ZCTU castigates NCA

THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has castigated the transformation of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) into a fully-fledged political party accusing some individuals of being self-serving.

by Staff Reporter

Last week NCA members selected Lovemore Madhuku as its interim leader following a resolution to form a political party with a view to contest in the 2018 elections.

In a statement yesterday, ZCTU secretary-general Japhet Moyo said instead of transforming the NCA into a political party, Madhuku should have left the organisation to pursue his political interests.

“While the ZCTU is not against the formation of political parties, we believe a plethora of these parties would lead Zimbabweans to nowhere. Instead, there is need for political parties to coalesce if they are to have an impact on the political scene.

“We are aware that it is the right of individuals to form and belong to political parties of their choice, but it is something else for individuals to take advantage of their position to turn a membership-based organisation into their political party.

“The ZCTU, which spearheaded the formation of the NCA, notes with regret that the decision for the sudden metamorphosis of the NCA was purely out of bitterness by certain individuals during the constitution-making process. Instead of turning the institution into a political party, the individuals should have left the organisation and formed their party without destroying the NCA.”

Madhuku told NewsDay this week that the NCA felt strongly that the existing parties — Zanu PF and the MDCs — were not able to pursue its interests and vision for the country.

He accused the political parties of engaging in self-fulfilling processes.

Madhuku accuses MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai of lacking the stamina to take the country forward and President Robert Mugabe of failing to fight corruption.

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  1. Lavumoo zanu project madhuku iz totaly confuzd frm the begining. Akangofanana nekamba dzinocomenta tokoroshi pano. Pane kuti wafokase nyaya anenge aakubuda ofside stupid. Logic ishoma. Itai seni ndoziva zvandinoita.

    1. Ko Morgan akaitei kunze kwekunanzva varungu? Madhuku atori nani. Munoda kuti Morgan aite monopoly ye opposition leadership in Zimbabwe here? Vanenge vasvotwa na Morgan munoda kuti vaendepi iye Morgan wacho achiramba kutsiurwa?

  2. Madhuku you are Tsvangirai’s opposition send by your masters zanu pf

  3. the psychoanalyst

    my bhuku on madhuku will urge him to overtake when the road ahead is clear and only from the right side of the road !!

  4. madhuku failed to run nca what about a political party .i’m sure hz there to coz confusion and shift pple ‘s attention to this predictable fictitious project which only becomes visible around election time and hibernate for the better part of the 5 years.its a ploy you can see it coming upon the falling of other 24 projects launched 14 days before election.for madhuku or ma skirts wat ever the name might be isay this is the end of the road your popularity and significance in zim its over.you filled nca from the word go so with this new project of yours what do yu expect us to believe.ok we can believe what ever you want us to believe as long as you give us a reasonable that you are on duty and a seasoned payroll awaiting pension and retirement from bondage

  5. This what happens when people take far too long or a lifetime leading organisations..they start believing they own them. The NCA is a grouping of various bodies of which the ZCTU forms an integral part but here you have a careerist buffoon taking sole ownership of the body. ZCTU are absolutely right Madhuku should resign from the body and form his political party not take a whole amorphous body into a barrel to nowhere.. This is the one reason among many others why his project is doomed. If this were not serious it would be laughable but we can not watch in silence while a mad man is running around naked upsetting all social values as regard proper and acceptable dress code. What is this???

  6. ZCTU has hit the nail on the head here. When Morgan Tsvangirai and others decided to become politicians, they did not turn the NCA into a political party, but they left it to continue its mandate. If Madhuku says the constitution is defective, the more reason he should have allowed it to continue without him. Mrgan akaisiya wani. Power Hungry Madhuku – wanyangira yaona. Haulumi. Mark my words.

  7. Its illegal for Madhuku to transform NCA into a political party, thats falacy, we are going to charge him. How dare can he do that just after we have delt a blow to MDCT using NIKOV? Its now time for devolopment not forming a political party.The politiburo will sit down and discuss the matter so that we will instruct the AG to take action.

  8. Welshman Madhuku, Lovemore Ncube

  9. Madhuku failed to campaign just for a vote-no. should just resign. Tsvangirai did better to leave NCA and formed a political party.

  10. mapitcoat stop wasting our time. Patakasiira navaMorgen ndipo patichatangira.

  11. mapitcoat stop wasting our time. Patakasiira navaMorgen ndipo patichatangira.

  12. Regerai munhu a tange party yake munoda kuti vanhu vese vatungamirwe ne chituta Morgan Tsvangirai chakapedza 4 years chakakotsira neku nyenga vakadzi.

  13. Who ever believes or follows Madhuku will learn the hard way after being dragged into Zanu Pf hands.Madhuku is not a politician but a confussionist.

  14. To:ZCTU,Zimbabwe is a Democratic Country do not waste your time talking about Madhuku you are free even to to form your own Political Labour Party coz you have failed to represent the workers like Morgan did he failed to take people of Zimbabwe to the promised land.

  15. We are not short of political parties in zimbabwe.To be a professor does not mean that you have leadership qualities.we are tired of these so called fundis who are lacking practical solutions to our problems.Call him all sorts of names,Tsvangirai is a force to reckon.

    1. @mukanya – “Tsvangirai a force to reckon” – you are out of your mined you fool. From 47% in 2008 to 34 % in 2013 and you say he a force? I don’t think you know what a force is. Sithutha.

      1. @mukanya – “Tsvangirai a force to reckon” – you are out of your mind you fool. From 47% in 2008 to 34 % in 2013 and you say he a force? I don’t think you know what a force is. Sithutha.

  16. The nca is just another bogus political party like mdc ncube.It is there to ensnare the opposition forces hence split votes.

  17. Madhuku. Mad Huku. Insane chicken headed thief. You stole client trust money now you steal a civic organisation from progressive Zimbos. Lets see how far u will go

  18. manje munozozvikwanisa here zvekupota muchimamiswa neCIO

    1. iwe bobo regedza vanhu vafare chi io inorakasha matororo asineyi ne sense of humour sewe.

  19. I feel very strongly that Prof Maduku will be a well engaging and reasonable opposition leader. He is a notch above Tswangison and or even Ngube in his patriotic approach to our sovereignty. I hope he will get the surport he needs to replace the childish student political outfit now sitting as opposition party in our parliament. What with the street woman posing as a president. Pathetic!!!! Too many dreams !!!!

  20. jokes down Madhuku is not an ideal person, remember he mislead people in 2000 at referendum by telling the to vote NO.

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