Zim, US diplomatic tiff deepens

GOVERNMENT has summoned United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton over the “embarrassment” Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi went through in Washington after attending the United Nations General Assembly last month.


Foreign Affairs secretary Joey Bimha confirmed to NewsDay that Wharton was summoned over the incident in Washington in which Mumbengegwi was subjected to intense body search not normally associated with VIPs.

“We have summoned the Ambassador over that on Monday (yesterday),” Bimha said without giving details.

But, officials at the US Embassy could neither confirm nor deny that Wharton had been summoned, saying it was a diplomatic issue.

“You can call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a rule, diplomatic missions do not divulge the contents of any diplomatic discussions,” an official from the Embassy’s Public Affairs section said.

Government sources yesterday, however, said there was need to treat Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Shannon Smith, who is set to visit Zimbabwe in a few weeks’ time, in the same manner Mumbengegwi was treated.

“Their Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs is coming, so we will give him the same treatment given to the minister,” a senior government official said.

Mumbengegwi was denied diplomatic privileges that exempt VIPs from rigorous searching procedures stipulated by the US.

Under diplomatic etiquette and common practice, there is a provision that ministers should be escorted straight to their aircraft without going through ordinary procedures for other passengers.

The Mumbengegwi issue came just after the US government warned President Robert Mugabe and his delegation that they should be confined to the UN General Assembly during the course of their stay.

Those restricted were Mugabe, First Lady Grace, their children Bona and Bellarmine, Mumbengegwi, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba and Central Intelligence Organisation director-general Happyton Bonyongwe.

In his reminder notice, US Under-Secretary for Management Patrick F Kennedy said: “Pursuant to the authority vested in me under the Foreign Missions Act, 22 USC, and Department of State delegation of authority number 38 of September 16, 1992, I hereby determine it to be reasonably necessary to USC 4304 (B) to restrict the domestic travel of the representatives of Zimbabwe named below, as well as the named family members to a radius of 25 miles from the Columbus Circle in New York when such persons travel to New York for the 68th session United Nations General Assembly.”

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  1. This is childs play,varume vakuru kushaya zvokuita shuwa?

    1. iwe, maiwe…iri zidununu rinonanzva mikosho yevarungu. true MDC mentality.

      1. Iwe Sandi be*** ndiwe dununu. Fool

      2. An Eye for an Eye

        Charity begins at home; treat your own people with respect and you will be treated with respect wherever you go. Mugabe and his people stole an election and are proceeding to plunder wealth while millions of people live in abject poverty. This is good treatment for people who think they are untouchable because vakarwa hondo.

        1. BC of Ngezi Turf

          Uyu ati charity(love) begins at home agona, the valiants and evil principality supporters shld expect similar treatment as they are also doing this on their citizens. Its true the majority vote was stolen by dirty mouthed and handed ‘leaders’.

  2. Kutyei, zvisechei or simply do what the Venezuela President did, kick them out.

    1. Venezuela did not go back grovelling to the Americans looking for aid. And oh another thing giving the US undersecretary the same treatment is ill advised..he may decide to cancel the trip outright..Instead of cutting our noses to spite our faces why dont we ask for this apology and move on? Remember although we pretend to be this great country we are a sick poor country suriving on aid and we can not pretend to be the equals of the US while asking them for aid with another hand..this is idiotic hypocrisy which has no place in international diplomacy.

      1. @ Falcon, Zimbabwe’s government is not begging America for aid. It is government policy to demand fairness in trade and business dealings and to demand the removal of unjust trade restrictions. Also, is it not surprising to you just how staggering the degree of self hate and low esteem some of our countrymen have? Just the utter fear alone of offending baas is incredible, to the level of accepting our honorable representatives to be treated as sub human and quivering at the potential consequences resulting from returning the favour in kind to the offending party?

        1. You could have fooled me, I thought this is what we are doing all the time, more like a full time vocation. On trade, Zimbabwe’s third largest trading partner is the US..so where are the sanctions except using it just as a euphemism for asking for freebies and same US contributes more than 30% into our 24 hour open begging bowl. Now if your enemies are doing this for you imagine what they would do if you were friends..really no brainer, isnt it?

          1. Is there anything wrong in asking for fairness and an honorable way of doing business? About begging, we really are not begging USA Gov for freebies, that is simply not true. About being trading partners, that is also a bit of a stretch. You should look up the words ‘trade’ and ‘partner’ and you will see no mention of one being the boss of the other, neither will you see one administering a self righteous comeuppance on the other.

