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Analysts blame Mugabe for Zanu PF infighting


POLITICAL analysts have described the fierce fighting within the Zanu PF top brass as a deliberate manoeuver by President Robert Mugabe to extend his stay in power by portraying himself as the party’s sole unifying force.


The analysts said Mugabe was deliberately letting the factional fights play out in the open so that the party’s grassroots structures would plead with him to stay on and save the ruling party from disintegrating.

Bulawayo-based analyst Dumisani Nkomo said: “It’s all political arithmetic at play. Mugabe always appears not in control when in reality he would be absolutely in charge.

The reality of the situation is that he doesn’t want any of the factions to be too strong, hence his statement as articulated by (Presidential spokesperson George) Charamba.”

The internal party fights shot to the roof last week after Charamba announced that the Zanu PF politburo was yet to receive provincial election results for Mashonaland Central although party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo had earlier announced them.

Charamba and Gumbo last week issued contradictory statements over the provincial elections in Mashonaland Central that were won by Luke Mushore who beat former chairman Dickson Mafios.

Charamba claimed Mugabe had instructed him to convey a message that the politburo would decide on the fate of the disputed elections after receiving a report from the presiding officer, Francis Nhema.

Party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa also accused Charamba of overstepping his mandate.

But Media, Information and Broadcasting minister and Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo defended Charamba saying: “There can be no executive authority in Zanu PF higher than the party president and first secretary (Mugabe). Any suggestion or claim to the contrary is mischievous to the extreme.”

Moyo added: “It is only when the politburo has been favoured with both the results and the accompanying report that it will then be in a position to study both before taking a decision. This is the official position as directed by the president and it has not changed.”

Charamba on Sunday insisted he was simply a “messenger” working under instruction from his boss. “I am a medium and my role is to transmit messages and as a medium, I never seek to be the message,” Charamba said. “Consequently, my role began and ended with the instruction from the President which I believe I delivered to all the concerned.”
So deep-rooted were the party divisions that senior government officials were allegedly snubbing events where colleagues from the opposing faction would be in attendance.

Another political analyst Ernest Mudzengi said the latest impasse in Zanu PF was likely to work against Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s faction, perceived to be gaining ground against her rival, Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“This fight may be to Mujuru’s disadvantage. They may now be mistrusted by Mugabe and he may attempt to weaken them. He has the ability to do that. What Charamba did was simply to articulate the position of the President,” Mudzengi said.

Commenting on the alleged snubbing of events by government officials from opposing factions, political commentator Takura Zhangazha said Mugabe had to act with speed to avoid a crisis in governance.

“It’s indicative of succession battles and Mugabe has to deal with this issue candidly and transparently to avoid problems within central government. Divisions are exploding to these levels because, according to the new constitution, should Mugabe leave office between now and 2018, a successor would have to come from within Zanu PF and so a lot is at stake here,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF national chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said the provincial elections set for this weekend had been postponed.
He said the Politburo will meet on November 23 to decide on the new election date.

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  1. Very true. The old man often likened to cremora or messiah jesus sees himself as the only hope for Zim, yet Zim shall continue to exist centuries after he is gone.
    Zimbabwean s are actually going to realise they are more united and purpose driven the day the old man goes.
    Look at what happened in Iran after Ahamejad left or in Angola when Savimbi left

      • You know there is no hope when a 90 year old mortal plays immortal God.

        Sudden death of his excellency is sudden death to ZANU PF itself. Suddenly, a new beginning for the rest of us.

  2. Mugabe trusts nobody that I bet by the time he leaves both factions will be having 5 provinces each Kati munyatsokiyana.
    The Malawian wants to make sure he carries the party to the grave

  3. Moyo’s stance is hypocritical, I know him very well. Firstly, he is saying look we have a dictator in this party, whose position is always official even against the will of party membership. In this way Moyo is openly exposing Mugabe’s authoritarian tendencies to the world. Secondly, he is also saying Mrs Mujuru keep quiet! you have no real material for this show. Thirdly, Moyo has always encouraged even initiated zanupf self-destructive capacity, Moyo will be the last person laughing with zanupf’s political demise.

