Token salary rise for civil servants


PUBLIC Service minister Nicholas Goche yesterday said government will effect “a token increment” and bonuses for civil servants before year-end.


Goche said he was still consulting other ministries on the salary hike promised by President Robert Mugabe during the run-up to the July 31 polls.

“Bonus is our commitment that is not under negotiation,” Goche said.
This comes amid reports that salary negotiations with government were in limbo due to leadership wrangles rocking the civil servants’ umbrella body — the Apex Council.

“Government has committed itself to review salaries for civil servants before year-end and there is no going back on our commitment. There is a lot of consulting taking place at the moment with various ministries and we will advise you as soon as we have reached a position,” Goche said.

“We agreed that we will give them a token increment between September and December and review their salaries again in January.”

By 2012 civil servants’ salaries were gobbling close to $2,6 billion

translating to 70% of the government’s total revenue collections.
Civil servants unions are demanding a 100% salary hike for their members which if effected, will take the annual salary bill to $5,2 billion for the 230 000 civil servants.

This is more than the annual 2012-2013 national budget of just below $3,5 billion.

Civil servants have already received their October salaries that did not reflect any increment.

It has, however, emerged that civil servants’ negotiations for a decent pay hike have stalled due to infighting among various unions representing government workers.

Goche yesterday said he would not intervene in the fights.


  1. knowing zanu pf gvt they probably have the C10 in these unions to sustain the infighting so that the issue is not resolved quickly and amicably. creating chaos behind the scenes then publicly come in to “RESOLVE” the situation. it works well for them becoz they dont have the money to pay sustainable wages and salaries……..becoz of “SANCTIONS” by countries that simply dont want to do business with them….lol!

  2. I saw this coming there is no increment that you will get , zanu juss wanted yr votes and sympathy thats all , now that they re in power forget and smile . The token that Goche is talking abt is neither here nor there juss buying time ,,,,,, well keep praying guys God will come to yr rescue !!!!

    • Hapana mari., ndozvazviri.kikikiki. Munoda 5.2 bill against anticipated revenue of at most 4bill. Totokushandirai ka isu ve private sector. Chematama promised the same some other time, now mdhara wedu..hahaha, hamulume, kusvika masvinura. Yo token is comin at most $15!

      • Justice hatidi vanhu vanotaura chokwadi chakanyanyisa. what you say is the truth but it hurts so bad. Last time under Biti we got 20 bucks and now your are saying Zany will give us $15, sob! sob! sob! Amana musadaro! wil just use it as my beer allowance then…

      • So you are mocking us for working for the government, ie, for the people?? I just wonder who would really work for the people, on such a pitifully low salary, if there were no people like us around. Because i know for sure that the so called ‘private sector’ normally ‘do work’ for themselves only. But never mind about us, just do your own bit, and make sure your pockets will keep on spilling over. We will survive, we always have.

      • Waakuzviona nhasika nokuti sweet talk hakusisinaka??Inonzi politics haidi mafikizolo iyi unovhiyiswa mbudzi vamwe vachitaura nhau zvino wati waonei hako bata kutaura kwangu.Vose vawainzwa vachiti hee Chematama heeee vakadzi uchavanzwa hako miraka uone.

    • hezvoka, takazvitaura. kuti hapana chiripo inyambo chete. Kana zvakanga zvanzi mupiwe mari ,seyi zvava kunzi imi mutaure yamunoda? Don’t you see that this is a fallacy.Its all lies.Forget. Wait for 20% salary inreament next year.

  3. @TRU Vakoma, yu have a penchant hatred for anything ZANU PF and your heart seethes with anger to a point where you want to force us to believe what yu want….the sanctions issue is known and acknowledged openly by even those who asked for them like Tsvangirai and Biti. The issue is not us wanting to do business with countries that dont want to trade with us, its the illegality of the matter, its the same countries denying us trading legally with those who want, thats ZIDERA for yu. Matter of factly we cant import drugs from India because the payment system is blocked, so your grandma down in Madyambudzi has to go without her arthritis medication, and you want us to believe she is on the list. Thats why people rejected the MDC.

    • iwe @Don Wezhira, yu seem to be ‘well informed’ so tel the truth as it shld be hapana mari. Zvekuti why mari isipo is anotha story. So why promise pple mari iwe usati wadealer nemasunctions acho. Iwe kana uri baba unouraya vana nenzara iwe nekupa maexcuse abt this and tt. So tell e civil servants hapana mari, than to promise increament and bonus yemhepo.

