ppl the likes of whom think owning Vic falls n byo is everything. look at it out of US$ 9billion worth of diamonds mined under 200million goes to treasury and under 500million to zanupf crooks the rest ie upwards of US$ 8bilion goes to the new colonisers.

    how stupid is that. let’s take action n stop this shit.
    gold is going the same way to Russia. poor Zimbabwe.
    we are all collectively to blame as Zimbabwean s. elections were stolen n we didnt do nothing.

    tosvika kupi takatarisa. we all know what’s happening. let’s stop this rot for our children

  36. Slackness a gwaan from longtime
    and di people just don’t know Slackness a gwaan from longtime
    Dem a sell out di country now. Mister Prime minister tek di money go bank it inna next man country
    , Dem rob di people blind
    And a treat poor people like swine,
    Sell out yo birth rite when yuh a talk pon phone. Dem bug yo line wo wooy! Who sign di paper fi extradite,
    dem being selling out Zimbabwean rights. Now ma people stand up and fight
    Tired a dark waan si di light! People a cry

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