      2. USA is in some trilion debt so ngavasiyane nesu, if only we used our resources wisely we would be able to sustain ourselve, wisdom inonetsa

        1. Imi ndimi murikuda america vana mindful when you are mindempty. Kusechwa kwa Mumbembegwi is not reducing him to a sub human isu tinosechwa tiri sub human here? If you think they are in debt so why worry about them. China is not in debt so soend most of your energies going to China mhani musatinyaudzwa kana mapihwa makanda enguruve ku America endai mundopihwa dog burger ku China.

        2. it is an economic gimic to preserve some level of such debt as an economy. revisit your level 1 economics. if u hev never seen anything of that nature, please do the googling. U.S must have that debt, that’s why u see that despite having such a debt, their currency is still the 2nd best to the pound. WAKE UP!

      3. indeed Falcon i agree with you,this shows lack of maturity.it would give one the impression that zpf is using all these forums(international) to fight their personal battles in the name of this so called ” sovereignty” they so sing about and cement their bid to forge ahead with their personal objectives and plans.They barely treat us zimbos with respect,then they expect to be treated like kings queens and princesses, what was an 80 delegation going there to do?,more like a groupie scenario to me,a cheer leading bunch for when mgabe attacks the west again about “illegal sanctions” tired old and over used rhetoric!we really need to dig ourselves from this man made hole,which has brought nothing but untold suffering..

    2. where is he now

  3. dont worry vachauyawo kuno we will search them nemukanwa nemukanwa.hanty they alwez talk abt zim cz they want our resources cz thrz nothing in USA esp minerals hanty muvhu mavo hamuchina nthing evn mbambaira hadzo.

    1. dont fool yourself your contribution to the us economy is negligible

      1. And numbers dont lie the US is Zimbabwe’s third largest trading partner..now what number does Zimbabwe occupy on the US largest trading partners? Please brother/sister Reason do try and keep up!

    2. usanyepera wanhu iwewe indawa america has got resources its a big country with so many resources vanodei muzim muchitofawo nenzara tibvirepo

      1. @ truth, taura zvako! America is so big, so so big! It needs nobody! Americans have their own resources! They have oil, gold, diamonds, platinum, uranium, everything! They even have Miley, Britney, Gaga and such fine women we all wish we had! The only reason America has interests all over the world is because America loves God’s people so much that they put military bases everywhere and launch drones to kill people in order to save people. Death is the best way to bring democracy and sanctions are the best tool to ensure everyone’s human rights and dignity! That is why MDC T had American icons on their literature instead of Zimbabwean icons. It is because America is what we need.

        1. tell it as it is man

          1. @scotv, which icon? can u post 1 so we can all see. vana scotv itaiwo independent pakutsvaga information if u rely on zimbabwe’s politicised media munorasiswa. munotizisirwa kurikubva nakwo ngwena mukarumwa. hev u ever seen the icon being used by m.d.c? i stand to challenge u. prove it.

    3. Hauna ukama naChinoz here wangu

  4. We know Mugabe and co are under sanctions/restrictive measures (whatever the case) but diplomatic etiquette must always be observed especially when the minister is travelling on United Nations business. Ko vana Bona na Belarmine vaitsvagei ku UN. Chedu Belarmine chikoro chakatovharwa here zvamava kumhanyira America?

    1. Good Question,tinotuka America asi kungowana mukana tinotuta mhuru yese. Hypocrisy chaiyo.Tikazonyanya tingwarire kutorerwa mari yavo.

    2. Mugabe and co are serving a ban from entering EU and USA territory, yet they are in New York!

    3. Munyika mavo vanoita zvavanoda.I feel pity for mumbengegwi coz huboss hunosara muZim.Ku america hakuna iyoyo and mungavadii.

  5. The rain season is upon us mainputs arikuenda here kuvarimi sezvamakavimbisa! Cotton production is in a sorry state, not to mention maize, soya, etc. While tobacco has grown other crops are dying, farmers are switching production and looked in context there is something that does not look right. In real terms agricultural production is dying. We seem to waste time putting energy on child’s play, zvinhu zvisina basa. Ini if am happy in my family and we are making progress I don’t lose sleep coz someone chooese not be hospitable to me. Zimbabweana we need to wake up no one will come and run/move this country forward.

    1. Shamwari hakuna chunhu ndakaenda kuAgribank hanzi cash hakuna yet they splashed the media vachinyepera vanhu kuti $1billion has been set aside for farming. Pamwe zvichaenda kune ivo vedu maminister aya akatorwa mapurazi 20, 20 vachipanana nemhuri dzavo ivo vasirikurima. Kuda kungogara mumafarmhouses akavakwa nevarungu.

