Zanu PF backtracks on job creation

ZANU PF secretary for Youth Affairs Absolom Sikhosana says government will not be able to create the 2 265 million jobs the ruling party promised in its election manifesto because of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Dumisani Sibanda

Sikhosana was responding to questions from journalists at a Press conference at Zanu PF headquarters in Harare on Tuesday.

“We are going to create jobs . . . but if you followed our strategy in our manifesto, you have got to accept we will not be able to create as many jobs as we would have loved to due to the imperialists’ continuing with their sanctions regime,” he said.

“We are going to create those jobs, but with limitations. If sanctions were removed we were going to create as many jobs as possible. We would have a situation where jobs are looking for the people instead of the other way round. But, certainly sanctions or no sanctions we are going to create jobs. We are going to empower the people as Zanu PF. We resolved on doing that with or without the sanctions. We are going ahead.”

In its manifesto, Zanu PF promised to create 2 265 million jobs in the next five years as part of an economic growth initiative based on the economic empowerment and indigenisation drive.

“Obviously the sanctions will take their toll (on job creation),” Sikhosana said.

“They are very serious in impeding our achievements. It’s like you are fighting with one hand and you cannot do as much damage to the opponents as when using both hands.”

However, the Zanu PF youth leader did not give the number of jobs the Zanu PF government was now aiming at because of the reported sanctions problem.

He castigated countries including Britain and the United States that have maintained targeted sanctions after the July 31 elections despite calls by the Southern African Development Community to lift the embargoes.

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  1. Gukurahundi upbringing

    Yaah, besivele sisazi ukuthi lifuna ukubusa kuphela. Abuntu alibanaki. We know you gukurahundis, power is all that matters.

    So you will cook up all sorts of lies against the MDC green team; all sorts of false promises to the gullible electorate so as to get power!!!!

  2. matsaure yeukai

    this is not right coz we campaign telling people that we are going to meet the promises with or without sanctions. I am now painted a liar in our society. I am now hate you guys. you are liars

    1. hahah surprised zanu pf lied to u again?? haha, well if u really are member of zanu pf then surely u shld by now have nknwn not to expect anything… zvakaoma

  3. you mean 2 billion jobs?

  4. SHIT, I voted three times thinking i was voting for many jobs, ah guys be serious. we want jobs. Ko mari yedu yekuvhota hamusati matipa. not fair guys. but bhora takapinza mugedhe wani.

    1. Zanu PF is lucky in that it does not have many supporters so it owes an apology to only 600 000 supporters. The other 1 700 000 “voters” were just ghost voters and multiple voters like Kubvoruno. Thanx to NIKUV Absolom Sikhosana will not have sleepless nights!

  5. we knew it ;that you were going to blame sanctions for all your failures but this time you are in for it because people know things had improved considerably even in the face of sanctions during the GNU.

  6. At the time of manifesto compilation the targeted sanctions /restrictive measures were in full force. What were your plans then to counter these comrade???

    1. tru that one

  7. Dont stress Absolom, every sensible person knew you were lying through your teeth from the word go like you have always done all these years. Ok – jobs we now know – what else were you deliberately lying about…??

  8. you cant write a manifesto based on uncertainties you were banking on the removal of sanctions to deliver ?so typical of zanu you shortchanged the people and we wil makesure 2018 malumila

  9. All these jobs for a country with a population of 13 million including children. Hey Dumisani, how many jobs did ZPF say they would create? 2.265 billion, 226.5 million, 22.65 million,
    2.265 million, 226 500, 22650, 2265, 226.5(sic), 22.65(sic), 2.265(sic), 0.2265 etc? Please Mr Gono, slash the zeros for these guys for they know not what they are doing. Go back and ask them the number they will do WITH sanctions and tell us. ZPF sucks but Zimbos suck worse. How could you vote for such nonsense.

  10. Cant ZPF have any other examples other than fighting comparisons. “its like fighting with 1 hand, you cant do damage to your opponent”. hakuna wo here mamwe ma examples. Surely these people are always in a war mood as their Don RGM has said before. Chese chese chinongo fananidzwa ne bopoto.