      • Maybe we made a mistake in voting for a party that does not have an idea of how to “lift the sanctions”. Since it is our biggest impediment to donate salaries, improve agriculture, restart Zisco, attract investment, maybe we should have voted for the party that seemed to be friends with the sanction imposers, pamwe pane zvaiita nani. I thought ma “diamond revenues cannot be made public because they are used to counter the effects of sanctions”, whatever that means. The system we have of non perfomers being rewarded year in and year out is the reason we are in this mess. Ziscosteel has 1 of the most profitable operations yet has been run down. Parastatal bosses are given perks, bonuses and hefty salaries yet their organisations make losses every year. Most of them cannot deliver because they have never worked in business environmens before. They companies run themselves. From C10 general to GM of NRZ, from colonello muchiuto straight to CEO of IDCZ. Chigandanga hachigoni ku manager ma bizinisi. Bonuses should be paid to those that either drastically reduce profit or increase profit. If someone was to do an analysis 99% of the loss making companies are being run by ex C10 or army people. They do not have a clue on how businesses are run. That is the bottom line. It is evident in how ZPF policies (strategies) are implemented at operational level, jambanja after jambanja.

    • Zimbabwe is a multi currency economy right now, so I don’t see what’s the fixation with the US$. If you conduct trade using the US currency, well they have every right to monitor your transactions (render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar) but surely if Zim were to conduct trade with India using the rand or Chinese yaun, I don’t see any problems. Your so called sanctions are not stopping the govt from buying Ford Rangers but only seem to stop us buying Land Rovers to boost national parks operations against poachers. And it seems sanctions are restraining the country from doing anything worthwhile with revenue from diamond sales. Let’s face the truth, sanctions are not the problem in this country, but corruption is. Ever heard of sanction busting? It can be done if the country’s leadership shows a genuine desire for the country to thrive, and don’t come up with policies to benefit just a few elect. Right now, the country is experiencing serious grain shortages, and you hear some politician blaming sanctions for lack of funds to import maize from Zambia. Or blaming the previous minister of finance. What has the new minister been doing for the past 3 months? Personally, I thought drought played a role in food shortages – but then I’m not a politician, so my thought process must be flawed. Add depressed grain prices and late payments to farmers by GMB, and the general shift towards tobbacco farming, and you may come with a viable solution to address the problem of food shortages in future.

    • @don- what Zidera when the US is our third biggest trading partner? And 25% of all aid receipts are coming from the US..and today their currency is the currency of choice in Zim..

  4. Nyaya yehurukuro taneta nayo. Ko kungowedzera mari makanyarara zvinodii. I was working but right now I have just stopped because this story makes me sick. Just told my pupils to play.

  5. Mudhara anoita zvaanenge apromisa. Muchakuvara nemari macivil cervants. How can the party you voted for overwhelmingly in July abandon you at this hour of need? Never! They will honour their election promises.

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  7. Apa Noiseday yashaya zvekunyora apa…Ndatomhanya ndichiti zvimwe pane news wanikwe hapana….Ndokuora kwakaita chipepa ichi, saka chakadyisa Tsvangirai nemanyepo,,,,nxaaaaaaaa!

    • Nhai Che Guvhera bepa iri ranyepa papi? handiti ranyora zvakataurwa naMinister wevanhu unoda kuti rinyore zvaasina kutaura? Civil Servants were promised salary increment by ZPF before elections and sanctions anga agara aripo!!!!!!!!! haana kuuya after maelections ka zvekuti mungapa mhosva kumaSanctions muchiti ndoatitadzisa kupa vashandi mari

  8. MONEY is comin but in two parts….1.1 this year,1.2 early next year.Ikabatanidzwa BONUS inozokurisa akoma.KEEP your fingers crossed Cdes.pamberi neZIMBABWE yedu tese…..!

  9. Mirai timbotenga mota dzemashefu tozotaura zvemasalary enyu kana wese waane maford everest,nissan navara,bmw d350 ,mazdabt50 ,m/benz

  10. Anyone who is able to browse the internet and make a comment here has to be smart enough to know that removal of sanctions does not equal a pay rise. I think also that we have disease in zimbabwe when a group of people just call for strike and unreasonable demands given the budget constraints. We need to address real problems and they lie within ourselves. We are largely ignorant as a nation. The few that know something are wicked to the point of supporting the status quo and continue to plunder in the wake of the confused.