  4. Why in the name of Zimbabwe does Mugabe not use his legendary cunning to beat the sanctions hands down,the said sanctions that we are told are responsible for all the ills in this land of milk and honey?Why in the name of all the suffering ,poverty and despondency afflicting the land does Mugabe not use his near genius intellect to bring real peace and real economic prosperity to Zimbabwe?Because Mugabe is neither cunning nor intelligent.He can not think beyond his self interest of staying in power and is unable to see the bigger picture that is the future and well being of this country.The hyenas around him have over inflated his fragile ego and he now truly believes he can do no wrong,is oxygen in the lungs of Zimbabwe and will live forever.Why cant he accept that his vital energies are fast draining away with old age and set down mechanisms that will ensure continuity in the inevitable event that he descends into the grave that now yawns at his feet?Why cant mudara act his age and stop these Michiavelliean power games that will leave his own party and our country in limbo?Because the man is a fool.

  5. Not with Mugabe,he is closely monitoring the situation.Mugabe will not go anywhere,he is even thinking of contesting the 2018 elections.

    So those who are advocating for his retirement you better relax.

    Anyway this is a dogfight in the zanu pf party.We are also monitoring the situation from a far end and it is good for us.

  6. The old man is always above the situation. He wants to make sure that no individual rise to the top through individual effort. He wants to pick and raise people so that they will be loyal to him and unquestion whatever he does. He knows the right channel to use but he decided to use the incorrect channel and he was aware that it was going to create chaos as it did. By so doing the two rival factions would fight and this only leaves him stronger and above all. This is political theatre. He did the same when he realized that someone was busy during 2004 and he ditched him in favor of her. However, as it stands the other faction will gain sympathy form him as they are trying to label the other as not heeding presidential order.Well wait and hear when he comes back.

  7. Mascara. It’s not only that Mugabe is a fool. It’s that Zimbabweans are fools for allowing Mugabe to show them what a fool he is – time after time.

  8. This country is a filthy piece of s!*t, people talk of an economy that’s not even there. See, there’s this state called Azerbaijan, ever heard of it? No? I thought so too, it’s economy is among the fast growing economies in the world and you’re busy acting like a sick tard lacking a worldly pespective embracing a f!*ked up notion. High literacy my a**, that ‘educated’ bunch moves over to South Africa. heck, since you’re good at running away why not move over to SA too, we could use some worthless toilet cleaners

  9. Watch the rise of the virgin Bona and she will rule Zimbabwe, muchida , musingade. Pamberi na Daddy he has plans for all of us except the poor.

  10. Its inevitable, Ngwena & Mujuru will never co-exist after the death of Bob. For us at Morgan’s corner we enjoying the show. Zanu is going down fast. We shall enjoy.

  11. bob doesnt trust these two, so he lets them fight and he continues to rule. check how often he goes away whenever the two spoil for a fight! manje muchapedzana mukanoiswa mese kuheroes acre naRGM

  12. We Zimbabweans are to blame because since 1980 we have not seen any change of government while some people are jostling to succeed a bad system.They rigged the elections and now divert your attention on their squables and further instigate you to change leadership in the only serious party,the MDC T.Wake up Zimbabwe.Our lives will not improve unless we make a change from this rotten system.Blame no one but ourselves.

  13. Those who are so obsessed with power make sure only their offspring succeed them in the event of their demise – they think they can still influence events beyond the grave through their offspring.

  14. Mwanasikana is the one who is being groomed to take over from daddy not these plots by factions in ZanuPF being reported in the press.

  15. I’m watching you closely.I can see a wide gap in the admin.Since I can be better,I then contemplate coming back.

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