  11. our God will neva let us down. we are seeing positive future. viva cde RG MUGABE

    1. I don’t get you Ngwena. Please come again!

  12. yaaaaaaaaaah Zanu pf you are at it again. you promised jobs and now you are blaming sunctions. we knew it. now get warned that 2018 you will be history and remember many of you will be retired. looking at the situation now, with no zesa all the time, how can the industry improve. most of the jobs are done in the informal sector and with this black out it means we lie idle most of the times.

  13. it’s like when you withdrawing your business activities with telone then telone starts complaining that you have put it under sanctions, when its their business policies and conditions that are not good enough to do business with them. why is the EAST not rushing to your aid, you crying to do business with the WEST….Leave the WEST alone, you are free to do business with other countries…..the WEST invest and develop the East loot BECAUSE they never treat a country of investment as a second home. China has developed because the West have poured in investment and developed it, its now a near 1st world country because they have better policies and they respect property rights and honor their agreements and their policies have direction.


  15. Kupererwa chaiko

  16. Jehovha Mwari wamasimba ose, nomuzita raJesu, pindiraiwo, vanhu tedza chose asi takundikana. hatina simba rokubata zvombo sezvinoita vamwe vedu vakatipoteredza, tinofarira rugare muno, asi vamwe vanotora advantage yokuda kwedu rugare norunyararo kuti vatimbunyikidze, kuitira kuti zvido zvavo zvizadzikiswe. vanotirova, vanotibira, vanotinyepera. tinozviona hedu asi maoko edu haana simba. Imi manga makangotarisa for along time, kuti shoko renyu rigozadzika, rokuti munhu anofamba haagoni kururamisa nhanho dzake(jerem. 10v 23). Tazviona,tabvuma manje. Panguva dzino tinokumbira kuti muchiita action ,tichigarawo zviri nane, kuti zita renyu rikudzwe nokusingaperi-peri.

  17. Gukurahundi upbringing

    Gukurahundis lalelani la, now that i Nikuv gave you the power to rule, please deliver. We dont want to hear excuses.


  18. ndozvirevakunaaniko

    if you need honey you should be ready to be stung by bees. But these ZPF guys are actually burning the musango hamuchina nyuchi asi imi muri kungochemera uchi. musapise nyuchi. dont play with fire it burns.

  19. give us the tru figures of the jobs they said they will creat it shows even the writer do not even know, after all politics is about lyin, ‘ if u did history u no the common statemet ”vote for me i wil build u mountains” i dont rely on politians even if he falls from mars, west or east they are all dem liars

  20. my parents were poor, born in porvety, grew up in proverty, now i am old in poverty, tried to vote for change, but still face poverty. God interven please. They lied.

  21. Only God knows why.

  22. no good job creation because of santions,are you sure ?do you mean we were under santions since 1980 ? ZANULAIR

  23. jobs looking for people?!

  24. But guys who voted for this party? On my study 90% you come across from Mahenye via Harare to Dotito hates this party but chirikutofara ngekubira. chiparty ichi ngechemadofo akabe answer sheet.

  25. Kune Ngwena don’t use capital letters it is used to scold people.

  26. Football coaches if not performing they are chased what about this party?

  27. Gukurahundi upbringing

    I have always wondered – why is it that it appears POLITICS is just about the only “vocation/profession” in which people can get away with lying, cheating, misleading with no consequences?

    Politicians can kill 20 000 people under the guise of dissidents/insurgents and nothing happens to them.

    You Mr Joe Sop, try killing one person, just one individual, you will see how the might of the law discends on you.

    You lie or cheat at work, you are summarily dismissed, but in politics they look the other way?

    The gukurahundis lied to the electorate so they could get into power – nothing will ever happen to them.

    Mara why bafowethu?


  28. Mabasa amurikutaura ndeapi ,ko handiti hupfumi kuvatema 51% muchada mabasa eyi …..masanctions haana basa nekuti hupfumi hwenyika yenyu munahwo…….mati madii muchakanga waya ,mainyeperwa, mabharanzi, chii chamaifunga kuti chichaiitwa chakatadzwa kuitwa for the past 33 years…..zanu yaora kkkkkkkk…

  29. This shall be ZPF song 4 the next 5 years…..sanctions, sanctions, sanctions!!!! These cry babies, give us break

  30. Why shd we blame e west yet we have looked east long back? When u wrote yo “manifesto” were sanctions not yet imposed? U chided mdc for relying on e west bt u too are relying on e west. How many times have Mugabe said we can go it alone, to hell w e west, go and hang, keep yo England and will keep my Zim