  11. since biti airamba nemari,chinamasa angaari kustates ngaachiita zvakatadzwa ne the former!!! remember the zpf manifesto mr goche

  12. Ndibatsireiwo ndapota vadikani, chiiko chinonzi token increment. Ndaane makore makumi matatu ndiri mu civil service handisati ndambopiwa token increment. Please help.

  13. A token raise means the amount is negligible.Ladies and gentleman,lets bite the bullet and look at the context in which the promises of salary hikes were made.Then look at the state of our economy without colored lenses.Then listen to how every one in govt is singing about sanctions this ,sanctions that,and you will not suffer unnecessary B.P.s, strokes and heart failures.

  14. Thanks Mascara, zvoreva kuti the token increment is a very small amount in other words insignicant, Zvokwadi here after all those promises.. These people must be serious.

  15. Veduwe kutanga here uku kunyeberwa ne ZANU? Vana baba vana mai sevenzai makanyarara mari hakuna inga Biti aitaura mangwana mangwankuti mari happana. Sanctions dzapinda papi? Motor dzavari kutengerana mari yabve kupi?
    Svinurai vana ve Zimbabwe

  16. If we divide 2.6 billion by 230 000 people then people are earning ma $10 000 each and if you add ma $20 million plus $6 million akatenga mota then mari iripo its just for the few.

  17. Amai nababa vakafara ndapinda muhurumende asi ndakabuda chinyararire ndaakutokwanisa makore gumi nekuti hazvichinjiba, promises, promises and more promises till kingdom come.

  18. ndakagara ndazviona kuti zvandapinda muchiticha umu ndaigochera pautsi nhasi haichadyike yovava manje.manje nhasi ndaakuudzwa kuti removal of sanctions is equal to pay rise.ko iwo masanction acho anongobata isu maticha toga maMP ACHITENGERWA MOTA?aaaah zvakaoma veduwe

  19. The truth is the ZPF govt. cannot give its workers the promised pay rise. It does not have the capacity. They should give the workers incentives like duty free vehicle imports, housing stands and small farms.

  20. They busy planning cancer levy on top of aids levy new toll gates on top of other toll gates before you get the token. By the time you get that token you will earn 10 or 15 percent less what you are today.

  21. Token imari inokwana Token reSnooker_ Pool or Slag or Flipper Kubhawa or pamashop= 50cents. Iro dununu rinonzi Goche ringakuitirei iro rakatadza mumaneja migwagwa. Kuzoti Chinamasa pfugwa dzaoreswa neARV. Anoenda kuno kumbira cash kuIMF iye achiziva kuti anechikwereti neIMF yacho. Sick

  22. The starting point to manage expectation is to ask yourself what your colleagues in other poor and mismanaged countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania are earning..If Zimbabwe is paying a minimum of USD 250 then this more than twice what teachers are earning in these countries..Once your representatives have done their research then you are better equipped to negotiate with your employers..this fumble in the dark wobble-waddle by your representatives has only one net result..higher blood pressure ripping and robbing your pockets of the few dollars resident there..So wake up, stop dancing to soundless orchestra from your representatives whose interests are elsewhere but your welfare. Go on google salaries for your counterparts to the north of us..

  23. I would suggest those who are in the civil service to walk away from their unions who have only served to manage their anger and nothing else..Go on save yourself a pretty penny and walk away from all the confusion resign your membership from all these useless unions and then when you are sure exactly what it is you want form a new one..Stop being used by your union leaders in this stupid fashion!

  24. What sanctions , hehehe Zidera !. Rhodesia was under real sanctions, yet, there were no shortages of food. Tell me one Zimbabwe exporter who was refused access to EU or US ?

    Zimbabwe’s current shortage of grain is now being blamed on Biti, yet, before Biti we had worse shortages of food.

    It never ceases to amaze me, how come educated Zimbos choose to believe the ZANU nonsense about sanctions

  25. Zimbos need psychological, moral, cultural, political, economic and other dimensions of redemption to get out of this mess. Otherwise eternal condemnation and poverty.

  26. Mirai muone sununguro yaJehovha. This is no time to rely on either Zanu PF or MDC. Sanctions or no sanctions naMwari zvinoita.

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