    2. My question is this, had Tsvangirai won the presidency, would you be having a problem with him doing his job in attending a UN meeting among fellow Heads of State? Would you also have an issue with his traveling with his whole family as is expected of all Heads of State?

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ingwe rinonakidzwa richakweva vamwe kana rakukwevewa roti mavara angu azare vhu.

    Seriously government let t go. US is a sovereign country. U think yo rhetoric against the states go unnoticed?? The US gvnmnt is not stupid and take that as a warning they will come after you then we will see kuti who has the big kahoonas. Kuchemera kufamba ku states harare maipedza here…..vakagonekwa lol . Inonzi homeland security woye..

    Like i said zhanu pf stop talking and insulting the West just declare war tohwina zvopera lol…….**crickets**

    1. @obama- naughty, naughty!

  7. hayivavo.
    inyaya yama guffaws vaviri vaviri muma elevator musina anohwa

  8. they should continue to be humiliated

  9. Chanetsa chii? Handiti muno tine ma road blocks after every 5km. Munhu Ngaasechwe.

  10. Chanetsa chii? Handiti muno tine ma roadblocks after every 5km. Munhu Ngaasechwe!

  11. Chigamba to chigamba!!! – quote Sibanda

  12. kwahi of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important !!
    saka murungu wacho achauya akange apinda munaFirst umu achiratidzika se chikara danayi ma rangers hapana nyaya !!

  13. chahwadza chiii? asi kusecha ma civilians. you think we like to be searched every after short distances in our own country. they should all be searched every one of them

  14. Zimbabweans who have travelled abroad know exactly that Zimbabwe is a nothing in the eyes of the US. US can decide to shut Zim out and feel absolutely nothing. In fact right now the amount of US AID to Zim surpases the gains US get from Zim. Remember all our neighbours and the great Africa are friends of the US. We slowly becoming a forgotten land on the international map. We need diplomatic leaders who with wisdom calculate their moves.

  15. These pple must be treated the same but because of our God we are forbidden to do the same

  16. I think the reason why the Zimbabwean delegation was treated shabbily in the US was because the US government does not recognise the Zimbabwean government as the legitimate government after they stole recent elections, besides they are still under the restrictive measures imposed by the US. These are the consequences of stealing elections. No other country’s delegation was treated in the same manner as the Zimbabwean delegation which shows there is something not right about the Zimbabwean delegation. ZanuPF government cannot afford to hit back because it is ZanuPF who need the US help. The US does not need Zimbabwean help. What I mean is Zimbabwe has received billions upon billions of dollars in handouts from the US since 1980 but Zimbabwe has not given a single cent to the US

    1. There is no such thing as a hand out, if you believe that then you might still believe in Santa!

      1. @scotv – there definitely is something called a “handout” which is defined as “charitable gift: something given as charity to somebody in need, e.g. money or food”. I haven’t got the exact figures of the billions of HANDOUTS or charitable gifts given to Zimbabwe by US since 1980 but it runs into billions upon billions of dollars. But I will quote what Tendai Biti said on the 3 October 2013 – Biti said “The Zimbabwean government, between 1980 and 1985, got US$4 billion in development aid”. That is in 5 years only what of 1985 to the year 2000? Billions upon billions. I am talking of US financial aid only not including aid from UK, EU, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

        1. Quoting Biti, then whatever you said is correct because Biti is infallible!

          About AID, you really should use your common sense. It is not about the numbers one claims to have given but it is about the price one pays for the charitable gift, ask Morgan!

          If, for whatever reason you find yourself imprisoned, please don’t take the charitable gift from that fellow prisoner with huge muscles! You have been warned!

          1. @scotv – incoherent nonsense.

          2. scotv once worked for a building society run by nhema.money came from us to build subsided houses that still stands today unless u are blind

      2. @scotv – my source of information – Daily News in an article with heading “Chinamasa walking tight rope” – Biti on the 3 October 2013.

  17. they have to be restricted to travel coz, their journey consume a lot of money. I hope if our govt have people at heart, they should swallow pride and start to pursue policies which brings food, jobs, health and development for the Zimbabweans. I think they don’t bother coz they know that no-one vote for them except nikuv and mudede. truly speaking the look east policy does not work at all. it only work for them not Zimbabweans. one day the lord, God will answer our prayers.

  18. Vanga vachiendepi iri muri yese whilst we back home are being told kuti U.S. yakashata ivo given the chance they will go with their rats and mosquitoes to the U.S. America Immigration Department pliz keep up the good work, when you see them please mistreat them.