  31. i have the manifiesto with me , i do not see anywhere whhere it is written the said jobs are only going to be created in the absents of sanctions

    shut up and deliver. do your work , sanctions sanctions sanctions !!! idiots shut up

    what are you trying to say when you blame everything on sanctions? we are a sovereign state , is t not so ?

    the Americans and the British have used their muscle to sup[press you , do the same , use your muscles to deliver what you promised

    kana ndiriseni ndirimudzidzisi, all your children will fail , i will not teach to standard kusvika matipa mari yedu

  32. Saka pamaizvitaura manga musinga ziwe kuti kune maSunctions matuzvi enyu.


    Am now confused. Some are saying the sanctions are targeted and some saying they are not, if its true that the sanctions are targeted how could they prevent the creation of jobs?

  34. Takakuudzai kuti Mari madii. Muchamutsvaga Tsvangirai

  35. Kkkkkkkkkkkk 2 mil jobs ? Rega tiseke zvedu . Ko hanti makahwina tongai tione yu guyz yu thot makaitwacoverd ne GNU bt no yakakuexpozai izvozvi wat we knw nw is GNU yakaoperator under sanctions ende life yedu yaka improver zvakanyanyisa so musazonyepere masanctions kkkkk

  36. Thieves for 33 years

    A foolish father will always blame the man next door for the hanger in his house, sounds stupid to me. Why don’t you confront the west over the sanctions if you have the skill to rig elections. GO AND RIG THE WEST TO REMOVE THE SANCTIONS.

  37. field day, huh?

  38. But excuse me Mr Reporter Sir, can you please kindly tell us on your next article what did the manifesto actaully say about the figures of job creation. Coz two billy is just not right you see coz if it is, then the Minister is right. Zanupf will not be able to create so many jobs coz they r just too numerous. Just taking it as it is man, unlike them insulting.

    1. Trust me, the minister does not even know how many jobs they promised to create. I can just imagine what the conversation was like when that manifesto was being put together” So comrade what do people want,” mabasa, lets say jobs will chase people and not the other way kikikiikikikikikikikikikiki”, Saka tirikunyepa eheheheeee ko vanhu vedue they will vote us in.”

  39. This is the most hilarious statement of the day ” you have got to accept we will not be able to create as many jobs as we would have loved to due to the imperialists’ continuing with their sanctions regime”.

    Did the imperialists put the figures of jobs to be created in the Zanu PF manifesto

  40. Hey, life is so unfair guys. some people have the temerity to blatantly lie right in our faces and they turn around, wear a mask (just to change a face) and turn back to say we cant deliver on our promise because our enemy, the one we are fighting cannot give us an opportunity to fight him with both hands. Vakomana musatamba nevanhu vaMwari. Musadaro! what, where and how were you proposing to create to the jobs? please tell us, did you not campaign saying they did not lift our sanctions and to hell with them, we look East? now is East in the West? didnt you ban these guys from observing our eRections saying they are imperialist bent on regime change? so what do you want with them? they just dancing to your tune. you play the music, they enjoy. please ZPF do not take us for fools.

  41. I am the happiest person becoz under GNU I managed to build my house and had a very good wedding. I failed to do this before GNU. soon after GNU I went into exile to look for money to take care of my family and give me just a few years I will back doing my own things. GNU period was the BEST period Zimbabwe had ever had. Every day there was a wedding during the GNU era and many people built their houses just in 4 years something they failed to do since 1980. ZPF your word is not coming to us as a surprise because we knew that you are dismal failures. After all don’t apologize to anyone because no one voted for you. For you NIKUV they are safe because you paid them wat you owed them, a figure which is reported to be around $1 billion. My fellow countrymen I warn you to brace for more suffering this is just the beginning. Bimha is going around lying to people that his gvt will revive industry; lets wait and see how. Made is going around telling people that his gvt will revive agriculture in the country; lets wait and see. Goche is going around saying that his gvt will reward civil servants deservingly; lets wait and see. Mugabe promised the civil servants more salary before end of year; aiwa lets wait and see. What I know is that many of us will miss the GNU period and many will ask for Tsvangirai but his hands are tied too since there is a new gvt in power. Probably he will only resurface in 2018; God granted.

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