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‘Address unemployment crisis’


GOVERNMENT should immediately act to address the unemployment crisis and satisfy the needs of youths in the country, Zimbabwe Youth Council director Livingstone Dzikira has said.


Addressing a media workshop in Banket on Wednesday, Dzikira said that there was a crisis of accepting the unemployment abnormality as normal while more than 300 000 pupils were failing to proceed to Form 1 from Grade 7.

“There is a lot government needs to do and zero in on youth unemployment. It has become normal that there is unemployment,” he said.

“Advanced Level students are not going to colleges and those graduating are not employed. We are sitting on a crisis.”

Dzikira said government and other stakeholders should channel their resources in fighting unemployment in the same manner they have done in fighting the HIV pandemic.

“If the energy shown in the successful fight against HIV is shown in fighting unemployment, we will win on that. We now don’t have a crisis in the fight against Aids because there was political will to do that, but can’t we have a crisis fund to act on that,” he added.

Dzikira said though the actual statistics on unemployment were not available, the rate stood at above 90%.

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