  19. iyavozve.
    zvokwadi mohodarireyi kuresva pane mwongo wenyaya ?
    president veRepublic vakadembeteta kuti zimbahwe is a very small country, a very powerful statement indeed at the league of nations.
    izvi zvinohodudzira kuti mabhaudhi no the knights of the round table should take due note of it, intelligently and win friends over ah.

    1. Geography yakambokuvhara handiti?

  20. ngatisaende kwatisingadiwe.

  21. you steal elections and expect to be treated like royalty, nonsense! in any case these ministers are known for smuggling diamonds so Mumbengegwi got what he deserved.infact it is zanu which is in the wrong here by trying to pick a fight with the USA so that they can get a good excuse of reintroducing the zimdollar.

    1. You defeat baas’ puppet and expect to be treated like royalty? If one licks baas down below, one will be treated like royalty and even receive the rare comparison to St Mandela despite one’s philandering, well known inanity and displaying a penchant for dictatorial powers!

      1. Scot, your inferiority complex is infuriating.We are eons away from the era of this baas mentality that you are obsessed with. Move from history and come to the present.

        1. I apologise, did not mean to infuriate you, lol!

      2. I have seen you do a lot better than this…what is going on fellow traveller?

  22. Ko ivo vanga vafambira kunoona america here kana musangano? Kana vakasimbaka ngavatume masoja vanorova obama. Vanodei kumba kwemuvengi? Dai vakaramba vachinzarwo tione kuti vanoita sei. Kutoenda kafamily kese kani!!! Bvunzai osama nagadaffi. Thats the meaning of the word ‘superpower’

  23. the psychoanalyst

    was it mbengengwi oh ooh!
    then better that SIR handle the matter in defining diplomatic maths inotambika under these circumstances. ohhh

  24. kwangwari johannes

    why cant you leave the UN like you did the commonwealth kkkkkkk

  25. Interesting views..Find the story of Merlos….vs….Greece.

  26. basically nyaya dze psyche warfare ndoodzenyuka imi psycho. were it me i would apply a simple mathematical expression inohi BODMAS but I realise the knights prefer a sovereign formula isizikanwi kwahi SAMDOB will lead to resolve diplomatic gridlock on sanctions. what is curious is the parrot disease yet as I say maths expression is a priviledge of one person, the king. now do as I, say BODMAS more ale more ale !!

  27. The Zimbabwean gvt should not only subject All US and European to similar strip searches but also limit their radius to 25 km too. we need to treat them how they treat us until they realise we are human too..

  28. I wouldn’t strip search them. The best way is to treat them very well and allow them to enjoy our beautiful country. Once they realise how great our country is, how warm our people are, how much our beef does not taste like cardboard and how our kids are able to tell a man and a woman apart they will defect to ZANU PF! Life is better here than in it in sodom DC!

  29. Scot is a green Bomber brainwashed beyond redemption

  30. Maggots. That’s what our government officials are. You hate America so much and you flock to America in your numbers. They knew that you were going to insult them because that’s what you always do in their own country and you expect them to treat you nicely. You deserved it Samuel. Stay home and watch ZTV. America is a superpower. Look at what it did in Somalia and Libya recently. Imagine Zimbabwe. America is Zimbabwe 3rd biggest trading partner not the other way round. Apple alone can found the whole budget of Southern Africa with its iphone 5 sales. How many things do you do that are outside the law, even for foreigners and you think you are special just because you are diplomats, FOKORO!!! Serves you right, kana masvota do what Venezuella did. Bet you don’t have the guts because America is important, whilist you preach the oppossite.

  31. When election observers were invited, the US and EU countries were left out by Mbegegwi. He clearly said those who placed sanctions on us will not be allowed to come to observe erections.
    Erections came and went and guess who immediately goes to America? Mbegegwi. kukanganwa chezuro nge hope! You mistreat others but forget you will need them tomorrow. When they mistreat you you cry foul. if you had invited them just to observe your elections , don’t you think you would have laid good ground for co – existence with these Americans and the Europeans. What prompted you to be so short sited because a wise foreign affairs minister should have read this long ago. Mbegegwi has been foreign minister for a long time but all I remember him for is a bull terrier like approach to political issues. In politics you do not need to make enermies every where you turn. you need to know and build strong friends for the good of your country. For as long as the attitude is to teach America that Zimbabwe ii also a super power, then we shall remain a pariah state until God gives us wise leadership. Iranians have a new leader and we see them trying hard to befriend America. You can not Antagonise America and hope they will like you. Zuma does not like Americans, but he realises he wont win anything for his country by being anti AMERICAN. He will say his sentiments but in a civil manner cognisant of the powers at play. This is not Hondo yechimurenga. That one was won long ago and we now face a new world challenge that needs grey matter and not a hammer. Americans have more hammers than us and we stand no chance. So we need to be clever and do an ant over an elephant approach. We can not go Shaming and shaming America and hope to improve our Zimbabwe that way. When will we learn these things Mr Mbengegwi?

    1. @jonah – nhai zvako iwe wataura. Kusanyara kwe mbavha idzi. Vapedza kuba ma elections vave kumhanyira ku America kunoti “Shame, shame, shame” zvisina musoro wese. Kuti vanhu mu nyika vati “Ah va Mugabe vakashinga vanotuka ma American munyika yavo” – politics dzechinyakare. Hunhu chaihwo hapasisina.
      Kunyepa Mumbengegwi hanzi “We had a near perfect election – we never put a foot wrong” – near perfect rigging is what he actually meant.

  32. @scotv, which icon? can u post 1 so we can all see. vana scotv itaiwo independent pakutsvaga information if u rely on zimbabwe’s politicised media munorasiswa. munotizisirwa kurikubva nakwo ngwena mukarumwa. hev u ever seen the icon being used by m.d.c? i stand to challenge u. prove it.

    1. http://www.herald.co.zw/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/mdcgraphicwebsite22.jpg

      I looked at the website just before it was pulled down, so did many others, then wondered how Chamisa could have missed this. I then I realised that I was giving Chamisa too much credit. You can’t live in denial forever.

  33. I for once support ‘Harsh National Economic Sanctions’ for restricting this directionless globe trotting family.
    What the hell was Bellamy doing in NY during the middle of the school term?
    Chikoro ati apedza here?.

  34. @jonah akakuudza kuti hondo yeChimurenga yakapera ndiyani? U see, THAT is your problem. Muzhizha zuva rikabuda munotengesa maUmbrella nemaRaincoats here? No. It is clear that u do not understand the ugly nature of the enemy here. Zimbabwe is the downfall of the US if u must know read Zidera. ‘an extraordinary threat’ urikunzwa? That statement only speaks volumes of how America is scared of us. It means that the state of affairs we have here right now somehow disturbs their plans so much that they had to craft a law to stop it. It is also extra ordinary here that a zero percent wanted man is sixty one percent popular! Not even a single person voted for him but ballot papers mutated in the ballot boxes. This is scientifically proven mind you. I mean I would be afraid of such meself if I wasnt brave. Do you know why the President always say Zimbabwe is a small country? But what the fuss? Think!

  35. Children do not understand politics. They want to go on a plane. Children love to fly and if I was their father, I’d take them too and if that plane happens to be going America, damn I dont care. They probably want to see the statue of Liberty live. Bob is a father too you know and to hell with school, whats a few skipped lessons? And by the way, the UN HQ in New York is not really America. Thats why they go. Everybody goes see, its a UN function not an American one just as beef between Zim and the States is not a UN one. So if you r UN you go and if you not, you dont but if you have something to say, hey, you go. So shallow you people no wonder you chose Tsvangirai as leader. The guy is got an IQ of a computer which also is equivalent to an earthworm’s. Funny, the only thing he is good for is as bait.

  36. But we are clever fish so we just gonna eat the bait and leave the hook alone.

  37. @guti
    you go off topic dwelling on the president instead of keeping to the task of removal of sanctions which was ordered by him.
    matemo handiwo ari kudiwa pabasa asi diplomacy is the method simple.

  38. kikiki! Haya zvinosetsa izvi! Hino Harare airport yedu zvaisiri busy nhayi vakuru, muchavasorta seyi vayenzi vekuAmerica varikuuya? Komukangosiyana nazvo munobveyi nhayi? It is actually more honorable to treat vayenzi vachauya very well so that you prove you are the ‘bigger man’ in the whole kerfuffle. kikikikikiki hameno hameno ndzezvemeso!

  39. peace in the house. first, may we know if the US endorsed the Zim govt and its delegation as legitimate. second, may we know the primary agenda of the Zim delegation by now recognising the US’ relevance in their livelihood. Third, may we know if by any chance, if the ‘so-called’ minister was forced to attend if he felt undermined. did he not have a choice to say, ‘No, guys i have suddenly lost interest in your meeting, I am heading back to my rich Zim.’ would one proceed to fulfil a mission that has such early signs of humiliation. automatically, it means, in their view, his contribution was going to be obliviously microspic.

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